Report: Moss would return if the Pats come calling

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Former (for now) NFL receiver Randy Moss recently was in Morgantown, in connection with the events preceding the annual game between West Virginia and Marshall, the school at which Moss played college football.  Eventually.

Chip Fontanazza of West Virginia MetroNews scored a brief on-camera interview with Moss.  But none of the questions involved his decision to retire or his possible return to the NFL.

Fontanazza separately reports, citing an unnamed source, that Moss would return to the NFL “if the right opportunity presented itself.”  Per the report, Moss regrets leaving the Patriots in 2010, and the Patriots “most likely” would be the only team for whom he’d unretire.

Notwithstanding the supposed unwritten rule that writers shouldn’t speculate about other writers’ sources, here’s what I think happened:  Moss would only agree to be interviewed if he wasn’t asked about his potential NFL future, and Moss agreed to provide some insight into his thinking off camera, but only if his name wasn’t attached to it.

Meanwhile, our own unnamed source with knowledge of Randy’s thinking tells PFT that the report is accurate.

Moss would return if the Pats come calling.

The only question is whether the Pats will come calling.

88 responses to “Report: Moss would return if the Pats come calling

  1. The way he crawled up their collective butt after being traded last year makes me believe he would. I don’t see Belichick doing it though. He has a low tolerance for b.s.

    As a point of amusement, who would love to see him and Owens go there mid-season so you’d have the three divas on one team? Lol.

  2. Randy was good to the Patriots, he gave the fans alot to cheer about during his time, im surprised how quickly people forget the good things randy bought to the patriots. for the right price in the right situation i could see him coming back here to NE, after all, it shouldn’t be too hard to get him back into the system.

    If one of your WRs goes down, bring him in at a low price and see what he can do, the patriots are always value shoppers and i cant imagine he would cost the Pats too much.

  3. Just like I would take my winnings if I won the lottery. I am so glad this man was never in a Packer uniform.

  4. @ serifyn

    One has to question the value of a player who gives up on the field…is he worth the stink it would make in the locker room should he decide to just not play one day? I don’t see NE taking that kind of risk with their team. Not that I am a NE fan but they do actually have something going for them…it would be a shame to bring in the wrong guy and throw it all away so Randy Moss can have another paycheck. Some risks are just not worth taking.

  5. Most teams would consider taking Moss for the league minimum. If he acted up then it wouldn’t be tough to cut him.

  6. Scholarship has ended…time to get your lunch bucket… too bad you did’nt appreciate it.

  7. cardmagnet says:
    Sep 5, 2011 1:31 AM

    As a point of amusement, who would love to see him and Owens go there mid-season so you’d have the three divas on one team? Lol.


    Might be interesting but the Hoodie would never brook that type of nonsense…

    Besides OchoStinko better get his isht toegther…

  8. It’s not all that surprising that they’re the only team he’d want to play for sometimes. When he feels like it.

  9. One thing about Moss he is honest… he admits to taking plays off and he is very upfront about his desire to play for the Patriots. There are worse qualities to have then unbridled honesty.

  10. This is yet another example of how 24 hour sports news on cable and the internet has changed sports… A man retires and for the next year, the media speculates when he will return. Jordan was the pioneer and Brett Favre perfected the dramatization of the retirement of an athlete. Are there any rumblings that Trent Edwards will end his forced retirement anytime soon?

  11. Mmmh, as a Patriots fan I guess he would be an upgrade over Ochocinco.

    Nobody ever realized that after the TD Ochocinco scored in the preseason, nobody besides the QB came to Ochocinco to celebrate. None of the OL guys. Watch any other TD celebration, and you usually get 11 guys celebrating and padding themselves. To me it seems, the chemistry between Ocho and the rest is worse.

    I guess Moss burned too many bridges with the coaches (I don’t think Belichick is the issue here) …

    From a football standpoint, Moss is still superior to Chad. I think he simply has more football smarts.

  12. Jets’ Revis showed that Moss could be single covered, and then the rest of the league caught on: that changes his value as a player completely. Besides, BB tends to limit himself to one reputation-reclamation project per year. This is Big Albert’s year, Randy.

    (There’s no interest from elsewhere in the league, and believe it or not TO is probably ahead of Randy for mid-season additions, based on 2010 performance)

  13. I’m surprised the Iggles didn’t sign Moss. They got everyone else.

    How can you be Super Team without Randy?

  14. Meanwhile, our own unnamed source with knowledge of Randy’s thinking tells PFT that the report is accurate.


    Is this a joke? I hope so.

    Too ridiculous for words.

  15. Yeah. He caught only 50 TDs for Belichick in 51 starts. Why in hell would he want that slouch back?

  16. Maybe NE can sign him again and trade him to Minnesota for a 3rd round pick… Ooops, Chilly is gone now.

  17. The only scenario he returns would be if a team in real contention had both of their starting WRs go down and were desperate. Even then probably not.

  18. Cardmagnet,
    Moss, t.o. and 85 on the same team? Heck with the games, I would pay for sound bites from the locker room and practices! 🙂

  19. I understand why Moss would want to come back to N.E. But he needs take it down a notch. He’s sounds like a crazy high school chick. Take it easy Randy, if you seem to eager she won’t like you.

  20. Of course they should bring him back. They lost last year without a deep threat. Chad won’t cut it. Moss handled last year poorly, but he gave them all he had for 3 years and unfortunately, wore his heart on his sleeve and it affected his play and the team. NE took Branch back who left for money. No brainer.

  21. Tell us something we didn’t know.

    Patriots fan

    Seriously, this regret on Moss’ part has been obvious since he stepped foot in the Vikings camp. His ego got to him in New England, and he fatally shot himself in the foot.

    It’s clear that they have moved on, while Moss has not, and after the disasters in Minny and Tennessee (The Titans, Randy, really????) there has clearly been just one team Moss wants to play for. But it would never be the same; his skills aren’t what they were two years ago, and their style of offense is different now anyway.

    pondbridge says:
    Jets’ Revis showed that Moss could be single covered

    I’m sorry; was this BEFORE he exploded his hammy chasing Moss into the end zone, or AFTER?

  22. I can understand the rest of the NFL fans giving Randy the business, but Pats fans? You’ll hear nothing but gratitude from me toward Randy.

    Watching him play ‘catch’ with Tom Brady in 2007 was the most exciting year of football I ever sat through. I wish him the best and would welcome him back.

  23. I was never a fan of the guy even when he was on my team but I do feel a little bad for him. At least he seems to know he blew it big time.That has to hurt. Don’t want him back though.

  24. This is a textbook case of NOT knowing when to keep your punk mouth shut. If he doesn’t act like a baby, he’s still playing for New England AND getting paid well. Now he’s walking around with his hat in his hand.

  25. It’s the whole attitude of “I will only play a game for millions of dollars if it’s with a certain team” that irks me here.

    Come down to earth Randy. For that kind of money 99% of the world would work every play for whoever was willing to pay me. Still a freak of an athlete, but still hasn’t grown up…so sad.

  26. While I loved what Randy brought to the team in 07 and 08, I still would have to nix this deal. Not only is he older, but it seems he was starting to get his old attitude back. And it wasn’t the lack of a deep threat that has stopped NE these last years, but a lack of crunch time defense. In any case, I doubt Belichick would even entertain the idea. The team has moved on, and the offense is well stocked. I have no ill will towards Moss, but he’s simply not a good fit in NE at the time.

  27. He should have just stayed with the Patriots, it’s clear he was one of the most productive and talented wide receivers. But he’s the one that wanted out….all I know is I’ll never forget that one handed touchdown snatch over the so called “best cornerback in the league”

  28. Open letter to all Pats haters, Belichik haters, Brady haters, and just general all-around all-purpose haters:

    1)Don’t think Belichik doesn’t know about this
    2) Don’t think he hasn’t talked to Brady and the other team leaders about it and
    3) DON’T think (if indeed you are capable of thinking) that he would hesitate an instant to do it if he thought it would help the team.
    4) Don’t even imagine he gives a s..t about your opinions – he doesn’t even know about them.

    Just imagine – Moss on one side, OchoCinco on the other side, Welker across the middle and two 2nd year tight ends who together caught something like 70 passes last year.

    I almost forgot the QB’s name – a guy named Tom Brady

    Be afraid – bem

  29. I was born in MN and am a die-hard Vikings fan. I was an impressionable 10 year old when Moss had his hayday rookie season with the Vikings, and naturally, since that season he has been my favorite football player of all time. It was hard to see him leave the Vikes after 7 seasons and rot in Oakland for two years. I was ecstatic to learn that he was traded to the Pats in ’07. What a magical ’07 campaign he and Brady had. They were a few min away from being crowned the greatest team of alltime, hands down. How quickly things changed! Lost in all of the Moss-retired-what-a-cancer-he-was BS that everyone has been selling since Moss retired has been the significance of what happened last year in NE. NE has always had a reputation (among NFL players) of shipping out veterans to the highest bidder. Some of these guys shipped out of NE helped to win NE super bowls, and BB gave them a boot out the door. NE demands a high level of respect but doesn’t give it back. Moss simply recognized this and was ticked off about it. If you were one of the best in the world all time at what you did and were being disrespected by your employer like that, you would be ticked too. But that apparently makes Moss a bad guy. OF course he didn’t get all out of his potential. OF course he gave up on plays, games, and teams. He’s already admitted as much. But how can we assume EVERY single person who played in the NFL didn’t do the same thing? I, for one, am sick of all the BS coming out of so-called “experts” calling Moss out. Talk to any of his former teammates. They loved him. Straight retirement homie

  30. richm2256:

    Not enough has been made out of that Revis-Moss play last year. That was hands down one of Moss’ best catches of his career, and it came against the so-called best DB in the league. I laugh when people tell me Moss was washed up last year. Watch that play. Revis pulls up and grabs his hammy AFTER being torched by Moss. My hammy would explode too after my pride was punched right in the face.

  31. So, as a Patriot fan, my question is this…… if Moss is willing to come back under very strict conditions…. would he be a better choice, at this time, than Slater?
    I say YES.

    Randy has been a great player and in all probability will be a hall of famer, in time.

    The one thing that has eluded him has been a Super Bowl ring.

    Realizing that this might be his last opportunty to be called “champion,” I firmly believe that under certain conditions he would be a positive addition for the Pats.

    There may have been, or maybe not, some personal reasons why Belichick decided to let Randy go but now any personal reasons should be cast aside and think, only, of what he can do to help this team get back to the big show.

    Randy is not finished and the Pats need to re-consider and bring him bck.

    Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

  32. hotzy21 says:
    NE has always had a reputation (among NFL players) of shipping out veterans to the highest bidder. Some of these guys shipped out of NE helped to win NE super bowls, and BB gave them a boot out the door. NE demands a high level of respect but doesn’t give it back.


    You clearly know little about how the Patriots operate.

    To be a veteran and get shipped out, one of two things has to happen; your skills erode seriously/you stop working as hard as you previously have, or you want a contract that is excessively large.

    If you keep up your dedication to your job, your skills stay sharp, and you’re reasonable about your salary, you’ll stay a Patriot and have as good a shot at a ring – or better – than with any team in the NFL.

    The list of veterans who have been released or traded consists mostly of vets who broke down, stopped working hard, or wanted to be paid at the top of their positions. Check it out.

    And STILL this team went 14-2 last year.

  33. richm2256:

    (1) Moss clearly had his entire skill set at the beginning of last year, (2) he was working just as hard in the offseason and training camp, and (3) he didn’t want an excessive contract. Moss simply wanted his last contract and wanted to retire a Patriot. Read the interviews not shown on ESPN. And New England has gotten rid of players with a lot left in the tank to go with youth. How has that been playing out the last few years? Last year? 14-2 means SQUAT if you get bounced in the playoffs. The Patriots have been terrible in the playoffs since Brady blew his knee out. Speaking of the devil, if I were Tom Brady, I’d start freaking out about my future in NE, regardless of how many years I had left on my deal. He’s 34…

  34. Thanks for your time with the Pats Moss… It was amazing.. But this is not happening. You should of handled the beginning of last season a little better. That’s why you are not coming back.

  35. @hotzy21 ;

    Re-read my post, please.

    Moss still had his skill set and still worked hard – when he wasn’t taking plays “off”. Clearly he was seeking a new deal, which is one of the two ways you find yourself “shipped out” of New England.

    Sure, the Pats have gotten rid of guys with plenty left in the tank, as you said, but ALWAYS because they wanted more money.

    FYI; I get ALL my Patriots news from sources OTHER than ESPN, especially from local sources.

  36. When the Vikings played the Packers, Moss alligator armed what would have been a TD if he just tried a little. Against the PATS Favre threw a high lofting pass that Moss was held on & then just stopped running and the sure TD landed just 3 yds away from him. If Moss just lightly jogged he would have been in the endzone. That is why he was released not for bad mouthing a cook. The team just couldn’t rely on him. Favre couldn’t trust that he would be there to catch the ball. You could see it in his eyes. Moss had the chance to play with Favre & just didn’t give an effort. Then Chilly’s ego released Moss but if Randy had just given a tiny amount of effort I’m sure the Vikings would have signed him this year & not released him last year. So sad because he can still play. He is just like Tiki Barber though. A pain in the butt me first Diva. That was the 00”s decade player. Not anymore.

  37. hotzy-

    You’ve already stated you fell in love with Moss at the age of 10, so I doubt you can be objective. Also, you’ve apparently followed the Vikes your whole life, so you don’t have a notion of how a team actually wins.

    New England is the best team in the NFL since BB took over, with three of four Super Bowls. Since championships are the objective, he must have a fair idea of what he is doing. Meanwhile the Vikings have been decidedly mediocre for the last decade, needing subsidy from the rest of the NFL to even exist, play their games in an inflatable barn, and hasn’t won a capstone championship in its 50 year history.

    Also, you seem to have missed the parts where Moss yammered his way out of playing for the best team in the league, and in short order came to his senses that there WASN’T A BETTER ALTERNATIVE. But it was too late, his mouth had done the damage. And then he hooks up with your wonderful Vikings, and yammers his way out of there (insufficient catering, tossing Childress under the bus). And yet you talk like the best team of the last decades needs HIM instead of the other way around.

    Moss has no rings and it looks like it’s going to remain that way. Perhaps at some point you’ll realize it takes TEAMS to win championships, not personalities even if they have talent. Moss hasn’t been good for TEAMS. And that’s why he’s unemployed.

  38. as a MN guy I’d love him to play for the Patriots. They have the real chance for a ring and dude should retire with one. He reinvented the deep bomb and scared DBs for years. I will always remember him as a purple #84 though.

  39. Everyone is saying he’s done, they would never let him back, he’s a diva, he’s this or he’s that. But what if they do want him back. And what if they bring him back, and he has a great year. If this happened would you still say he is a diva, washed-up, or done? probably not. I mean they could bring him back and he could play really bad but it would most likely be another low risk/high reward situation that the Patriots love to go after, no matter who the player is. BB has reshaped Randy’s persona once already, who’s to say it couldnt happen again?

  40. It’s a safe bet that he’s seen Chad Johnson play (badly) and that he thinks a door might be open for him. Belichick and Brady have enough guys who can catch the ball who actually block too.

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