Shawne Merriman: “I feel good … I’m back”


Cut Bills linebacker Shawne Merriman’s six-year NFL career in half, and you’d think you were looking at two completely different players.

In Merriman’s first three seasons, 2005-2007, he was one of the best defensive players in football, recording 39.5 sacks. In the last three seasons, 2008-2010, Merriman has missed more games than he’s played and recorded a grand total of four sacks.

It would be easy to look at those numbers and conclude that injuries to his calf, knee and Achilles tendon have slowed Merriman down to the point that the just isn’t going to be a productive NFL player again. But Merriman insists that he can be the Merriman of old again this year.

I feel good, man,” Merriman said. “Fans and the people watching the game, they’re going to know, for one, that I’m back playing the way I need to play.”

Merriman is only 27, so he’s not exactly over the hill. And he showed flashes of speed and power in the preseason, with two sacks and a tackle for loss in limited playing time. Merriman says he’s itching to show he can do it in a game that counts.

“I’ve been waiting a long time,” he said. “Being away from the game, it makes you that much more hungry to get back on the field.”

Merriman only has six more days to wait.

60 responses to “Shawne Merriman: “I feel good … I’m back”

  1. This guy does not know when to turn the lights out and realize that he is just some dude with a mercedes and a bag of juice. All the tats etc. –Dude…You stink and have the joints of a 90 year old man.

  2. He has had 2 different careers, but is before getting busted and after getting busted. I thought PFT was a little more on the ball than to run this crap.

  3. Nick Barnett is probably saying the same thing.

    As usual, the Bills are not a playoff team but will be a pain in the butt for every team they play.

  4. “I’m back.. I’m feeling ‘BarryBonds’ invincible. I’m gonna get my game face on by pounding the fugly out of that skank Tequila Tila’s mug Lookout world.”

  5. He’ll feel good until another 5’7 running back knocks him on his behind!!! Everyone does remember when MJD cleaned his clock, right? Merriman=alltalk!!!

  6. I have to root for the bills this season. It’s been too long since they’ve been relevant.

  7. if he does go back to his old self (steroids or not) it makes the bills defense a lot better.

    sadly theyre still one of the bottom 3 franchises in the nfl. ralph needs to croak already

  8. Good…..Now, please go through the hole Dareus will give you and crush Cassel, making him second guessing on whether he should have sat out to rest or now!

  9. wideright91 says:
    Sep 5, 2011 7:18 PM
    As a Bills fan, I hope he is so juiced up that he breaks Tom Brady’s legs.

    So sad

  10. I can definatly see him having a nice year. He has something to prove and is probably healthy finally. I wanted the jets to give him a look last yr but buffalo got to him first.

  11. wideright91 says:
    As a Bills fan, I hope he is so juiced up that he breaks Tom Brady’s legs.

    Yeah, ’cause that’s pretty much the only shot the Bills have at beating the Patriots.


  12. If he is back, the Bills defense just got a lot better. Kyle Williams went to the Pro Bowl last year, Dareus was a stud at Bama, and a healthy Merriman is now three guys in the front seven you have to account for. They had a pretty good secondary to begin with (2nd against the pass last year) that is potentially scary for who they play this year.

  13. If he can make it through sixteen games and not get injured, it will be nothing short of a miracle.

  14. watched him a half dozen times at training camp. all kidding aside, when you watch how incredibly quick he is off the snap it is amazing to witness. i am talking bruce smith quick. he does not look bloated just chisled. maybe, just maybe he is back and good lord i pray he is. go bills.

  15. ravensfan4life52 says:
    Sep 5, 2011 7:30 PM

    it’s not cheating if you don’t know it’s against the rules right.

    Aren’t you other teams and fans supposed to be better than Belichick and the Pats’ fans?

    Surely, cheating by any team whether knowingly or unknowingly should vacate entire seasons and Super Bowls, no?

    Luckily your Ravens haven’t been to the Super Bowl in years, years, and years. That won’t change this season.

  16. i’d like to remind the unknowledgeable that merriman never tested positive his entire rookie season, and that in fact, he has never tested positive during any regular season or playoffs.

    his one failed test ever, took place right before preseason on august 2nd, and the only reason anyone even knew about it is because the confidentiality of his appeal, was breached.

    the small minded sheep, still believe he tested positive during the 2006 season…..

    anyway, goodell went to bat for this guy, and as a charger fan, i should hate him for pretty much being useless in his final years with us thatnks to the mawae +1 hitsquad , but i wish him the best of luck, good to see him back to a high level.

    goodell stuck up for him and confirmed he only ever failed one test (and it wasn’t even during a season), that’s all that matters

  17. Hmm…let me do the math here…
    Merriman plus big bucket of juice multiplied by Cassel minus ribs minus Charlie Weiss equals much weeping and gnashing of teeth in KC.


    sorry, habit.

  18. @tiffpats4eva

    that’s fine as long as i don’t have to live in Boston and be surrounded by idiots 24/7

  19. Who cares about the Buffalo Bills…..the next time I see a pan shot of Ralph Wilson in a box….It better be lined with velvet and have ropes in front of it….

    Let’s GO SABRES!!!

  20. Funny how about half of the post on here are poor attempts at steroid “jokes”. I can guarantee if the Bills didn’t claim him off waivers, 30 other teams would have loved to bring him in (obviously not the Chargers).
    If you wouldn’t want a healthy Shawne Merriman on your team you are a god damn fool. He’s only played 16 snaps in preseason but he recorded 2 sacks and 6 tackles. He has looked like an absolute monster when he has been on the field. If he can stay healthy, the Bills are going to be a rugged defense to play against this year. CANT WAIT

  21. don’t forget the bills were 1 over thrown pass fitz to cj in over time to beating the chiefs last year with 1 off worse defenses in the league.. and should beat steelers and ravens more playoff teams.. go bills

  22. “Cut Bills linebacker Shawne Merriman”

    I was shocked for a second there. I thought you were saying he got cut. I was gonna say wow I thought he has played really good with the Bills so far. With the way this story reads I guess he has.

  23. “It would be easy to look at those numbers and conclude that injuries to his calf, knee and Achilles tendon have slowed Merriman down to the point that the just isn’t going to be a productive NFL player again”

    I will say though when Im looking for the reason why his play has fell off Im not thinking injuries. Steroids is what comes to mind. It is hard to learn to how to play without them. When you on them you can rely on your strength, endurance, and aggression to beat your opponent. Those attributes are greatly reduced when you dont have steroids to fire them up. So you have to learn how to really play the game. You have to focus on technique and fundamentals as well as things like strength and endurance. You also have to learn a new way to get your self up for the game.

    Yea injuries didnt help but steroids played their part in that to. Not only did they cause his ligaments, muscle cells, and joints to weaken and arteries and veins to thicken it also changed the way he used his body. Before when he was on steroids his body was able to do things that it couldnt with out them. When he was off them he was still doing things he did before but his body couldnt handle it anymore and he got hurt.

    This isnt unique in Shawn Merriman this is true to every athlete that has used steroids and then stopped. Look at Brian Cushing, he was a ROY, defensive player of the year type of player but where is he now? He is just another average LB but with an added injury problem.

    So yea I think he has played great and getting healthy has something to do with it. But I think the new found production and health has to do withhim learning to play the game clean and learning how his body works and how to keep it safe.

  24. Most are over the dog killer crap of Mike Vick, but you guys can’t get over some guy sticking a needle in his ass for one season? The guy is legit this season, drop the steroid talk. Its BS.

    Go Bills!!!!

  25. You people act like you think Shawne Merriman is the only guy in the NFL taking steroids. I gaurantee the majority of them are. He’s just leveling the playing field.

  26. Alot of haters out there giving their worthless opinions on Merriman.Lights out is going to wreck shop this year and I cant wait to watch him do the lights out dance after destroying Sanchez and Brady.

  27. i love how the geniuses post steroid comments on merriman like nobody has heard them before. there will be no denying what he is on sunday. LIGHTS OUT SON!!!!

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