Three teams made waiver claim for Brandon Tate

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One of the more intriguing stories of cutdown day has a post script.  As reported by others and as we’ve confirmed with our own eyes, former Patriots receiver Brandon Tate drew a trio of waiver claims after being released.

The 2009 third-rounder prompted the Bengals, Cardinals, and Jets to claim his contract.  The Bengals, by virtue of having the worst record of the three teams in 2010, secured Tate’s services.

If Tate had gone to the Jets, it would have continued the seemingly endless New York/Boston back-and-forth in the AFC East.

34 responses to “Three teams made waiver claim for Brandon Tate

  1. Hey drgfri wanna try and think of a joke we haven’t heard on every damn Jets story?

  2. Even though I’m a pats fan, I respect the jets, but they are absolutely becoming pathetic trying to pick up every player released by the pats. Smh

  3. Too bad the Jets didn’t get him – he could have really blossomed if he had been handled by intelligent, professional coaches for the first time in his young career.

    Heck – he could have buzzed the tower in Foxboro with Santonio and Plax.

    Oh well. He can still destroy that tissue-soft Pats defense as a Bengal.

  4. no a bengals fan but did then just get the full compliment at the WR stud green, slot shipley, and deep threat tate, andy daulton may have some weapons if he can stay upright long enough to make his reads

  5. I feel sorry for anyone sent to play for the Bengals…here’s hoping his carrier can handle it. I hope you like it there Brandon Tate, because you aren’t going anywhere if you don’t…

  6. I have to admit, this cut by the patriots was a bigger surprise to me than the merriweather cut. I thought tate had a pretty good preseason.

  7. flagstaffphotos says:
    Sep 5, 2011 12:43 AM
    Oh well. He can still destroy that tissue-soft Pats defense as a Bengal.

    Especially since they don’t play each other this year…your shtick is old and tired, dude.

  8. I’ve seen a lot of people here banging on Belichick’s bad drafts.

    The rest of the league can’t scoop them up fast enough.

    Not so bad after all.

  9. That’s 9 players Pats released this preseason that were picked up by other teams

    Meanwhile, the jets(with their all-star roster) led the league in waiver wire claims with 7. That tied last year’s league leader in waiver wire claims(also the jets).

    Guess that’s what happens when you trade all your draft picks for overhyped players, and then overpay them. Gotta fill out that roster somehow.

  10. Not only did the Jets put in waiver claims for Tate but they also put in claims for both TE’s 5th round pick Lee Smith and Undrafted Terp Wil Yeatman.

    7 wire claims by the jets. Super Bowl roster? Don’t think so !

  11. @ buttercheck

    You drafted Brandon Tate? LOL You drafted him in the 8th round? LOL even harder!

    @ drednot

    Tate had a TERRIBLE pre season. That’s why he was cut!

  12. Like how all you Jets fans cling to the big playoff win against the Pats like it was the big moment in your life. Don’t think it even mattered to you that they lost the next week.

    Hang on to that, that’s as far as they’re gonna get in the forseeable future.

    We think Super Bowls, not about the Jets.

  13. Too bad the Jets didn’t get him. It would have been easy money to bet he would have been an “honorary captain” on the first meeting between them and the Pats.

  14. tedmurph says: Sep 5, 2011 9:59 AM
    We think Super Bowls, not about the Jets.
    And, of course, the Labor Day camera sale at Best Buy.

  15. @h3min…… you might wanna look in the mirror before you say the jets sign all the pats guys. Danny Woodhead Jets Shaun Ellis Jets James Dearth Jets James Ighedigbo Jets _Uris Baker Jets .You guys are the ones signing all the jets players

  16. so, the bengals pretty much just traded ocho for tate and a 5th and 6th rounder…can this club ACTUALLY be making good football decisions…who fricking dey

  17. Good young receivers, (and TE’s)…Andy, for now, just hand it off to (Ced and B. Scott) and throw when you need to (receivers have been blocking well down field)! We’ll be fine, your peep’s (bengal fans) aren’t expecting a SB this year so have fun and learn… Bengal fans are a very patient breed! I watched some Chad with Brady earlier and I must say…Tate works ok for me! Hope we use the draft pick wisely. #15 RIP

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