Manning injury has Dungy doubting Colts will make the playoffs


The Indianapolis Colts have made the playoffs every year since Tony Dungy became their coach in 2002. But Dungy, who’s now in his third year out of coaching after seven years leading the Colts, suspects that streak may be ending this year.

On the Dan Patrick Show today, Dungy was asked to give a yes or no answer on whether the Colts will make the playoffs.

“I would say no, because I would be concerned about Peyton Manning,” Dungy said. “Just the fact that he may miss one game tells me that this is fairly serious.”

The Colts say Manning, who’s continuing to recuperate from offseason neck surgery, is doubtful for Week 1 against the Texans. That means there’s a very good chance the Colts will start 0-1 against an AFC South opponent, but the Colts started the season with a loss to the Texans last year, too, and they still managed to win the division.

The problem is that Manning, who has the second-longest streak of consecutive starts for a quarterback in NFL history, wouldn’t miss a game unless his injury was serious. And if his injury is serious, it’s probably going to be more than a week before he’s healthy enough to play.

From Dungy’s point of view, if Manning only misses the first week or two of the season, the Colts can recover and make the playoffs. But if Manning is gone for an extended period of time, the Colts may be in too deep a hole to climb out of by the end of the year.

“I think it all depends on Peyton Manning,” Dungy said. “If he misses a lot of time I think it’s going to be very difficult for them to make it. If he misses one or two games, I think they still will win the division.”

Dungy knows the Colts as well as anyone, and he knows the Colts are Peyton Manning’s team. They’ll go as far as he can take them, and he can’t take them anywhere if he’s sitting on the bench nursing an injured neck.

47 responses to “Manning injury has Dungy doubting Colts will make the playoffs

  1. Will Dungy ever shut up and keep an opinion to himself? Just once!? That being said, he is right.

  2. Well, if Tony Dungy said it, it must be true, right? That’s like saying Chris Mortensen said it, right?

  3. It doesn’t take a genius to realize that without Manning, the Colts stink. About Dungy commenting on the Colts, I think that any person in the media that had a connection to a team, ie Tiki Barber & Tony Dungy, should not speak about their former teams. This is not to say their criticism or praise is invalid or wrong, but it comes off as either sour grapes or being a homer.

  4. Will Dungy ever shut up and keep an opinion to himself? Just once!?

    When you’re paid to offer your opinion(s) keeping those opinions to yourself would be career suicide. Correct???

  5. If Peyton doesn’t start Dungy should lose whatever job he has right now just on principal. He should buy a ranch and name it “Peyton’s Place” or “Without Peyton Manning I wouldn’t have a job now and I’d only be remembered as a middling defensive coordinator for the Bucs”.

  6. steelernationlolzatyouremptytrophycase6 says:
    Sep 6, 2011 10:26 AM
    Will Dungy ever shut up and keep an opinion to himself? Just once!? That being said, he is right.


    LOL… He is an analyst for the same NBC that owns and runs and pays for this service we are all so fond of reading.

    Like it or not, he will be quoted here more then not, but in all honesty, I’ll take his over some schmo off the street.

    “This just in…..SuperFan Season Ticket Holder Bob says without Manning the Colts will miss the playoffs….”

    Doesn’t have the same ring….lol

  7. It’s crazy, I remember Ed reed saying he wouldn’t consider playing with the surgeries Manning has had. He even turned down getting the surgery himself. I’m pretty sure anyways, idk a lot about the injury but if another player is saying he wouldn’t even consider playing with it. It’s gonna be really serious

  8. Even if they made the playoffs with Manning, where would they be going??? I say nowhere like they’ve done in so many previous years with Manning starting the season… Playoff Record 9-10

  9. steelernationlolzatyouremptytrophycase6 says:
    Sep 6, 2011 10:26 AM
    Will Dungy ever shut up and keep an opinion to himself? Just once!? That being said, he is right.

    Probably not, especially when he goes on a show, and is asked what his opinion is…

  10. It looks like this season will confirm to all the Manning haters that he really IS the franchise.

    Take him away from the Colts and you have one mediocre team, at best.

  11. Did ANYONE need to hear that from Dungy to know the Colts will suck without Manning?
    I think they would have had a hard time making the playoffs with Manning this year and certainly not without.
    Jim Caldwell is on autopilot and now he will have to actually Coach.

  12. I hope DP asked Dungy about this whole Tressel thing (I watch it when it re-airs @ noon Eastern so I don’t know yet). If he’s consistent with his past views, he should be disappointed that the Colts hired Tressel.

  13. steelernationlolzatyouremptytrophycase6 says:Sep 6, 2011 10:26 AM

    Will Dungy ever shut up and keep an opinion to himself? Just once!? That being said, he is right.


    Will Steeler fans ever stop showing their continued insecurity by have nicknames that reflect what everyone already knows?

    Just once?

    Not likely…

    See you next Tuesday…

  14. popwarner says:
    Sep 6, 2011 10:45 AM

    Doesn’t have the same ring…


    …and, come February, neither will the Colts.

  15. Colts aren’t going anywhere this year with or without Manning. PoliON has done a pretty lousy job re-tooling that team.

  16. I really hope Manning retires.

    He’s a great talent, takes more into his hands of his team than any other player, but its just football… With the kind of nerve damage to his neck, etc. he has no need of playing anymore. He doesn’t need the money and even if he wins a second ring if he’s crippled it won’t matter much.

    Even if is neck heals to the point of being able to throw again, can it take the punishment of the NFL?

    Retire Peyton, its only a game…

  17. jdreed68 says: Sep 6, 2011 10:56 AM

    Isnt this one of the signs for the end of the world?


    For Colts fans, and ESPN.

    Here’s hoping Manning makes a full recovery.

  18. The Colts play in the AFC South, the worst division in the AFC. They’ll only need to win 9 games to win the division.

    Unless Manning misses more than 4 games, they’ll win the division.

  19. If nothing else, not having a backup plan for Manning speaks volumes as to the ineptitude of the Colts’ front office and player development.

    The “Peyton will always be healthy and never injured” mindset reminds me of the geniuses who thought that inflated housing values would never fall. Everything is cyclical, and anything can happen to make a worst case scenario come true.

    The key is having a contingency plan just in case the worst happens. Hope for the best, plan for the worst. The Colts forgot that somewhere along the way.

  20. It makes me wonder if Dungy is tooting his own horn here: “Look how bad a team I had to work with and with one key guy out this team is a disaster.”

    Either way, the Colts would not be such a bad team if they actually had a decent back up and some decent coaches. The Patriots went 11-5 w/out Brady when everyone said they were in big trouble.

    We will find out soon enough, but if things go bad expect the Colts to be blacked out by mid-season.

  21. Colts go 5-5 first ten weeks with Collins as starter.

    Peyton comes back and they go 6-0 to a 11-5 record and wildcard spot.

    Colts defeat the Patriots in the Wildcard 42-24

    Beat the Steelers in the Divisionals 35-32

    Beat the Chargeres in the AFC Championship 21-14.

    And Win the Superbowl versus the Vince Young led Eagles 28-27


    Peyton goes on IR and Indy has an 0-16 season and drafts Andrew Luck to replace Manning in a few years.

  22. Losing Manning would be a bigger loss to the game than to the Colts. Get well soon, Peyton. Especially since we don’t play Indy this year lol.

  23. bdert says: Sep 6, 2011 10:50 AM

    Even if they made the playoffs with Manning, where would they be going??? I say nowhere like they’ve done in so many previous years with Manning starting the season… Playoff Record 9-10


    I always found it dubious that people who kept a tick sheet of the Colts’ playoff record with Manning always happen to be those who are his detractors and refuse to ever give him credit. But in the same voice, they’ll try to negate the FACT that their beloved Thomas Brady is a system creation by flooding you with stats that say… he’s a system creation.

    As if the Colts’ D wasn’t responsible for 7 of those 10 losses.


  24. Tony wants the streak to end so it makes “him” look better. Dungy has only one interest….his own agenda.

  25. Hey at least it isn’t no curtis painter starting. kerry collins isn’t just some slouch backup. He was a first overall pick just like manning. He’s been to a superbowl. He started the 08 season 13-0 with a worse roster than the colts. I think if our defense can start playing and quit depending on the offense to when the game, we will be fine until manning gets back. Yeah it sucks manning is hurt but we have to stay positive. This will give you a glimpse of what it will be like when manning retires. Nobody has ever actually seen all of our starters play without manning. We may be better than you think. We still have wayne, collie, garcon, saturday, addai, clark, (good backup TE in tamme), mathis, freeney, brackett, bethea and some other guys that looked really good. Do you think Collins had these type of players in 08 when he started 13-0?

  26. I wouldn’t even call some of you colts fans. You have to take the Good with the bad. Look at brown fans. They suck year in and year out but they still have hope for there team. A lot of you are just fake fans. “Boo hoo boo hoo were gonna suck boo hoo I can’t beleive manning actually got hurt playing football boo hoo i didn’t really think he he’d ever actually get hurt booooooo hooooooo” Sorry but thats what all you pathetic fans sound like!

  27. Any Indy fans holding on to some kind of “but they’re the Colts!. They have 37 probowlers” etc. are out of their minds. The defense is pedestrian. They cant run the ball without Peyton play action, the left side of their O line is inexperienced, and Collins, while a respectable veteran, is no Peyton Manning. Im going to love seeing how bad their coach is without Peyton coattails as well. They’re 7-9 at best without Manning. They’re probably 10-6 and a first round washout with him. All great things come to an end, and Indy’s time has come and gone.

  28. All the colts need are 7 to 9 wins to win that division tbh, even thou all the fantasy football nerds wanna hype up the texans for the 100000th time in a row.

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