Okung expected to return for Seahawks this week

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Seahawks left tackle Russell Okung, whose ankle-sprain tally has now reached three, suffered his most recent ankle injury during the preseason opener.  He’s expected to be back on the field this weekend, when the Seahawks travel to San Francisco for the first round of the NFL-level Pete Carroll/Jim Harbaugh feud.

He looks good, he’s ready to go,” Carroll said of Okung, via John Boyle of HeraldNet.com.  “He practiced enough last week to let us know that he would be ready this week.  He worked really hard in pregame the other night, he was dying to play, but we wouldn’t put him in, we wanted a few more days.  He practiced full [go] today, and he’s ready to go for this game.”

The sixth overall pick in the 2010 draft, Okung was limited to 10 regular-season games last season.  He started both postseason games.

10 responses to “Okung expected to return for Seahawks this week

  1. Now if the Seahawks can figure out the right tackle spot and fill the hole created by Gallery’s injury Tarvaris may have more than 1.7 seconds to throw the ball…

    Okung needs to stay healthy, play to his potential and silence the critics.

  2. Okung’s pretty tall. His return might interfere with TJack’s jump pass opportunities on the left side.

  3. I’m glad his physical damage is resolved, but with three injuries in just over a year, it has to linger in his head. I’m worried he will be timid in a spot we need aggression. Playing while thinking about being injured, leads to more injuries. I think Seahawks gambled with the O line, be it because of the lock out, but it does not appear to have payed off. Too bad… Marshal Lynch is a monster in Madden… 🙂

  4. It doesn’t matter, with the Niner’s new passrush with Ahmad Brooks and Aldon Smith, not to mention Patrick Willis and Navorro Bowman… His presence won’t matter too much in this game. Go NINERS!!

  5. Won’t believe it til I see it…for more than just two games in a row.

    Guy has knocked-knee’d legs and his base is really wide when he drop-steps back to pass protect…does no help to support his weak ankles at all.

    Man….I miss the days of Holmgren and Big Walt….didn’t even have to worry abt the left side then at all.

    Transitions, transitions….


  6. @mezter:

    You do remember how the last season opener went, right?

    Curb that enthusiam homie…cuz all u 9ers were sayin the exact same stuff last year Week 1.

    But on the otherhand, we don’t have a true proven QB and leader in Matt Hasselbeck at the gun this year so, uhhhhh….yeah….about that….

  7. I think that once we see the O-line solidified we will start to see less and less of these injuries. I’d be willing to bet that a lot of them come from guys being out of place and pushed around by defenders taking advantage of their inexperience.

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