Panthers pick up Darius Butler

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There are some benefits of going 2-14.

The Charlotte Observer reports the Panthers claimed cornerback Darius Butler off waivers on Tuesday, adding depth to a position that sorely needs it.  Butler was let go by the Patriots Tuesday just two years after they took him in the second round of the draft.

Panthers coach Ron Rivera said Monday that the Panthers didn’t see free agent Joselio Hanson as an upgrade.  Butler hasn’t shown any reason to think he’s an upgrade either, but he comes at a cheaper price.

Which reminds us: Why hasn’t Joselio Hanson landed a gig?  He’d upgrade plenty of rosters as a nickel back.

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  1. Does Rivera get the most out of players on the defensive side of the ball?

    Does Butler have freakish athleticism and speed?

    Are the Panthers getting Butler without much salary and at no cost (trade, draft pick)?

    In essence, when you invest in the future, isn’t it wise to do so in a manner that has limited to no chance for loss and limitless upside?

    For those of you who do not answer in the affirmative to the preceeding questions, you are probably beyond the point where common sense and logic are useful tools in discussions.

  2. I was a huge fan of Butler when he got drafted but his skills have gone the wrong way.

    Suggestion to DB, maybe if you spent a little less time tweeting about every little BS in your life you still might be playing for the Pats.

    Most of us could care less what future WalMart greeters have to say about every minute of their 15 minutes of fame.

    You blew your career moron !

    Where to eat in Providence blah blah only know because of MR tweets posted on ESPN.

    Twitter is for losers!

  3. mhs8031 LMAO!!

    i guess i have no common sense and logic. i’m a die hard patriots fan and you with all your common sense and logic clearly have never watched butler play. not only does he not have freakish speed but he has the combine time to prove it.

    have fun watching him get beat up and down the field

  4. A busted draft pick by the Patriots is generally greater than a decent draft pick by the Panthers, plus he’s cheaper now.

    This is actually a good pickup for the Panthers, although Joselio Hanson would have made more sense since he’s already played under the Panthers’ new DC, McDermittt, while with the Eagles…but he’s more expensive.

    Bottom line…Richardson is cheap.

  5. still laughing at butler’s “freaksih athleticism and speed.

    he was the tenth fastest defensive back in the 2009 draft.

    thats TENTH at his position, that doesnt include ther other postions.

    4.45 lol

  6. suckmyvick says: Sep 6, 2011 9:47 PM

    Bottom line…Richardson is cheap.


    Are you seriously going with that bottom line? Did you not see the contracts D Will, C Johnson, a freaking kicker O Mare, J. Anderson, T Davis, R. Edwards, and J. Beason got?
    Are you sure you want your “bottom line” to be “Richardson is cheap”?

  7. I recall he had one of the highest verticle jumps in Combine history, something like 48″ or so.

    He’s in his 3rd year and is coming off a real bad 2nd season. But remember, NE has back Leigh Bodden now, after he missed all of last season. Plus they just used the 33rd overall pick on another CB, Ras-I Dowling and they have McCourtey going into his 2nd season and he made All Pro last year.
    The Pats CB situation has been upgraded dramatically. On most teams, Butler could still make it as a 3rd or 4th DB.

  8. suckmyvick says:
    Sep 6, 2011 9:47 PM

    “This is actually a good pickup for the Panthers, although Joselio Hanson would have made more sense since he’s already played under the Panthers’ new DC, McDermittt, while with the Eagles…but he’s more expensive.”

    What does that say about Joselio Hanson, if McDermitt coached him!!

  9. 1historian says: so far 5 players the Patriots released have been picked up by other teams, and that’s more than any other team

    what does that tell you?

    It tells you that Belichick keeps the 53 players best able to help his team win.

    Just because a player doesn’t fit Belichick’s scheme doesn’t mean they are a bad player or washed up.

    More importantly it also illustrates that Belichick isn’t concerned about where a player was drafted and what fans might say about his drafting skills when he cuts someone.

    He’ll cut a first rounder if he feels like an undrafted rookie free agent will do more to help the team.

    Generally speaking, you can’t argue with Belichick’s results.

  10. Good news for Pats fans:

    The Packers led the NFL in number of players claimed off waivers at this time last year with 5.

    I wonder if history will repeat itself…

  11. I thought Butler had a decent (not great, decent) preseason. Shows what I know!
    He handled his release with class and I wish him well.

  12. I like this pickup for the Panthers. Look, this isn’t to say Butler is ready to be anything more than a dime back right now. That said, he’s a good raw talent who has some island skills. The Patriots are more of a system CB situation where they ask guys to be physical and have good zone instincts. Rivera wants to be aggressive, so that will give island guys more opportunities to stand out (either good or bad).

    For a team like the Patriots, Butler was a value pick in the 2nd round, but now has been surpassed by other CB’s that are simply better, in talent and fit, than him. For a team like the Panthers, though, a team that is rebuilding and in the first year of a new coaching regime, taking a gamble on raw talent makes sense. It might not work out, but it’s a good gamble to make.

  13. I wanted this kid to pan out, but it seems like he has gotten worse with each season. If you dont show progress in NE BB will cut you (ask Merriweather)

    Like someone said earlier, he is ALWAYS right with the WR, but never seems to break up the play. Most of the time he doesnt recognize that the ball is on the way so he doesnt turn to deflect it.

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