Jaguars release David Garrard


The Jaguars have done it again.

Just before Week One, they have decided to release their starting quarterback.

Jay Glazer of FOX reports David Garrard was informed he was released, and Luke McCown will start the season opener against the Titans.  In five days.  Rookie Blaine Gabbert is the backup to McCown.

It was only four years ago on September 1 that Byron Leftwich was suddenly dropped in favor of Garrard.  The Jaguars won a playoff game that season and gave Garrard a huge contract, but he’s slowly regressed since.

This was an economic move above all else. Garrard was due around $8 million this season.  It’s hard to believe the Jaguars think McCown (or Gabbert) gives the team a superior chance to win right now. But the gap between Garrard and a league average backup like McCown was growing smaller by the year and Garrard wasn’t worth the money.

It’s clear they really wanted to drop Garrard and didn’t think he’d last the season as the starter.

It says a lot that Gabbert couldn’t step up to win the starting job, and the Jaguars still made this move.

UPDATE: The report has been confirmed by ESPN. The Jaguars will hold a press conference at 4:15 p.m. ET.

158 responses to “Jaguars release David Garrard

  1. The Bengals should be POUNCING all over this. If not I’d love to have him as the best backup in the league for Sanchez.

  2. Hell yeah!!!! They thought it would be unfair to play the colts without manning. Colts need to go sign him for some wildcat and trick plays. Doubt they will but would be cool.

  3. Wow. I don’t know what’s worse. The fact that they are firing their starting quarterback less then a week before the regular season beings, or the fact that they are starting Luke McCown instead of Blaine Gabbert.

    McCown is awful. I have a hard to believing Gabbert could be substantially worse.

  4. You know he will be picked up by team that won’t make the playoffs. Can’t wait to read the comments from these teams fans…

  5. I’m not a Jags or Garrard fan, but why have the guy at the top of the dept chart all the way until the week of game 1, when all other rosters in the league are pretty much set… Then dump him.. that’s kind of classless… If you don’t want him dump him in the beginning, This is why the Jags will never when the way they do business. ..

    I know it’s a tough cold hearted business but wow.. good thing he’s a quarterback in a weak quarterback league so he should be able to grab a backup job

  6. WoW. So the so Suck for Luck con-drum continues. I don’t know if this was a good move. We are talking about Luke McCown. Has any of the McCown brothers had success yet? SMH

  7. Ughhh… MJD’s back is going to be hurting all season from carrying this team on his back now more than ever before.

  8. What does this have to do with Peyton Manning? We need even more of the excellent journelism telling us he may/may not play

  9. Their season ends before it starts. Play the young guys. Doubt they were going to do anything of substance with Garrard. Lots of holes to work on. $8mil was too too much.

  10. Snyder, don’t even THINK about it. Keep Rexy, save your money. No need to spend more and still only win 6 games………

  11. In the great words of one Cleo McDowell

    I don’t know whether to shake your hand, or kiss it, or bow, or what. I feel like breakdancing.

  12. I really hope Garrard lands on his feet, he’s a quality guy and would be an upgrade at QB for more than a few teams

  13. Note to NFL teams: stop drafting QBs with big, pinwheel type deliveries, no matter how much their body type resembles that of a LB. You will not make a winner out of them.

  14. And they wonder why they have the worst fans in the NFL. The poor people of Jacksonville get the rug pulled out from under them so much. How could anyone in their right mind root for this team?

  15. The guy had a 64.5% completion percentage and a 90.8 QB rating last year.

    Legendary? Hell, no. Vastly superior to anything Luke McCown is capable of producing? Hell, yes.

    If they were even considering this, why not run McCown with the 1’s in camp?

    Why set your offense back by running your first team offense all through camp with a QB you are going to release before the first game of the season?

    Any way you spin it, this is a very poorly executed decision by a team that has done it before.

  16. Garrard will find work elsewhere but the timing of cutting him just seems odd. Why not do it on Saturday with the initial roster cuts so you could keep another player

  17. They had to know that they didn’t want to pay the $8 large at the beginning of camp and they knew what they had in Gerrard (feh) – why not do it earlier?

  18. HAHAHAHAHA!! I can’t tell you much I LOVE having Del Rio coaching in the AFC south!!

    At least we’ll still have a better record than the Jags this year!!

    Best regards,

    Colts Fan

  19. blackbug99 says:
    Sep 6, 2011 3:23 PM
    Jags just inherited 1st place in the Andrew Luck competition. Next question is will Luck play in Jax or LA?


    Suck to LUCK

  20. It says a lot that Gabbert couldn’t step up to win the starting job, and the Jaguars still made this move.
    Actually I see this exactly opposite.

    If Gabbert really sucked I think they would have kept Garrard but this move makes me think they while Gabbert may not be ready to start the opener the Jags feel that he will be ready very soon and they only need McCown to limp through one or two games for them.

  21. The guy was going to cost $9 million. Was he worth that for a 6-10 season? Maybe now the team will go 5-11 without him. One more victory while keeping the seat warm for Gabbert is not worth $9 million.

  22. Note to league:

    There will be no NFL franchises that have a feline logo, given the wretched state of affairs in the Panther, Bungle and Shaguar franchises, their overall records, their subpar to subhuman ownership and general unspoken mantra of ‘lose at all costs’. Carry on.

    Roger Goddell, NFL Commissioner

    P.S. Please have Art Shell construct a diagram for Al Davis which clearly depicts that Oakland cannot change its logo to the Pumas.

  23. The Ravens were waiting to see which veteran QBs got released this week. Garrard could be a good backup QB for them behind Flacco.

  24. There isn’t a drop off from Garrard to McCown as some of you are thinking. This doesn’t really change much. Garrard this preseason looked awful. You can look at his stats last season and say he had a good year. But any Jaguar fan knows that Garrard wilts under pressure.

    This move was going to happen early last season before McCown tore his ACL against the Chargers. McCown has outplayed Garrard every time he has been given an opportunity.

  25. So where is everybody at thats always crying about greedy players not honoring there contract and holding out for more money??? This is a move that you would expect from the Bengals… just wow….smh!!!!!

  26. ok…. im a hardcore jags fan…when the jags played the Bills week 3 of the pre-season i saw a TERRIBLE david garrard, i turn to my dad (im only 17 btw) and say: “remember in 07, and we cut leftwich a week before the season started, and we made the playoffs… THATS WHATS GONNA HAPPEN THIS YEAR! garrard is going to get cut” AND BAM! it happened.

  27. Players voted for Jaguar team captains and Garrard was left out. Coaching staff probably realized that David had lost the room. Gabbert moves up a notch. Trent Edwards probably come back as third QB. Or Todd Boumann.

  28. McCown almost beat Garrard out last year in pre season. He is better than most give him credit for. Also a much better guy for Blaine to work with. Garrard said the right things but he was always looking out for his own interests.

  29. They had to know that they didn’t want to pay the $8 large at the beginning of camp and they knew what they had in Gerrard (feh) – why not do it earlier?


    they didnt do it earlier because they knew the colts were in trouble. peyton may miss some serious time and if they released him weeks ago no doubt garrard would be the starter for colts

  30. Hate on Garrard all you want, but he would be the best QB on quite a few rosters.

    Washington, SF, Seattle, Oakland, Cinci, Buffalo, Miami could definitely use his services.

  31. With the way things are going at QB for a lot of teams right now, somewhere Brett Favre is working out.

    I will bet Mike’s toupee that #4 will be playing in the NFL this season by time it’s all said and done.

  32. I hate to be the guy that says this, but you know there’s gonna be some story on Favre possibly joining the Jags in the next day or two…

  33. LOL, Garrard and the rest of the players were at a team dinner at the time with local supporters. David was sitting at the table next to Judas Escariot. With Brutus on the other side.

  34. People are severely underestimating Luke McCown. He is not that bad. He is actually the better McCown. I dont see this as a big drop off. He has just as big an arm, and is actually much more athletic than Garrard.

  35. thecoltsman says:
    Sep 6, 2011 3:08 PM
    Hell yeah!!!! They thought it would be unfair to play the colts without manning. Colts need to go sign him for some wildcat and trick plays. Doubt they will but would be cool.
    Garrard running wildcat and trick plays?? Just because he is black doesn’t mean he is the next Ronnie Brown or Brad Smith. Garrard is a pocket passer. He runs a little bit, but nothing to the point where he would get signed just for trick plays.

  36. Must be desperate to lower the amount of $$$ they have to spend with their ticket selling being what it is. This looks like a franchise reacting to everything with no viable long term plan. Why not cut MJD before you have to pay him?

  37. Not crazy about twitter because you can’t tell from Rosenthal’s story here of Glazer’s tweet whether they asked Garrard to take a paycut or whether they just wanted him gone.

    As the old saying goes, they are last place team whether they pay the $8 million to Garrard or not. So, they may as well save their money and develop Gabbert. McCown may play 2-3 games. But there is no logic to paying $8 million to a stopgap.

  38. Makes perfect sense to me. They already knew they were gonna release him early in camp. They just didn’t want Indy to pick him up instead of Collins.

  39. That’s terrible for the team and for Garrard. Why would you have a guy running with the first team during all of training camp(although I’ve read he was injured for a bit of it) and then pull him 4 days before the opener. Only reason that I can see are: he pissed off someone that makes the roster decisions or Jaguars are not thinking ahead.

    If they were so worried about his contract, why not release him before/during training camp so that the other guys can get more reps?

    Now Garrard loses out on his payday. I’m sure he’ll get a 1-yr contract from some team but will probably make 3M instead of 8M.

    With the way the Ravens have been gobbling up vets, I wouldn’t be surprised if he lands with them.

  40. Jags fan checking in…Bad timing for a move like this, but better late than never.

    Also, don’t discount Luke McCown. Gerald Alexander just posted on Twitter that Luke outplayed David in camp last year, and he obviously did this year as well. And when Luke started a couple games last year, he played as well or better than Garrard. Granted, he’s only an average quarterback, but he’ll do okay while Gabbert gets ready.

    It’s go time!

  41. It’d be hilarious if they trade for Tebow now… just after spending a 1st for Gabbert.

    eta on MJD going off in a tweet?

  42. Garrard loses the job to a guy with so little name recognition that Jay Glazer misspells his name on Twitter when breaking the news. Wow.

  43. doowix says: Sep 6, 2011 3:08 PM
    And ownership wonders why nobody buys season tickets.

    Gabbert jerseys are in their third printing since the draft – I wouldn’t be surprised if this jumpstarts ticket sales…

  44. And now the Colts can go 6 games without Manning and still be the favorites to win that division.

    Lame. Just lame.

  45. Why not Baltimore? Good insurance & he has beat Pittsburgh in playoffs! Taylor looked good in preseason but cant see Harbaugh starting week 1 w/ a rookie as backup. GO RAVENS!!!

  46. Texans have the same high potent offense returning.

    Defense was terrible last year. Mainly b/c no solid corners, even more so,

    Mario Williams
    Demeco Ryans
    Brian Cushing

    played just (1.5) games together last yr due to injuries. Thats 3 Pro-probowlers. Yes, I know Cushing Steroids stuff….

    We added a Probowl Corner in J. Joseph.
    Thats 4 probowlers we will have playing together who didnt play together last year.

    Added an impressive DE/DT JJ WATT who has already been termed “A BEAST” by fellow D-Lineman.

    Also upgraded Safety with Daniel Manning and Glover Quinn.

    Lastly, WADE PHILLIPS!

    Watch out AFC, not just the AFC South!

  47. Wow, I must say I don’t understand how they do business… And they act like Cincy has the worst front office in the league…

  48. @polamalurulz43 The Shaguars actually have the 9th best overall record ALL TIME in the NFL. They were really good early and have been up and down since.

  49. Jax probably sees that Gabbert is the future but that Garrard is good enough and young enough to “win” the job for the next 3 years.

    Either trade him for a low round pick or release him out of respect so that he can Garrard can sign wherever he wants.

  50. Total money dump. Not rostered in week one – the salary isn’t guaranteed. I’d say they’re positioned themselves for Andrew Luck, but they’re not that smart. Carolina drafted Newton after drafting Clawson high… So its possible.

  51. Garrard is going to get picked up by some team. Seattle or San Francisco maybe. If I’m running either of those teams and looking at my starting QBs, I’m speed-dialing Garrard the minute this news hits.

    Garrard isn’t a star, but he’s a capable QB that could do well in the right setting.

  52. Too bad they don’t play the Skins. Beck vs McCown, showdown of the QBs who last started in 2007.

  53. Why now? Why give him 1st team reps and cut him less than a week before the season starts? I know $$$ is the ultimate answer, but management knew how much he was going to get well before this. This is outrageous and unprofessional…unless DG has pissed upper management off big time, but I think we would have heard something by now.

  54. Was my mentioning he had Chron’s and I was hoping he didn’t have a relapse a violation of policy? Regardless, Garrard has been an inspiration.

  55. You kind of get the feeling that Del Rio doesn’t know what the he’ll he’s doing. But then again it is Jacksonville so no one really cares.

  56. Blackouts in Jax should be expected now. What GM or HC authorizes this 4 days before the season kicks off?

    Maybe this is their chance to right a wrong in the draft, Tebow can finally come home. Why not? Tebow isnt at least as good as McCown? Terrible management + terrible drafting = terrible attendance. It’s obvious the Weaver family doesn’t care. If Gene Smith and Del Rio dont win this year, cut the ties, hire Urban Meyer and start the rebuilding process properly from the top down in London as the Shaguars.

    Garrard could push Cassell in KC, TJack in Seattle, Henne in Miami, Smith in SF, or the other former Jaguar QB with the Jets.

  57. Being a die hard Jags fan. Find some of these comments posted. Just to bash Jags fans. Luke can make plays. What you see in David is a stat backing only. Anyone who watches the Jags play will tell you David has a habit of sacking himself and locks on one receiver. Of course his stats are good. He throws slants and screens. 8-out of 10 times he cannot complete the deep ball. 07 was won account of our two headed monster running tandem.

  58. Indy should grab him and sent Collins back into retirement before the season starts and save 8 million.

  59. If there was 1 working brain cell in Cincy they’d steal the Jags #1 pick and get something for Palmer… but don’t think either franchise can see that far:(

  60. But you care enough to read the story and post on it Denice. Truth is, I dont care about you but I still wasted 30 seconds of my life addressing you, never to be regained. My guess is 30 seconds is all you are use to.

    Good riddance Garrard. Hope you didnt write any large checks recently.

  61. I get it’s a money-saving move, but they could have cut him weeks ago if that was the only goal…and that would have given him a much better shot at catching on with another team. Looks to me that they wanted to stick it to him for some reason. Don’t follow the Jags much, but I never heard of him doing anything to deserve this sort of treatment.

  62. Best Places for David Garrard

    1. Raiders
    2. 49ers
    3. Seahawks
    4. Bengals*
    5. Dolphins*
    6. Panthers*

    *Future QB starting

  63. That wasnt the only goal Mogogo. Garrard did not improve over the offseason (as preseason proved) and would have been nothing more than a stopgap until Gabbert.

    They could have released him earlier and then risk him signing with the Colts. Thats business. Colts are in a downward spiral now that forehead is old. No need to help reverse that.

    And as Weaver has shown, he will go cheap if given the option (ie..Del Rio still having a job versus paying early severance)

  64. 4:15 PM Jacksonville releases David Garrad

    Losers: Garrad, Jags fans, and any hope that Jack del Rio will be a top tier coach

    Winners: salary cap and manufacturers of stadium tarps (for the entire upper deck).

  65. Oh, an LA joke! That’s pure flamer talent on display. Good job “golonger”.

    I bet that’s what your mentally challenged mother use to say to you, only for you to crawl out of bed, embarrassed. “But mom, that’s as long as it be!”

    They say all comics suffer from depression. Good luck “golonger” and get the help you need. Youre a funny guy.

  66. blancodiablo – gee, sorry I offended one of Jax 10 fans… sorry.

    Now..get back to your Wal-Mart greeter post and WIPE YOUR MOUTH! LOL

  67. This move was going to happen early last season before McCown tore his ACL against the Chargers. McCown has outplayed Garrard every time he has been given an opportunity.
    Yeah, McCown really looked good in the playoffs against the Patriots (eyes roll)

    The legend of the fluke last throw to beat Tampa in Arizona season finale continues….or was that the other McCown?

  68. First off, people dont know much about LUKE McCown, so this isnt a bad move, but honestly, unless he surprises, i dont see him staying the starter past week 9, Gabbert will start, but the question is when. as for Garrard. shocked he’s gone so soon, i think he would be a good backup to Newton, but i see him with the 49ers

  69. The Leftwich move 4 years ago was different……Garrard was a young guy on the way up at that time, whereas McCown is a classic “just another guy”……..If he’s Kurt Warner, Del Rio is a genius; if he’s Derek Anderson, well……..

  70. woodd2 says:
    Sep 6, 2011 3:37 PM
    They had to know that they didn’t want to pay the $8 large at the beginning of camp and they knew what they had in Gerrard (feh) – why not do it earlier?


    they didnt do it earlier because they knew the colts were in trouble. peyton may miss some serious time and if they released him weeks ago no doubt garrard would be the starter for colts


    Hey! Can I come join you in your dream world? You actually think Del Rio is competent enough to construct this kind of plan? They cut him because he is a scrub and they know the Colts are going to win the division, regardless.


  71. If nobody is interested in Garrard as a starter, I would be ecstatic if the Steelers picked him up as a replacement for Leftwich (possibly cutting/trading Dennis Dixon in the process). I know it’s probably not going to happen, but he would easily be the best backup in the league. Regardless of what happens, I wish Garrard the best of luck. I’ve always admired him as a player, especially after what he did to us in Tomlin’s first playoff game as a head coach.

  72. So I just heard on ESPN that Jacksonville actually used Garrad in a publicity stunt to sell tickets and then cut him a couple hours after that event. Talk about unprofessional and tacky.

  73. There is no such thing as the “Suck For Luck” Sweepstakes. And seeing that Jacksonville traded up to the 10th pick in the ’11 draft to get Blaine Gabbert, I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t enter the discussion even if they did wind up with the #1 pick next year. That’d be a total waste of money.

  74. It was actually Del Rio’s loyalty to Garrard that caused this. They kept him WAY too long trying to give him a chance, any chance, to prove that he should remain with the team. Even after a horrible preseason Del Rio STILL tried to give Garrard a chance all the way up until Monday’s practice where he threw 3 INTs and overthrew half a dozen WRs by 15 yards.

    Garrard took responsibility and admirably admitted that he had no one to blame but himself. Funny how the rest of the free world seems to be ready to blame the man who held on until the very last second trying to keep him.

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