Your PFT Live NFC East Preview

Not everyone is taking the Eagles to win the NFC East.

Florio previewed the division for PFT Live and he’s not too excited about the dream team.

You’ll have to watch the video to see who he picked.  Here’s a clue: He picked the same team to reach the Super Bowl last year.

(Yep, that’s the price you pay for not posting the video on your own.)

For Tuesday’s entire show, including a great interview with Fred Taylor, head to the PFT Live homepage or download the show on iTunes.

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27 responses to “Your PFT Live NFC East Preview

  1. Didn’t waste my time watching the video, but I’m pretty sure the team that won the Super Bowl last year wasn’t in the NFC East as your article suggestively reads.

  2. Could be….maybe….could be wrong….there’s a chance…what if…Giants usually…could be…maybe…Ah hell, I’ll pick the same team I flopped with last year…….But there’s a chance any of these teams could surprise…..OK, all bases covered.

  3. WOW flo

    Cowboys don’t win the division

    I do think it may be pretty close with the Giants, Cowboys, and Eagles, but the Eagles take it in the end.

    What did the Cowboys do other than get back Romo to make them win the division? Almost sign Nnamdi? And the Giants? Lose Steve Smith?

  4. suckmyvick read it again. then read it again and again until you get it!

    “You’ll have to watch the video to see who he picked. Here’s a clue: He picked the same team to reach the Super Bowl last year.”

  5. There’s 7:44 of my life I’ll never get back.

    What was said really? If I had only heard the audio I could’ve sworn I was about to hear a fawning, breathless soliloquy about the Patriots and/or the coffee at the St. Louis airport Hilton.

    Analysis wise, it’s very good. But, some of us long for opinion and statement. Not outlandish a-la Deion or The Playmaker, just a well defended opinion.

    In other words? Keep away from PK.

  6. suckmyvick says:
    Sep 6, 2011 9:58 PM
    Didn’t waste my time watching the video, but I’m pretty sure the team that won the Super Bowl last year wasn’t in the NFC East as your article suggestively reads.

    Flo picked the cowboys to reach the SB last year thats what he was saying

    Good call on the by the way

  7. NFC East is a complete joke! Come to the NFC North with those crappy east teams and see what happens. The North and the South is where real football is played.


    sure thats why the nfc north and south have 7 super bowl wins combined and the nfc east has 11!

  8. Would’nt it be funny if Vince Young took the Eagles to the Super Bowl. That would piss a LOT of people off.

  9. Didn’t watch it because it’s apparent that, once again, the completely and utterly undeserved Dallas hype, which kicks in each and every year, has surfaced again.

    Anything to keep the 2nd biggest bandwagon on planet earth happy, right? It’s the same reason why 13 out of 16 of their games are nationally televised, despite the fact that they absolutely suck.

  10. The Redskins have improved massively over the last two years, thanks to having actual adults running the front office. They’re younger and they’ve rid themselves of a number of team cancers. Still they could finish anywhere this year from first to last.

    At times, Grossman can verge on brilliant, at others he is more idiot than savant. There is no depth on the 0-line. Any injuries will cost us dear. Moreover, where starting the year with three of our best players already injured and our best rookie on IR. They won’t necessarily be good this year, but they wont be anyone’s pushover.

    I think the Eagles are most likely to win, but Vick will have to surive a makeshift o-line. The Cowboys, for the first time in about 20-years, are probably underated. The Giants are plagued with injuries and are being written off, which is always a mistake. Their front office does a good job, they’ll be tough and well coached. Also, the last time the Giants started the season badly, were panned as a terrible team and Coughlin’s job was threatened they went on to win the Super Bowl. Probably best not to write anyone off just yet.

  11. Whichever NFC East team gets the best play from their backup QB down the stretch will take the division (excluding the Giants and the Redskins who are both starting backup caliber QB’s at the beginning of the season.)

  12. I am so sick of you Eagles fans hating on Eli. You all couldn’t be more right. Eli is obviously a backup caliber QB.

    You now have your quarter back for the future. Great investment…

    Vick…98 career games
    Manning…105 career games

    Adv. Manning

    Vick… 14,609 career yards thrown
    Manning… 22,646 career yards thrown

    Adv. Manning

    I know where you are going with that stat…rushing yards right…ok…lets add that in…
    Vick….4,630 career rushing yards adding to 19,239 total yards.
    Manning 350 career rushing yards adding to 22,996 total yards.

    Adv. Manning

    Vick…93 passing…32 rushing touchdowns. total of 125 total touchdowns.
    Manning 156 passing… 3 rushing touchdowns. total of 159 touchdowns.

    Adv. Manning

    Vick 58 interceptions.. and 23 fumbles = 81 Turn overs.
    Manning 115 interceptions.. 15 fumbles = 130 Turn overs.

    Adv. Vick

    BOTH have a career 80.2 passer rating.

    Adv. Push

    Eli has a superbowl rign.
    Vick has been to jail.

    Adv. I think Eli…but i’m not sure.

    I would have to say that Eli gets the nod!

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