Darius Butler drew four waiver claims


The Patriots surprisingly cut cornerback Darius Butler.  Not surprisingly, multiple teams wanted him.

Per a league source, the Panthers, Broncos, 49ers, and Jaguars each made waiver claims.

The Panthers, by virtue of their 2-14 record in 2011, were awarded Butler’s contract.  The Broncos would have been next.  Then the Niners. Then the Jaguars.

11 responses to “Darius Butler drew four waiver claims

  1. Crapboys could use this bum. Don’t matter, Skins are gonna have a field day on that slow secondary. Leave some for the rest Of the league Jets, oh it’s DEF comin …

  2. Question

    Does the waiver wire stay the same before week one. For instance, if three players are cut and the panthers claim all of them. Are they awarded all of them due to being first? Or is there a slotting system where you have first right to one and than get in line for the others? Cause it seems that before week one Carolina has had first right every time.

  3. It doesn’t matter whether the Cowboys put a claim in or not. He would’ve been gone anyways. And we’ll see about the greatness that is “Mark Sanchez.” Everyone automatically thinks it’s gonna be a blowout because the Dallas D sucks. Do you people realize Dallas will be playing Offense too? Just wondering, because it seems like 75% of the people on this sight have a Football IQ of about 75

  4. If you see a completed 12 yard pass on third and eleven, or a touchdown when ahead by six, look at the DB covering, and you will see, BUTLER.

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