Dominik says Blount won’t be a workhorse

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In his Wednesday visit to PFT Live, Buccaneers G.M. Mark Dominik addressed the role of second-year running back LeGarrette Blount in the team’s offense.

Though Cadillac Williams is gone and Earnest Graham remains listed as a fullback, Dominik said that a committee approach will be used in the running game.  Kregg Lumpkin currently is listed as the backup to Blount.

Dominik said that LeGarrette Blount will get the bulk of the reps, but Graham and Lumpkin will also get their share of carries.  Sporting News correspondent Roy Cummings recently reported that Graham is sliding back over to the tailback position, and that Graham, not Blount, will be the third-down back.

Last year, Blount got 201 carries, and Williams had 125.  (Williams added 46 receptions, while Blount had only five.)  Graham carried the ball 20 times for 99 yards and added 16 catches for 19 yards.

So while Blount has come so far that someone actually cast a ballot for him in the Associated Press Comeback Player of the Year vote, Blount’s ascent won’t include an Adrian Peterson/Chris Johnson quantity of opportunities to touch the ball.

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25 responses to “Dominik says Blount won’t be a workhorse

  1. As physical as Blount is, he’ll probably be much better off with maybe 15 carries a game than 20. That’s probably 8 hits less per game his body will have to take. Good for his career and the team.

  2. the Titans made a mistake by letting him go thinking they could sign him to the practice squad.

    He was a beast last year in preseason and during the regular season.

  3. In other words they plan to ruin his fantasy value. (Sorry Arian Foster, I can’t help that that’s all I care about.)

  4. ya right. Until Earnest Graham gets 10 carries for 6 yards. They jsut dont want teams to foucs on one guy. Blount can play. They should just let him.

  5. lame, he’s on my fantasy roster.
    i dont understand the caution with running backs, from a business standpoint perhaps burn them out til the next one comes along.
    or change your philosophy and pass most of the time like the previous superbowl champs in the past 5 years, disregarding pittsburgh

  6. Blount averaged 15.5 carries per game, and 17.4 in the final 11 gms (of 13). Does anyone expect him to have 350 carries? No, but he will absolutely dominate the carries stat for the Bucs. 250-300 is probably where he will fall if healthy.

  7. Not many people can tackle blount alone. He is a huge back with nifty feet, sort of like jerome bettis. NO IM NOT SAYING HE IS JEROME. just saying i see some similarities

  8. Lame, he is my running fantasy back along with matt forte. He’s big, and players like Steven Jackson rashard mendenhall Michael turner have been fin e being the workhorse

  9. Coaches and GMs can say what they want before the games start. But if he is performing and Graham and Lumpkin are not, they have no choice but to make him the workhorse. That being said, I think he will get 300+ touches this year. That’s only 19 per game.

  10. Firstly, I heard the interview and it sounded like Dominik was saying it will be running back by comittee on third down and Blount will be the guy on 1st and 2nd down. Considering he didnt get 3rd down opportunities last year and we know he will get some this year, that incres es his value fantasy guys.

    Secondly, Graham and Lumpkin arent very good…Blount will be the workhorse.

  11. Don’t worry LeGarrette, you can still win Comeback Player of the Year a year after you actually come back. Ask Vick…

  12. Whomever says Earnest Graham isn’t very good, doesn’t know Earnest Graham. He is hard running RB with surprising speed. He busted off a 61 yard run last season despite only having 20 carries last year. Two seasons before he had 3 45+ yard runs. He is a big back that can go the distance as well as having fantastic hands and being a great blocker (he’s played FB off and on during his career).

    As for Blount, He’ll get his 15-20 carries a game, get close to 300 carries on the year (if he stays healthy and effective) and he’ll be a bigger force out of the backfield. The young Bucs are an ascending team.

  13. ‘So while Blount has come so far that someone actually cast a ballot for him in the Associated Press Comeback Player of the Year vote’

    Are you kidding? He was a rookie last season? I know he got suspended in college when he snuck that Boise State kid but really?

  14. I get how G.M. Mark Dominik is trying to talk up the other backs on the team, but it’s really difficult to predict how any running unit is going to go…let’s say Blount gets the job done while Lumpkin and Graham struggle…Blount becomes a workhorse intentional or no. Could also go the other way around though that scenario is much less likely. LaGarrette Blount is an exciting football player to watch, the buccs looked good last year and seem to be continuing on that trend. The NFC south is going to be fun to watch and see this year. A lot of good competition coming.

  15. Teams that tab a 3rd down back because they’re better receivers are doing themselves a disservice. The main back cannot get every carry (Blount WILL GET HIS), they need to catch their wind every now & then but don’t automatically take that dimension of the unknown play (run it pass) out of it for their stud. And yes, I have Blount in two leagues. LOL

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