Garrard’s agent says three teams have expressed interest

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The departure of quarterback David Garrard from the Jaguars roster came swiftly.  His arrival on a new team may take a little time.

Last night, agent Al Irby told Tania Ganguli of the Florida Times-Union that three teams have expressed interest in Garrard.  But Irby says Garrard is in no hurry.

“The system’s going to do what it’s going to do,” Irby said.  “He has gotten some calls, they know there’s some interest.  David can still play it’s obvious.  He knows he’s gonna have options and he’s gonna just sit back and let the offers come in and make a decision.”

In other words, the offers that have come in so far aren’t the kind of offers that would make Garrard jump.  And real money may not be put on the table until after Week One, at which time Garrard wouldn’t be entitled to the balance of his 2011 base salary if his next team comes to the same conclusion as his last team.

As to Garrard’s last team, which dumped him for Luke McCown en route to Blaine Gabbert, Garrard’s agent is willing to take the Jaguars at their word.

“Been assured that the job was his this year,” Irby told Ganguili.  “That’s why we’re all shocked, and so was he.  This had to be a last minute decision, that’s the only thing I can say.  I don’t think these guys would purposely tell me one thing and [do another].”

Sure, Al.  No NFL team ever does that.

I’ll have my own theories about what may have happened with Garrard during today’s PFT Live.  (Translation:  They just delivered breakfast to my hotel room in Stamford.)

42 responses to “Garrard’s agent says three teams have expressed interest

  1. The job was his to lose..he lost it..he looked awful in the preseason…time has shown what David is on the average guy at best..good luck to you where ever you land though!

  2. When you are guaranteed a job, production is sure to go down. That is why I can’t stand Unions.

  3. That is messed up though, you gotta wonder if he will be a starter or back up. I’m thinking he will be a very good back up somewhere… or maybe colts?

  4. Are they the same three teams that expressed interest in Tiki Barber.

    And are any of those three teams in the NFL?

  5. Miami or Seattle gives him the best chance to win. I like Garrard. Any interview I’ve seen or anything I’ve read about him he really seems to come off as a class act. I can’t really see him going to the Bengals since he’d be in competition with another “QB of the Future”. Maybe Buffalo. Either way he deserves another chance to prove he can still play.

  6. Garrard’s smart move would be not to go to any team yet. Wait until there is an injury to a starting QB and then he will be in demand and get a starting job instead of a backup role.

  7. Garrard will be a nice pick for some team. He just ran the course in Jax.. Besides a #10 1st rounder won’t sit the bench for long. Good Luck Dave.

  8. Simple as to why they got rid of him. With Garrard, expectations are higher. With the rookie and McCown, pressure’s off, they’re “building for the future”…..Truth is, they’re winning 6 games either way, but in one scenario Del Rio gets fired, in the other he’s “building”, buys himself time, and saves the owner 8 big ones. Del Rio is brilliant and savvy.

    by the way, Snyder don’t sign Del Rio’s leftovers!!!!

  9. This had to be a last minute decision, that’s the only thing I can say. I don’t think these guys would purposely tell me one thing and [do another].”
    Samething Byron Leftwich said….

  10. I wouldnt be suprised if Arizona was one of the teams that called. Kolb needs a solid back up just in case he struggles or gets injured. And if Garrard had to play a full season there in that division he could take them into the playoffs

  11. I could understand this move if Gabbert was going to start immediately. I understand that he is the QB of the future and needs a few games up to 1 season to get the hang of things. They could of traded him up to week 6, or at the end of the yr. Just to give Gabbert a mentor who has is used to handling the pressure of being the starting QB. Del Rio is going to feel like an idiot, if Garrard goes to a team that is more complete and repeats what he did in 2007.

  12. Cut Clausen or Derrick Anderson, bring in Garrard as a back-up and mentor to Cam. When Cam inevitably gets hurt at some point (not sliding when he should most likely) we will have a competent backup. Clausen and Anderson together dont have the talent to hold Garrards jockstrap.

  13. I hope he goes to Seattle. Tavaris sucks and Dave’s used to a bad OL.

    I can’t believe Jack snookered “Mr. Weaver” (first time I’ve heard him kiss his a$$ like that) again on this whole m.o. He must not be that bright.

  14. NFL and management wonder why fans do not show up for this circus! Del Rio is a joke. They will be in the cellar again and move….NFL will call it fan indifference but reality is these people are worse than incompetent.

    McCown has proven he cannot play. Gabbert is fine until he gets hit! Go back and watch his college games and see what happens after he gets hit a couple of times! Or, maybe look back at some high school games and see the same thing. He starts throwing the ball away or taking off running!

  15. citynative got a lot of thumbs down for his suggestion of packers, pats, saints, but whether he was serious or not, those teams should be calling. those are 3 teams expect to at least be in conf champ game and if their qb goes down have no shot. but plug garrard on any of those teams and they are deep enough all around to not have a wasted season.
    is garrard willing to be a backup though?

  16. Just clarify… the Packers, Pats, and Saints suggestion was made in total sarcasm. I thought that was obvious.

  17. Gararrd > the starting quarterbacks for Seattle, Cincinnati, San Francisco, Carolina, Washington, and of course JACKSONVILLE

    Last year he was 13th in QB rating and 7th completion percentage. He’s roughly better than 20 of the 32 qbs in the league. He may not be elite but he won’t stink up the the place

  18. takingbacksundays5 says:

    Why not the Ravens? Granted, he’d be in a backup role. But he’d potentially be a good fit on team that desperately needs a veteran backup.
    I figured it would be the Ravens because Baltimore has said that Michael McAdoo is going to be moved to the practice squad, which would open up a spot on the active roster. If I remember correctly, after the first week of the season, money given to veterans signed at that time is no longer guaranteed. If I am wrong, never mind, but if I am right, the Ravens could sign Garrard, have him backup Flacco, and not have to guarantee any of the money given him should they decide that Tyrod Taylor is ultimately a better option.

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