Get “Back to Football” with free RedZone, Sunday Ticket

For those of you who have yet to purchase NFL RedZone channel via your cable subscriber or Sunday Ticket on your DirecTV hookup, the NFL has a treat for you.

RedZone and Sunday Ticket will be free this weekend.

The league is also offering free shipping on all orders made Sunday, September 11 at

Despite the obvious effort to get more people to choose to buy RedZone and/or Sunday Ticket, it’s a nice gesture.

Of course, it would be even nicer if the folks who have purchased Sunday Ticket would get a 1/17th refund.  Maybe they’ll do that after the next lockout.

31 responses to “Get “Back to Football” with free RedZone, Sunday Ticket

  1. Will it be free on the PS3 setup too?

    Oh wait, it doesn’t matter….because I’m going to be deep sea fishing and punching my brother-in-law in the face for 10 hours for scheduling the excursion on the first Sunday of the NFL season.

  2. The first weekend is free every year on directTV, so it should not come as a great surprise to anyone who paid for it.

  3. directv has a monopoly on sunday ticket and it needs to stop. directv can set their price and you either pay it or do without. this package should be available to every sattelite and cable company. competition should set the price not directv, and the nfl needs to make that happen, but dont hold your breath.

  4. i would love red zone but my family is tapped for extra cash. enjoy fans that can afford it. i wish i could.

  5. shaunymac424 says:
    Sep 7, 2011 9:48 PM
    I thought that Sunday Ticket was supposed to be free this season?

    I’m Lost.
    Only for new subscribers.

  6. Does it matter? If you know whats good games can be streamed on the internet every weekend for free. Just ask the bars in tampa bay.

  7. cletusvandam says: Sep 7, 2011 10:57 PM
    I’m stuck with Brighthouse cable. I don’t even get the NFL network.


    But if you know how to work the system, you can get a pretty good deal from them ($125 for Phone, Internet, 2 DVRs (1 HD) + Showtime and TMC)…..

    Plus you don’t have to attach an ugly piece of crap to the side of your house.

    Although I will say, we had DirecTV during the hurricane season of 2004, and took 3 good hits….and we had satellite service until we lost power. But other than that, DirecTV sucks ass (especially since they basically defrauded us when they sold us our package and what was included, despite my VERY clear questions….but that might have been Best Buy moreso than DirecTV)

  8. If you call DTV and complain that they’re giving discounts to new customers instead of those that have been loyal, they’ll offer it to you for half price. If you push more, they may even give it to you for $50. That’s what we did!

  9. I called DirectTV to cancel Sunday Ticket because I simply couldn’t afford it this year. They gave me the ticket for $160, less than half of what the rate they had it advertised for.

    It looks like maybe the NFL and/or DirectTV is worried about losing subscribers and are doing what they can to salvage the numbers.

    DirectTV’s monopoly on the Sunday Ticket is good marketing for them. As a die hard NFL fan, I was forced to subscribe to their service if I want the Ticket. I do wish other services such as cable or other satellite services offered it. If it was on cable, I’d get the cheapest cable I could then just add the ticket to it each year.

    It should be more like HBO. No matter what type of tv service you subscribe to, you can always get HBO as an add on.

  10. If u are already a direct tv subscriber hear me out. I called and complained that new customers get ticket and a already loyal customer doesn’t. I just said im switching to dish network and they gave me redzone and ticket free and knocked 15 bucks a month off my bill and said sorry I wasn’t happy. Try it … was very easy

  11. Yep…free for new subscribers while customers who have had DirecTV for years don’t get squat.

    Doesn’t matter to me anyway…it’s a total rip-off. Way too much money to shell out just to watch the ONE game a week I want to watch…why in the hell would I want every frickin’ NFL game?

    I only care about one team, why can’t I get that package? Yeah, yeah…I know that will never happen – but it sure would be nice.

  12. Be careful if you do order RedZone for the season, you need to call and cancel when the season is over or they keep charging you. Also, they do charge you to cancel it when the season is over. At least Dish Network did when I ordered it…and yeah, i thought i saw a commercial saying it was going to be free this year on directv, even if you already had it and not a new subscriber to directv

  13. packfan66 says:
    Sep 7, 2011 10:41 PM
    directv has a monopoly on sunday ticket and it needs to stop.


    Every year some fan wins the prize for knuckleheadedness. This year the prize goes to packfan66.

    Here’s the deal Packers fan. DirecTV — PAID — the NFL for exclusivity on Sunday Ticket. It’s not a monopoly. They paid 2 BILLION Dollars. That’s right — Billion — with a B, for the product.

    It’s called Capitalism. Perhaps you’ve heard of it. You buy something from somebody, and then sell it to somebody else. Hopefully making a profit in the process.

    If comcast, or TimeWarner, or Dish wants to bid for it, the contract will expire after the 2014 season. And if any of those companies outbid DirecTV for the next one, they will get it. And then THEY will have it exclusively. And they will sell it to the fans — for a profit.

  14. Don’t get me started on Sunday Ticket! This is the first year since it was introduced I haven’t had it (cost). Directv can give it away free to new subscribers but folks that has had Directv for years (17) has to pay a couple hundred dollars….I’ve never once got it a year for free.

  15. So, in order to get a free week of Sunday Ticket I need to purchase a satellite dish, cut down about a half dozen trees, and subscribe to DirectTV. Think I’ll just watch any game I want on the internet.

  16. Nothing new there, DirecTV makes Sunday Ticket free every year to all its subscribers.

    I cancelled Sunday ticket this year for the first time since 2001, its not worth it. Not for 6 monthly payments when the regular season is only 4 months long.

  17. Like others have said, call them and complain about everyone else getting it for free, and they will either discount it or give it to you for free.

    You have to threaten to cancel which gets you to a different department that can make the deal. The customer service rep just says “I’m sorry” about 100 times!

    They did purchase the rights to the NFL so they can charge whatever they want. Then again, you don’t have to pay it.

  18. Call and tell them you will cancel, they’ll give it for free. I just did. Dont sign a new contract, ask for it as a discount.

  19. You know what, I agree with every that complains about the cost. I think it is way too high. However, when the time comes every year I bite the bullet and pay it. Here’s why. When I was a kid in Philly, they would play the Eagles game and it seemed every week would play the Jets game at 4 o’clock. I recall clearly saying to my Dad, “I wish we could watch any game we wanted to.” Now that this wish has been granted, I’m gonna pay the price to keep it. (Besides, now that I live in the Southwest, I need it to ensure I see every Eagles game)

  20. And for new Directv subscribers, like myself, Sunday Ticket is free this year.

    For existing subscribers, like me, it wasn’t free.

    I canceled it.

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