Indy radio host says Manning will miss entire season


On Sunday, John Michael Vincent of ESPN 1070 in Indianapolis reported that Colts quarterback Peyton Manning needs another surgical procedure on his neck.  Though the team kind-of/sort-of indirectly denied it, JMV was at least in the right church (even if occupying the wrong pew), given the flurry of reports and developments that followed JMV’s information.

Now, another Indianapolis radio host is upping the ante.

Jake Query of WNDE, citing two unnamed sources whom he trusts, reports that Manning already has had another procedure on his neck, and that he’ll miss the entire 2011 season.

Manning’s status remains cloaked in mystery, in part because the team is likely sharing the bare minimum — and in part because the condition from which he suffers involves complex neurological issues that can’t be addressed by taking two aspirin or “wanting it.”  But with afternoon drive-time host in Manning’s home market reporting that Manning’s condition is far more serious than currently believed, it’s not too early to at least consider whether we’ll see Manning play at all in 2011.

Or 2012.  Or ever.

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  1. if it’s that bad, then just retire.

    No point in being a cripple or messing up your life over a game, especially when you’re loaded on money…. (just tell eli to put food on the table).

  2. Those thumps you hear, yea those are Colts fans falling to the ground in shock and pain…

  3. He should retire. Neck injuries are nothing to take lightly… and I can’t stand seeing him in 25 commercials every day.

  4. I dont buy it. If they knew he was out for the whole…why wouldn’t they have just that announced that already instead of leaving the uncertainty around the team. Atleast if they knew he was out for good they could take away all the questions and just let the team play. They obviously think theres a chance hes coming back.

  5. I think Congress needs to look into the Double Stuf Racing League. That’s two racers who have succumbed to mysterious aliments now.

  6. Funny I read this, yesterday I was talking about Colts shutting down Manning, being the worst team in the league and drafting Luck. Manning comes back healthier than ever, finishes his contract out and hands the ball to Luck!

  7. He is just another over-paid athlete who has his entire future already funded, so the world will not end.

  8. Peyton…you have been a beast your entire career and led a mediocre team to the playoffs year after year. Retire now so that you cause no permanent injury. You have the money and life outside of football, or any job for that matter, is more important.

  9. I had the same procedure although mine may have been a little worse and I’m older. It’s been a year and I couldn’t imagine taking a hit from a blitzing LB. My son punched me in the shoulder, just joking around and it hurt for days.
    I hope he can play again period.

  10. Dolphins fan here…Dan was the best ever, but by the time he’s done it will prolly be Peyton. Wont be the same without ya #18.

  11. As a Texan’s fan, I can say without a doubt I’ll miss #18. He has single-handedly dominated a conference for 10 years, and I’ll probably never see another QB like it in my life time. If this is it for him, it was a pleasure to get beat by you for so long.

  12. Neck injuries involving the spinal cord are not something to fool around with. Maybe someone told him he could end up paralyzed if he isn’t careful, and he said to himself it will be hard to spend all those millions in a wheelchair….or worse!

  13. Agree with others who have commented the same.

    If this is true, this is sad news for the NFL. I hate Peyton Manning because … he is so good.

  14. Blame the team for bad planning. Peyton is not young and they should have drafted a QB long ago to groom (not named Painter) in case something like this happened.

  15. As a diehard Colts fan, this is scary. I hope he gets better and back 100% next year, and maybe have another 3 years after that.

    That being said, we can finally see what we really have with this team and this coaching staff. I have a feeling that Manning has been covering up for a lot of flaws on this team.

    This season will either make or break the “Manning can’t win in the playoffs” argument. Anyone who defends his playoff record always sites the argument that it’s not really Manning’s fault because “The Colts are a 5-11 team without him”.

    If it turns out that he’s been taking a Colts team that is otherwise 5-11 without him to 12-4 and a perenial Superbowl contender, then it would only add to his legacy.

    If they go on to be a 10-6 team without him, then in my opinion, all is fair on bashing his post-season career.

  16. Personally, as Bills fan in dire need of a franchise savior, I’d be on the ground in stitches laughing so hard if the Colts end up with the #1 pick and take Luck to be Peyton’s successor.

  17. I pray this isn’t true, because if it is, the Colts will be getting Andrew Luck next April. And dominating for 20 more years.

  18. Colts fans will all be in church tomorrow. They KNOW Jesus is on their side – it must be a mistake.

  19. “I dont buy it. If they knew he was out for the whole…why wouldn’t they have just that announced that already instead of leaving the uncertainty around the team. ”

    No. The threat of Peyton Playing is the only thing this team has going for it.

  20. If….and that’s a big IF….we have seen Peyton Manning’s last football game, I think there are very few people who would not agree that he is top 5 greatest of all time. Wouldn’t be shocked if he found a spot on the sidelines as a coach.

  21. Here’s why we should believe Manning is not healing and will not play in 2011 and perhaps longer – the Colts throughout this entire episode have carried themselves like they know there’s something fundamentally wrong with him in terms of health – the Colts’ perfunctory and unconvincing denial of this story is yet another example of how they’re carrying themselves like Manning will not play.

  22. And THATS why its important to develop young QB’s. You never know whats going to happen. Pats had Cassell and still won 11 games w/o Brady! Matt Flynn looks like a guy who can hold his own too. Andy Reid has always had a stable of arms to fall back on. You ignore the position for long enough and it’ll bite you in the ass at some point!

  23. The Manning family has the NFL figured out.

    Eli was brilliant to punk San Diego and force a trade to the New York. Philip Rivers is a stud QB, and Eli is mediocre but Giants outspend San Diego on players and have media support. So Eli has had success there in spite of mediocre skills, whereas he likely would have flopped in San Diego.

    Now Peyton cashes out on Indy getting millions garanteed before announcing he’ll not play another down. He’ll probably still be collecting tens of millions from Indy while he’s collecting big money from one of the networks as a broadcaster.

    Ruthless, but smart. Archie didn’t raise no dummies.

  24. Another Pats fan here, and hate to see him injured. It would have been more fun to beat down the Colts WITH him than WITHOUT him.

    Obviously after Montana and Brady, he’s somwhere in the next group with Marino, Elway, Unitas, Baugh, Starr, Staubach, Young, Tarkington, and maybe a few others.

    Hall-of-Famer even if it’s over right now, but I hope he gets well.

  25. Geez,do you people believe everything you read?!..let’s give it a little more time before we call it a career already!

  26. I suspected something was up in July when he added his name to the list of plaintiffs that wanted the Franchise Tag removed.

    I didn’t know if he’d play or not, but he certainly had some fear that his career was in Jeopardy and wanted that long-term contract instead of a quick one year deal. How many extra million did he make by getting his contract then possibly going on IR?

  27. I want to see Peyton get well and be able to return to the game. I would never wish him to risk his health and end up permanently disabled and/or in a wheelchair because he took too many chances. I have some first hand knowledge of the potential issues here, and with him facing a third cervical spine procedure, he may not (and probably should not) continue to engage in a violent contact sport. Even if he never plays another down, I will consider him the best quarterback to ever strap on pads and a helmet. Take care of yourself, man!

  28. How in blazes is everyone so sure that Andrew Luck will be historically elite in the NFL? Can we stop kneejerking this? Second, Kerry Collins can be pretty good. He’s no Peyton Manning but he’s proven he can play and play well.

  29. Feel bad for Manning and all Colt fans.

    Yet another reason why participating in a fantasy league that drafts earlier than the week before the season starts is a waste of time.

  30. Uh oh. I thought it was a bit over the top to pay Kerry Collins $6 million to possibly play in one or two games. All 16 makes a lot more sense. I think the colts are finally on the downswing.

  31. He will be missed if he cannot come back. Second best QB of his generation (if you dont count playoffs). Got to wonder though about accepting that guaranteed money while knowing there were problems with the neck.

  32. I wouldn’t be surprised if he missed most of the season or all of it. It’s a neck injury that isn’t healing properly after surgery. That’s not something you can rush, play though, or take lightly.

    I hope he makes a full recovery.

  33. I called this about 2 months ago – to the astute eye you could definitely tell Manning’s neck was in an unnatural position …. it was kinda jarring forward like he was unable to relax it (stiff)

    This kind of injury is hard to come back from in a violent sport – i love Manning, he’s the best damned QB i ever saw.

  34. Wow. Jaguar fan and while this is good news for my team’s success (along with DG being cut as hard as it is to believe to outsiders who know nothing about Jacksonville) this sucks. Hate to see this guy go out like that. That’s tough. His brother had to quit football because narrowing of the spine. I also have dealt with damaged/pinched nerves so I know how weird and unpredictable this kind of thing can be. I still haven’t grown back feeling from mine and it’s been 5 years. It totally had me questioning life for a good 3 years there. Nerve damage is no joke. Sucks to hear for Peyton. Class guy, hall of famer, I always used to make fun of him when he was kicking our ass but this is just sad. Hope he recovers and can come back. Never like to see that.

  35. John Michael Vincent? You mean the guy from Airwolf?

    Yeah, is it Jan’s twin brother or what?

    Seriously, here’s a Pats fan wishing the best for Peyton.

    The guy is good for the League.

  36. mike83ri says:Sep 7, 2011 6:53 PM

    danphxariz says:
    Sep 7, 2011 6:39 PM
    Hello, David Garrard.


    “Hello, Andrew Luck.”

    Colt fans thinking the team will be bad enough to get the #1 pick in the 2012 draft and choose Andrew Luck are forgetting 2 words.
    You now stand corrected.

  37. He’s going to miss the whole season? You’d think with all the money he’s made he could afford DirecTV and NFL Sunday Ticket and not miss a thing.

  38. I will laugh sooo hard if David ends up a Colt! The one chance Del Rio could have gone past the colts and David is on the other end would be funny!!!

  39. denverdude7 says:Sep 7, 2011 7:44 PM
    Colt fans thinking the team will be bad enough to get the #1 pick in the 2012 draft and choose Andrew Luck are forgetting 2 words.
    You now stand corrected.
    Also in the hunt: Denver & Carolina.

  40. Are you serious about not posting my previous comment? (rolled eyes). Ok here it is in the G rated version: I don’t understand why the team and Manning don’t just come out and as Howard Cosell would say, “tell it like it is.” What’s the big risk? What is his mysterious neck condition? When and how many times has he had surgery and what is his prognosis for recovery? Who knows, maybe it would even help someone else with a similar condition. It certainly would prevent all these silly ‘scoops’ from local radio hosts AND help put an end to the soap opera nature of this ongoing story. It is what it is! Don’t ya think?

  41. The value of Carson Palmer just went thru the roof in Indy. Mike Brown should swallow his pride and trade Palmer to the Colts for EVERYTHING and a 3rd draft pick!

  42. This whole Manning situation is starting to piss me off. If he had this mysterious “new surgery” and people like Jake Query are randomly finding out about it (I call BS, especially considering the statement that Peyton released today), just release the damn news and quit making Colts’ fans, like myself, think he has a chance.

    If he’s done for the season, say it! Or deny it and shut down these guys so they will quit trying to be the first to break the supposed news. Irsay and crew know the deal.

    Spit it out, already.

  43. pity it is peyton manning. he deserved to go out on his own terms. if he truly needs a third cervical procedure, then he would be foolhardy to continue playing.

    not sorry at all that it is happening to Jimmy Irsay. Peyton has been his meal card for a decade and now he is going to find out just how good a fanbase he really has. given the problems they had drawing before peyton, i suspect that by seasons end they will be lucky to put 50K fannies in the seats. i know i am going to get flamed for this, but mark my words, the stadium will be awfully quiet by the 10th game of the season if the Colts are below 500 and out of the race.

  44. Four words: Cooper Manning, Spinal Stenosis.

    There were THREE Manning brothers that played football. Cooper was a fantastic receiver who was diagnosed with a degenerative nerve condition in his NECK called Spinal Stenosis. It is not too hard to imaging that Peyton might have the same condition. Although not directly genetic, Spinal Stenosis can be caused by several genetic conditions and/or birth defects and get aggravated by injuries.
    The end result of the condition is that no one has ever heard of Cooper Manning. The condition forced him to stop playing football after getting into college.

  45. Let’s use some common sense here. If Peyton already had the surgery and were going to missing the entire season, then why the hell would the Colts just be using up a roster spot for him? They would have to immediately put him on IR and pick up someone else. Then we’ll know he had the other surgery, but this is all just nonsense that I can’t believe people are taking seriously.

  46. jpb12 says:
    Sep 7, 2011 6:45 PM

    Just took the lead in the Oliver Luck sweeps

    Why would the Colts draft Andrews dad? He’s like 60 man!

  47. peyton is just as good a passer as brady and brees and elway and montana… but i think he deserves special consideration for bringing something to the game that none of those other imortals do or did. usually when you watch a football game the 5 to 10 seconds when a play is actually happening is the real substance of the game. the rest is just window dressing. but with peyton manning the 10 to 20 seconds when he is at the line of scrimmage breaking down the defense is almost as entertaining as the play itself. peyton essentially turns a 30 minute game with 2.5 hours of yah yah into a 1.5 hour game with 1 hour less yah yah. that’s why in my book, peyton is the most entertaining player of all time.

  48. I’m a huge Pats fan and as such I’m naturally inclined to hate Manning for all the typical reasons, but I hope this isn’t true and I hope that he can play again soon. By any measure it would be an epic career cut too short.

  49. If he’s really out for the season or more, then signing Collins may have been the worst thing the Colts could have done. With him they will probably win some games. If Peyton’s future is in serious doubt, they need to do everything they can to get in the Andrew Luck sweepstakes.

  50. Colts post Manning=Cowboys post Aikman/ Dolphins post Marino. Hope you guys enjoyed the ride, prepare for the abyss.

  51. I am a huge Pats fan and this is awful.

    He should call it a career – just call it and that’s it.

    Easier said than done I know, but he is 36 years old and it ain’t gonna get any easier. When Brady was hurt he was 31.

  52. IF Peyton’s career is over then L.A. might be giving Irsay a call, because without Peyton the Colts literally have NO fans

  53. Even if he is shut down for the year, doesn’t mean he won’t come back and have his best year. It’s doom a gloom for this year, but I don’t think we’re saying goodbye to the guy for good quite yet. He’s 35 not 40.

  54. As a Colts poster said in the comment section of the David Garrard being cut article: “Thanks for saving the Colts season.” Except you can replace Colts with Jaguars. Here comes Andrew Luck around the bend.

  55. @ppdoc13 Indianapolis has turned into a pretty decent football market. I wouldn’t be knocking them. They built a beautiful Stadium that is hosting the Super Bowl, they sell a lot of premium seats, and they have pretty good tv ratings, not just for Colts games but all NFL games. Maybe only 50K will show granted but all seats will be sold.

  56. As a football fan with no rooting interest when it comes to the Colts, this would be a sad way to go out for Manning. He’s an all time great. But right now it’s just speculation so hopefully all is well

  57. Hmmm…funny that the new rookie wage scale will coincide with Peyton maybe missing the season. There will be a serious dog fight to finish last in the league. And I suspect it will be transparent as hell.

    I suspect the NFL will very soon realize that a lottery system should have been implemented simultaneously with making Luck available for peanuts.

    Sadly without Peyton the Colts might not need to pretend to suck really hard.

  58. If they need to graft some bone tissue into his neck, they can always get it from his forehead. JOKING… JUST JOKING!

    Seriously though…I hope this does not end his career and we see him back and healthy sooner than later. He’s a great QB and a joy to watch. It would not surprise me at all if this knocked him out the entire season…or even ends his career all together. I just hope that’s not the case. He is without a doubt one of the best ever.

  59. @leftysmoke, et al:
    I’m of the opinion that the Colts and PM REALLY just don’t know yet what his future hold’s and thats exactly what they’ve been saying.
    ALL the rest of it is just NOISE.
    And Collins is no goat.

  60. It sounds like this could be the end for him. He has nothing left to prove and its not like this is a knee or arm. Walk away while you still can.

  61. croghan1919 says:
    Sep 7, 2011 8:51 PM

    I’m of the opinion that the Colts and PM REALLY just don’t know yet what his future hold’s and thats exactly what they’ve been saying.
    ALL the rest of it is just NOISE.
    I agree


    And Collins is no goat.
    True….he’s an OLD goat…..but I think he can still play. If PM is indeed out for the duration, I think that is the one old goat I’d have some confidence in. When he came in for Vince Young he was BETTER than him and I knew he would be.

  62. Hold on. Way to blow the situation up. We have unconfirmed reports from one radio host. And within about three sentences, we’ve got the supposition that he won’t play next year…”or ever.” Huh?

    And then we have dozens of panicked comments, followed by eulogies for the man’s career, and then his life. Alrighty then.

  63. He is an awesome qb needless to say. The game will not be the same this year without him if this is true. Being a Pats fan, I used to look forward to this matchup against the Colts every year. Hope he gets well soon !!

  64. this is not a career ender. not even close. hes waiting for a nerve to regenerate, its jsut a slow process you cant have another surgery to fix. now his age may be an issue as he could miss the season although unlikely. this is the same problem ed reed had and is the reason hes opted to wait until retirement for the surgery.

  65. Idiot #9, idiot #9, the Colts want you. Bengals will take a conditional draft pick (as in a #2) and Dwight Feeney. (They raised their ante).

  66. this game will be a little worse off the day Manning or Brady are no longer playing. 2 all time greats who had a bit of a rivalry in the past. like or hate the colts, the thought of him not playing anymore is kinda depressing

  67. Colts need to start from scratch…stop paying PM all that money….and spend on their defense. If they had been doing that the past 10 years, they might have more SBs to show for it……the only SB they won was because of their defense NOT Peyton Manning….

  68. OMG, who can the colts possibly get to throw 11 picks in 3 weeks? This is probably the best thing for the colts. Mannings game came to a head and then went. He played way better in the season than the postseason and it never really got better. I think they need a new change. Could be a blessing.

  69. “Well Mr Polian. Lets see if you can go 11-5 without your star quarterback.”

    Well considering they went 10-6 with him last year, I would have to say that will be pretty hard. Manning or no Manning, this team was not going anywhere fast.

  70. From a Patriots fan, I hope this is just rumor talk and that he is back in no time and not that serious. It would be brutal for this to happen to him and his family if anything bad happened, no matter how much money he has.

  71. Funny how everyone is predicting disaster for the Colts if Manning misses the season …. when Brady went down the first game of ’08, New England went 11-5 with a guy who hadn’t started a game since high school.

    Kerry Collins at least has a bit more experience than THAT.

    What’s Caldwell’s excuse gonna be?

  72. delaney37 says:
    It sounds like this could be the end for him. He has nothing left to prove
    The supposedly “Greatest Quarterback Ever” has the same number of rings as Trent Dilfer – which is less than Tom Brady or Ben Roethlisberger, and you say he has “nothing to prove”?


  73. billsfan1 – please, spare me the melodrama…… tired of seeing the Manning led flag football offense he runs……..boring…..boring…….boring…

  74. sadie753 – yeah…the Colts have been mediocre..LOL.that is why they needed the defensive MVP of the league to help them win the Super Bowl………

  75. Well……….SB wins isn’t the defacto barometer……….BUT……….having a below 500 record in the playoffs IS………AND the fact that his defense was the major reason for the SB winning year…….

    These Manning apologist cannot have it both ways….when he takes them to a reg season record of 12-4, it is ALL MANNING……but when he losses more playoff games than he wins….it is a TEAM SPORT……..which is it????

  76. Retire NOW. There is nothing left to prove.

    It’s not worth it, you don’t mess around with neck injuries.

  77. Thank god I’m so sick of the manning family in the NFL good riddance bye! He’s not a god people he’s really good not very entertaining to watch not unlike every slow boring white qb from the 50s he’d have been good back then to. To slow an has the agility of a dead turtle

  78. He just signed a new contract, and he is not IR’ed. So it is likely not the end of Peyton Manning. I am not a Colts fan, but I hope he is able to overcome the injury and subsequent recovery period. He has been great for the sport on and off the field. If for some reason he is done playing, do not lament. He will be in the booth so fast it will make your head spin. In fact I have a great idea, fire that useless sack of baseball lovin’ feces Joe Buck. Then make him and Aikman the #1 crew at fox.

  79. And the colts join the suck for luck sweepstakes. I think you would have to deliberately throw games tho to win the sweepstakes over Cincinnati. If they go from peyton to luck tho im going to be pissed

  80. I am a huge Pats fan but this news sucks. Manning was one of the all-time greats, especially against my guys, so it was always good when we won and it always sucked extra extra when we lost. If he misses the whole season at the age of 36 he could well be all done.

    That having been said, it is now beyond obvious that Bill Belichik, whatever you think of him, (and he cares even less than I do), is far superior as a GM to anyone the colts have. When Brady went down in 2008 in went Matt Cassell, a 7th round choice from USC who hadn’t started a game for 7 years, yet the Pats had found him, drafted him, and for three years he stood on the sideline learning. Brady goes down he goes in and the Pats were 11-5 that year. They were the first 11-5 team to miss the playoffs in many years. Then BB trades (gives away) Cassell and finds Hoyer, an undrafted free-agent QB out of Michigan State. Now Hoyer is ready after a two year apprenticeship. Then the Pats draft Ryan Mallett (formerly of Michigan) out of Arkansas and he looks like a good one a few years down the line.

    The colts? W/O Manning they are toast, and they didn’t see it coming, or they would have done something years ago.

    And that is inexcusable.

  81. As a Colts fan and someone who knows people in the organization, this report is sadly true. Peyton will have to undergo another surgery to hopefully regain full sensation in his tricep of his throwing arm. This injury is 100% a season ending injury and possibly a career ending injury. Even though the possibility of that happening is unlikely but possible.

    The Colts have not placed him on IR because it would substantially affect attendance, sales, and overall revenue for the organization since Peyton is the face of the organization. Peyton’s injury would explain why Kerry Collins was brought in so late. If you thought Peyton might miss one game, why bring Collins in? It would take him until week 3 to effectively learn the playbook so he is just as likely to perform equal to Painter or Orvlosky in week 1. But Collins was brought in for the season. He gives a fighting chance to make the playoffs starting the whole season where our current back-ups don’t.

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see Garrard in a Colts uniform soon. Just a thought.

  82. Some of these comments are pretty asinine. When Brady went down, Matt Cassell had the offensive arsenal of a Pro Bowl team and a pretty good defensive to assist him.

    As far as Super Bowl wins, Peyton only has one where as Brady and Rapelisberger has multiple. But look at the teams they had… they had numerous Pro Bowlers on both sides of the ball and top ranked defenses. Colts have never had a top ranked defense ever and managed to win the Super Bowl. I may be mistaken, but I think they had the lowest ranked defense to win a Super Bowl. So all the pressure relied on Manning to outscore opponents. So yes if Manning scores 20-30 pts a game and loses, its on the team. He has done his job as a quarterback.

  83. Don’t worry all you fans who love to watch great quarterback play, Tony Romo is back and healthy and ready to lead America’s team the Dallas Cowboys to a Super Bowl. So all the great play we’re missing with Manning out will be made up for by Mr. Romo.

  84. Being a fan of Manning since his days at UT, I do not buy this a career ending injury. Think about it. The Colts sign him to a $90 million dollar contract, knowing he needs or has already had another surgery that will put him out for the ENTIRE season, even possibly for his career. Then they sign Collins to a $6 million dollar contract for only a few games?? No way. They knew he was out for the season. Collins was in for the season, thus the $6 million. Yes, Luck will be Indy’s guy next year. Thank goodness. What a perfect guy to step into the shoes of Manning. The men that are running that franchise know exactly what they are doing, that is why this process has worked out just as it has. Manning will be back, this will not end his career. Luck will come to Indy to take over once Manning retires.

  85. I love all the Pat fans talking like Brady is a top tier QB with the likes of Manning, Marino, Montana, Unitas, etc. etc. haha…Hell, one of you wrote that Brady is at a level above those guys. LMAO!

    Brady is no where near the QB that Manning is. Brady is dependant on defense and Belichick. Manning has carried the Colts for over a decade. Brady has ridden his defense for his entire career and when they weren’t top tier Brady didn’t win crap.

    Unitas, Graham, Marino= examples of ALL TIME GREATS who made mediocre teams better.

    Bradshaw, Brady, Griese, Aikman= examples of good QB’s with all time great teams.

    I really hope that this isn’t it for P. Manning. Even so, if he’s played his last game, he will go down as a top 5 QB to have ever played.

  86. “tampajoey says: Sep 7, 2011 7:50 PM

    The value of Carson Palmer just went thru the roof in Indy. Mike Brown should swallow his pride and trade Palmer to the Colts for EVERYTHING and a 3rd draft pick!”

    Mike Brown would probably make the deal straight up for Peyton Manning. Bengals doctors would clear him and there are no scouts to say something might be up with Peyton. The Colts might even get a draft pick or two out of it!

  87. They paid Peyton $90 million before the complications of his surgery was discovered. They were not able to fully evaluate or track his recovery due to the lockout. And Luck will not be in Indianapolis next year. There is no way the Colts finish last and draft Andrew Luck.

    And for the record, I did not say it WILL be a career ender, but the possibility is definitely there. When you talk about nerve damage and loss of sensation, there is no guarantee that this surgery would correct his neurological issues. I’m just saying, be prepared for Manning to possibly never take a snap in the NFL ever again.

  88. @Indy…

    What about them? You mean I didn’t put them in the all time great group? Elway is and I know I’ll take a beating, but Montana played on really great teams. However, he did make KC competative when there…I didn’t list every all time great…just a few examples. I also don’t count TEAM accomplishments, Super Bowls for example, as a marker for how good a QB is. Dilfer and Namath won a Super Bowl for crying out loud.

  89. Indychemistguy: Your 8:05 a.m.

    “This injury is a 100% season ending injury.”

    “The colts have not placed him on IR since it would substantially affect overall revenue and sales for the organization.”

    IOW the organization is holding off as long as possible on making public that which they ALREADY know because of the financial effect it would have.

    If anyone ever needed more proof that all pro sports is a BUSINESS – there it is.

    I am NOT saying that other organizations wouldn’t do the same thing – Bill Belichik is as ruthless as they come and IMO that is one of the reasons the Patriots have been as successful as they have been for the last decade or so.

    Your 8:14 a.m. – Roethlisberger was tried and acquitted.

  90. Anyone who would trade for Carson Palmer out of desperation is nuts – the man is damaged goods and has been since he got hurt in the playoffs against Pittsburgh and he doesn’t have the fire in his gut that he once had – when he was threatening to retire he was serious. I believe that he is ready just to WALK away from the game because he doesn’t NEED it.

  91. Well well well!! Seems like the young lad on the radio was on to something! So can we stop killing him now??????

  92. indychemistguy – you are clueless…….you need to go look at the Pro Bowl rosters………Bob Sanders won D player of the year they won the SB………what about Freeney……….?…..

  93. golonger says:Sep 10, 2011 6:46 PM

    marinephinfan – you are a tool………..and know nothing about QBs


    Understatement of the year…

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