Jaguars take criticism for handling of Garrard’s release

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Let’s put aside for the moment whether Luke McCown is the best quarterback on the Jaguars roster or whether the release of David Garrard makes sense.

Jaguars coach Jack Del Rio didn’t believe in Garrard and went “all in” by dumping him. Del Rio gets paid well to make those decisions.

The timing of Garrard’s release is a little harder to understand.

The Jaguars quarterback went to team meetings Tuesday morning. Then he traveled with other Jaguars leaders to be introduced at the Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce around noon.  He returned to the team facility at 2 p.m. and was cut.

Veteran Florida Times-Union writer Vito Stellino said he expects more from G.M. Gene Smith and questioned the timing’s decency.  “This is not the way to treat people,” he writes.

Jaguars legend Tony Boselli said on Twitter it was the wrong way to handle the decision.

“Knew n the morning u were cutting him, y make him go 2 luncheon & introduce him. Disappointed,” Boselli wrote.

The Jaguars say they were still evaluating Garrard.  That’s why they didn’t cut him over the weekend.  It sounds a little crazy, but it might just be true.

Garrard, still taking starter snaps Monday, threw three interceptions in practice according to Tania Ganguli of the Florida Times-Union.   Is it possible Garrard would still be on the team if he had a good practice?

That doesn’t seem like any way to run a team, but everything about the timing of this move is curious.  McCown may be the best quarterback on the roster, but he took third-team snaps for much of camp.  He didn’t play at all in the team’s third preseason game.  Now he’s gearing up for his first NFL start since 2007.

Perhaps the preseason doesn’t truly matter that much.  Just don’t tell David Garrard that.

87 responses to “Jaguars take criticism for handling of Garrard’s release

  1. That is low. Having the man rep the team and be introduced as the starting qb and then an hour later he is cut. LOW.

  2. At least tell the truth. He was a cap cut. Nothing more. Del Rio has been trying to bench him for 2 years, but he’s the best they had at the time. Now they’ve tanked their season with a guy who hasn’t started in 4 years and a rookie who’s clearly not ready. That’s an awful way to treat a guy. Drag him along, complete your bidding, then cut him at the end of the day.

    Good luck Jags. That’s why your fans don’t come and watch you play.

  3. Not a Jags fan, but this was a Jag-off move. Have a little class. Garrard may not be your starter, but he has handled the drafting of a QB and preseason with class.

  4. Since Jack Del Rio has been told (and the world too for that matter) that he will be fired if the Jaguars fail to qualify for the post season it begs the question: Are the Jaguars now in a better place to achieve that goal than 24 hours ago?

    The only logical explanation I can see is that ownership knows this year’s Jaguar team is destined for a sub .500 record whether Garrard, Gabbert, or Joe Montana was taking the snaps and decided to save the 9 million bucks.

    I am sure the players are less than thrilled about throwing away a season so a rookie can learn the ropes. If I was a fan of the team, I would be furious about the move.

  5. The Jaguars had the possibility to challenge for a playoff spot before cutting Garrard.

    Now, they could be left with the decision of whether to trade the #1 pick next year and go with Gabbert, or draft Andrew Luck.

  6. Andy Reid would have sold the media and others on what a great talent Garrard was and then traded him for a second and a fourth to the Redskins.

  7. Hell…..they woke up and realized……WHY the hell are we paying David Garrard 8 million dollars…..In the immortal words of Ricky Waters…….For Who for What?

  8. Jack Del Rio and the Jags did the exact same thing to Leftwich in 2007. Cut him right before the season and it was a shock to everyone at that time. So Garrard got the starting job in the same fashion he lost the starting job. With a late cut that came out or nowhere.

  9. A team needs a strong consistent hand on the tiller. Arbitrary, seemingly come-out-of-nowhere, actions like this create huge anxiety in the locker room — “if him, why not me” stuff.

    How can the Jags expect anyone to play their best game when that sword is dangling a few inches above each of their heads.

    The focus of each player needs to be on football — not “am I next?”

    Of course the Jags handled it badly — but indicative of management problems that will prevent the franchise from succeeding.

  10. As a Jag fan since the team was formed, I’m totally disgusted with “Mr. Weaver” for allowing his coach and GM to handle this situation like this. If you know you’re not going to have a $8M asset in your business or even if the possibility is there, make better plans.

    Twice now, they’ve dumped a veteran QB. It worked the first time because Garrard had been on the team for years and fit the offense better than Leftwich. It can’t work this time.

    Its Jack’s job insurance policy. Save the owner $8, maybe $9M, why not?

    And DalFan? Get a clue about Jag fan attendance at games. Jags average more than the Bears 51 fewer attendees per game than the Steelers.

    2010 average NFL attendance

    1. Dallas 87,047

    2. Washington 83,172

    3. N.Y. Giants 79,019

    4. N.Y. Jets 78,596

    5. Denver 74,908

    6. Carolina 72,620

    7. Baltimore 71,227

    8. Houston 71,080

    9. Green Bay 70,795

    10. New Orleans 70,038

    11. San Francisco 69,732

    12. Philadelphia 69,144

    13. Tennessee 69,143

    14. New England 68,756

    15. Atlanta 67,850

    16. Miami 67,744

    17. Kansas City 67,672

    18. Seattle 66,992

    19. Indianapolis 66,975

    20. Cleveland 66,116

    21. San Diego 65,530

    22. Buffalo 63,195

    23. Pittsburgh 63,083

    24. Jacksonville 63,032

    25. Arizona 62,774

    26. Chicago 62,195

    27. Cincinnati 60,364

    28. Minnesota 58,751

    29. Detroit 56,285

    30. St. Louis 52,922

    31. Tampa Bay 49,314

    32. Oakland 46,431

  11. “Knew n the morning u were cutting him, y make him go 2 luncheon & introduce him. Disappointed,” Boselli wrote.

    I realize it’s Twitter but you went through the trouble to spell out the word “disappointed” but couldn’t knock out “in” or “why”?

    I’ll never understand textspeak.

  12. Karma says they go 1-15, starring Luck in the face with the “future QB” already on their roster. Del Rio is out anyway. What an act of desperation, fueled by money they didn’t want to pay.

  13. If you noticed, Garrard was NOT voted to be a captain on his team, BY the team. Whether it was his poor preseason play or personality, the team had already decided they didn’t believe or trust in him enough to lead.

  14. That was a bad way to go out, but it is a reality of the business of football…at least in Jacksonville. Garrard’s game declined once OC Carl Smith left, anyway.

  15. Can you imagine if this had happened to Donovan McNabb instead of David Garrard? ESPN would have already scheduled a special forum on race and respect in the NFL.

  16. Still evaluating…cap issues…these seem like possible reasons. But i have to think that maybe they held on to him as long as possible also as a way to keep him from going to a division rival because a certain QB has a bad neck. Had they released him earlier, he might have had some preseason games under his belt playing for Indy. Just a thought.

  17. The Jaguars grossly overpaid Garrard when they gave him a new contract, but it’s not like the’s the worst quarterback in the world. He was actually coming off his best season with a career high 23 TD passes. While no one will ever mistake him for Brady, Brees, or Manning, He is a servicable quarterback. I don’t see this guy being available for too long. Look at the starting quarterbacks in the NFL. Garrard would be a better option in several places. He presents a better alternative at quarterback in Seattle, Cincinnati, San Francisco, and DEFINITELY Washington. Carolina may wanna give him a look as well as a bridge to Cam Newton.

  18. Frist to say that’s the way to do make a fool out of your team no class you can come to
    and borrow some class we got planty.

    “planty”? lolololol!!!

  19. I’m thinking they hung on until the end of pre-season once it became clear the Colts, a division rival, needed a QB. If so, it worked, since the Colts had to sign Bart Starr or whoever they picked up.

  20. The jags are a joke of a franchise. They should move to l.a and get it over with. They save 8 mil by cutting him. Thats great in all but they then decide to go with mcgown to start who hasnt thrown a touchdown in god knows how long. Why not at least start Gabbert who they spent their 1st on?? Makes no sense to me at all. The worst part is the division looks like its going to be up for grabs with manning out for a little. So what do they do they cut their leader and face of their franchise. Brilliant !!

  21. This makes no sense whatsoever. There probably going to tank this year, and not for Andrew Luck, but most likely for Alshon Jeffery or Justin Blackmon. Andrew Luck went out the window when they drafted Gabbert at 10

  22. Weaver wants out of Jacksonville. The Jags had no intention of cutting Garrard until they found out about Manning. With Manning out for an undetermined period and Garrard at QB, the Jags were a real threat to challenge for the playoffs.

    Something had to be done so Garrard was let go, killing the Jags chances this year and at the same time saving millions. For Weaver it was a win-win option, the only delay was the concern about the PR fallout, which obviously wasn’t enough of an issue to stop the release.

  23. Garrard is much better off now. He’ll land in a better place next week so teams can avoid the guarantee. After the first week, the phone will be ringing off the hook.

  24. That was pretty low, but it was low when they did it to Lefty so there is no surprise of the lack fo class (and they say the Bengals front office is bad).

    On a related note, I don’t see why you don’t pay him and run with it for the year. The division is wide open this may have been their big chance.

  25. This truly was like deja vu all over again. Del Ego even used some of the same words/phrases that he did when he sucker-punched Leftwich four years ago. Things like “every opportunity to lead this team.” It was an eerily similar press conference.

    I think moving on from Garrard was the right thing to do, but oh my Tebow couldn’t they have at least done it last Friday???

  26. Everyone’s ignoring the fact Garrard didnt have the support of the team. Garrard was constantly blaming everyone else – his WRs, his o-line, the gentle breeze, etc.

    Garrard wasnt leading this team anywhere. His O-Line had given up on him; his fellow team members didnt even vote him captain.
    I’m positive the coaches were starting Garrard on Sunday despite the feelings of the players. However it must have reached a boiling point in the locker room – someone drew a line in the sand.

    I was hoping the Jags would have dumped him on draft day for some picks, but they gave him another chance. That being said, getting cut 5 days before the start of the season is ridiculous.

    As bad as I think Garrard was, he deserved a better exit.

  27. @johnnyjagfan, you may be right, but when you have to block off thousands of seats every game because no one is coming, is a telling tale that a team is in trouble and when loyal fans can’t watch them on TV due to blackout rules.

    Hey, I’m a football fan. I’ll watch anyone play, but this cannot help the faithful and their expectations for any team. The ownership should at least give the average fan SOMETHING to cheer for.

  28. This is stupid. They drafted Gabbert. They knew this guys was short term. The market for QB’s was pretty good.

    Seattle, Oakland, Redskins, Zona, Bengals, Fins, Titans, Denver, 49ers, Vikings… gees even the Colts, Jets and Cowboys could use a backup.

    Can’t believe they got no value for a starting QB with experience and wins under his belt.

    This team should just move to LA and get it over with.

  29. I understand the move, however, the time line was a little questionalbe. For a guy that’s meant so much to this franchise over the last few years, the least you can do is be decent in your decision. I live near Jax. Fl, and have had the opportunity to watch Garrard play many many times. So again, I understand the move, the the timing they used left me scratching my head.

  30. When they cut 20% of the work force where I work they waited till the first work day of the new year and then dropped the axe.
    Right after they spent money on Christmas gifts… right after the company made record profits for the 1st 3 quarters of the year.

    Yes is was a jag off move by Del Rio but this is the way things are and most people don’t have a couple of million stashed away for a rainy day or another employer waiting to offer you a few million more.

  31. Give Jacksonville what they want – Tebow! Can you imagine the home-state hero vs. yore #1 pick? Tebow v. Gabbert. Let Don King promote that one.

  32. I think this could have been handled better but the Jags did not believe he was going to be worth the money and since players who do not play up to the money and will not take a paycut then the team makes a business decision and cuts him. I’m so tired of the players “who have contracts” and agreed upon them believe they have outplayed their contracts and want a new one but again if they play poor they never want to redo the contract and take less money and the team has no choice but to cut him. The Briggs thing is a joke, he got a new contract (6 years) and he wanted most of the money the first three years of which he got and now he is in the final three years and he wants a new con t rac t and I’m not a Bears fan bu t I hope they do not give in.

  33. Obummer, you probably believe Dick Cheney took down the World Trade Center and the walk on the moon was actually filmed in Arizona.

    The Jags were going nowhere with Garrard. The players knew it. The coaches knew it. They all gave Garrard another shot in the preseason and he was the same guy that’s choked the last three seasons.

    Yes, the Jags could have handled it better. But there is no conspiracy here other than NBC hyping the Jags, once again, as the LA team of the future.

    Step away from the tinfoil hat and your mom’s basement. Feel the sunshine. The Jags are fine, thank you.

  34. Neither the Jaguars’ ownership nor Coach Del Rio have any class.

    The team didn’t get appreciably better by cutting Byron Leftwich right before the 2007 season and replacing him with David Garrard and the team certainly didn’t get appreciably better by cutting David Garrard right before this season replacing him with Luke “Check Down” McCown.

    Leftwich was cut to save money, with ownership and Del Rio believing the fans would be re-energized by Garrard.

    Now, Garrard has been cut to save money, with ownership and Del Rio believe the fans will be re-energized by Gabbert, even though he’s clearly not ready for prime time.

    The ploy is to play McCown, knowing he’ll probably fail as he has throughout his career, but have Gabbert in the wings to give hope to the fans.

    This is not about building a winning football team.

    It is about manipulating the fans so that they will continue buying tickets even though ownership isn’t willing to spend the money and management isn’t willing to spend the time to put together a winner.

    Eventually, the team will be sold and probably moved to LA and the new owners won’t be satisfied with a head coach that is more concerned about self-preservation than winning.

    In the meantime, the players are treated like property, not like men.

    Is it any wonder this ownership, this management, and this head coach will never succeed?

  35. what a joke this Jacksonville franchise is. I feel for their fans. They clearly love their team, but if you keep doing crap like this, you lose them. You cant tell me that McCown and Gabbert give you a better chance to win. Jack Del Rio & his gm are a couple of morons have have been in over their heads for a few years now. Look at the money spent on those linebackers. Why werent THEY looking at Hasselbeck, Kolb, Mcnabb, etc….if they knew garrard wasnt the guy, they should have let him go sooner. Stay Classy, Del Rio(it’s spanish for a whales vagina)

  36. arkadyrenko says:
    Sep 7, 2011 10:37 AM
    Garrard probably used the wrong fork at the Chamber of Commerce luncheon, and Del Rio is nothing if not a stickler for etiquette.


    That’s a good one!

  37. @johnnyjagfan…

    those are nice stats….now ask yourself this question – when was the last time a Jags game was sold out at home? How many show up isn’t the issue. The question is, how many DIDN’T??

    If the team isn’t selling out the games, then there is an issue. The team isn’t making the money it should, and the league isn’t gaining the revenue it could. Local TV contracts don’t apply, with the advertising dollars gone out the window.

    Three ways to solve that issue

    1. Get a new stadium, with lower seating capacity.

    2. Move to a city where there is more interest in the team, and where people would likely buy more season tickets.

    3. Reduce the salary of the team.

    For now, the Jaguars chose number three by cutting Garrard. Not a classy move, really. Very bad timing and not very ethical, having him attend that luncheon and all. But don’t pretend like the Jaguars have such a great and interested fan base. It’s not the case…..but I don’t fault the fans for that. I blame the owner and GM of mishandling the team for years.

  38. ny82jy says:
    Sep 7, 2011 10:45 AM
    The jags are a joke of a franchise. They should move to l.a and get it over with.
    The same as the Colts(pre Manning), Cardinals, Bengals, Patriots(pre Brady), Bucs, Bills(post Jim Kelly), Raiders(since 84′ season miuns ’01), Saints, Lions and I can keep going. You peole are so judgmental and have zero recollection past 3 years. I realize most of you on here are only 18 years old (literally most mentally), but learn the NFL history of franchises. By the way most of those teams were or have been a joke for decades. Simple Minds.

  39. Honestly I’d be surprised if he gets another gig. He is aging, his skills are regressing, and he has had trouble staying healthy. It was obvious to me watching him this preseason that he was not the best quarterback on the roster. His throws seemed to take forever to get to the receivers, while McCown and Gabbert had a noticeable zip on their throws that you expect from a professional quarterback. Heck even some college quarterbacks I watched over the weekend were making better throws than Garrard!

  40. nationalmedia, get used to it on this site. Look at his handle. he is a Jets fan. Now talk about a joke of a franchise….

  41. The Indianapolis Colts make a lot of sense as a destination for Garrard.

    Indy would acquire Garrard’s knowledge of their division rival, and Garrard is already very familiar with the defenses of the other teams in their division and conference. He’s got more recent starter experience, and is probably flat out better than Kerry Collins. If Manning ends up missing a substantial number of games this year, Garrard would give them a better shot to stay in the playoff race than any other QB would.

    Any chance that one reason the Jags waited this long to cut Garrard, was to try to keep him out of Indy’s plans?

  42. It’s a big decision to cut the guy who has been your starting QB for the past four or five years. While he is still in his prime and healthy. Why not wait as long as possible and have every bit of information available to you? I would do it that way. They’ve already paid the guy about $30 million dollars for a so so job. I’m sure that will go a long way towards healing his hurt feelings.

  43. With each passing season, Jaguar fan, your odd psychological makeup (as expressed through your behavior at home games and other public settings) makes more and more sense. I’m starting to despise you less and beginning to feel more and more sorry for you.

  44. If they cut him before the event it would have completely ruined it, I imagine. Instead of a lot of gladhanding and cheery chitchat, the affair would have been overrun with reporters, none of whom would be there for the reason of the dinner.

  45. The stadium wasn’t built for the Jaguars. If it was, they would have built it with fewer seats, like Heinz Field, Soldier Field, etc.

    m2karateman: The Jags had ZERO games blacked out last season. Zero. Tampa? SD? Oakland? Detroit? All had blackouts. You have to sell out to avoid a blackout.

    Dalfanforever: Jacksonville built that for the GA-FL Game. We have the second largest seating capacity of any staduim in the NFL. They’re in a small market. Its a bad combo, but the numbers don’t lie: we sell more tickets than franchises that have been around since the 40’s.

    All that being said, this is one of the worst back-stabbing decisions in the NFL this season. I work in politics and see a lot of it. Watching a guy get a standing O from the local chamber as he’s announced as starting QB and then having the GM pull him aside and tell him he’s fired is horrible.

    This won’t be a 12-4 season. Jack won’t get a bounce from this at all.

    I can’t be any more ashamed of the organization, but geez can the whole “y’all cant sell tickets and are headedd for LA” crap gets old. Get an original idea.

  46. @zoxitic, people will always blame Del Ego. Although the team has said over and over and over again that Gene makes these types of decisions.

    The general public is stupid – as evidenced by how many people on this board took this news as an opportunity to say the words, “Los Angeles.”

  47. The only question I have is why did the Jags overpay for all of those free agents this year to pull this move? Garrard had a 90 passer rating last year, I can’t see McCown even sniffing that. This is the year for an AFC South team to step out from under Indy and make a run at the division, wonder why the Jags backed down from that challenge?

    Maybe it will work out like last time, but I just don’t see it. I do think Del Rio is a good coach, so we will just have to see…

  48. If David had been making 2 -3 mil a year, I don’t think that he would have been cut. However, 8 million for a mediocre backup QB is a serious ripoff. I guarantee that NO team will pick up his contract (hence no one was interested in a trade and picking up that fat contract). After he clears waivers, he’ll get a contract making 2 -3 mil a year (which is what he is worth).

    My only criticism is that they should have cut him on final cut day over the weekend. Doing it yesterday while he was at the dinner was wrong and crass. In my opinion if they go 6-10 this year (which with their schedule they probably will), then JDR needs to be given his walking papers too.

  49. Screw LA – David garrard is a millionaire, he’ll be alright.

    Jags have their qb of the future, they’ll be alright also.

    I want to fight goodell.

  50. the only reason del rio is there is they won’t pay two coaches.

    the only reason garrard was cut was to save the dough.

    the reason they let garrard go to the luncheon is because they are classless flamers. does anyone think the decision was made between noon and two pm?

    i’m not 18, otherwise i wouldn’t know randy newman’s song “I Love L.A.”; but attendance will decline, and the difference in a franchise’s value between jax and socal will eventually be too much for the ownership and the league in general to ignore.

  51. Dear Jaguars Front Office,

    So you say David Garrard threw three interceptions in practice. We’re talking about practice….not a game, not a game, not a game, but we’re talking about practice. How silly is that?


    Allen “The Answer” Iverson

  52. Most of us question the timing of the release. However, Tony Boselli had much more to say about it. He believes that the Jaguars tried to keep David, but it became apparent that he was no longer able to lead the team. He played awful in the pre-season, and it made no sense to keep paying him to be the starter. Time will tell if this is
    the time for Luke to be the bridge to the Blaine Gabbert era. I will wait to see how it plays out before I jump on the hyper-negative bandwagon.

  53. I call bull$%&! on the “still evaluating him” excuse. You could have done your evaluations without him being at the Chamber of Commerce or the morning practice. Not a Jags fan, but I am a fan of respect and professionalism. I sincerely hope this organization doesn’t come to LA. We need/want a pro football team but not this one.

  54. Sadly it seems the folks running the show in Jacksonville are implusive aren’t they. They jumped up and took a QB during the draft with nothing more than a combine interview. And, now they they profess that their lead QB had the starting job two weeks ago then dump him five days before their first game. I’d be a bit nervous if I was on that team. It’s clear loyalty means nothing to the jaguars. I guess the fans should be a bit concerned also.

  55. Come on!!! Players, coaches, agents, reporters, etc. etc. all like to claim that they know the NFL is a business but then something like this happens and everyone gets their undies in a bunch. Join the real world…..when the average Joe gets fired or laid off, there’s never a question of “respect”….the employer will milk you for everything they can and then tell you on a Friday that your “done”, billionaire’s don’t become billionaires by worrying about respect….When a player underperforms their big contract, do they “respect” the owner and give part of their salary back……hell no! I’m sure Peyton Manning will be returning $20M to the Colts if he doesn’t play this year, LOL………get a life losers and understand how the real world works.

  56. I never have been a Garrard fan. He always seemed like a serviceable backup to me. Good for 3-6 wins if the starter got hurt. The guy to hold the fort until the cavalry came. And his record reflected that. He was close to .500 as a starter. But much better backing up Leftwich.

    But he still didn’t deserve to be humiliated and disrespected this way by Del Rio. Del Rio did the same thing before the draft when he made a terrible comment about his QB to the press. He should have cut him then, if he had any guts or competence.

    Del Rio’s mediocrity mirrors his team’s. He has the same record & winning percentage as Garrard. And over a longer period of time. So how does he justify keeping his job. Especially after he just blew up his own locker room (according to Bill Parcells). My advice to the owner is cut your losses this year. Fire Del Rio too! make your Defensive coordinator the interim HC for the year. Your season is over before the first snap. Mine high draft choices. And start over fresh with a new coach and Gabbert in LA in 2012.

    Garrard will land somewhere like Pittsburgh. Where he will be a good backup for Big Ben for the rest of his career.

  57. did garrard feel sorry for leftwich when he got booted? garrard had a good run, made alot of money and the jags had some good teams under garrard. maybe garrard gets picked up by a team that needs a vet. or he can be a good two for any team really. watch him replace leftwich in pittsburg. that would be funny. as far as the jags go del rio should have been fired years ago. im glad i don’t have jones drew on any of my fantasy teams.

  58. tennesseeoilers says:

    With each passing season, Jaguar fan, your odd psychological makeup (as expressed through your behavior at home games and other public settings) makes more and more sense. I’m starting to despise you less and beginning to feel more and more sorry for you.

    You should be more worried about the mess you got in tennessee.

  59. What was there to evaluate? Get outta here. Sounds like a spite move done by a spiteful coach, which Del Rio appears to be.

    They could have released him a month ago and allowed him to find another team and get acclimated there. Now he’s going to be a backup at BEST this year, when he could have started for a half dozen teams going into the preseason.

  60. What I find comical is that even taking the Jags at their word, they still look completely dysfunctional. Not only was preseason coming to a close with them not knowing who’d be the starter, they didn’t even know if they were going to keep their first stringer on the team. So, they end up cutting the guy who they’d given most the preseason snaps to, thus making it even tougher for McCown and Gabbert to succeed. This is how bad teams do things.

  61. First off let me just say that I, like Boselli and Vito, am pretty much disgusted at how the Jags dumped Garrard like a used “Hhummmmm”! David has been nothing short of classy ever since Tom Coughlin drafted him. He stayed quiet on the sidelines soaking up all the knowledge he could from Mark Brunell then didn’t lobby for himself one bit when Jack/Shack drafted Leftwich. Garrard never complained about the lack of tools he was given to work with or the fools he was given to work with. (Former No. 11 & 18) He was full of class and should have been treated with dignity in the end!

    Secondly, go back to the PFT post about the Jags waiting until 9PM to release names of final cuts. I posted my theory by stating first of all, I’m just a fan so what do I know……..but I have a feeling it’s got something to do with the team trying to facilitate a trade for No. 9 or release him. I told you so……Good luck David and even though I’m a Jags fan, I would probably have a chuckle if Garrard gets picked up by the team that knocks the Jags out of playoff contention in week 17 resulting in Del Rio getting shic tanned/Donald Trumped/F’n Fired. Carma isnt pretty for people who do bad things to nice guys!

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