Manning investigating options, no surgery yet

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Our night wouldn’t be complete without one more Peyton Manning update.

Despite an unsubstantiated report on Indianapolis radio that Manning already underwent a third neck procedure, SI’s Peter King reports that it hasn’t happened.  Yet.

“Peyton Manning has not had a procedure on his neck, I am told reliably,” King wrote on Twitter. “Manning could have a procedure. He and team still investigating options. But it has not happened yet.”

In theory, that should make Colts fans feel better.  But it’s telling that King’s sources admit Manning may have to undergo another procedure.

The information King passes along is similar to what the Colts blog has reported. If surgery was not on the table, the Colts would quickly deny the possibility.

Instead, Manning is releasing statements about missing his teammates. The Colts are entering the great unknown, and they may be there a while.

UPDATE: Another good source chimed in.  Colts owner Jim Irsay on Twitter: “Peyton didn’t have a medical procedure last sunday,we’ll have more info 2 add clarity 2 situation soon.”

58 responses to “Manning investigating options, no surgery yet

  1. ugh.

    now we’re goign to have:

    manning: scheduled to have surgery
    manning: no surgery yet
    manning: out for season
    manning: could be back next week
    manning: sources say he will retire
    manning: sources say he will miss half the season

  2. I don’t care that you’re an alcoholic Kerry, you got some solid options at WR/TE and an average running game. I think you can lead us to 7 or 8 wins this year, maybe more if the defense isn’t as atrocious as it looks on paper behind Freeney/Mathis…

  3. As an avid Cincinnati Bengals fan, the answer is simple: The Colts need Carson Palmer. A significant upgrade over Kerry Collins (or picking up David Garrard). I’m sure he could be had for a 2nd-Round draft pick. In the Colts system, Carson Palmer would flourish.

  4. Peyton, make the right choice. You have accomplished so much, and you owe nothing more to your fans and team. Live a long life. I’m planning on meeting you when your are 70 and I’m 80. I’ll get your autograph then.

  5. Now Indy can go back to their normal status as a second rate team that Manning single handedly made better. Dungy puked in Tampa & became a genius in Indy on his own ?? He had a dream QB & now the Colts will fall back to earth burning up in re-entry.

    Next stop for Indy, Houston Texans whipping pole / shed out back.

  6. Dudes, Peyton is the model of a stand up player. He doesn’t talk trash and he just keeps delivering on the field. Although it feels good to be snarking on a forum like PFT, don’t forget he’s a human being faced with real, tough choices. His health is not merely a fantasy league issue.

  7. Speaking of unsubstantiated, what’s up with PFT insinuating with every Peyton article that he may never come back? Evidently reporting the rumors isn’t quite enough, when starting them is a possibility.

  8. giorgiom3 says:Sep 7, 2011 10:07 PM

    I don’t care that you’re an alcoholic Kerry, you got some solid options at WR/TE and an average running game. I think you can lead us to 7 or 8 wins this year, maybe more if the defense isn’t as atrocious as it looks on paper behind Freeney/Mathis…
    Why would you want 7 or 8 wins? If Manning doesn’t play they might as well just pack it in for the year. I’ll take 4 wins and a top 5 pick.

  9. At the end of this season, now you’ll all know why Indy hired Jim Tressel…

    So when Peyton’s absence exposes Caldwell’s lack of coaching ability, their new coach will already be on staff…

    And everyone will say how brilliant Bill Polian is…again…

  10. Hoping for the best ..Manning is the type of QB I want my children to look up to: someone with an incredible work ethic and does everything he can to be the best at what he does without drawing attention to himself and being humble (you will never hear Manning say “you can’t design a defense to stop me”). Yet he’s also human and a reminder that no matter how hard we prepare and try our best, sometimes circumstances can conspire to stop you, but you never stop trying, never get down on yourself and keep grinding and having faith in your own abilities.

    I know all you Manning haters can’t wait to jump on him for throwing his team mates under the bus, but what else do you have? If that’s the only regrettable moment during a glorious career spanning the decade of class, humility and respect for the game then I’d say it’s nothing more than a footnote.

    We need more athletes these days like Peyton Manning – a tireless worker who embodies all the great attributes lost on the average American. Peyton, please retire if the doctors tell you there’s a chance you might not walk again if you try to play – no one doubts your desire or toughness and you owe nothing to anyone. Get well 18 and jesus I sound like I just wrote his epitaph or something

  11. he better come back before the pats play the colts. I don’t want any excuses from colts fans when we whoop your butts again like wah wah we didn’t have manning wah wah.

  12. Best guy to pick up from your waiver in his place: Chad Henne! Don’t waste your time with Kerry Collins… Henne has looked great and has great weapons and a good line…

  13. Blue18hutthutt:

    Truer words have never been spoken. I totally agree and also share the same parenting (someday) philosophies that you subscribe to which Peyton Manning embodies.

  14. Neck injuries aren’t to be taken lightly. It seems pretty severe with him.considering a third surgery. If he doesn’t play this year and the colts flop and end up with the first overall pick, do they take Luck? Do they start planning for the future?

  15. Hopefully Peyton won’t become despondent and have that procedure on his neck known as hanging yourself in the closet.

  16. blue18hutthutt – PLEASE……Manning is the biggest egomaniac on the planet…..everything is about him…How is THAT something for kids to look up to…..a man who thinks his teammates are there as a tool for HIM…….you are very naive……get a clue!…….there is a reason he threw his teammates under the bus……because HE can do no wrong…..except when he chokes and throws picks to seal defeat………

  17. wow PFT linked by Drudge! That means PFT has hit the big time. Never ever thought PFT would be this legit. I wonder if the drudge link caused an increase in traffic to PFT or maybe people who read drudge are not big football fans.

  18. Take care of yourself Peyton. My neck surgery took a year and a half to completely heal and I don’t have any 300lb DE’s trying to jump me in my office.
    BTW: good timing on that contract.
    The fleecing of the Colts.
    Never a Colts fan, always a Peyton fan though. Good luck

  19. Now that Farve watch has officially ended. We now introduce Manning watch. Will he play, will he not play? Will he have another surgery, will he not have another surgery? Will he be traded, will he retire?

    In all seriousness though I hope that he is okay and that he heals quickly. Whether you hate or love the Colts. The NFL without Manning is kind of sad. Out of the Manning family, he at least is a nice guy (unlike Eli) and he is the only player in the NFL that makes his team worth noting. Not only is he a QB but when he steps up the the line he becomes a coach and a leader and save for the two bad seasons he has had. A bad season for Manning is still a good/great season for most QB’s.

    Coming from a die-hard Falcons fan, I hope to see Payton Manning not only come back soon but return to form because if this really is more serious then they are letting on and could possibly be the end of his career…let’s just say I will be one of the many who will miss the Brady/Manning best QB arguments.

  20. @ ravensfan4life52 says:Sep 7, 2011 10:36 PM

    i hate steeler’s fans. i can’t wait until they all fall off the bandwagon.

    I’m a Steeler fan and wish him the best!!!
    Funny how a raven fan comments on steeler fans when this is about Peyton????? Look I’m one of the “rare fans” that wanted him healthy and ready to play. I don’t wish illness or injury on any player when teams play,that way it’s no excuses…
    Like SB45.. ‘Nuff Said.

  21. So, Lee Harvey Manning is investigating his options, is he?

    Here’s one option that he might want to consider: return that $18,000,000 in annual salary that he knew he wasn’t going to earn this year when he signed the contract several weeks ago.

    For somebody who is already worth over $75 million dollars, that would be the honorable thing to do…so don’t bet on that happening anytime soon.

  22. Lord only knows how Mr. Manning will fair. Best of wishes and good luck 2 him.

    On an aside is don’t matter what season it is…… down here… we still hate the Packers 🙂

  23. I love when a Ratbirds troll whines about the Colts and Indy. Seriously, a**hole? You and that weasel Modell stole our team in 1995, bird brain. And turned it into a safehouse for criminals and murderers starting with your beloved Ray “I Bin Acquitted” Lewis, Dainty Stallworth, etc….gimme a break!

    Go BROWNS!

  24. themadhatter18 says:
    Sep 8, 2011 6:14 AM
    Lord only knows how Mr. Manning will fair. Best of wishes and good luck 2 him.

    On an aside is don’t matter what season it is…… down here… we still hate the Packers

    You hate the Packers? Why would anyone hate the packers when the team is so nice as to invite anyone to come visit the best venue in sports and see 13 trophys and the best hall of fame in any sport?

    Hell, we’ll even get you a beer if you ask, even if you are a bears fan. We have pity for losers.

  25. One of the great competitors. Wish him the best.
    I can understand that he doesn’t want another procedure who would, but at some point when the pain doesn’t leave there is no choice

  26. @miketomlinssteelers

    i was referring to the joker who posted above who comments on every single article about how awesome the Steelers are no matter what the article is about. and couldn’t agree more with you on Peyton.

  27. Oh no, Manning may be out for some games, maybe even the season! In far less important news (and why ESPN didn’t bother putting it at the top of their headlines): 43 hockey players die in a plane crash- I mean really, who cares about that? It’s not Peyton Manning out with an injury!!!!

  28. Also, Drudge report didn’t make any mention of that plane crash either- pretty pathetic when an NFL story where only one person has an non-life threatening injury gets more attention than 43 people dying- just because they play from a ‘less important’ sport (i.e., less important to the US- since the NFL is not all that big anywhere else)!

  29. @eastsidehunky

    cool. don’t care. both Ravens and Browns fans need to get over it. Maybe it’s just me. I was 5 when the Modell left Cleveland. But really. You guys have a team now and so does Baltimore. get over it and root your team on to victory

  30. Mr. Manning;

    I am a Pat’s fan and I have enjoyed our battles with the colts over the years. Sometimes I enjoy them a little more, sometimes a little less.

    You don’t owe us fans ANYTHING – you have given us more than enough highlights to drive us (happily or unhappily) nuts in the years to come.

    You don’t owe the indianapolis colts ANYTHING – If they signed you to that contract w/o knowing that you might never play again – no one made them do it.

    You DO owe your family a nice walk in the park. A WALK, mind you, not someone pushing you in a wheelchair because your neck is in a neckbrace and you can’t move.

  31. 1st quarter 1st game 2008 season, Brady goes down, out for the season. In goes Matt Cassell, Pats go 11-5, the 1st 11-5 team to miss the playoffs in years. Critics cry “it’s the system!!”


    Where did Cassell come from? He was a 7th round choice from USC who hadn’t started for about 6 years because he got stuck behind 2 straight Heisman winners – Palmer and Leinhart.

    BB trades (gives away?) Cassell at the end of the 2008 season, and finds an UNDRAFTED free-agent QB from Michigan State whose last name is Hoyer and whose name I can never remember, and lo and behold here we are 2 years later and the guy is ready to step in. And Ryan Mallett is the new guy on the sideline with a nifty Patriots ball-cap and the simple instructions – “Watch #12.”

    If Brady gets hurt Hoyer is ready to step in.

    “It’s the system!!!” you say.

    Again – correctamundo

    If Manning can’t play again the colts are toast – and they have no one to blame but themselves. They won as many games as they did because of the brilliance of Manning, leading to the old saying:

    ORGANIZATIONS win championships.

    Want more proof? There are 6 players left on the 53-man squad from the Patriots’ 2008 Super Bowl team – that is a turnover rate of 88.67924%, and in any (intelligent) conversation the Patriots are in the mix as one of the 5 or 6 teams who could take it all this season.

    The Patriots got caught stealing defensive signals in the 1st half of the 1st game of the 2007 season. They were told to stop – they did. Following that it would be reasonable to expect the league to keep an extra sharp eye on them. Any complaints since then (except of course from the most ardent haters and conspiracy theorists who of course answer to no one but themselves)? None

    Their record since then? 54-14. 79.4%

    Super Bowl – P v. P

    Take your pick

  32. ravensfan4life52 says:Sep 8, 2011 10:00 AM


    i was referring to the joker who posted above who comments on every single article about how awesome the Steelers are no matter what the article is about. and couldn’t agree more with you on Peyton.

    My bad…Fans like that is what gives “TRUE” Steeler fans a bad rep…I’ll trash talk but will give props to a team(s) if we lose…I don’t cheer the Colts and I don’t cheer injuries…
    I’m Just Saying…

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