NBC pregame will air on five channels during Obama speech


While President Obama’s address to Congress airs on NBC before Thursday night’s Saints-Packers opener, five channels will air the pregame show.

VERSUS, USA, Syfy, G4 and NFL Network will all begin coverage of the 90-minute NFL Kickoff 2011 Presented by EA Sports at 7 p.m. ET on Thursday. NBC will show Obama’s speech at 7 and then join NFL Kickoff 2011 in progress when the speech is over. The game starts at 8:30, and the White House says Obama’s speech will end well before kickoff.

The 90-minute pregame show will feature musical performances as well as analysis from the usual cast of characters from Football Night in America and Sunday Night Football, including Bob Costas, Al Michaels, Cris Collinsworth, Dan Patrick, Tony Dungy, Rodney Harrison, Peter King and PFT’s own Mike Florio.

On VERSUS, NBC SportsTalk will air at 6 p.m. ET and serve as the lead-in to the pregame coverage.

36 responses to “NBC pregame will air on five channels during Obama speech

  1. G4 and SyFy putting in football content???

    Wow, that’s actually the least nerdy thing they’ve ever done!!!

  2. NBC Sports should’ve read the comments of their own blog. We don’t want to hear Obama’s empty promises, we want FOOTBALL!!! If anyone wants to hear Obama there is ABC, CBS, PBS, MSNBC, etc.

  3. The reason that g4 syfy n usa are doing this is because NBC owns them and can broadcast whatever they want. So as a huge football fan that realizes this is an important speech but I would rather just read about it I say thank you so I can watch my pregame. However is any iota of the speech runs over the game I will not be a very happy camper.

  4. NBC is Obama’s biggest propaganda machine and 1.)They WILL show his speech in it’s entirety

    2.) It will go on for an hour plus, so you will catch at least the end of it when you tune in for the game. His ego demands it, and NBC is only too willing to do his bidding.

    3.) His ending will be a cute preplanned lead-in to the game programming, and all the news people will rave about how great he did……It’ll be something like,”Are you ready for some football?!!” as they fade to the booth guys…you’ll see

  5. @cakemixa, because no one is around to watch it on Friday. You have never seen a presidential speech on a Friday and you never will unless its a about launching a war or something. He wanted to do it earlier but some didn’t like that so don’t blame him for doing it than. The pre-game is all garbage anyways.

  6. 1. If he uses the game to make any kind of campaign plug related to Wisconsin via the Packers, so help me…

    2. Since I don’t have cable, I will be watching the Packers season highlight blu ray as my own version of pregame so I can avoid this windbag. Thanks for sucking some of the fun out of the best day of the year NBC/Barack.

  7. he doesnt even need to speak, hes trying to stay in the light of things. still campagining….i just want football. we already get to hear Dungy so why is there another greying guy like him having to talk about nonsense!

  8. Obama’s speech and NFL pregame shows are both garbage…I do love my DVR. I blast through games, skipping the pregame, commercials, and halftime. You would be amazed at how short the games can actually be. Just don’t look at your smartphone during the game! If you like the pregame shows then your life is lame and chances are…I’ll stop.

    Presidential speeches, regardless of their party, are almost always garbage. Just like the pregame shows they are all pageantry and filler. When I want to know what our government is up to I read policy summations from multiple sources, not listen to the garbage spewing from their mouths. More Americans should do the same, but it is what it is and we are where we are. We only have ourselves to blame, remember that if nothing else.

  9. “blah, blah, blah, redistirbution of wealth and more economic armageddon…. and in closing – ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL!”

  10. “tufdan says: Sep 7, 2011 11:58 AM

    Can I place a bet as to the higher rated program???”

    But, you have to guess the right channel!
    Not that I care about the game, but I tune into a pregame channel just because I dont feel like hearing the same speech again.

  11. Funny how many people keep incorrectly decrying a speech about socialism and redistribution of wealth when they are waiting impatiently for one of the least capitalistic business models in the US to air its product (NFL).

  12. lottsmissingfinger:

    You forgot to mention the 9 billion per year the NFL makes for it’s franchises.

    That sounds pretty capitalistic to me.

  13. I’m sure this will get flagged down by the little liberal left-wing hacks at NBC, but Obumma is the most unqualified amateur I’ve ever seen in my life.
    This is what happens when a bunch of morons vote for an unvetted by the media community organizer whose never worked in the private sector.

    go Football!

  14. If I’m advertiser and they put my add during, or right after, this fiasco I’d be demanding my money back.

  15. half the doucebag teabaggers on here wont be allowed to watch the game. they have to turn on fox news cause their wife said so.

  16. I don’t know about all this “fuzzy math” but I wanna see some damn football already!

  17. @thefoodrapist

    It’s not a matter of ‘qualifications.’ That’s a cute and convenient line… for lazy people grasping at straws.

    But swallow the reality: In the last ten years 5 Million jobs have been outsourced. We’ve never faced this problem before and no one—not even your most clean-shaven, God fearing, flag pin wearing, non ethnic American man has come forward with a plan to create jobs that are never coming back.

    As for the pregame: Syfy? Really?

  18. Wait a second…hold on right there NBC. Isn’t NBC also required to carry a Republican response or equal length?

  19. @thefoodrapist
    He taught at private, for profit, University of Chicago for 12 years. It’s okay, I don’t like facts either.

  20. The Republicans get their time (without response) on Wednesday to play the “I’m a lot crazier than you!” game. It’ll be the funniest show on tv this month, guaranteed. Just wish Mama Grisly was going to be there to go round and round with Rick and Michele. Are you ready to lower the minimum wage and put ten year-olds to work sixty hours a week? Yeah!

  21. I feel like people have already forgotten he wanted to do the speech today but the Republicans complained about it overlapping with a debate in California. Boehner talked him in to tomorrow.

  22. @kingjoe1 No that I really care but Boehner said there will be no response. Google it if you care to know why.

    The channels carrying the pregame almost writes the inevitable jokes for Leno et al doesn’t it?

  23. Look at the GOP jerks during the debate!

    Obama will shut out the GOP! No plans to get Americans back to work. Same old Bush policies that got us in this MESS!!

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