Peyton Manning will not play Week 1 vs. Texans

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For the first time since Jim Harbaugh was the starter at the end of the 1997 season, the Indianapolis Colts will have a quarterback other than Peyton Manning at the helm when they open the season against the Houston Texans on Sunday.

Manning has been ruled out for Week 1, Colts Vice Chairman Bill Polian said on ESPN Radio 1050 in New York today.

Sunday will mark the end of Manning’s streak of 208 consecutive starts, the second-longest such streak in NFL history. Peyton’s brother Eli Manning now has the longest active streak, with 103 consecutive starts, and Brett Favre’s all-time record of 297 is safe for many years to come.

The Colts will be a completely different team without Manning, and after nine straight years in the playoffs with Manning at the helm, it’s hard to see them even being competitive without him. Kerry Collins was signed in August when the Colts realized how serious Manning’s condition was, but Collins can’t have the whole offense down pat yet, and even if he did, Collins is no Manning.

There’s no word yet on when Manning might be ready to return, but it’s clear that it’s taking him a lot longer than expected to recover from offseason neck surgery.

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  1. Wow. A summer full of uncertainty about if any of these guys would be back on the field this fall and the one guy.. the ONE GUY who never misses a game won’t be there. Get well Peyton.

  2. This reminds of Dumb N Dumber….When Jim Carrey opens the bar doors……..and proclaimed………..We have landed on the Moon….

  3. What an amazing run Peyton has had.

    What’s even more amazing is that at 35 and after 13 straight years and never missing a game, Peyton was still almost 6 full seasons away from breaking Favre’s streak.

  4. They should go with Painter instead of Collins. Then we’ll know how good the Colts’ offense is at tackling.

  5. Why is it so hard to see the Colts as competitive without him? Manning is terribly overrated and this will make itself evident. The Jags and Titans are no threat whatsoever in this division and the Texans always find a way to choke.

  6. somewhere…Favre is poppin bottles….

    kinda like how members of the ’72 fish pop bottles when a team doesn’t make the whole season undefeated

  7. Can you imagine what would happen if Peyton also missed the annual Pats/Colts game later this season? What would the talking heads on all the major networks do if that were to happen?

  8. Has any player in NFL history been more valuable to their team as Peyton Manning is to the Colts? Seriously, watch the game on Sunday and see how completely inept Indy is with Collins taking snaps.

  9. Wow, I guess it’s serious now.

    And we’re about to find out how good he really is, I suppose… Really, I don’t know what quarterback you can put behind center for that Colts team this season and expect to get 12 wins out of besides Manning.

    Their skill players really are middling at best.

  10. I think it’s safe to say now that Brett Favre’s streak is NEVER gonna be broken. Think about it: Manning was the only person that could’ve surpassed it.

  11. That says a lot about the record and how hard it is to stay on the field. I thought for sure he would break it. He never gets hit. I have never seen him take a big hit. Kind of looking forward to him getting back on the field so we can see if he can take a beating and still show up and play.

  12. The consecutive games streak is the most useless record in sports. How many times did Favre hurt the team with a bad game because he couldn’t grip the ball with his injured thumb? Think his backup, Aaron Rodgers, might’ve played better? But at least he kept the streak alive. Just like Ripken when he kept his streak alive while going through one of his many slumps instead of sitting down and letting someone healthy play.

  13. goawayeverybody says:
    Sep 7, 2011 12:35 PM
    Why is it so hard to see the Colts as competitive without him? Manning is terribly overrated and this will make itself evident. The Jags and Titans are no threat whatsoever in this division and the Texans always find a way to choke.


    You know nothing about football.

  14. Is the AFC South going to replace the NFC West as the worst division in football? Last year I would have said you are crazy, but this division looks awful now.

    The Texans literally have no excuses left…

  15. @johnnynnhoj

    I also thought Barber had the second longest streak followed by Fletcher from Washington….he must only be talking about quarterbacks

  16. It’s kinda weird (and meaningless, just interesting), the Harbaugh thing. Last QB to start for Indy b/f Manning,and now that he’s back in the NFL Manning’s not going to start.

    I hope golonger comes back on this one because Parcells flat out confirmed how simple the Colts offense is play wise.

  17. Then why isn’t Manning the MVP every year if he is that important. Didn’t the Pats go 11-5 without Brady?

    Either the Pats have always been WAY better than the Colts or Manning is WAY overrated . . .

  18. As much as folks have rightfully bashed Favre the last few years, this move only reinforces what a remarkable record the streak he accumulated is.

  19. Hey bozo,

    Ronde Barber has the longer active streak with 179 consecutive games (and counting).

    Get your facts straight, aish!

  20. I dont buy the “we will now see how great Manning is because he isnt going to play argument”

    We all know Manning is great, and the drop off by the Colts will surely be partially because of his absence, but it will also be effected by the Colts lack of planning for this exact situation. They have NEVER had a quality backup on that team behind the guy.

    the Packers had Aaron Rodgers behind Favre, the Pats had Cassell and now Hoyer behind Brady. Heck the 49ers had Bono and Young behind Montana.

    If the Colts go 4-12 without him its because heis missing AND his backup sucked.

  21. Very different situations.
    With Cassell, the Patriots STILL fell off 5 games from the season before and threw 29 fewer TD passes after they (essentially) threw out half the play book.

    New England was a really strong team even after losing the league’s MVP. The Colts would still have question marks if Manning were healthy.

  22. No one thought Cassel was a quality backup until Tom Brady went down. The difference here is that Peyton Manning has been destructible since he was drafted into this league.

    The Patriots have been a better team top-to-bottom for a decade. When Tom Brady was rolling in Super-Bowl trophies, it was as a game manager. As he’s become a more prolific passer, the team has won nothing.

    Peyton Manning is the Colts right now. No one expected the Patriots to fall apart when Brady went down because they have BB as a head coach; and in his tenure a very good and opportunistic defense that creates turnovers.

    Remember when Brady got hurt? All that was talked about was how “Matt Cassel, who hasn’t started a game since High School…”. That’s not a quality backup. He’s had a couple good years in the NFL, but get real. Cassel got a monster contract because he reaped the benefits of the juggernaut that is a BB run team; with the McDaniels offense.

    I would hate to see Peyton Manning sit out the entire year, but would almost like to see it just to reveal how amazing he really is. We’ve been spoiled in this era to have possibly the most consistent and brilliant quarterback ever taking snaps without interruption.

    With Manning: 12-4
    Without Manning: 2-14

  23. Favre had some “one snap” games during his streak. Remember the thumb injury???

    This is a statistic that really has no meaning anyway. If they really wanted it to be a marker of toughness it would be how many times they finished a game!

  24. godofware says:
    Sep 7, 2011 12:57 PM
    Then why isn’t Manning the MVP every year if he is that important. Didn’t the Pats go 11-5 without Brady?

    Either the Pats have always been WAY better than the Colts or Manning is WAY overrated . . .


    Patriots actually take the time to develop a back up QB the Colts don’t, and you can’t just give a player MVP because his back up sucks

  25. I have a pinched nerve in my neck. Ive had shots in my spine to relieve. They dont last very long in my case. He must have been almost completly numbe to allow someone to cut through his throat to get to his spine. (they go i more from the front and side then from the back like you all may be thinking). I hope he gets better but almost any dr that has knowledge in nerves will tell you if you can get back to 80% of what you were before the nerve got pinched consideryourself lucky. Most dr’s in the world wont touch neck nerves. Lower back nerves are bad enough. Personally, if manning isnt ready by week 4 i say sit him all season long. Make sure he gets mentally ready to play. I havent swung a golf club in over a year in fear that feeling will return a feeling so painfull you cant stand get out of bed right. If he cant go week 4 sit him……Let Andrew Luck learn from the GOAT!

  26. herokravon says:
    Sep 7, 2011 12:36 PM
    Should be ready for week 4, Im told.


    And your source is…..?

  27. goawayeverybody says:

    Why is it so hard to see the Colts as competitive without him? Manning is terribly overrated and this will make itself evident. The Jags and Titans are no threat whatsoever in this division and the Texans always find a way to choke.

    change your name to clueless.

  28. joegibbsisking – yes, there have been a lot of other players AS valuable if not MORE so…….Earl Campbelll, John Elway and Bert Jones are 3 that come to mind right away!

  29. There is a common perception that Manning is “irreplaceable” because the Colts have never bothered to try and develop a decent backup QB. Even at age 38 and coming out of “retirement”, Kerry Collins will provide a better picture of just how irreplaceable Manning is than what we have seen from Sorgi/Painter and others. With that said, Sorgi’s stats looked fine on the few occasions he was used by the Colts. I wouldn’t be too quick to write off the Colts completely if Manning is only out for 2-4 games. For sure, KC needs to learn to get rid of the ball quickly like PM and avoid the sacks or they will be using Painter.

  30. That’s too bad for Manning, Colts, fans and the rest of the NFL. Hope he gets better.

    Most of the comments I read are right on. But man, some of you need to turn off Madden & Yahoo Fantasy, go outside and throw a football around so you can get some prespective as to what these guy do every Sunday.

  31. “it’s hard to see them even being competitive without him”

    Yes and no. The division will keep them competitive deep into the season. If they’re within shot of a wildcard when Manning comes back, then it’s a new ballgame.

    And Collins is a good QB. This does put them a step behind Texas – who have changed little except what badly needed changing – but hardly out of the running.

  32. – I agree with you 100%

    People that have never played a down of football in their life think they know Manning is irreplaceable….LOL….but some sportscasters fall in the same trap…so…whatever!

  33. @brintfatre

    Brett Favre never had any one snap games. He always had at least 10 pass attempts per game until last year. Get your facts straight and stop being a liar. He actually played with that thumb injury.

  34. And the worst kept secret of week 1 is no longer a “secret”. I still refuse to give any other team in that division a chance at winning it until they actually do so.

    This is only a problem if he misses more than four games.

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