Report: New deal may be needed to solve Dez Bryant’s money troubles

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As Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant prepares for a regular season in which, if he stays healthy, he can make the right kind of headlines, he is wrapping up an offseason in which he made the wrong kind of headlines.  Though he has yet to be arrested, he continues to exude a sense of financial irresponsibility, with lawsuits arising from a bad habit of buying things without paying for them.

The red ink has gotten so thick that, according to Clarence E. Hill, Jr., of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Bryant may need a new contract in order to get his head above water.

Unfortunately, Bryant’s contract can’t be renegotiated for at least one more season.  Under the prior CBA, long-term rookie deals couldn’t be restructured or extended until the player has completed two years of service.  (Under the new CBA, rookies must live with their deals for three years.)

The fact that Bryant needs money demonstrates how much money he has wasted.  He earned $2.84 million in 2010, and he’ll get a base salary of $1.1 million in 2011.  He also received a $1 million roster bonus after the lockout ended.

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  1. Dez Bryant has talent but no brain. I hope this financial mismanagement wakes him up. But from what I read is he still spending like he has a $100million dollar a year contract.

    Jerry Jones sure know how to pick em.

  2. $2.84M, $1.1M and $1.0M. C’mon, Mike, please be nice and add it up. Dez might read this article and it’s obvious he could use the help.

  3. I’ve always thought this guy was a perfect fit on the Cowboys, given their history of irresponsible, diva-ish WRs.

  4. This is like me going to the president of my company….Well, i bought some beachfront property that i could never afford, and now i’m behind on the mortgage payments, i need a raise to offset the costs. I’m sure he will just hand over anything i need…..

  5. In other news, reports out of Washington indicate that congressional leaders have sought Bryant’s advice in planning the new federal budget.

  6. Dez never had anything so he doesn’t know how to handle it when he gets it. Hope he learns his lesson after this .

  7. This kid obviously is not responsible enough to handle money. In situations like these, the money just amplifies your inability to control yourself. Poor guy, hope he gets smart and hires a professional to deal with his finances.

  8. Bankrupt after his rookie year. Congrats Dez you’re the new record holder.

    What’s that saying about a fool and his money?

  9. So after about a year, he’s already spent at least $5M… wow.

    I guess that means that $55,000 rookie dinner tab he paid at Pappas Bros. Steakhouse was probably a normal outing, eh?

  10. Guess he was glad the lockout is over. No wait, he has the same amount of money now as he did during the lockout. What a knucklehead LOL. Guess when his playing days are over, he will be on a corner begging for money. What a waste, plenty of skills and no brains.

  11. How is it that these pro athletes are able to spend more in one year than what the average person makes in a lifetime? He needs to take a step back and look at how fortunate he truly is.

  12. How about a telethon for Dez? Bake sale? Jog-a-thon?

    Who cares about cancer…”Race for the Dez”

  13. Dez….buddy…this gives you a ton of leverage at the bargaining table..

    Powerpoint Presentation given by Jerry Jones…

    1. You are injury prone
    2. You are a diva
    3. You need this money a lot to save your butt

    So what number are you looking for Dez???

  14. Hearing stories like this makes me sick. I go to work everyday and live off of a salary of about 35,000 a year. And this guy is having money problems? Give me a break. I wish the idiots had to get a real 9 to 5 and then they can see what real financial problems are. This is why people from other countries hate america.

  15. This guy is a grown man but it seems he needs an allowance and a babysitter. Thats unfortunate.

  16. for the life of me I cant understand how guys that do this actually graduated from high school never mind went to college

    this is Finance 101

    jeez buddy wake up!

    PS – I am sure we would all like an Audi R8 but you dont see them in our driveway either. learn to say NO pal.

  17. You can’t be serious, the Cowboys aren’t going to restructure his contract because he can’t manage his money. It isn’t Jerry Jones fault that his new boy is a carbon copy of Congress. How these guys can’t live within their mean on millions of dollars is embarrassing. What a toolshed…

  18. It’s really upsetting to think of the thousands of players didn’t make it to the NFL and got nothing, and here’s a guy that did make it and just wastes it. One year of salary for this guy is still enough for an average American to live on for LIFE.

  19. You have got to be kidding, this is the height of stupidity. I’m sure many out there will make excuses for this lameass and say he’s immature and all that b.s.-he’s an idiot. Let him go to financial creditors like a normal person and work his debt off, this is his chance to grow up. As long as excuses are made no one will ever grow up and be responsible.

  20. Patriot42 says: Sep 7, 2011 8:11 AM
    Most of these guys get in a spending frenzy that would make Obama proud and have similar results.

    Did GWB cut spending? What about Ronnie Reagan?

    That answer is no and no.

  21. This guy’s an idiot. Anyone who thinks that giving him more money is a good idea is even dumber. He’s just going to end up further in debt. His stupidity may end up pushing him out of the NFL, even though he has the talent to outlast it.

  22. dont see how you can say the guy is broke if you aren’t privy to his accounts. just saying.

  23. I think Dez wants this to play out in court. Don’t forget that the signature on the bill of sale for the bling does not match Dez’s known signature! MY sources say that David Wells has already paid $15,000 to Eleow Hunt! he might be on the hook for the rest of it too!

  24. Tony Dungy said all these guys attend a seminar on financial management and responsibility at the NFL rookie symposium — and they generally laugh it off.

    Dez appears to be the most recent example.

  25. Nice pick Jerry. He fits right in with all the other morons who cry about how they need to make more money. No wonder these guys end up broke when they retire. I don’t feel sorry for any of them. I will thank them though for putting all their money back in the economy!

  26. Say what you want about his personal finances. You all know darn well, that if this guy stays healthy, he will torch anybody he wants and you’re scared crapless for your team to face him. In addition, you all tried to draft him for your fantasy team.

  27. When Deon Sanders washed his hands of this kid, I knew things like this would happen. Well, he’s in Dallas so he’ll fit in. He’ll be team distraction #1. Since I hate the Cowboys, it sounds like good news for me. Owners like Jerry Jones and Daniel Schneider helps out the division with their picks and agents signed. Go Big Blue!!!!

  28. Yeah keep laughing at him! But when you see how nice is jewelry is, we’ll see who is laughing then…..
    Really Jewelry???

    At least tell me he bought too much waterfront property or got cheated in a ponzi scheme, but F-ing jewelry, unbelievable. Well the bright side for us Dallas fans is he is already playing for his next contract! Maybe the dumber he is off the field the better he will HAVE to play! Jewelry…

  29. How will getting him getting a bigger contract solve his inability to spend only what you have? People forget that a lot of money doesn’t an unlimited source of money. C’mon peoples.

  30. Thinking about this the Cowboys deserve everything they get since they made him pay all that money for the team dinner last year (over $50.000). I guess people saw this coming…that’s why he dropped in the draft.

  31. jimmysee says:
    Sep 7, 2011 9:11 AM
    Tony Dungy said all these guys attend a seminar on financial management and responsibility at the NFL rookie symposium — and they generally laugh it off.

    Dez appears to be the most recent example.
    Absolutely right. In many cases in the NFL (and life for that matter), if you have someone who has never had anything and you hand him a stack of cash of any amount, and never show them how to use it, they’re going to blow it. Many of them go bankrupt a few years after playing. Some of them go bankrupt WHILE playing. This has nothing to do with the Cowboys. This has everything to do with the bad choices young men make. And sandzel, you are the epitome of ignorance.

  32. Bryant is known to be a down-to-earth individual. He had a rough upbringing, being raised by a single mother who spent 18 months in prison for selling drugs.

    Trouble with academics in high school scared away some teams, but his football acumen is sound.

  33. What is messed up is that there is still RACISM in this country all the effed up comments come from the fact that he is black, but WHITE PEOPLE mess their money up just as much as black people do its just never reported cause it aint a headline catcher unless it involves minorities. Trust Me Any Of You Idiots Had That Kinda Of money Thrown at you and your not use to having it Lets see how well you handle your new found wealth WHITES Love To Throw Stones But I Guess Thats Part Of Your Race The Feeling Of Entitlement!!!

  34. Is this really a suprise? A proven liar now a guy who don’t pay his bills.Why would you draft this guy in the 1st place in rd1? Why do they keep chasing freakin’ wrs?

    This Diva act from these wrs is a complete joke.It’s a case of monkey see monkey do.I wonder what kind of celebration he has planned if he catches a td? Freakin’ teenagers have more sense.

  35. The thought that this story is racist is taking it a bit far, I mean usually a lot these athletes are broke within a a few years of retiring not within a few years of getting drafted! The story is not about color but rather the level of stupidity, if Sam Bradford was broke it’d get the same press. These days even non-stories are stories the way this league is covered, do you know what site you’re on?

  36. Simply put, these athletes really need better financial advice. How many NFL players go broke during and after their playing days? way too many. If they actually thought about it for a second, if i was a first or second round pick, first thing i do is take half of my signing bonus after taxes and put in an account that gains at least 3% interest. 3% per million is $30,000. if i play 10 years and make 30 to 40 million after taxes, if i have saved half in the account i created when i first got in the league then i would have a minimum of 450,000 income just on interest alone. Seriously, it isn’t that difficult. the problem with these young guys is that they are too busy trying to outdo each other on material things. NO Guaranteed contracts…. get it together!

  37. Character as well as talent should be a factor in evaluating players at daft time.

    Some teams make it a priority.

    Some don’t.

    I believe the ones that don’t harm themselves with stuff like this that has to be devisive in the locker room and hurts the public perception of the team.

  38. When someone blows that much money on jewelry, something is missing within him. My guess is since he’s been poor all his life he now feels the need to make sure everyone knows he’s made it big and ironically it is proving to be his undoing. Low self esteem, it’s a b*tch.

  39. All haters! What do you think a kid that was ‘mentored’ by Deion Sanders is gonna do!? Save his Money??! ya right!

    He’ll get his head on straight and earn some cash and get better, hes a young kid. quit treatin him like JaMarucs Russell.

    You know many people in our day and age blow threw a FEW million, half the dimwits on here would be in the same boat. GO ahead and downvote me but you know its true.

  40. tsfinley says: Sep 7, 2011 8:31 AM

    This isn’t college. People aren’t going to walk up and just hand you cash, you make a salary now and must budget accordingly.

    thank you tsfinley that was awesome

  41. Well I Guarantee most of the negativity is not coming from other black people, What about the comment (Anotha Brotha With Money) Sure its a whte guy that cant stand see blacks with money, Im sure if Sam Bradford had the same thing going on it would not be reported or still have legs almost a yr after the story first was reported, im just sick of the Double Standards!!!
    Im Not Racist just sick of black people being dragged thru the mudd over stupid sh!t the man is 22 yrs old how the hell would u act at 22 white or black with millions of dollars and your use to struggle when you were growing up???? Most of you would be in same boat!!!

  42. blackgold4life says:
    Dez never had anything so he doesn’t know how to handle it when he gets it. Hope he learns his lesson after this .

    He blew through five million dollars in one year…..


    Dude can run like the wind, but he’s dumber than dirt. Guys like this never “learn”, they just go broke.

  43. And Bryant starting his Bling spree before he even signed his contract. Go back and read how these jewlers would give him a line of store credit because they were banking on a monster contract for him. IMO these “privateers” who roll out the red carpet to these kids with cash only perpetuate their idolitry of the material, are just as much to blame as the people that spend recklessly themselves.

  44. Oh…….he never had money…….he doesn’t know how to spend it…..Lets pity him…..Like we all grew up getting limo rides to school….Give me a break……..He and his “advisor” Wells were spending this kind of money way before he got kicked out of college, a college most of us are still paying for…..No fans, he’s not a rapper with unlimited income, as much as he and you morons want him to be….he has a structured salary, and only so much income…….and he pissed it away…why…..because he’s STUPID

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