The PFT postseason picks

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Earlier this week, Rosenthal and I shared our final four and Super Bowl predictions on PFT Live.

Now, we’ll pull a sheet off the full crew’s predictions of the entire playoff field.

The full list of predictions for every PFT writer appears below.

For those of you reading this in the Rumor Mill, “below” means “click the words in red.”


AFC:  (1) Patriots; (2) Ravens; (3) Texans; (4) Chargers; (5) Steelers; (6) Jets.

NFC:  (1) Packers; (2) Saints; (3) Cowboys; (4) Rams; (5) Falcons; (6) Lions.

Wild-card round:  Texans over Jets, Steelers over Chargers, Cowboys over Lions, Falcons over Rams.

Divisional round:  Pats over Steelers, Ravens over Texans.  Packers over Falcons, Saints over Cowboys.

Conference championships:  Patriots over Ravens, Packers over Saints.

Super Bowl XLVI:  Packers over Patriots.


AFC:  (1) Patriots; (2) Chargers; (3) Steelers; (4) Texans; (5) Ravens; (6) Colts.

NFC:  (1) Saints; (2) Packers; (3) Eagles; (4) Cardinals; (5) Falcons; (6) Cowboys.

Wild-card round:  Ravens over Texans, Steelers over Colts, Falcons over Cardinals, Eagles over Cowboys.

Divisional round:  Patriots over Ravens, Chargers over Steelers, Saints over Falcons, Packers over Eagles.

Conference championships:  Pats over Chargers, Saints over Packers.

Super Bowl XLVI:  Saints over Patriots.


AFC:  (1) Patriots; (2) Chargers; (3) Steelers; (4) Colts; (5) Jets; (6) Ravens.

NFC:  (1) Falcons; (2) Packers; (3) Seahawks; (4) Eagles; (5) Saints; (6) Lions.

Wild-card round:  Ravens over Steelers, Jets over Colts, Eagles over Saints, Seahawks over Lions.

Divisional round:  Patriots over Ravens, Chargers over Jets, Falcons over Seahawks, Packers over Eagles.

Conference championships:  Patriots over Chargers, Falcons over Packers.

Super Bowl XLVI:  Falcons over Patriots.


AFC:  (1) Pats; (2) Chargers; (3) Steelers; (4) Texans; (5) Jets; (6) Ravens.

NFC:  (1) Saints; (2) Packers; (3) Giants; (4) Rams; (5) Falcons; (6) Cowboys.

Wild-card round:  Steelers over Ravens, Texans over Jets, Falcons over Rams, Giants over Cowboys.

Divisional round:  Chargers over Steelers, Patriots over Texans, Packers over Giants, Saints over Falcons.

Conference championships:  Patriots over Chargers, Saints over Packers.

Super Bowl:  Patriots over Saints.


AFC:  (1) Chargers; (2) Ravens; (3) Jets; (4) Texans; (5) Pats; (6) Steelers.

NFC:  (1) Packers; (2) Falcons; (3) Cowboys; (4) 49ers; (5) Saints; (6) Eagles.

Wild-card round:  Steelers over Jets, Pats over Texans, Cowboys over Eagles, Saints over 49ers.

Divisional round:  Chargers over Steelers, Ravens over Pats, Saints over Packers, Falcons over Cowboys.

Conference championships:  Chargers over Ravens, Saints over Falcons.

Super Bowl XLVI:  Saints over Chargers.

178 responses to “The PFT postseason picks

  1. Good picks, pretty bold in some ways but this is just guessing right now. We got 17 weeks of great football ahead of this before this stuff is decided.

  2. captainwisdom8888 says:
    Sep 7, 2011 11:46 PM
    You collectively stand as fools…the birds are superbowl bound.

    that made me chuckle. Sure got a lot riding on Wholeeo Jones, don’t ya?

  3. MDS is a retard. Only 2 new playoff teams this year despite the fact that the NFL is averaging 6 new playoff teams every year?

  4. Why does the media STILL ride the Patriots SB wins from YEARS ago?! I don’t get it. They haven’t won a playoff game in years, yet every year, we have to read about how they’ll win the SB this year.

  5. I never thought in a million years I would be saying this, but……

    Mr. Flooorio nailed it RIGHT ON THE MONEY!!!!!

  6. no bears love.. it’s ok, got none last year and ended up an MCL away from the superbowl.

  7. As much as I appreciate MDS picking Seattle, his NFC divisional round features 1 vs. 3 and 2 vs. 4. Shouldn’t that be Falcons vs. Eagles and Packers vs. Seahawks???

  8. all you so called expert got it all wrong .the chargers,raven,steelers jets none of them will make it you ALL FORGOT THE OAKLAND RAIDERS .RAIDERS BABY ALL THE WAY .you so called experts are all idiots. you heard it here first the oakland raiders super bowl bound.

  9. captainwisdom8888 says:
    Sep 7, 2011 11:46 PM
    You collectively stand as fools…the birds are superbowl bound.


    I’m pretty sure MDS picked the right birds.

  10. So here we go again with the Texans, and how they will win the AFC South. Same story for the last five years.

    Need I remind everyone that the Texans were 6-10 last year and tied for LAST in the AFC South? So are we basing this prediction on a one-year-wonder of a Running Back in Foster?

    Is everybody writing off the Colts, Jaguars, and Titans?

    Last I saw, the Colts still have Dwight Freeney, and Robert Mathis. Last I saw, the Titans still have Chris Johnson. Last I saw, the Jaguars still have MJD.

    Everybody take a step back. The Texans have one, I repeat, one game above .500 in their history.

    Do not assume that the Texans are a lock against ANY AFC South team. They never have been! They won’t be this year!

    Everybody…stop. Please stop with the Texans. Until they prove it, they are SCRUBS!

  11. The Packers brought back all their best weapons on offence and defence and now have Ryan Grant and Jermichael Finley back in the fold (as well as an emerging James Starks). I don’t see that any team has improved enough (including the all-hype “mere puffery” Eagles) to take them down.

    Packers repeat.

  12. The Texans have never defeated the Jets when it counted. Not once. Ever. I TOTALLY see them getting that win in the franchises first taste of the postseason ever. /endsarcasm

  13. It’s going to be the 49’ers versus the Broncos in the biggest turn around Super Bowl in league history.

    Tim Tebow will come into to run the wildcat and the result will be three touchdowns and an MVP Award.

    (I don’t really believe any of that.)

  14. Digging the Lion love… from some of you.

    You guys who didn’t pick them… you KNOW good and well what you’ll be say in December…

    “I was SO close to picking them, I actually believed they’d do very well”

    But…it will be too late. You’re now on record.

    Any reconsiderations?

  15. Keep hating, you clueless bag of morons. The Cowboys after all their injuries? Really? The Lions? With their paper machet QB? HA!

  16. Four PFT teams that will not make the playoffs:
    Colts, Cowboys, Giants, Seahawks.

    Three PFT teams that will not make the divisional round:
    Cowboys, Giants Seahawks

    Two PFT teams that will not make the conference championship round:
    Chargers, Ravens

    One PFT team that will not make the SB:

    Other than these, you sorta, kinda have it almost right.

  17. Wow so many hating on the birds over a cooment that was made by the backup QB? Rosethal thinks the giants are gonna win the NFC east? We beat the gmen 6 straight times and look at the additions we made…the giants schedule is pretty tough too in the 2nd half… Giants 9-7, Eagles 11-5!!!

  18. You collectively stand as fools…the birds are superbowl bound.
    Sorry my friend, when you wake up, it’ll be Groundhog day again…

  19. You missed one team that will be in playoffs.

    The Cleveland Browns will be there.

    Pittsburgh,Colts,Giants,Rams,Lions & Cowboys will not be in playoffs! You guys missed it bad this year and don’t blame the lockout.

  20. Funny how it’s become trendy to not pick the Eagles this year because they signed the best players. Lost to the Pack by 5 in the playoffs and Akers missed 2 FGs that game that he would normally make. They killed Atlanta (with Kolb) and upgraded their weakest position with the consensus 2nd best corner in the nfl.

    Despite the offensive line holes last year they were still the number one offence in the nfc before resting the starters in week 17 and they return all skill position players and added a stud slot receiver.

    The Cowboys run a d that requires cover corners (which they don’t have) and have 4 new starters on the ol. The Giants were swept by the eagles last year despite having the “ultimate game plan” for stopping the eagles (and lost 5 starters on d and all continuity on the ol).

    I can understand the hype around the Pack, Saints and Falcons. Thankfully weeks 2 and 3 will be the new Eagles coming out party in front of a national audience.

  21. “You collectively stand as fools…the birds are superbowl bound.”

    MDS picked the Falcons.

  22. Wow a lot of love for the Chargers like that has panned out like ever haha they won’t do squat this year or the next or the next and they may make a run at the division but their time as the divisions best ended already and they aren’t going to be very good and that goes for the cowboys too how many players do they even have playing in the secondary? Even when their guys are healthy look awful so a little bit of reaching with those 2 teams but I’d take the chances of the cowboys and chargers being wild card teams that don’t make the league championship games

  23. ^ That ^ … Seriously the Colts? without Manning? … The Jets ?! Now that all they did this offseason was get OLD!… and did I see the seahawks and the 49ers up there? WTF

  24. SD underachieves year in and year out and yet are always picked to succeed. How many years has it been now? 6 straight? Man, if no results is the standard I guess Barack does stand a chance in 2012.

  25. Wow…all of you have your no.1 seeds making the Super Bowl. Way to go out on a limb guys! The fact it has happened twice in 20 years (1992 Dallas v Buffalo/2009 Saints v Colts) should mean nothing, right? While I will admit, preseason predictions are worthless (I actually think the Skins have a shot at a wild-card), you should at least look at history before you make ‘homer’ picks. You guys do a great job normally…have some stones and go out on a limb! COME ON, MAN!

  26. …and Arizona? You really think Kolb is gonna shake things up that much… Last time I checked when Kolb was starting Qb the only thing shook up was his brain cells after Clay Mathews drove little Kevin’s face into the dirt, child please

  27. captainwisdom8888 says:
    Sep 7, 2011 11:46 PM
    You collectively stand as fools…the birds are superbowl bound.

    Which birds?
    By my count there are as many as 5 named in this post.

  28. Was this posted pre, or post Manning turning into Christopher Reeves? Because Colts go nowhere without Peyton. Wish ya the best Peyton. Coming from a non Colts fan, the NFL collectively hurts without Manning

  29. I’m a SD fan but the Chargers will never get a 1st round bye or make it to the Super Bowl as long as Norv Turner is the coach and AJ “the idiot” Smith is GM! We have been over-hyped every year that Norv has been there and then we throw away games because Norv gets too conservative with the play calling and sucks under pressure! Plus the only run play in his playbook is “run up the middle!” Then he chokes even worse in the playoffs if we actually get there!


  30. captainwisdom8888 says:

    You collectively stand as fools…the birds are superbowl bound.

    Which birds? Cardinals, Falcons, Ravens, Seahawks? A flock of geese cruising down from Canada? Could you be a little more specific?

  31. captainwisdom8888 says:
    Sep 7, 2011 11:46 PM
    You collectively stand as fools…the birds are superbowl bound

    Of course they are. No one can beat the “dream team”. = )

    Can’t wait to see them fall on their faces…then we can cue another year of excuses & delusional expectations.

    Every year like clockwork.

  32. Chargers, huh? Well, if you sit on that curveball long enough, eventually you will make contact! Otherwise, it seems like a fantasy football basement management meeting. You guys get paid? Or is it more of a parental rent discount?

  33. The picks are in. If your team is not among them, well then, you can only pick…….your nose!

  34. I guess I missed the part of the offseason where Cornerbacks came raining down on the Lions and also the memo listing the names of more than 2 Falcons defenders.

  35. After year and years of misery, it’s pretty awesome to see a list like this where every person predicts my Falcons to make the playoffs, and four of the five predict at least one postseason win. Finally i have a team i can be proud of.

  36. Alright, if the Lions make it to the playoffs there is no way in hell they’re losing to the seahawks.

  37. captainwisdom8888 says:Sep 7, 2011 11:46 PM

    You collectively stand as fools…the birds are superbowl bound.

    The Seahawks, or the Cardinals?

  38. I can’t wait for the chargers to crash and burn, and crush the dreams of everyone who thinks they are goin somewhere…. Don’t sleep on Oakland, We’re Comin For You!!!!!

  39. Texans vs Falcons in the Super Bowl…the Chargers are once again this year’s biggest bust, rivaled only by the Eagles! Has anyone ever gotten less from more than Andy Reid?

  40. Funny how everyone has the NFC West as one and done on the playoffs yet they have won at least one playoff game for the past 10+ seasons. Some people never learn.

  41. The Birds? WTF, Eagles? Falcons? Cardinals? Seahawks? Be specific man, there are too many arial team names in this league. Not that it matters anyway, the Patriots are going all the way.

  42. WTF the Cowboys and the Giants appearing several times?

    The Giants are the walking wounded. They’ve lost a bunch of important players to IR. How are they play off bound? I don’t see it. Plus Eli hasn’t looked good at all in pre-season. Yeah its pre season but still it looks like more of what the saw from him last year. Without the injuries I might see it but with them? I don’t see how you pick them.

    The Cowboys? They’re in a better position than the Giants but I don’t see them getting in either. Offense should be good but the defense. Its aging fast and its not good. It wasn’t good last year and it wasn’t good in the pre-season so what are you basing this on? Oh the got Rob Ryan whoopty ish. Wade Phillips who I think is in over his head when it comes to being a HC is miles better than the long haired twin.

    That these two teams seemed to have gotten picked to go to the post season more often than Philadelphia is head scratching. The Cowboys got picked to go 4 times the Giants 1 and the Eagles 3 with one of those times the Cowboys being slotted ahead of them. I just don’t see it.

    MDS makes the most sense at a quick glance although I don’t really like the Falcons D so I can’t see them making it to the SB and I’d wait until their QB actually won a play off game to make that prediction.

  43. Eagles are gonna choke hard bruh. fall back.

    guess lots of dudes think Peyton is coming back.

  44. Silva’s closest to what I would have said. Packers started last year horribly and still won. Hard to see how they aren’t better this year. Tough to pick against them. Even for a Pats fan.

  45. captainwisdom8888 says:

    You collectively stand as fools…the birds are superbowl bound.

    Says the guy that doesn’t realize there are 4 teams in the NFC and 1 in the AFC using a bird as a mascot. Although that does significantly improve your chances of being right, lol.

  46. Raiders win AFC West, Pats and Eagles will win their Conference and Nnamdi Asomugha’s dream comes true as the former Raider goes on to win the Super Bowl with the Eagles. About time Andy Reid!!! Most underrated coach in football.

  47. Nary a one of you pick the Bears for even a wild card? Psshh.
    Here’s the facts – Bears successfully defend NFC North crown, best the Giants for the NFC conference diadem and upset the Patriots for the World championship. Write it down.

  48. LMFAO….how much do you fools love the Cowboys? Maybe if you weren’t so in love with them you would realize that they suck and have zero chance of making the playoffs….

    by far the worst predictions I have ever seen….how many times will it take before you fools realize there are surprise teams every year….. Nobody picked the Packers to win the super bowl last year….you guys basically just picked all the teams that made the playoffs last year….with the exception of your beloved Cowboys…… just pathetic, you guys have NO BALLS.

  49. You collectively stand as fools…the Steelers are superbowl bound.

    @Alper. Chargers? That’s hilarious.

  50. Hate on my Eagles like you probably hate on the Heat. It’s all good I went against them too and always root against the Yankees.
    But tell me, how are we the so-called “Dream Team” if no one is picking us?
    The expectations dropped, but somehow you will make the label will stick right?

  51. You gotta love how most of these guys can’t even get match ups right from their own predictions. Definitely a collection of wizards here

  52. am i missing some inside joke where talking heads include the Cowboys every year in their playoffs predictions? Does Jerry pay you guys to include them in the conversation? After 4 years in a row it is starting to get tiresome.

  53. captainwisdom8888 says: “You collectively stand as fools…the birds are superbowl bound.”

    ummm . . . which “birds”?

    That said, there are far too many people here picking the Chargers to get beyond round #1 of the playoffs, and that’s assuming that they even make the playoffs. It is the Chargers, after all

  54. i’m not trying to be disrespectful but i dont think the cowboys will see the post season and i’ll say the same about the ravens although both are good teams i dont think either one will see the post season this year the pats & jets maybe neck & neck for the afc east with one of them ending up with a wild card. pitt. will get the north the texans may surprise everyone & win the south and the chargers will win the west and indy may start without manning but they will finnish with him and be good enough for the last wild card. the eagles will win the east,the falcons will get the south green bay gets the north and the rams will win the west with the lions & giants as wild card teams

  55. I guess people don’t see the Jets doing much and also how is the Chargers over the Chiefs and Raiders is beyond me the Chargers lose there biggest play maker Sproles but get better how is that ?

  56. You sir, are the fool…there are 5 “bird” teams in the NFL. Care to narrow it down, or you just being vague so you can possibly claim to be right later on?

  57. AFC : (1) Chargers ; (2) Pats ; (3) Steelers ; (4) Texans ; (5) Jets ; (6) Ravens

    NFC : (1) Eagles ; (2) Falcons ; (3) Packers ; (4) Rams ; (5) Saints ; (6) Lions

    Wild-card round : Steelers over Ravens , Jets over Texans , Packers over Lions , Saints over Rams

    Divisional round : Chargers over Jets , Pats over Steelers , Eagles over Saints , Falcons over Packers

    Conference Championships : Chargers over Pats , Eagles over Falcons

    Super Bowl XLVI : Eagles over Chargers

    Everyone knows Philly’s squad is elite , and you haters are gonna have a looonnnggg season . I put more stock into Harold Campings predictions then the non-sense I just read. GO EAGLES !!!

  58. i simply don’t understand the love for the saints. did anyone notice how many pics brees threw last year?
    Colston’s knees are suspect, bush is gone, Ivory is injured, which leaves pierre thomas, running on a surgically repaired ankle, and ingram, an oft injured rookie. They will miss the playoffs this year.

  59. people underestimate the offense and defense of the raiders. look at last years stats. one year more mature and ready to take the next step. also, where are the bears in this?

  60. I know it is easy to say repeat and the odds are stacked against them, like all teams, but the Packers stand the best chance out of everyone in the NFL. How can you doubt that when their JV was able to bring home the Lombardi last year?

  61. The bucs will make playoffs, the falcons are not as good as everyone seems to think we’ll see how they do with having to follow up a 13-3 season the target gets much bigger and everyone just slaps the lions in the playoffs for what reason again? They are a good young team and I think they will finish 2nd in their division but it will be three teams from the south before the lions get in and the cowboys get in too? You guys need to email me your weedmans number if its thats good because you’re on something to think the lions and cowboys who were both what 6-10 last year? Will both make the playoffs if all the writers honestly think that then im about to go to other sites such as profootballzone for my news especially since you guys are totally ignoring the al michaels rips al davis story you bloggers at pft are a joke and not a good joke either.

  62. The whole PFT board sucks at making postseason picks. 2 people are against the Eagles making the playoffs. None had them getting a playoff bye, and none had them making the NFC championship game and consequently the SuperBowl. Mark my word PFT, you will eat your words come February. And you can delete this comment if you want but you will know deep inside that this comment was not in your subconscious mind but real.

  63. Where they will lose.

    I love how only Rosenthal picks the Giants to even MAKE the playoffs. This team vastly underachieved last year and won 10, and despite the injuries thus far, still has the same main playmakers. Please tell me how they won’t win AT LEAST 10?

    Anyway, I love when we are not touted, we play better that way.

  64. Four columnists, four different choices for the NFC West, it may be seen as the weakest of the divisions but it seems it is also seen as the most competitive 🙂

  65. MDS has the Seahawks winning more games than the Eagles with Travaris Jackson as their starting QB? And he’s aware they play 10 of the 16 games outside of the division? Let me get some of that MDS.

  66. I have to agree with captainwisdom. Some of you are dumb enough to not even have the Eagles in the playoffs!! I think I could do a better job as a football analyst then most of you on this site. So where my job offer ??

  67. Giants winning the NFC East Rosenthal? Wow. I don’t know a Giants fan that thinks that.

    You guys underestimate the Eagles a whole lot.

    Most talented team they’ve had since they went to the Super Bowl and most of you don’t have them in the playoffs.

    Looks to me like a group of writers just trying to get page clicks…

  68. Perhaps, captainwisdom, perhaps. However, there have not been many Super Bowl teams that were still messing around with their starting offensive line a few days before the season was scheduled to start.

  69. @captainwisdom8888

    Haha depends on if they learned anything from the spanking A-rod and the Packers laid on them last season in their own dome.

    Packers are going to be hard to beat this year, unless A-Rod gets hurt.

  70. captainwisdom: which birds? Eagles? Ravens? Falcons? Two out of three?

    I guess you’ve made a fair pick as long as you didn’t mean Seahawks or Cardinals.

  71. As a Falcon fan. I love that someone thinks the Falcons could win the Super Bowl, especially over the Patriots. But, I still have my doubts thanks to the defense. I would be happy to win just a playoff game. Ecstatic to win the whole thing though. Good luck falcons!

  72. you mean Seattle isn’t going to win the Superbowl?
    But, but, they beat the Saints last year in the playoffs.

  73. Get off of the popular talking head picks. Hop aboard the bandwagon which will come through for a change (Think Mavericks v. Heat only w pigskin). Jets over Eagles in the SB! Book it!

  74. Lol, I get it… Picking the Eagles not to make the playoffs is fun, but do you really believe it?

    Actually, the one that I find most comical is the guy that has so little regard for the NFCE that he has the Eagles winning the division, but taking the 4 seed… Behind the SEAHAWKS, one of the worst teams in the league.

  75. The single easiest way to look like a football “expert” over the last six years has been to just pencil in the Steelers for the Super Bowl. They made the big game last year with a hobbled Polamalu, Ben missing 4 games and waterboys on the offensive line. They will be BETTER this year. Still, not one of the PFT gurus picked the Steelers for the big game. Amazing!

  76. Glad to see some people still believe the Colts will shine through. I don’t get the massive Patriots love, all Colts fanism aside. The Pats o-line showed what happens when a real d-line takes control. Not too mention, no deep threat. Anything can happen, but they aren’t going anywhere, imo.

    If it isn’t the Colts in Indy for XLVI, I’m taking the Chargers to win it all. If the Colts pull off the incredible and go to the SB with Manning back at the helm, it will not only be history, but one of the greatest NFL stories, ever.

    Go Colts!

  77. You guys say the same thing year after year, this is San Diego`s year. I feel sorry for the Chargers fans because they are the biggest let down team in the league and there soft.

  78. Hell yes wisdom I’m with ya man but well just have to rub it in when half the teams they predicted ahem cowboys duh… Don’t even make the play offs

  79. You guys don’t know anything that’s why you sit behind computers all day. 2 of biggest morons don’t even have the EAGLES making the playoffs the other moron has Seahawks ahead of us. I will admit the Saints and Packers might be ahead of us but they are passing teams and we have the best CB tandem in the league. This is our year

  80. Gotta be different Mike? Chargers? I don’t even think you will see them in the playoffs.
    I certainly would not take you to the race track with me.
    SB Patriots vs Packers

  81. You guys at PFT are idiots and Eagles haters. Like for real, give credit were credit is due and the Eagles can match up with he Packers, Saints and Falcons not to mention our explosive offense.

  82. For the ones who picked the Jets to lose in the first round:

    That may happen but it wont be to the Texans, Revis will make Andre Johnson disappear and exactly what else are they going to use to beat us? Answer=nothing. Texans are soft and may make the playoffs but wont be a hard nosed team like the Jets or Ravens.

  83. There’s been a lot of heat sent the Saints way — but playing in a tough division, if/when they get to the playoffs, they may not have a high seed.

    Those four games with Atlanta and Tampa Bay will be tough.

    Unless they can run the table, or come close, in their own extremely competitive division, it’s hard for me to see they’ll be seeded #1 in the NFC.

  84. @jacksaysfhismother

    Egirls will choke. No superbowl for you. Keep flapping your little egirl bejabbers. Same old same old blah blah blah and no SB hardware.
    Get your excuses ready after running your piehole all preseason.

  85. Most people attribute “Never make predictions, especially about the future” to Yogi Berra, who also said “The future ain’t what it used to be.” Which will mostly be the case by week five.

  86. I keep hearing how bad my cowboys are going to be this year but almost everyone had them in the playoffs. Please explain

  87. It seems most of the predictions wherever you read them have the same basic teams in whatever order.

    The Texans are the flavor of the month with most people expecting PM to be out longer than expected. Some are saying,whole season.

    LY, the Vikings were predicted by many to win it all. We know how that worked out.

    It will be interesting to see what team no one saw making the playoffs.

  88. There’s this one team that everybody is forgetting…ughhh its on the tip of my toungue…

    Star quarterback going into his third year…only room for improvement…

    Several key starters just going into their second year…nooo….they couldnt possibly get better….

    9 starters coming back from injury…nah that wont make a difference…

    Oh right…we don’t sell out games so we don’t exist.

  89. I absolutely LOVE that no one is picking the Eagles to do anything in the postseason… dismiss them now, that’s fine with me… with the new schemes trying to come together, they very well could be 3-3 when they hit their bye, but after that, LOOK OUT!!!

  90. This is why I read PFT for news and not analysis. Most of you are picking the Cowboys who have one of the worst secondaries in the NFC not to mention a porous and very young OL.

    No wait. Let’s choose the Giants because their roster resembles a MASH unit. I’m sure all the 2nd and 3rd string players will step in admirably and take the East with ease.

    I swear you guys at PFT had an office party bender and played pin the Super Bowl guess on the donkey coming up with these.

  91. Anyone picking the Chargers, Texans, or Falcons to win anything, hasn’t watched any football.

  92. ok.. 2 things.

    1. MDS, you have Seahawks winning a playoff game again.. i see its against the lions, but obviously you have to think the lions are a really good team if u have them as the wild card coming from THAT division, so you must think the seahawks are like superbowl contenders lol.

    2. Bears were in NFC championship game last year and no1 picks them to make the playoffs hahah. I don’t think they will make the playoffs either but thats just awesome

  93. I love the miserable Jests fans on here dissing the Pats. You people need to realize that Joe Namath sold his soul for the one SB ring the Jests are ever going to own.

    Meanwhile, the Pats are going back to yet another SB and this time they will not give an INFERIOR NFC team any hope. The foot will be on the throat.

  94. Four out of five picked the Pats in the SB, despite a 25th ranked defense. Idiots.

    I would put more stock in the picks of 5 random posters…


  95. raidermanrock says:Sep 8, 2011 12:00 AM

    RAIDERS BABY ALL THE WAY .you so called experts are all idiots. you heard it here first the oakland raiders super bowl bound.


    How will the entire team get tickets? The Crypt Keeper buying them?

  96. dbellina says: Sep 8, 2011 12:04 AM

    I’m not even a Patriot’s fan, but they are going to win the Superbowl this year.

    With THAT defense? Fat chance.

  97. asublimeday says: Sep 8, 2011 12:34 PM

    Keep giving the bears no love, well keep winning playoff games.

    Hard to take them seriously with no offensive line… hell, NO OFFENSE and an overrated defense that relies upon the intentionally-unkempt choppy field conditions at Soldier.

  98. halo81 says: Sep 8, 2011 3:12 AM

    Giants winning the NFC East Rosenthal? Wow. I don’t know a Giants fan that thinks that.

    You guys underestimate the Eagles a whole lot.

    Most talented team they’ve had since they went to the Super Bowl and most of you don’t have them in the playoffs.

    Looks to me like a group of writers just trying to get page clicks…

    A good number of us expect the Giants to win the division. The Eagles are all hype and haven’t improved upon what doomed them last year. The Giants won 10 with even MORE key players on IR last year. They’ll win at least 10, if not 11 or 12 this year. The Eagles will probably win 10 max. Vick won’t repeat what he did the first 8 games he played in last season.

    And can we STOP with the Patriots BS? You can’t win with just a dink and dunk offense. They can’t stop ANYONE on defense, yet people are incredulously picking them to win the division, or even do anything more than back into the playoffs (which is what I see), MUCH LESS getting to the Super Bowl and winning it.

    Yet those same people think the Giants are “in trouble”, when we have more talent on both sides of the ball. Makes sense.

  99. There you idiots go again, completely underestimating the Buccaneers. Don’t forget, buffoons, that the only thing constant about playoff teams from one year to the next is that they will change drastically.

    The Bucs are far better than the overrated teams you threw in there due to your ignorance.

  100. dbellina says:Sep 8, 2011 12:04 AM

    I’m not even a Patriot’s fan, but they are going to win the Superbowl this year.


    …and on the flipside, I AM a Patriot’s fan, and they aren’t going to win the Superbowl this year.

  101. For the NFC, MDS has NFC: (1) Falcons; (2) Packers; (3) Seahawks; (4) Eagles; (5) Saints; (6) Lions

    Wild-card round: Eagles over Saints, Seahawks over Lions.

    Divisional round: Falcons over Seahawks, Packers over Eagles.

    Conference championships: Falcons over Packers.

    Super Bowl XLVI: Falcons over Patriots.

    SO…..if the 3 and 4 seeds both win, that leaves the 1, 2, 3, 4….1 would play 4 and 2 would play 3….MORON!!!

  102. For the NFC, MDS has NFC: (1) Falcons; (2) Packers; (3) Seahawks; (4) Eagles; (5) Saints; (6) Lions

    Wild-card round: Eagles over Saints, Seahawks over Lions.

    Divisional round: Falcons over Seahawks, Packers over Eagles.

    Conference championships: Falcons over Packers.

    Super Bowl XLVI: Falcons over Patriots.

    SO…..if the 3 and 4 seeds both win, that leaves the 1, 2, 3, 4….1 would play 4 and 2 would play 3….MORON!!!

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