Charles Woodson avoids ejection after punching David Thomas


Packers cornerback Charles Woodson was surprisingly not ejected on Thursday night after punching Saints tight end David Thomas.

Thomas blocked Woodson on a running play, and Woodson seemed to think Thomas was continuing to block after the play was over. So Woodson hauled off and delivered what announcer Cris Collinsworth called “an uppercut down low.”

It initially appeared that Woodson punched Thomas in the groin, although replays showed that he actually connected to Thomas’s abdomen. Either way, punching an opposing player usually results in an ejection, and it’s surprising that the officials let Woodson keep playing. The Packers were assessed a 15-yard penalty for Woodson’s punch.

Saints coach Sean Payton was gesturing to the officials that they should kick Woodson out of the game, and former NFL head of officiating Mike Pereira wrote on Twitter that Woodson should have been ejected. They’re right: Woodson is extremely lucky that he wasn’t thrown out.

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  1. Well if Goodell does what he’s supposed to, he will suspend the idiot for the next game. But he will look at all the money and just fine him. Watch!

  2. Say what you want, but Suh and James Harrison are called dirty players but you never see them throwing upper-cuts after the whistle.

  3. Hey….it’s the Packer way….hold, hit, bite, before the play, during the play or after the play! The shame of it all is the lousey officiating, and Woodson not getting ejected. Goodell needs to suspend Woodson and the ref.

  4. I expect more from the defensive leader of a team.

    The Packers defense got frustrated and it showed loud and clear right there. The guy was shoving on him after the play, but 2 wrongs don’t make a right.

    I won’t be suprised if he is suspended next week.

  5. Yeah, should be suspended next game after this.

    Instead he’ll get slap on the wrist fine.

    He already gets away with mauling receivers on a regular basis. now gets away with this. disgusting.

  6. he wears green and gold not black and gold – the new poster boys for the NEW NFL – low contact, passive defense, lots of scoring, thank you Roger you actually changed this sport, I’m so glad that those mean mean defensive backs are no longer allowed to light up the track star receivers as they freely zip across the field – remember NFL Films Crunch Course – say goodbye

  7. Why would he be able to stay in the game? The ref made a mistake. Woodson should be fined and suspended, but the NFL won’t have the guts to do it.

  8. Bad reaction to a play he didn’t like. He’ll be fined accordingly.


    1-0 BABY!

    Two SB winners collide, the better team wins…

    See y’all in Indy…

  9. There’s no excuse for the ref missing that one. Woodson should get a one game suspension (get kicked out of the next game) since he didn’t get kicked out of this game. If I was a Saints fan, I would be upset, because his ejection could have impacted the outcome of the game being that it was so close.

  10. Exhibit 4,356 in favor of the case for switching to professional refs. These amateurs have blown so many calls over the past few years that it’s impossible to keep track of them all. If you paid them like pros and held them accountable for such idiotic calls, this crap would diminish considerably.

  11. He got away with it because they all get away with it …… Once every 2 or 3 years a player is ejected for supposedly throwing a punch ……

    You don’t mess with a future HOF’er …….

  12. The NFL likes to pick and choose what Teams they like to help by giving a little nudge one way or the other. Seymour Ejected, Woodson gets a pass. Was the game boring or what.

  13. I was surprised at Woodson because that was really dirty … and he did it in a surreptitious way as though he was deliberately trying to hide it from the refs. But if they saw it or they wouldn’t have flagged him for the personal foul. Throwing a punch is an automatic ejection. But of course, Goodell wouldn’t want his opener marred by an ejection. And we know for Goodell the rules are all about public perception, not fair play. So instead of dealing with the penalty during the game as the rules require, he’ll probably fine Woodson after the fact. Then again, knowing Goodell … maybe not.

    It’s a shame because otherwise it was a fantastic game.

  14. Saw Woodson play in Denver a few years back, the game that Favre threw a TD to win it in OT.

    Woodson is one of the dirtiest players I have seen play, cameras miss quite a bit. Always holding and cheap-shotting the other team.

    At least a nice 20k fine is coming for him.

  15. Ridiculous. And how can the NFL justify suspending him or fining him now after not doing it to Suh in the preseason? Things should be judged on a case by case basis, but these 2 cases are pretty similar and yet will be handled COMPLETELY different.

  16. Fun game to watch, Packers looked awesome. Props to Breesus and Sproles for keeping the Saints in it until the end, but gadzooks that D was putrid for the most part.

  17. listen to you turds….this guy donates more money to charity to Michigan hospitals then you’ll make in 2 lifetimes. That said, should’ve been tossed…
    hicks in green bay…..?
    have you been to Lose-E-Ana……? i’m goin’ with a no.

  18. Well, obviously, using Suh Rules, Charles Woodson is a dirty player and should be suspended and fined, or even banned from football for his dirty play.

    Oh, wait…

    Charles Woodson plays for the World Champion Green Bay Packers. Thus, it’s okay for him to punch opposing players. It’s only players who don’t play for the Packers, Steelers and Bears who should get penalized, suspended and fined.

    Yes, well…there’s James Harrison, but every policy requires an exception, so people realize it’s *fair*. And, of course, you gotta absolutely bury those dirty practice squad guys…take about half their checks every week, til it’s paid, too. No one is exempt.

    Certainly glad we got that clarified, or there might have been a terrible mistake made.

    (sarcasm intended)

  19. This I guarantee if C.Wood still played for Oakland and did that, he’d have been tossed. And in your hearts you know I’m right.

    There is a double standard in this league.

  20. they drink hurricanes instead of buying a toothbrush down there…who you kidding?

    who dat? (crickets on bourbon street)

    good luck in your sally division… and done, if Atlanta lets you in.

  21. At least he was smart enough not to punch him in the helmet…

    I agree he should have been ejected but I can’t say I agree that he should be suspended. He should be heavily fined though.

  22. benh999 says:
    Sep 8, 2011 11:24 PM

    Those hicks in GB would’ve rioted if he was ejected. Smart no-call.


    Those hicks have the Lombardi trophy.

  23. The refs ignored the action that caused the reaction. So did the networks. The maddeningly random way that rules are applied will kill pro football.

  24. Rules don’t apply to certain players and what teams they play for. Any other player on any other team, automatic ejection.

  25. Charles Woodson should have been ejected, no question.

    He should also be fined heavily.

    Suspending him a full game would be moronic and inconsistent. Hold Woodson out for one quarter and five minutes, the same amount he would have lost if ejected, as he should have been.

    Very disappointed in one of my favorite players. He needs to exhibit more self control.

  26. lol at saints fans crying about a dirty play…

    weren’t all of you bragging about breaking favre’s ankle?

    pot calling the kettle black much…

    but yeah, it was a dirty play no doubt.

  27. And this will be swept right under the rug. Just like the way he rides bigger recievers like a piggy back and never get’s called for it.

    Yet, Ndamukong Suh is a big meanie for playing tackle football. Psht.

  28. obxastronaut says: Sep 8, 2011 11:21 PM
    As a Packers fan, that was unacceptable… but we all do things we regret later – im sure he will
    Oh sure he will, to the tune of about $50K.
    benh999 says: Sep 8, 2011 11:24 PM
    Those hicks in GB would’ve rioted if he was ejected. Smart no-call.
    Hicks eh? And where are you from jackass?

  29. Kind of a catch 22. Block clearly went past the whistle, punching another player clearly an ejection call. . . Both were missed. Fine at most.

  30. By not ejecting him from the game all the refs did was send the message that this kind of behavior is okay in the NFL and wont be punished. Poor sportsmanship aside I say that ref should pay a fine for not making the proper call and enforcing the RULES of the game. You throw a punch you deserve to leave and that goes for EVERY player. Had this been any other team playing I think the refs would have tossed him in a heart beat, but the SB champs it seems get a lot of leeway.

  31. as a packer fan, i’m embarassed by woodsons’ actions. he should have been ejected.i’m sure he’ll be fined. that is not his normal style of play and i hope he apologizes for his actions.

  32. Take a closer look and you will see Woodson didn’t throw the first punch, his just landed better. And it’s always the second guy who gets caught.

  33. The NFL will fine him $25,000. But that’s okay, because he can pay it in 10 instalments of $2,500 each.

    Let’s see if the NFL can actually distinguish between a hard hit or an actual dirty play. A clear violation of the rules that no one can defend. No debate here. So what kind of fine will it draw? $75,000? Or $5,000?

  34. Welcome to the NBA, where rules are selectively enforced depending on what jersey you wear and the number you have.

  35. And…cue the whinning Steelers’ fans: “life is unfair”; “Goodell only picks on James Harrison”;blah-blah. Yes, Woodson should have been ejected from the game. No, there is no plot to “get” the steelers. Everything is NOT about you. Ever consider that your beloved steelers keep saying/ doing things that paint a huge spot light on themselves?? Of course not…God forbid!!

    Just because a man wears a zebra uniform, it doesn’t mean he’s immune from making a bad decision.

    I’m almost willing to bet Woodson at least gets a big fine, if not a 1 game suspension.

  36. I was really surprised both that he wasn’t ejected, and that he acted the way he did. I didn’t see anything to provoke anything like that. I think he should definitely be suspended 1 game, but I doubt that he will be.

  37. The Packers are a darling team of the NFL, that’s why. Wouldn’t the “leap” be excessive celabration in any other stadium?

  38. “all this talk about Suh being dirty. Never seen him do something that cheap.”

    Yes, because grabbing guys by their heads and throwing them down when the ball is clearly out of their hands isn’t dirty. I mean, he could have injured a guy’s neck, but at least he didn’t throw a punch.

    Woodson could get fined. It was stupid for him to do so. If he gets suspended, the Packers have the Panthers next – they’ll get by. But people are acting like he had brass knuckles and clocked the guy in the face. His fist moved like 6 inches into the guy’s stomach. His victim will survive – probably without any bruising.

  39. Absolutely a low class move by Woodson, and he should be suspended AT LEAST one game, possibly two. He was punching where he knew there was no padding. Suh taking a swipe at someone’s facemask brought Packer fans out screaming about him being dirty and how he should have been suspended for that…a punch he didn’t even connect on to the facemask.

    What, pray tell, do they think should happen to Woodson?

    Fine him, suspend him.

  40. I’ll have to see the video of the incident. After all the bogus “Ndamukong Suh is dirty” articles, I’m suspicious of people saying certain players should be ejected.

  41. keramidas21 says: Sep 8, 2011 11:59 PM

    The punch was not as bad as people are making it sound, but still, a punch is a punch. That was not like Woodson at all to do something like that.

    Watch the tape, he actually punches him twice……………………twice, which actually make the non-ejection even worse, epic fail on the refs part IMO

  42. purpleisreallypinkyouknow:

    I cannot believe you and other pathetic, sore loser vikings fans who still cannot get over losing the nfc championship game to new orleans two years ago. You have no criticism of your “hall of fame” running back who fumbled about twelve times. No criticism of your hall of fame quarterback who threw the game losing interception. Only hate for the saints and the refs because “you was robbed. ” Look at it this way – the saints saved you from being the only team to go 0-5 in Super Bowls.

  43. I don’t think it’s suspendable really. Should’ve been an ejection by the rules but at least the ref threw the flag and enforced the yardage. Not to be a “whining” Steeler fan but compared to the non-call against Ngata for busting Ben’s shnoz last year I’m satisfied that there’s been some improvement.

  44. The replay clearly showed the ref staring at Woodson when the scuffle occurred. The ref had the good sense to throw the flag but turned a blind eye to the sucker punch. And this wasn’t even an open handed head slap; this was a closed fist punch to the gut. Home cookin there. Stay classy Green Bay!

  45. Woodson gets away with punching a lineman in the gut and the Packers are complaining about the pass interference call on AJ Hawk. But even with Woodson in the game, Brees throws for 419 yards and has a chance to tie to the game at the end. Bigger things to worry about in GB than the officiating (which was one-sided, as usual). How do you spell crazy? G-R-E-E-N B-A-Y!

  46. musicman495–“Only hate for the saints and the refs because “you was robbed. “”–So even though Woodson punched a guy, he shouldn’t have been tossed? Let’s come back and chat when the Packers lose–no one likes whine with their cheese more than Packer fans.

  47. dspack–“Take a closer look and you will see Woodson didn’t throw the first punch, his just landed better. And it’s always the second guy who gets caught.”–So Woodson punching in retaliation makes it ok? Please. And you are wrong, as the replay showed. Just goes to show that if you drink enough paint thinner it will ruin your vision. And Woodson didn’t get ‘caught.’ If the official makes the correct call Woodson is ejected.

  48. May I ask why the hell Viking fans are even bothering to comment on this thread? Your team went 6-10 last season. Now go watch your lovely team get shredded by Rivers and the Chargers.

  49. The Packers were penalized 15 yards (the same if he would have been ejected), and I’m sure the Commish will be sending Mr. Woodson a letter today. Geez, y’all want his head on a silver platter, too? I think we’ve all seen dirtier things happen on the football field, and honestly, Mr. Thomas looked to be OK after the “assault”.

  50. I really wish that NBC would have kept the cameras running longer on that play, then we would’ve seen Woodson pass his brass knuckles off to a teammate, and once the other guy was on the ground we would have seen him get injected with a sedative by another Packer…no wait, that was the movie M*A*S*H…or was it The Longest Yard (the original, please)?

  51. While we’re on the subject, did you see that last play of the game where the entire Packer defense imploded the Saint’s O-Line? I’m pretty sure that I saw at least one Packer hit Mr. Ingram in the helmet with their foot, knee, etc., as they flew threw and buried him somewhere near the 1 yard line.
    The whole stinkin’ defense should be suspended for such a violent play!

  52. @txpackfan …

    No, we don’t want his head on a platter. We want the rules to be enforced as written. And so would you if it had been a Saint punching him in the gut. A punch is an automatic ejection. But I agree it’s an improvement that at least the ref threw a flag. I don’t want players fined after the fact; I just want the rules enforced during the game.

    To those comparing this to the Suh situation … Suh’s was an open-handed slap. Only a punch is an automatic ejection.

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