Colts: Peyton stays on active roster, no estimate of return date

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The Indianapolis Colts have confirmed that Peyton Manning had neck surgery today and that he’s out indefinitely. But the team is still holding out hope that his return could come this season.

“This procedure is performed regularly throughout the country on persons from all walks of life, including professional football players,” the Colts said in a statement. “Two former Colts players had this same procedure last winter and have fully resumed their careers. Rehabilitation from such surgery is typically an involved process. Therefore, there will be no estimation of a return date at this time. We will keep Peyton on the active roster until we have a clearer picture of his recovery process.”

Keeping Manning on the active roster, rather than putting him on injured reserve, opens the door to the possibility that he could still play this season. But he’s almost certain to miss at least half the season, and if the Colts aren’t in the thick of the playoff race by the time Manning is healthy, they would probably shut him down.

The Colts also indicated that they don’t plan to keep us all posted about how Manning is progressing.

“Peyton will immediately begin the rehabilitation regimen mapped out by the surgeon,” the statement said. “We anticipate no further updates or availabilities beyond those required by the NFL Media Policy for the immediate future.”

And so Colts fans will be left to wonder when they’ll see Manning on the field again.

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  1. “The Colts also indicated that they don’t plan to keep us all posted about how Manning is progressing.” Oh, oh. Back to Pryor’s Appeal: Will He Or Won’t He, I guess.

  2. Mercy. You guys are making a strong case for an entirely separate website:

    We get it, his neck is screwed up, and he’s going to be out at least 12 weeks. Can’t wait for the next update from Jay Glazer and sports talk hosts from the Midwest, given all they know about cervical operations and neck surgery

  3. If you hear ‘nothing’ about the rehabilitation over the next few months, you can assume things are not going well …….

  4. It might not just be the Colts that are screwed if it turns out he has Spinal Stenosis.

    The types of problems and procedures they are doing make it sound more and more likely given the nerve involvement and having to fuse several disks, that will mean 2 of the three Manning’s boys have it and at that age it’s usually hereditary.

    How long before Eli has problems?

    It’s interesting speculation.

  5. pretty much like the Tony Romo situation last year… shut him down when they realized the Cowboys season was over

    the Cowboys were already 1-4 when the injury happened though

  6. The Colts really screwed this up…

    Activating him so he could practice a couple weeks ago (Thus making him ineligible for the PUP list during the regular season) is “F-ing ponderous.”

    At best. (To quote Casey Kasem)

  7. One more time…even with Peyton the Colts are going to suck. And as far as Kerry Collins goes, check with the Panthers and the Giants and the Titans about his winning ways. His lifetime win-loss record is below .500.

  8. This is awesome. They already have Kerry Collins; They should bring back Vanderjagt and hire John Daly as a special assistant, and it’ll be a party every Sunday!

  9. I will go ahead and Break this news. Indianapolis has contacted Cincinnati trying to trade for Carson Palmer. Peyton will not be back this year and the Colts do not have faith in Collins.

  10. @Kc4life7 – Manning is much more entertaining than talking about the sorry a$$ Chargers.

    Your team is garbage and hasn’t done anything since Stan Humphries.. LOL!!!

    LMAO!!!! Stan Humphries, LOL!!! Hahahaha!!!

    The Superbowl! LOL!!!

  11. 2012.

    Tough break for Colts fans. Peyton is worth easily 4-6 wins.

    Without PM, everyone will see that Caldwell has no business being an NFL HC.

  12. Hope he comes back. This is the brutal part of being a player, and fan. Our pain does not compare, but it is real. My heart goes out to Colt fans.
    NFL is weaker without him. Colts Pats will just not be the same.
    Godspeed, old foe.

  13. While I’m not a follower of the Colts, and understand fully if their fanbase isn’t able to agree, it will be absolutely painful to watch this guy if he does try to come back this year -or- next, worrying about him snapping his neck for the sake of a game. You’re a smart guy Peyton, not a gladiator.. Keep that head on your shoulders for a life beyond football.

  14. Completely devoid of Tim Tebow content. Where’s the post about the Colts making a trade for Tim so he can “heal” Peyton?

  15. Good thing the Colts have just been hiring guys off the street to play backup QB instead of constantly grooming new talent behind their starter for all these years.

    Now Kerry Collins is in a tough spot, and so are the Colts. He’s being asked to do the almost impossible and if his 72 year old self goes down, Indy is well and truly screwed.

  16. So the Colts take some lumps this year, get the #1 pick (ala 90’s Spurs) and then steamroll everyone next year. Mmmkay.

  17. Polian should be fired. His last several drafts have stunk: Hughes, Gonzo, Ugoh, Pollak, Brown all first or 2nd round busts. They cut Lilja — Pro Bowl, cut DeVan and now DeVan is starting for the Eagles. And as PFT pointed out last week I believe — by not giving themselves an out, Peyton’s contract plus the roster bonus is fully guaranteed for this year and will most likely be for next, unless he retires. Now, Peyton earned his contract and I’d be lying if I said that I wasn’t happy when he signed it. But Polian has lost it. Period. He can’t admit a mistake and that’s why Hughes, Pollak and Brown made the team and people like DeVan and John Chick were cut.

  18. The moron had the entire off-season (8 months) to have surgery and he waits until a week before the season starts. Just another way to collect a fat paycheck while sitting on your ass. PM: The most overrated QB in history.

  19. From Peyton Manning to Andrew Luck. That’s fair.

    In all seriousness, I do hope Peyton makes a full recovery. It would be tragic to have a brilliant career end like this.

  20. I don’t get it. Guy surely has access to some of the best surgeons in the world and they have to cut on this him 3 times to get it right?

    If it was any of us that failed that much we’d be fired on the spot……..

  21. Unfortunately Peyton Manning will be gone permanently. This is not some “oh by the way injury” that you can bounce back from and play a game as physical as football. I would love to see Peyton Manning come back next year and just take this year off, which I am sure is going to happen. But I think discretion is the better part of valor and Peyton will have to retire-though not until next year.

  22. In all seriousness, this could be a good thing in the long run for the Colts, they could end up with a top-10 pick for a change.

    I mean, Peyton’s surgery was necessary, so nothing you can do there, but in the next 5 years, if Manning can bounce back, they should not finish worse than top-15 in the NFL.

    Just trying to offer a little optimism for Indy’s fans.

    They must be devistated.

  23. Look, this will likely result in a bad season for the Colts. Yet there is still reason to be optimistic. Let’s consider the best-case scenario for the Colts. We’ll make two assumptions: (1) the team can float at .500 til Manning gets back, and (2) Manning can come back after Week 11 (I said BEST-case scenario – that is over 2 1/2 months of recovery). The Colts get a bye in Week 11. So they enter the bye week at 5-5, and then get a rest, after which Manning comes back. They could then win four out of the remaining six, losing to the Pats and the Ravens but winning against the Panthers, Texans, Titans and Jags. That’s 9-7. They could slip into the playoffs with a record like that, considering that their division isnt really a powerhouse division. Once they get into the playoffs, all bets are off.

    Is any of this likely? Well, no. But I see no reason why doom and gloom has to dominate when there are other possibilities.

  24. This is almost certainly a season-ending procedure, perhaps even a career-ender. The Colts are obviously hiding the full story about this for as long as possible and will continue to do so for one reason – Manning is the face of the franchise and with him out revenue plummets, the excrement hits the air circulator, etc.

    Anyone out there still believe pro sports isn’t a business?

    If irsay had any ethics he would put Manning on IR and be done with it.

    Remember if you will that back in 2000-2001 irsay held the city fathers up for a new stadium by threatening to move the colts to L.A. following the 2006 season. If the city fathers had not caved and built that stadium the colts would have won the Super Bowl in 2006 and opened the 2007 season – “Ladies and Gentlemen – your very own Super Bowl Champion Los Angeles Colts!!!”

    Check the Indy Star sports section for the years 2000-2001 if you don’t believe me.

  25. Peyton Manning, may your recovery be swift and complete.

    Andrew Luck, I know an excellent real estate agent in Indianapolis. Give me a ring.

  26. Spencer says:Sep 8, 2011 4:52 PM

    From Peyton Manning to Andrew Luck. That’s fair.

    Cincinnatti beats out the Colts for the #1 draft pick in 2012. By a neck.

  27. So how much are the Colts paying the QB position this year? Manning, $23m, Collins, $7m, Painter, $25. Great management Mr. Polian

  28. Doctors reported the surgery as “un-eventful”. Nothing to see here folks… we just screwed a bunch of rods into his spinal column at the neck. Keep it moving…

  29. They kept him active just to sell more tickets and keep interest in the colts for the “manning comeback”. I don’t think most people are fooled but you never know. You don’t mess with spinal surgery.

  30. Pats were able to go 11-5 without Tom Brady. Time to see just how good the Colts organization is without Peyton Manning. And I’m sure they’ll miss you more than you will miss them Peyton. Cut the nonsense!

  31. OMG, MDS, it’s obvious you are totally slipping to not have mentioned the possibility of Bret Fav-er-eh coming out of retirement to join the Colts!

    Get with it man!

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