Dolphins bring back Larry Johnson after Daniel Thomas injury

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The Dolphins were forced to have second thoughts about Larry Johnson.

Less than a week after cutting L.J., the team brought him back on Thursday following an injury to rookie running back Daniel Thomas at Wednesday’s practice.  The team signed Johnson and waived guard Ray Feinga to make room.

Jeff Darlington of the Miami Herald reports that Thomas tweaked his hamstring at practice.

The Dolphins got grief for signing Johnson, but this move shows why it made sense to bring a veteran into camp.  They needed a player they could sign “off the street” that would be ready if something went wrong with the rookie or Reggie Bush.

It’s been a discouraging start to Thomas’ career.

37 responses to “Dolphins bring back Larry Johnson after Daniel Thomas injury

  1. The Dolphins are at their weakest on the O line so of course they let one go. Farewell, Mr. Ireland. We knew you all too well.

  2. Not that I like Larry Johnson, but why is he such a bad pickup? He has the physical ability to be a good back, relatively few miles for his age, and he comes cheap. As long as he isn’t the distraction he was in KC, why is this a losing proposition?

  3. Damn, I took a chance drafting Thomas for my fantasy bench and I got burned.
    Forster and Thomas, two RB’s who will tarnish my season.

  4. Johnson played well for the Bengals in 2009, so it’ll be interesting to see how he does. They could still use a younger back, though.

  5. With a block buster move like this they may win one more quarter of football then they would have before. They would have been better served picking up David Garrard. At least then they would have someone to take the snaps.

  6. agelardi says:
    Sep 8, 2011 2:14 PM
    We should have taken Mark Ingram.

    You should take Ted Ginn jr back too

  7. gumbohebert says:
    Sep 8, 2011 1:46 PM
    Reggie is super durable, so you Fins fans probably have nothing to worry about.



    No seriously though fins Reggie is your man i promise he wont fumble or limp off at any point (struggling to hold back the laughter)

  8. Its raining here, and the no nothings are out in full force, got to love these no nothings, how about doing some research before repeating every thing some one said about this and that. Bill

  9. LJ wants his GD $!!! THEN, he’ll go get a snack.

    can’t believe they’d take that malcontent before Sherriff Portis. Guess he reallymust be done if LJ looks better

  10. “ilovefoolsball says:Sep 8, 2011 1:51 PM Damn, I took a chance drafting Thomas for my fantasy bench and I got burned.

    Forster and Thomas, two RB’s who will tarnish my season.”

    Why draft a Dolphin RB in the first place?

    You must be in a very deep league

  11. there goes my fantasy sleeper. As peyton, anytime another guys is signed, it must be a serious injury.

  12. thephantomstranger says: Sep 8, 2011 1:14 PM

    Replaced one sled dog with another.

    WOW, Let’s take a long look at your pay check,
    Now let’s take a look at LJ or (SLED DOG). LoL

  13. How awful did Tiki look in his work outs & how low is the opinion of him to pick up a washed up Larry Johnson who is a total social idiot who can’t be around a woman without trying to grad her tits or ass then throwing a drink or spitting on them when they tell him to get lost. Tiki is worse than that? Jesus Tiki. Pathetic.

  14. @kosarsmyidol:
    Its now 2011. A lot can change in 2 years. If he was still as good as he used to be they would not have cut him back in camp.

  15. Miami has arguably the worst skill players in the entire league. Other than Marshall and Bess, none of them could start anywhere else IMO.

  16. that 29th rating is looking more accurate….

    there was a solid, healthy veteran RB who, over the last two years, got 4.5 yards per carry and 1900 yards as a backup with a really bad offensive line….

    what was his name….. hmmmmm.. oh yeah…

    Ricky Williams.

    maybe you can trade for him?

    good job Ireland… millions spent for poor depth and to ignore QB and O Line….

  17. I have to agree with oldhamletman. Ricky was a keeper!

    We needed a rookie QB, RB, Center and WR from the draft. We needed a TE, R Guard and ILB. Look at the final roster and tell me how much progress we have made. We are about $9.5 million under the cap. I will ask you if we could have done better.

    You can’t count on rookies because they get hurt and they hit the wall. Ricky would have brought a senior presence in the locker room and set the tone for the running game. It is going to be a long season!

  18. Ricky is 35 and is not carrying the load anymore. Ronnie is injury prone. Completed just 2 seasons in a 5 year contract and eclipsed 1000 yards once in 5 years. That equals BUST for a 2nd overall selection. He danced behind the o-line like he was in a music video. Now he went to an even worse O-line in Philly and now he is suppose to be great? He wanted a long term contract to stay in Miami. Phins did the right thing and let him go. He is not worth the money. He took a discount 1 year contact to try and ride a SB run in Philly. He will most likely not finish the season if his history has anything to say about it. He will be on IR before the season is over. He is not a very good back at catching the ball either. Miami is going to more of a passing offense and a non catching RB has no place in it. Brown has been more injured than Bush. Bush has better stats that Brown. Bush helped the Saints get a SB ring.

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