Manning is expected to have surgery, miss “significant time”

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With rampant rumors and reports regarding the status of quarterback Peyton Manning, a source with knowledge of the situation tells us that Manning could have neck surgery as soon today, and that he will miss “significant time” as he recovers.

It’s currently expected that, after the surgery, Manning will recover and play again, possibly this year.

Manning has had two neck surgeries in the past two years.  The most recent procedure occurred on May 23.  He returned to practice last week, but a setback has forced him back to sidelines.

Stay tuned.

94 responses to “Manning is expected to have surgery, miss “significant time”

  1. They should sign Garrard. Kerry Collins doesn’t have a chance of leading this team anywhere near a .500 record. At least Garrard would give them a chance!

    I feel bad for Manning. It must kill him, knowing his chance at another ring is probably gone.

  2. maybe he will be forced to retire due to all these neck injuries. Sony can keep using him as a salesmen once his NFL money dries up.

  3. I think I’ve seen 20 quarterbacks play for my Lions since he’s been the starter. As much as I haven’t liked the guy (out of pure envy)…you gotta feel bad.

  4. He’s “OUT FOR SEASON”, let’s face it. And they paid him all that money — GUARANTEED — and he may or may not even play again.

    Hey, they’ll be in the running for Andrew Luck in April. They’ve gotta out-inept the Bengals and Broncos though.

  5. If Manning does indeed have another surgery…

    Thumbs up if you think he should sit out this season. Thumbs down if you think he should play this season as soon as he’s able.

  6. Get the surgery done and rehab with the Colts like he wanted to this past off-season. Don’t play games, just do it and rehab as long as it takes. If that allows him to play a couple games at the end of the year so the season ticket holders come back, that’s fine. Otherwise just sit out and come back for OTAs.

  7. If this is true then by the time he could come back the season for the Colts will be pretty much over, why risk even coming back this year? Get healthy and come back next year.

  8. I’m sorry Colts fans. This is a huge bummer. But, whatever struggles you have this year without Peyton are your own fault. Instead of “hope for the best, plan for the worst,” the Colts have for years hoped for the best and made no plans at all.

  9. “Mr. Wright 212 says:
    Sep 8, 2011 2:17 PM

    Hey, they’ll be in the running for Andrew Luck in April. They’ve gotta out-inept the Bengals and Broncos though.”

    It’ll be like Tim Duncan to the Spurs when David Robinson was hurt…

  10. There’s no denying Peyton’s place in NFL history…he has earned every accolade, and is a good enough guy that even those of us who hate the Colts for departing Charm City could root for the guy…but with him aside, nothing makes me happier than to see an Irsay & all of their good for nothing fans headed back into the dumpster where they belong!!! Enjoy that menaingless car race you get excited about every year…you’ve got nothing else!!!

  11. I’m flabbergasted and devastated! Not, Manning used his HIPO excuse to keep his condition hidden while he bamboozled the Colts. Polian thinks he’s the smartest guy in the room, and the media will never call him on it. Payton backed the Mayflower up to the Colt’s office and cashed out little Jimmy Irsay!

  12. It’s currently expected that, after the surgery, Manning will recover and play again, possibly this year.


    Didn’t they say that after the last surgery?

  13. Wonder if he’ll stay with the team or rehab on his own. When Brady missed all of 2008 he stayed away because he felt he’d be a distraction, with TV cameras catching his every reaction on the sidelines.

    But Peyton’s also the Colts de facto offensive coordinator. And it would be nice to see his disappointed face every time Collins screws up instead of Caldwell’s vacant braindead stare.

  14. Peyton, just get yourself healthy, there is always next year . my wishes for a successful surgery and recovery.

  15. Nice, say hello to Mr. Luck, Colts 2-14, Bungels 3-14 and Denver 5-14. Luck holds the clip board for a couple of years and then when Mannings calls it a career… ie Bret and Aaron

  16. are people really this butt-hurt over manning? i honestly could not care less. didn’t get him in fantasy hate the colts, so whatever enjoy your vacation.

  17. “shackdelrio says:
    Sep 8, 2011 2:23 PM

    It’ll be like Tim Duncan to the Spurs when David Robinson was hurt…”

    How do you figure? Is Manning going to come back and play H-Back or middle linebacker? The Duncan/Robinson worked because it gave the Spurs two stars that could be on the floor at the same time.

    Last I checked, Luck and Manning play the same position.

  18. Captain Obvious reporting for duty!

    With that said, this is the story of the year…every week is going to be new territory for the Colts. Lets see how they do…I say 5-11 if Manning is out for the year.

    They will more than likely have to put him on IR that they stupidly activated him off of PUP too prematurely.

  19. This whole debacle shows a number of things

    1) The Colts organization is STILL clueless after all these years

    2) Manning duped them into his contract

    3) The organization duped its fans

    …like they say….karma is a b&^%*

  20. billinva says:
    Why the hell did they activate him off the PUP?

    If he was getting better and thought he could play soon, they had to activate him. If he’s on the PUP when season starts he has to sit out 6 weeks mandatory. Now they know they are screwed they can IR him.

  21. Don’t think he’ll ever be the same again. I don’t think he comes back the same, even with a full offseason of R&R.

  22. Unless Manning’s career is over, the Colt’s are not going to draft Andrew Luck.

    They are not going to draft him #1 and pay him all that money to warm the bench behind Peyton for another 3-5 years. Especially after giving Peyton his pay day this offseason.

  23. If Manning tries to play ever again, he’s risking an injury that could very well incapacitate him permanently. That is, for life.

    What is it going to take or who is it going to take to convince Peyton that to play another down of football is to put himself in jeopardy; jeopardy of suffering a paralyzing injury.

    Please, won’t someone please tell Peyton it is time to make a contribution as a head coach. He’ll be superb at it and will have many healthy and happy days winning more super bowls.

  24. wow and they gave him that fat contract as well. he’s done and so are the colts. They’ll be where they were in early 90s . bottom feeders

  25. ^^^^ you are a bills fan so your logic makes sense. however quite a shame you paid 200 bills for it.

  26. pftbillsfan says:
    Sep 8, 2011 2:23 PM
    Glad I wasted a 1st round pick on him. His neck is anti-awesome and has just cost me 200 bucks.


    Why in the world would you draft him in the 1st round. I wish you were in my fantasy league.

  27. Hard to believe they gave him a kings ransom before looking into the long term affect of this injury.Neck area injuries are very serious and, most of the time, potential career endears.I see him retiring and would be very surprised to see him play again.Very sad news for Colt fans !

  28. “Glad I wasted a 1st round pick on him. His neck is anti-awesome and has just cost me 200 bucks.”
    his neck cost you 200 bucks even though it’s been known he’s been injured for a while now? Reeaaaaally if the 200 bucks mattered, why would you use your pick on a knowingly injured player? That’s on you not his neck.

  29. if there is any danger to him,i hope he has played his last game.redskins need to hire him as a qb coach!

  30. Just put the guy on IR and be glad you at least won a Superbowl with him. He can come back but to risk further injury with something as serious as this and with someone as important as he is, is just plain stoopid.

  31. You people that think the Colts will draft first next year and think that Luck will be an elite NFL QB better get to Vegas and bet EVERYTHING. NOW DO IT.

  32. They might not put him on IR immediately if they think he has a shot at coming back this year. In a soft division, they might be close enough to make a late-season run if (big IF) he can return in time for the last few weeks.

  33. This is too bad. I’m a Pats fan, and can feel the knot in the stomachs of all the Colts fans like when Brady went down for us in Game 1 a few years ago. Any time we are robbed of the Brady / Manning / Brees / Rivers rivalry great games, we all lose. As much as it kills me, since he’s so good… I’ll miss looking forward to the game against the Colts now.

    It always feels more legit, as a Pats fan, to beat them on the way to the big prize. Heal up Peyton, you still have a few years in the tank!

  34. a team that is TOO SCARED to go for an UNDEFEATED season because the PRECIOUS might get injured isnt going to play the PRECIOUS with a neck injury……..

  35. Good for Peyton to squeeze every dollar out of the Colts, you deserve it, a great career and stellar person and top 3 qb’s of all time for sure. If you had that offensive line you were promised this might have never happend.

  36. Little do we all know, there was a stipulation even Adam Schefter bypassed in Manning’s new contract that states, and I quote, “[i]f player fails to return to active duty, player will fill in as head coach. Current head coach will be demoted to lead staring-contest team representative.”

  37. If he can play again this year after getting a plate screwed into his neck I’ll be amazed. I’ve had two of those ops and I’ll tell ya, it ain’t easy! Good luck to him!

  38. pftbillsfan says:
    Sep 8, 2011 2:23 PM
    Glad I wasted a 1st round pick on him. His neck is anti-awesome and has just cost me 200 bucks.


    HAHA – Fantasy Fish. I wish you were in my league. First round pick – yeah, maybe if it was a 50 team league.

  39. I’m a Pats fan, but I (generally–a few exceptions spring to mind) love watching Manning play and I hope he returns at full strength whenever he’s ready. That said, you have to imagine he’s thinking about what happened with Cooper and weighing the risks of playing with a fused neck.

  40. So do you think PM left his “you’ve passed your physical” meeting with a smile. Signed his guaranteed money (that’s not going back to the Indy fans) and the team is screwed while he “rehabilitates”. Lousy way to finish a phenomenal career.

  41. Don’t you just love all the medical experts on this blog, we all have opinions, just looking for the MD after there names, sorry, didn’t see any, the only person on this earth that knows any thing about his neck is the doctor who work on it, the rest of us don’t know sh*t. How about chilling until #18 tells us just what ever he wants us to know. Bill

  42. mswravens: You do know that insignificant race you speak of is the largest sporting event in the world every year, right? Someone seems a little bitter we left that s**t hole Baltimore to come to Indy….Go get murdered by Ray Lewis and feed ur damn homeless people.

  43. Well look at the bright side. This will give Peyton plenty of time for commercials, you know, screaming at kids who can’t perform, putting down the over 30 pot belly crowd etc.
    It’s better than getting your own butt kicked.

  44. As a Pats fan, this just sucks.

    As someone who has had several surgeries, they are no fun no matter how minor. They are calling it “neck surgery”, but it’s actually “Disc Surgery”. Neck surgery sounds like they are removing a mole from the side of his neck. Disc surgery is disc surgery.

  45. Speaking as a sports fan, NOT a Colts fan, I really hate to see this happen. Being 100% truthful, I can’t stand the Colts, but I’m sure PM is the best QB in the league, & more than that, he is a human being, & all of those who jump on here to insult or make ill intended remarks about a man with a serious condition, well , I would say you are heartless and not a true Football fan. I for one would hope he has a successful surgery, and a full recovery, and a speedy return to the NFL. He has worked hard to be one of the greatest to ever play, in the toughest position in all of football. Furthermore, has been a true “iron man” having never missed a start! He’s got my respect, and I pray for you & your family PM! Take care of yourself and hope to see you back real soon! All the haters stop & think about something, while football is indeed a game, there are real people playing it.

  46. @thedudeabides – no, I didn’t know that…so I decided to do some research. Boy are you wrong…I had a hard time even finding that little meaningless car race amongst the various other events in the world that are far more popular. I understand that from your pissant little town that just lost the only worthwhile thing that it ever had that it might seem to be really big…it must be soooo exciting to actually have a few hundred thoudsand people in town, huh? But apparently it’s not the biggest & best after all! So crawl back into your little hole (and I’ve been to that boring hole you live in – what did Whitlock call it…”naptown”) & pop back out when those cars go round & round for a few hours…because their ain’t nothing else worth looking at amongst those cows & cornfields… Ahhhh, it will be sooooooo much fun to watch you guys lose, and lose, and lose for years to come!!! Maybe lil Jimmy will go back to the rock??? Y’all deserve each other…

  47. billinva says: Sep 8, 2011 2:12 PM

    Why the hell did they activate him off the PUP?
    Because if they hadn’t, then there would have been no chance whatsoever of having him back until after week 6. They removed him from the pup list to give themselves that opportunity while they waited to hear from the doctors.

  48. No good deed goes unpunished …
    You could say the Colts indeed rewarded #18
    P.Manning 50 million ways for sticking his neck out … Ouch! Wait, Is that mean?

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