Manning undergoes cervical fusion surgery, out 2-3 months

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Florio told you an hour ago that Peyton Manning’s surgery could happen as early as Thursday.  We can now tell you that surgery is complete.

ESPN’s Chris Mortensen reports Manning had cervical fusion surgery, which wrapped up this afternoon.  The expected recovery is 2-3 months, although we’ve seen with this injury how tricky it is to put a timeline on anything.  There is no plan for Manning to go on I.R.

Manning reportedly consulted with a half-dozen doctors who came up with the solution to get cervical neck fusion.

A timeline to return is just a guess.  Indianapolis had no idea how Manning would respond to his last surgery.  After delays, he tried to practice lightly for a week.  That caused a setback and further surgery.  No one can truly know where this goes from here.

“He’s been on the clock since May,” Archie Manning said of his son to Mort. “He didn’t make it. Obviously, it’s a big letdown, but he can relax a little bit compared to the intensity of everything he has done trying to rehab.”

It sounds like the Colts will hold out hope that Manning can return this season, but the landscape of the AFC South has clearly changed.

It’s up to Kerry Collins and company to keep the Colts afloat in the meantime.  We have our doubts they can do so.

Even if Manning was able to play again this season, it could be too late to make a difference.

171 responses to “Manning undergoes cervical fusion surgery, out 2-3 months

  1. Welcome to the playoffs Houston.

    Also, possibly, welcome to retirement Peyton.

    Finally, welcome to cap hell Jim Irsay.

  2. Now the question for the Colts FO is:

    Do we wait two to three months and hope that Kerry Collins can have us at a .500 record or better, or do we place Manning on IR?

  3. The Colts are so smart. They will lose 15 games this year and then draft Luck and give him 4 years to back up Manning, before becoming the starter and winning 8 straight Super Bowls.

    Colts fans rejoice!

  4. Little do we all know, there was a stipulation even Adam Schefter bypassed in Manning’s new contract that states, and I quote, “[i]f player fails to return to active duty, player will fill in as head coach. Current head coach will be demoted to lead staring-contest team representative.”

  5. ESPN’s Chris Mortensen reports Manning has cervical fusion surgery this morning. The expected recovery if 2-3 months.


    If? IS…IS! You would have already been fired from any reputable news reporting agency.

  6. As a die hard Patriots fan, I am genuinely sorry to hear this. Bad for the team, bad for the league. Best of luck for a speedy recovery.

  7. So I read somewhere (from a Doctor) that this surgery would end a football players career – not the case, I’m assuming?!?

  8. Do a google on this and you come up with a different recovery time.

    Re: Average recovery time for cervical fusion
    Depending on the outcome of the surgery, it is 6 months at a minimum and may be indefinite. Discuss it with the Neurosx, but this is a major surgery with potential for complications to prolong your recovery, one if which is your heavy occupation, whether you smoke or not, have diabetes, these can all impact your recovery.

  9. Yup….as soon as the radio report came out you knew they would deny it, then a few days later say he has since had surgery, initial reports were premature. He had this surgery before the initial report that everybody denied I bet. Give me a break, if a story leaks, admit it.

  10. I have to believe that’s basic recovery time for that surgery, not time til he’s taking shots from DE’s on the field. My sister and another friend both had vertebral fusions, they were not allowed to lift or do ANYTHING for the first 2 months of recovery.
    That kind of stipulation will not leave Peyton in playing shape immediately upon recovery…just my thoughts.

  11. Man, it’s got to be sour for Houston…they’re finally going to win that division, but only because their stiffest competition was taken out of the equation. Backing into a playoff spot isn’t going to feel nearly as good as finally taking out Indy would have — a real Indy, of course, meaning Peyton Manning.

  12. Must be a jinx on Super Bowl site teams the year they hold the event. See Dallas’ epic failure last year. Indy this year.

    Thank goodness they can’t have one in Green Bay.

  13. HUUUUGE!! Brady’s knee took a while to recover, but he is just as good as he was before. You can’t get a new neck like you can a new knee (at least, not yet …) so Manning may never EVER be the same. I would go after Garrard if I were the Colts, even if he sits out the first two weeks.

  14. even a 12 week recovery time seems like blind optimism. they need to write off this season and let him heal before he becomes permanently disabled.

  15. 60 days….Riiiiiiiiggggghht, I’m sure he’ll be back in 60 days taking hits from 300 pound defensive lineman trying to rip his head off. He’s out for the year and most likely has taken his last snap in the NFL

  16. He just signed a humongo contract w/ a $20mil signing bonus.
    Give him one of those 1980s linebacker neckpads and send him out there.

  17. I would not risk a return. Just say, “I’m sorry we only won one superbowl, but its time to move on.”

  18. “Manning’s and Marino’s don’t grow on trees” I once heard a wise man say on this site… Get ready Colts fans; the time is coming where you root for the Chad Henne’s of the world for 10 straight years.

  19. As much as people like to compare organizations and QB’s, I think this will show the difference between the Pats and the Colts. Manning is out 2-3 months, a veteran (putting it mildly)is filling in, and everyone expects a disaster. Brady went out in the first series of the 08 season, Cassel came in, they went 11-5 (amazingly missing the playoffs) and Cassel looked like the second coming of Montana, passing for 3600+ yds/21/11. Ok, maybe more Steve Young than Montana. I guess Kerry Collins and Curtis Painter are no Matt Cassell!

  20. Little do we all know, there was a stipulation even Adam Schefter bypassed in Manning’s new contract that states, and I quote, “[i]f player fails to return to active duty, player will fill in as head coach. Current head coach will be demoted to lead staring-contest team representative.”

    Does the current Head Coach already hold that position too?

  21. He is out for the season easily. I have buddy who works with this sort of stuff and he thinks it could be career ending. I also remembering Ed Reed saying in June he wouldn’t play with this type of injury. This might be the end of Manning Era in Indy.

  22. Those who didn’t see this coming weren’t paying attention. Any time the words cervical and fusion are used together…2-3 months sounds very optimistic. Next questions are… will they put him on IR right away or try to sell a few more tickets with unrealistic hopes he’ll return this season? Another good question…in relation to Peyton’s new contract, how much did the Colts front office know at the time? Hmmmm…

    Anyway, get better soon Peyton. Take the season off, get healthy and contemplate your options with and without football.

  23. The Colts may be luckier then many think. Peyton has been the man, but he is not a spring chicken.

    For a team like the colts to possibly get the number one pick next year and replace Manning with “The next greatest thing ever”, aka Andrew Luck, would be rediculous. Teams like the Bills, Bengals, 49ers etc…that are bad every year and could use Luck to turn around their franchise, may now be watching as he goes to the Colts and they get stuck in the basement for another 10 years.

  24. And in related news, Arian Foster demands Mr. Manning post surgery photos on his Twitter account, and Chris Johnson calls Peyton “greedy” and blames the fantasy football fans for this.

  25. the question i have yet to hear asked is what the HELL were the Colts thinking giving him a huge contract with a neck issue????

  26. Damn…the NFL season won’t be the same without the best QB in football playing.

    Good luck, Peyton.

  27. I would bet that the Colts spoke to the Bengals about getting Carson Palmer before the picked up Collins.

  28. I’ve had 2 lumbar fusions and in my somewhat informed opinion there’s no chance Manning’s playing again this year. I hope I’m wrong on this…but he’ll be lucky to take another snap.

  29. Undrafted free agents, rookies, new coaches, new coordinators, and NONE of them affected by the lock-out as much as everyone predicted yet the one constant in the NFL; Peyton Manning is the one who lost the most. He needed those team doctors, facilities, etc and has paid the price. Get well #18.

  30. I think the entire Colt nation just went into severe gastrointestinal distress.

    Especially Bill Polian and the Irsay family considering that the front office just gave him a huge new contract.

  31. If Houston and the rest of the AFC South doesn’t take major advantage of this then shame on them.

    How exactly did Peyton get hurt to be having these problems? The man rarely if ever got touched.

    As someone who has had failed neck and lower back problems and surgeries and failed rehabs over the last ten years I can understand what Peyton is going through. It really sucks and it REALLY hurts and is extremely uncomfortable.

    Best of luck to you in getting healthy Peyton.

  32. Very unfortunate for Peyton. Terrible thing to for the team, fans and league for this to happen to one of the biggest stars, even as I am Steeler fan. You want to watch the best play football and beat the best. He was that team, at least that is what everyone will find out now. I hope he can come back, but if they are out of it they may not chance it this year, to ensure he can recover and play full seasons later on.

    I had this done (anterior cervical fusion) about 11 years ago. Took a piece of my hip bone and made 2 new disks for the neck area. Went in through the front of my throat. The disks are held in place by a plate. As I recall, after a few months I felt much better than before the surgery when I couldn’t hold a cup of coffee with my right arm. I had to do a lot of PT. But of course I don’t play football for a career so I don’t know how Peyton will come through this.

    Also, since he had the surgery already today, they must have known about this for at least a few days. You just don’t walk into the hospital and tell them to operate on your neck. I don’t like it when something this big is hidden from the fans that pay the bills. That is what upsets people. This wasn’t mentioned in GODells’ email today.

  33. Cervical…. Neck…. Fusion… Surgery.

    As a Colts fan, please just retire Peyton. That sounds like the scariest surgery I can think of. We are not talking about a bum knee or a broken arm. You don’t mess around when your neck is messed up.

  34. Too bad for not only the Colts but the whole league. He’s the best, most exciting QB in the history of the league.

    I guess the Texans will get to play a playoff game at 9-7 at least this year. That’s really too bad!

  35. It would be a shame for the NFL to lose him, but if I had any type of spinal fusion I think I’d call it a career.
    It’s a pretty serious procedure even for someone who doesn’t play football.

  36. I know all about cervical fusions. If he does come back he is crazy for putting himself at the risk of playing football. You can heal in about three months, but you are never quite the same.

    I do wish him the best.

  37. Isn’t this exactly the situation that would bring Favre back for another year? If Collins doesn’t do well this week, expect ESPN to camp out on Favre’s long starting Monday morning.

  38. And too all the people here acting like “medical professionals”… please stop.

    First, everyone is different, however, a man in his mid 30’s, in great physical shape, with excellent doctors, surgeons and rehab (which Manning is and has) may possibly be able to play in 2 to 3 months time. Although I would expect at least 6 months in his case because of the type of “work” he does. In fact, the biggest part of this recovery may be from the bone graft if they used his instead of cadavar bone cut from the pelvis.

    If the surgery went well and there are no complications there is no reason to not expect to see Manning playing again next season…at the most.

  39. finfanjim says:
    Sep 8, 2011 3:20 PM
    I just hope this is not a career, or worse, lifestyle impending injury…


    He can still grab trainers’ butts

  40. The Colts are so smart. They will lose 15 games this year and then draft Luck and give him 4 years to back up Manning, before becoming the starter and winning 8 straight Super Bowls.

    Colts fans rejoice!

    what a twist

  41. Wow! I feel really sorry for Peyton Manning. It may be over for him. And he was simply one of the best ever (regardless of the many playoff disappointments).

    I bet the Colts really regret passing on Ryan Mallet right now. Their future would look really bright if they had taken him in even the 2nd round to understudy with Manning and learn behind Collins. Instead it is the Patriots who will benefit. Mallet was arguably the Best pure QB in the last draft. He and Cam Newton were way the true first rounders. Too bad Colts management had no foresight. You don’t wait until your star goes down like they did. You plan for a new “star” to develop and emerge. Like the Patriots and Eagles do it.

  42. Somewhere, theres a guy wearing a pair of Wrangler jeans sitting on a tractor with a BIG grin on his face — waiting for a call.

  43. Tell me David Gerard isn’t frothing at the mouth right now PRAYING the Colts give him a call. I think he might step up whatever game he has if he knew he was going to play J’Ville twice.

  44. “echoplex89 says:
    Sep 8, 2011 3:36 PM
    This might be the end of manning’s career.

    And I think its bad for football. Even though he tore apart my Bears in 06.”

    Not exactly. Addai/Rhodes and their defense won that game for Indy. No way Manning should have been MVP.

  45. It’s up to Kerry Collins and company to keep the Colts afloat in the meantime.

    A turd floats if you leave it alone long enough. So, does that mean Kerry Collins gets a contract extension after the crappy season they’re about to have?

  46. I think people aren’t giving Collins enough of a shot. He’s a decent QB and while he’s no Manning he’s no Painter either. They may not be a playoff team but I wouldn’t necessarily count them out. They have decent playmakers, it’s just that defense that’s concerning more than anything.

  47. Bad for the colts. Manning was a very Special Player. He would beat my Ravens every year.
    With is play calling and changes the plays on the line of scrimage. Colts was lucky to draft him out of college. Wonder how they will be with Manning.

  48. At this point the question shouldn’t even be if he will return this season but if he will ever play again. A neck injury is extremely serious. I’ve seen a few people compare this to Brady being out with his knee injury. It’s not even comparable. Spinal surgery especially in the neck potentially means not playing anymore. One bad hit to the head could paralyze him or even kill him.

    If I were an Indy fan I’d be very depressed right now because the Colts have no good #2 QB option for the future. Indy might be headed to the cellar for awhile.

  49. Good luck with that 2-3 months. I had the same
    neck surgery he had – hell he’ll be in a neck brace for 6-8 weeks. Another 2-4 months after that for rehab. No surgeon in his/her right mind would put a “fused” patient back on the field risking permanent paralysis. One violent hit and….

  50. I commented on this before, as colt fan made fun of my statements. I have degenerative disk disease in my neck, and decided against the fusion surgery. Where he is having it fused will continue to put pressure on his vertebra below the fusion. For Peyton to even consider playing again is just too much of a risk for him to take. He does not owe anyone anything, but owe his family to retire before he has permanent injury. Just not worth it. You’re a first ballot hall of famer, and will go into the history books as one of the best QB’s to play the game.

  51. dclogicatlast sounds like he’s joking, but how crazy would it be if the Colts went 2-14 or 3-13 this year, finished with the worst record and drafted Andrew Luck?

  52. Sterling Sharpe’s career was ended prematurely by a neck injury. His surgery was a fusion as well.

  53. I don’t know. Have you seen how HUGE his neck is?! I’m thinking someone just left a surgical tool in there or maybe some junior mints.

    They’ll find it, and he’ll be back out there.

  54. I had a guy that worked for me go through the same surgery. He was off work for 3 months and was not the same for about 6 months. Needless to say we don’t play football here so I will be truly amazed if Manning can play at all this season. I am not too sure if he is out 3 months if it would even be worth taking a chance on another injury. Take the season off and heal properly!!

  55. Let’s see, out 2-3 months……… back just in time for the Patriots 12/04 and Albert Haynesworth if he hasn’t shot or beat up anybody. Actually will miss him but he should retire. One more good hit by some headhunter and his real life could be impacted. This whole thing has bad karma all over it.

  56. Putting all my Colts/Indy hatred aside:

    Guy is a class act (mostly) & an incredible talent. Greatest ever is a fun discussion, and regardless of where #18 ranks, we all know it is either #1 or damned close. He certainly is in the conversation and precious few guys can say that. As a Baltimore fan I’m sorry he won a SB, but glad he won no more than 1…but only 1 SB does not diminish this guy’s greatness in my mind’s eye. He was a joy to watch play the game & he will be missed.

    I don’t ever want to see anyone injured, not to mention seriously injured, no matter what uni they wear. None of us knows enough to even begin to guess when the guy can return, if ever. OK, he had a cervical fusion…at what level? Was it multi-level? Was instrumentation used? …and we’re not just talking a normal person’s rehab…but rehab sufficient to sustain the equivalent of multiple car wrecks on a weekly basis. He took a ton of hits for a long time, and you have to wonder if that has taken its toll (Big Ben might want to wonder the same thing…). How much flexibility will he have when he returns? Will his arm strength be affected? There’s a lot at play here, and no one will know…not even his own doctors…for quite some time, I imagine.

    I hope Peyton makes a full recovery to be able to enjoy all aspects of his life…and if he is able to return, I certainly hope that he is not risking serious permanent injury in doing so. Get well Peyton.

  57. @adx321 says: Sep 8, 2011 3:55 PM


    Is Brady “just as good as he was before”?

    How many playoff games has he won since the ACL tear?


    #1. @adx321 – Get a grip dude. Yes Brady is just as good as he was before. He won 14 games last year and his second MVP (only unanimous MVP selection in league history) he has lost 2 playoff games since 2007. Because his o-line broke down. You moron’s make it sound like its been 5-6 games. It’s been 2. Big deal, its a team sport, it happens.

    #2. Shame on the Colts for even putting Manning on the active roster for a day this summer. For like half a practice? Now they can’t use the PUP list that would have bought them 6-8 weeks utilizing his roster spot.

  58. He’s out for season Colts’ fans. Accept it. He won’t even be out of the cervical collar in 2-3 months. Damn shame, too. Like him or not, he is a great player and fun to watch.

    And this will make Colts’ fans feel better: Kerry Collins is 2-11 in his last 13 starts.

  59. If the Colts can’t win at least 6 games without Manning, then they are even more piss-poor than anyone suspected. And shame on the Colts for not taking seriously the development of a good backup for Manning. At least the Pats had 3 years developing Cassel before Brady went down. He was ready on the spot and they won 10 games that season. They missed the playoffs, but they at least were a factor and were not an embarassment. I have a feeling this could be the start of some very dark years for the Colts… think about what life was like Pre-Manning.

  60. I had it done on my C4-C5, C5-C6 in 2006. If he has it much higher he will be limited in is movement. I have about 95% of the movement now that I had before the surgery. He won’t be in a neck brace because they enter through the front of the neck now, not from the back. I have a titanium brace in my neck and he may get one also.
    His neck will actually be stronger in that spot than before. It will take the entire season and then some before he can play QB again.
    Good luck
    I was back to work in 10 days but I don’t have people trying to kill me every weekend.

  61. Regarding that ‘Godspeed’ business…. God didnt’ cause the injury, God didn’t do the surgery, and God won’t heal him. God has nothing to do with it.

  62. Wow, my Ravens might actually beat the Colts this year,Peyton’s been a bigger source of kryptonite for them than the Steeler hill they haven’t climbed yet.

  63. I don’t follow the Colts but I wish him a speedy recovery and our thoughts and prayers go out to him.

  64. What’s really cool about this is that if he never plays another down he clears $55 million. How cool would it be for such a great guy as Peyton to handtie his team. Only in America. I guess his conscience wouldn’t let him sign for more….hahahahahahahh!

  65. Cervical fusion? Meaning they have removed a disc from the man’s neck and thus he is bone on bone? If it’s true Manning is done. So sad for Colts fans and everyone else really I will miss watching him play, but he’s not going to be able to do anything with a fused neck. Football players need range of motion in their neck and with the titanium plate they will have to install after removing the disc…

  66. First of alll I would bet anythng the team knew this for a long time.. Kerry Collins would of never came out of retirement to play 1 game.
    Also I would not count the colts out of anything I THINK they will still win the divison with the great Age less Kerry Collins…
    The media is already saying the season is over for the colts don’t believe i the hype, They also say the Raiders will not win the West which they will easily..Remember these media people never
    played a Down of football in their lives. They know nothing

  67. I’ve had two of those ops, c5-7. They put in a carbon disc that fuses the bone together and secure it with a metal plate. Considering the excellent condition he’s in, and with the absence of nerve damage, he may make it back in late December. That’s a tough call.
    He’s be better off missing the season and coming back strong next year because no way will he be 100% this year. Good luck to him!

  68. Look these guys get paid alot of money. Stop feeling sorry for them. There families will be taken care of the rest of their lifes and the grandchildren to. it’s time to move on.

  69. mswravens – why dont you go become a Colts fan you tool!

    Manning is #1 maybe after 3 or 4 cycles……..sorry….WAY too much of a choker to be in the top 20!

  70. profootballwalk says:
    Sep 8, 2011 4:24 PM
    Regarding that ‘Godspeed’ business…. God didnt’ cause the injury, God didn’t do the surgery, and God won’t heal him. God has nothing to do with it.


    Please o please don’t let Tebow hear that.

  71. profootballwalk says:
    Sep 8, 2011 4:24 PM
    Regarding that ‘Godspeed’ business…. God didnt’ cause the injury, God didn’t do the surgery, and God won’t heal him. God has nothing to do with it.
    Dude. Lighten up. You have a right to believe what you do and the Godspeed commentor, based on his beliefs is wishing Peyton well. That is that persons beliefs. It is not being forced on you.

    God Bless you profootballwalk!

  72. Pats fan here, I’m really sorry to hear this. I hope he gets better, not just for football, but for himself. He has a family and they need him to be healthy.

  73. Hopefully his love of the game does not cause him to make future decisions that can affect his quality of life post-NFL. Best of Luck Peyton.

  74. @profootballwalk

    “Upon further review, Wiki doesn’t even associate the expression Godspeed with God. Webster links its origin to God, but its definition has NOTHING to do with God. Most commonly linked used as an expression for “Good Luck.”

    What a terrible thing to do…invoke well wishes on Peyton. Talk about over reacting!

  75. What more does Peyton Manning need to prove? He should retire and immediately become a coach. He obviously has the capacity for it. There’s no need to risk life-threatening injury for a game in which he has made boatloads of money has accomplished much, much more than his father, Archie, ever did. Retire, Peyton, retire!

  76. First and foremost, I hope Peyton has a successful surgery !

    I am not sure there is a Doctor/Surgeon on this earth, whom return Peyton to play football again if he had any kind of integrity or concern for his patients health and well being.

    This is a business, and Colts ownership is trying to sell tickets, the only logical reason they will not put him on IR. I think all of us who follow football, know one blind side hit from a blitzing linebacker or safety, and minimally, Peyton is a paraplegic.

    It’s time for Peyton to retire. I would think he can live comfortably off his career earnings. I would not be able to stomach watching such a great athlete/quarterback lying flat on his back on the turf, paralyzed for life. He has a championship ring. He has been afforded that gift. Be grateful, and realize professional athlete’s lifespan is a short one. Don’t push your luck. Be thankful for your time on the field, and walk off a champion.

    There is no dignity in being carted off a field so a multi-millionaire business owner can put bodies in the seats.

  77. mswravens, thanks for that post. So few of us Ravens fans come out sounding intelligent, it’s nice to not feel so alone! 🙂

    Like mswravens said, being from Baltimore it will always suck to see the Colts playing ball anywhere else…but Peyton was Unitas 2.0, and it was incredible to watch him do what he did.

  78. Irsay gets pissed every time the media talks bad about his team. Now the possibility is real that they could be bad. I will love seeing him bitch and moan all season long.

    Should have offerred Hasselbeck the moon!

    Sad to see a great one possibly leave the game this way. In my mind, the last true ‘Field General.’

  79. Gotta feel for Kerry Collins. No matter how much his eyes were wide open going in, to suddenly have the weight of the Colts’ entire season, and postseason hopes, on his shoulders – after coming to the team so late in the process – has got to be hugely daunting.

    Whatever else happens this season, I’ll be pulling for the Colts for that reason alone. Collins has played well in a lot of less-than-ideal circumstances, and it would be nice to see him acquit himself well here.

    I think the Colts system is a very good one for him. The team is based around the same general type of QB that Collins is. Can he make the throws that Manning can make? There’s only one Manning, but I do not think the division is out of reach. Jacksonville and Tennessee should both be struggling this year, and they only have to play the Texans twice – it’s not a gimme that Houston takes the division.

    The prospect of fighting through the Pats, Chargers, Jets, Ravens, and Steelers in the postseason can wait – for the first time in a long time, it’s back to one game at a time for the Colts.

  80. Hopefully, he sits out the whole season. More than likely, the Colts will either be out of the playoffs or close to it by the time he can come back. Just sit out the year and come back fully healed next year. Don’t risk it!

  81. marinephinfan says:Sep 8, 2011 3:44 PM

    And too all the people here acting like “medical professionals”… please stop.

    If the surgery went well and there are no complications there is no reason to not expect to see Manning playing again next season…at the most.


    Thanks Doc – where is your practice located?

    And oh BTW, regarding your last sentence, if you wife had balls you’d be the same as a certain JESTS quarterback…


  82. Given his injury, given his profession and given his age if he doesn’t retire he’s nuts.

    Don’t ask for pity Mr. Manning – you’ve given the game everything you had and you were among the best now and the best ever, but it’s over. Please have the sense to understand that – if you come back you are one good hit from the rest of your life in a wheelchair. You don’t owe anything to anybody but your family.

    Speaking for myself – I’ll miss watching you play but I WON’T miss those commercials – they were BAAAD.

  83. IF he is forced to retire the Colts will be “Cap hell” because of the contract he just signed.

  84. I’m less shocked by the surgery as I am by the fact that Peyton Manning has a cervix!

  85. So how much are the Colts paying the QB position this year? Manning $23m, Collins $7m,
    Painter, $25. Great management!

  86. @mistersmith22 – thanks for the props…but please understand that I also like to engage in some trash talk from time to time…earlier today even! Don’t take that as a sign of stupidity….immaturity maybe, LOL, but not stupidity! GO RAVENS!!!

    @golonger – I’m a tool for saying Peyton is in the discussion as best QB ever? For real? Don’t know how to conduct a poll on this site, but I’m guessing an overwhelming majority would agree that Peyton is in the conversation as best QB ever & disagree with your assessment that he’s not even top 20. I invite anyone so inclined to express who is the tool here: mswravens (in the conversation as best QB ever) or golonger (not a top 20 QB)…I hate the Colts but am not that blinded by bias.

  87. His neck mobility will be limited thats for sure. he will have to turn his head as if pointing to where he is going to throw. Personnally I don’t see a future in football for him. Yes the Colts will keep him on the active lists so the fans don’t bail on buying those game day tickets but this season is over for him that’s for sure.

  88. I feel for the Colts & their fans….While I really cannot stand the Colts…I’d rather lose to them with Manning, than beat them without.

    Now….as lets go back a few years…when jet fans went nuts when Brady went down…their reaction the most bush league thing I’ve ever seen in football.

    But, what do you expect from parasites????

    Hurry back Manning.

  89. 2 or three months hahahaha yeah right ask anyone who has had this surgery 2 or three mos. is what it takes to even see if the fusion was succesfully regenerating he absolutely positively WILL NOT play this season.PUP list then I.R. for the single most important player to his team in the N.F.L.

  90. He’s done.

    Been nice, enjoy your retirement, Mr. Manning.

    Might I suggest, when talking about your career, you never mention your name in the same sentence as a certain Mr. Montana.

  91. Pats fan here…so I’m kind of looking forward to a year we’re facing a Manning-less Colts. On the flip side, the Patriots defense has made backups look like the second coming of Steve Young. Even back in 2003 or 04…Danny Kannell (sp?) of the Broncos gave the GOOD pats defense all it could handle.

    All that aside…i certainly hope Peyton gets healthy first and foremost and does what’s right for his family…and not for himself. I think he’s so competitive that he’d somehow convince himself that it’s okay to play again.

    It would be a shame if he can’t play again…but that’s not as important as his overall health.

  92. I had the same surgery several years ago. Very painful recovery since they go in through your neck. Seriously doubt he will be back any time soon if at all. Risk of contact has to be avoided.

  93. I just don’t see Manning coming back from this; not this year, not next year ….. not ever.

    Why risk it? He’ll likely not have the mobility to look across the field like he always had before, and the risk of paralysis is just too great.

    Someone asked just how he injured this neck, and I’d like to hear, because I don’t remember hearing about it either. The question just hangs out there, as well: Why did he wait until May to have this surgery? And this really makes the new contract a puzzle …. why give a massive contract like that to a guy you’re not even sure will be able to play?

    Pat’s fans have long grilled Manning, only because we respect him as the second best passer in the game – after Brady – and he’s made Colts/Pats games the greatest rivalry since the Sox/Yankees.

    Time to take that one Lombardi and head off to Canton, Peyton, to wait for Tommy Boy to join you.

    Oh, and @ adx321:
    Brady has gone 24-8 since completely destroying his knee ….. how has YOUR team done those same two years?

  94. mswravens – yes, you ARE a total tool….anyone that thinks a QB with a playoff record under 500, one SB…thanks to his defense…….and a QB with a history of choking is the best ever is nothing more than a total tool….and just because there might be some OTHER tools that would think the same doesn’t make it any less so……..

    In 10 years…nobody will be calling Manning better than Montana, Unitas, Brady, Graham, or Elway (just to name a few)………..sorry

  95. dclogicatlast says:Sep 8, 2011 3:12 PM

    The Colts are so smart. They will lose 15 games this year and then draft Luck and give him 4 years to back up Manning, before becoming the starter and winning 8 straight Super Bowls.

    Colts fans rejoice!

    Smart? Giving Peyton Manning the biggest check in NFL history without him stepping foot on the field, possibly ever again? I don’t think they’re pleased. Acquiring Luck would be huge, but you honestly think after this, Peyton could play for 4 more years? You’re dreaming.

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