Owen Daniels predicts playoffs for Texans

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There are two schools of thought about how to deal with the media in the NFL: The Bill Belichick school of keeping everything close to the vest, and the Rex Ryan school of laying everything out there. Count Texans tight end Owen Daniels in the latter camp.

Daniels gave an interview to 1070 The Fan in Indianapolis, and he didn’t hold back for fear of giving the Texans’ Week 1 opponent some bulletin-board material. Instead, Daniels said he thinks the Texans are heading to the playoffs for the first time in franchise history.

I predict we will be playoff bound,” Daniels said, via SportsRadioInterviews.com. “I don’t think there is really any other way for us to go. We don’t really have a choice at this point. There will be a lot of changes made if we can’t get it done with this group right here.”

The Texans can take a step toward backing up Daniels’ prediction on Sunday against the Colts. And if they can’t beat the Colts without Peyton Manning, that’s a strong sign that the Texans will need “a lot of changes” soon.

25 responses to “Owen Daniels predicts playoffs for Texans

  1. Texans have been favored before –

    then they folded and hacked on defense.

    Jags might be better off without Garrard, and Peyton will be back at some point, Hasselbeck is no slouch either.

  2. Well he’s a credible and completely unbiased source isn’t he? I mean he predicted that the Texans wouldn’t go to the playoffs since he’s been there right?
    SMH = shaking my head.

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  4. They honestly have no choice but to win the South. If they don’t, there needs to be some MAJOR changes to the team, coaching staff, front office and so on. The Playoffs are being handed to the Texans this year. They better take advantage of it.

  5. I’m liking my odds I got back in March.

    Texans to win AFC South +225
    Texans to win AFC +1800
    Texans to win Superbowl +3600

    AFC South is off the board.
    To win the AFC, +1000
    To win the Superbowl +2000

    Show Me The Money!

  6. Before ANY of the Texans start making stupid predictions (again) they better prove they can back it up. Same crap last year, “We gonna do dis and dat” blah blah blah….. Punched in the face is what happended.
    Peyton might be out but each time the Colts drop to pass I will cringe. If the Texan defensive secondary is as lame as it has been in the past then it will be another year of watching the playoffs from a bar with Owen Daniels sitting three stools down…Just like last year. Texans: STFU with predictions…just play like we know you can. There isn’t any more optimisum around Houston…put up or shut up.

  7. So funny to hear the texan fans talk, with ZERO playoff appearances in 9 years. ZERO. Every year we have to hear about this up and coming team and every year they choke. Now they’ve got the one hit wonder Arian Foster with a bad hammy and Schaub breaks every time he gets bumped. Have fun going 7-9.

  8. They were my favorites even with Manning in the mix this year. Now it’s a shoe-in.

    To americankris who said “Titans will win the division”……LOL

    If I remember right, you said the Lions were going to be worst in the North of the NFC this year too on another blog. If so, I’m very happy you made this prediction. It means maybe the Lions actually do have a shot to win the North after all. LOL

  9. Daniels: “Peyton is out for 3 months?”
    reporter: “yes, that is the report”.
    Daniels: “The Texans will make the playoffs this year!!”

    Pathetic Texans.

  10. @egetto

    I guess we’re supposed to never have optimism about our team and run our mouths about how we’re going to go 3-13? Great logic. That’s what’s awesome about being a Texans fan. We’re all fiercely loyal because there’s never been a bandwagon to jump on. We’ll have fun taking the division.

  11. Didn’t the Texans finish DEAD LAST in their division last year?

    …and seriously, if the Texans still can’t beat the Colts week 1, Kubiak and Co should be fired on the spot.

  12. Jesus, all of you people who are talking about the texans sucking last year are retarded.

    1. Frank bush have you heard of him? Exactly he was our d-cord for several years. If you watched any games from last year you would see why our defense was so bad. He wasn’t good.

    2. The upgrades at secondary and all over the defense are solid. D-phillips is one of the better coaching minds in the league when it comes to x’s and o’s.

    3. Have you seen them play thus far? Baring injury the texans have a legit chance to go to the bowl imo. Top 5 offense and considering they filled almost every hole on defense. Theres no way they don’t reach top 15 status. I personally believe it will be higher.

    4. SHUT UP, last years Texans are so different than this years. If anyone else thinks anyone in the afc south stand a chance they’re crazy. The Titans are the only team with a legit chance.

    5. Get ready to watch greatness because thats what its gonna be week in and week out with this team. Solid all over the board.

  13. first off with manning out for a signifigant period of time he’s probably right.
    second can we stop with the whole “latter” thing its way played out. nobody ever names two things and says the former always the latter. its getting old.

  14. At least he didn’t predict to “Start strong and then rapidly fade into oblivion to finish sub .500” or as they call it in Houston… ‘Every Season’.

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