Briggs says he’s not the only Bear who needs a new contract

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Bears linebacker Lance Briggs, who’s openly complaining about his contract, says his complaints aren’t just about himself.

Rather, Briggs says, he’s complaining because he thinks a lot of his teammates have been treated badly by the Bears, and he thinks part of his job as a team leader is to speak on their behalf.

I know I’m going to catch a lot of flak,” Briggs said, via John Mullin of “I’ll be a man about it. But when you’re a leader of the team, you’re also a voice. If I have an opportunity to be a voice, no matter how much heat I’m going to take, I’m going to do it. It’s bigger than just my issue. It’s Matt Forte, it’s Chris Harris, it’s Israel Idonije. There’s a lot of players on the Bears that help us win a championship.”

Briggs also pointed to one player who’s no longer a teammate, center Olin Kreutz. According to Briggs, the Bears’ decision not to re-sign Kreutz, and to sign Chris Spencer to a two-year contract to become the Bears’ new center, is a sign that the front office is out of touch with the locker room.

“No disrespect to Chris Spencer, because I really like the guy and I’m glad he’s an addition to our team,” Briggs said. “But for the price they brought Chris Spencer in and number of years, I don’t see why Olin Kreutz, who is a one-of a kind leader for us . . . why not just keep Olin? It’s not my decision but I didn’t quite understand that.”

There’s clearly a lot about the Bears that Briggs doesn’t understand right now.

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  1. Uhh Briggs, I wouldn’t really talk about keeping the old offensive line…..They were dreadful and had Cutler running for his life constantly……The players you named are average at best…maybe Forte maaayyy do something this year…..maybe…..Lance…enjoy your current contract because you are not going to get another big one… team is going to build a defense around this type of distraction…..jus sayin

  2. Briggs needs to understand that the job of the front office is to put a winning product on the field and his job is to play.

    His job is not to peddle for more money after he signs his contract that he willfully signed.

    I normally side with the players here but the NFL is not a career sport. If you are lucky you get 5 years to make more money than you ever will in your lifetime.

    If these guys want to play and get paid until they are 38 they need to take up baseball.

  3. Just play the game and honor the contract YOU agreed to. With individual players that are concerned only with “I” instead of “We” it’s easy to understand why da bears are in for a looooong season.

  4. Wow. He must be banking on another disaster so he can crawl out of the new hole he started digging for himself. I don’t know about anyone else, but I’ve always been around leaders who lead by DEEDS, not WORDS.

  5. Obviously the Bears are the NFL’s version of the Harlem Globetrotters with the rest of the league being the Washington Generals and every player on the Bears deserves a magillion, kajillion dollars per game.

    The Bears will start out 0-3.

  6. “It’s Matt Forte, it’s Chris Harris, it’s Israel Idonije. There’s a lot of players on the Bears that help us win a championship.”

    Someone please tell Briggs that winning the Super Bowl is the objective of the season.

  7. How is he being a leader by trying to create a rift between the players and management? How does this help the team in any way??

    Just shut up and play Briggs… You’re just mad you are on the back end of a front-loaded 6 year contract YOU signed! Dragging other players into your fight does not make you a leader! It makes you an un-needed distraction…

  8. So let me get this right…..when a player wants a new contract before the old one is up he is a malcontent, whiner, and greedy? But when a team cuts a player in the middle of a deal its just business?? Ask David Garrard about teams honoring contracts that they also agree to. Some of you poster never cease to amaze me….smh

  9. He can keep yapping about contracts and tweeting about his patriotism all he wants, but he should keep this in mind:

    A) He’s not an agent, it’s THEIR job to get new contracts

    B) He’s been paid over half of his 6 year contract he signed, that is just now at the halfway point

    C) Do his talking on the field, when he talks off the field, he comes off as Chicken Little. The sky is NOT falling, the McCaskey family is NOT cheap. They paid BOATLOADS of money for Julius Peppers services and $3M for Brandon Meriweather last week – which will make the Bears defensive unit better, and make him look better.

    There are a boatload of outside linebackers and inside linebackers coming out of college next year – shut your yapper Briggs – NOBODY is irreplaceable.

  10. If every player got a new deal when he outplayed his current one, good organizations would be punished for being successful.

    The day when a top front office hands out cash to over-achieving players, that team becomes no better than the Oakland Raiders.

  11. This is becoming dangerously close to a locker room divided. If Lovie doesn’t slap a muzzle on Briggs really soon, this thing is going to get out of control. He says he is the leader, but I just hear him talking. Go out play football and let your play do the talking and you will get taken care of. Keep bumping your gums to the tune of me, me, me and it’s going to get you out, out, out. As for the decision to let Olin go, it was the right decision. His play had steadily declined and he couldn’t protect like he used to. It was not personal. I hope these guys end up in a position like Ozzie Newsome, and they will find out that there is a business side to the game. There is going to be a day when Lance is no longer viewed as a great football player, see Peyton Manning. A strong locker room presence does not stir the pot, he is creating a rotting stew and the Bears need to put a gag order on him before the locker room gets out of hand.

  12. This guy is an idiot. He signed the deal. He needs to live with it.
    Maybe find a new agent who is capable of explaining your next contract to you before you sign it.

  13. And here silly ‘ole me thought it was the players AGENTS that represented them when it came to contract issues, and that a team leaders role was to make the team a more cohesive and effective,uh, TEAM. What the hell was I thinkin’???

  14. Sounds like Briggs is working as a player/agent here. Just play football.

    I have no issue with a player having contract issues (as much as Briggs should just deal with his current contract) but what’s going through his mind. Does he really just not want to be a Bear? Also, why can’t he just keep his mouth shut.

  15. If there are other players who are unhappy with their contracts, don’t they have their own agents? Maybe they want to keep those discussions private.

    Way to deflect…”it’s about us, not just me”. I’m pretty sure it’s all about you.

    Maybe he just needs money to buy another Lamborghini to wreck on the Dan Ryan.

  16. As a Bears fan. I wish Briggs would just “Shut the Hell Up”… Cry baby. I wish they could get a trade and get this Jerk out here.

  17. 1.) I want more money.
    2.) But it’s not about me.
    3.) And its not about money.
    4.) You’re lying, Lance. To yourself, maybe, but you’re still lying.

  18. “I’ll be a man about it. But when you’re a leader of the team, you’re also a voice.

    Funny how he equates being a bitcher and moaner with being a leader.

  19. Briggs, please keep talking. Don’t ever shut up. Start throwing teammates and coaches under the bus. Talk about Urlacher and how over rated he is. In fact if you could keep complaining the entire year that would be awesome. .


    Packer Fans.

  20. Briggs has it all wrong on the Kreutz contract…it wasn’t the money (neccesarily) that made Kreutz unhappy — it was the fact that the Bears only gave him 24 hours to accept or reject their offer (and after 13 years, doesn’t he deserve a little more respect than that? blah blah)

    But if the Bears were to go in a different direction, they had to act fast to get the player they wanted…as everyone knows, the NFL
    FA market is a quick and fickle mistress. You move or you lose. This is Angelo’s explanation, anyway…and on this one, I tend to lean with management.

    Much as I love(d) Kreutz, rather than being fair and reasonable, he got all thin-skinned and butt-hurt over an understandable and commonplace business-consideration: TIMING. I just never thought such a tough guy would get all butt-hurt so easily.

    Oh well, now he can go give up sacks and commit poorly-timed holding calls for the Saints.

  21. The Bears have 19 million in Cap room and while it makes sense from a organizational point of view to keep large cap room this year as you can carry it over till next year. I think the Bears players became disgruntled with management when the Bears let Olin Kreutz go over 500K. Also combine that with the perception that the Bears are a cheap organization, it has created an environment where Bear’s players believe that the Bears won’t pay their veterans. Thus those veteran feel they might as well try to get theirs now or ask to go somewhere else.

  22. Thing is themars211, he signed a very heavily front end loaded contract paying most of his money in the first 4 years. Now his yearly salary doesn’t look as good to him. Too bad, he already got paid. 10 to 1 though at the time his snake agent probably told him “don’t worry when we get to the back end of the contract you can just demand another one”.

  23. Where is that idiot duece5? Like LB, he thinks that a division championship actually means something!

    It’s the SB win that matters Lance – not the f’ing NFC North…

  24. themars211: Here is what makes it OK for the Jags to cut Garrard – he signed a non-guaranteed contract. And he is a part of a union that negotiated the right for the NFL to have non-guaranteed contracts. That’s why they get such big signing bonuses, because they know that most of them won’t see the end of the contract.

  25. as life long bears fan I say just shut the hell up! just because you are a veteran on the team does not make you any less greedy when it comes to your contract. as for your teammates that is why they have agents,guys who speak for them not a team mate who tries to include them in his contract talks. as for kruetz stfu already! he was offered a good contract by the bears and turned it down so it is all on him not the front office. I loved the guy but he was past his prime and had been on the decline the last 3 years. I am happy he was a good team mate for you but it was time to move on. now shut up and play some all pro football and maybe they will address your contract after the season. if they do not to bad you signed a deal that paid you good money up front that was guaranteed so stop whining!

  26. Question from a GB fan.

    To all the idiot Bears fans out there that still talk about the 85 Bears team. Would any of those players have pulled what this clown pulls?

    Just curious?

  27. It was worth losing a 5th round draft pick for alleged tampering, when the Niners tried to sign Briggs. He would have become the perennial malcontent here as he is in Chicago. Better the Bears than the Niners.

  28. @ themars211 – I’m sure release is part of the contract terms. Players seem to have no problem with keeping money when their play diminishes so teams should have no problems cutting them for the same reason. If they are worth more in the marketplace (as they so often feel) then someone will sign them and pay it when they are released by another team. I don’t see the furor here or the logic.

    I’m glad to see the infighting on the team a few days before they play my Falcons. Please Briggs…continue……LOL

  29. Anybody else come to the conclusion that no matter how much money they give this idiot and how many times his contract gets renegotiated–that he’ll be flat broke within 5 years of the day his NFL playing days are over?

  30. Is Briggs even a decent football player anymore?

    All I know about him is that he crashed a black lambo and staggered home instead of reporting it, and that he asks for more money every offseason.

  31. I am pretty sure fellow Bears fans will agree, Olin Kruetz was no longer playing the position at the caliber his teammates claim he was. There is clearly friendship getting in the way of this. Briggs is a good player, but he plays weak side LB in a mostly Cover 2 scheme, he too is replaceable.

  32. he wants a new contract yet he is not even the best linebacker on his team,,, nevermind the NFL


  33. greenbay4ever says:
    Sep 9, 2011 1:27 PM
    Briggs, please keep talking. Don’t ever shut up. Start throwing teammates and coaches under the bus. Talk about Urlacher and how over rated he is. In fact if you could keep complaining the entire year that would be awesome. .


    Packer Fans.

    Kind of negative, aren’t you?

  34. Briggs does not understand what a contract is. He agreed to his deal when he was an unrestricted free agent. The Bears should tell his agent to test the trade waters to determine his worth. When Lance finds out he is not worth a 3rd round pick he just might shut his pie hole.

  35. Kreutz and Briggs have one thing in common, they both overvalued themselves when they were unrestricted free agents. Lance, the Bears offered Kreutz $4 million; He walks away from it; then signs with the Saints for $2 million. And you blame the Bears front office?! These guys are nuts!

  36. Will anyone please print out this post and mail it to Briggs, so he can see how much the public loves and stands behind him?

    What a knucklehead….and for the record, he didn’t crash a Limo, it was an Italian sports car, can’t remember the model, worth at least a quarter million….chump change for a big shooter like him.

  37. Him now saying: ‘it’s not just him that needs to get paid, it’s other players too’, is nothing more than camouflage for the reality that, again, he’s unwilling to play out his contract, wants to feed his enormous ego via the big contract, and in the end is just a selfish, greedy, egotistical guy.

  38. Dear Mr. Briggs:

    As a Bears fan since 1974, and a fan of your play, especially when Urlacher was out for the season, please shut up and sit down before you hurt yourself. You signed a front-loaded contract after proclaiming never to play for the Bears again last time. You took the money, and now want your contract re-worked again? Then, after complaining to the media and on social websites within two weeks of the start of the season, you state you are not going to let this interfere with your play and you are “100% a Bear”. This is the way you prove it? Your stats and exposure have been overinflated due to the scheme run, and your pattern of actions and words is a distraction to the team. You do a disservice to all of the players you call your teammates, who are working (hopefully) with a singular focus-to win a Super Bowl.

    If you can’t see that you are hindering that and your own selfish cause by acting and speaking in this way, I fear the other commentators are correct about your future and I don’t want you on the Bears any longer.

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