Colts promise not to “just pack up and go home” without Peyton


Without Peyton Manning, the Indianapolis Colts are being written off by everyone. And some players on the team sound like they’re getting sick of hearing that they have no chance without their star quarterback.

We don’t feel like we should all just pack up our things and go home because he’s not there,” linebacker Gary Brackett told the Indianapolis Star.

Brackett was one of several players who made comments indicating that they wish they could get a little credit for the Colts’ success in recent years, rather than everyone just putting it all on Manning’s shoulders.

“Yes, he’s a big part of what we’ve done around here, but there are a lot of other guys on this team who have had great impacts,” right guard Ryan Diem said. “We’re all one. Let’s see what we can do without him.”

Colts receiver Reggie Wayne said the other 52 players on the roster are completely capable of winning without Manning.

“We want to go out there and win,” Wayne said. “We just want to play football and that’s not going to change.”

We’ll see on Sunday how much the Colts have changed.

49 responses to “Colts promise not to “just pack up and go home” without Peyton

  1. It’s over Colts..You’re a terrible franchise.Bad franchises existence depends on Hall of Fame QB play…Like the Cardinals,Falcons,and Saints.

    Good franchises like the Eagles,Pats, Steelers Ravens, 90s Cowboys.. are built as complete teams…no matter who they plug in at QB, the winning doesn’t stop.

  2. That’s a good attitude to have and all, but that being said, the Colts chances of finishing above .500 is as likely as a one-legged man winning an ass kicking contest.

  3. As a Patriots fan, I am sad to see Peyton hurt. I hope we beat the Colts this year, but it is so much better if we can beat them with Peyton behind center. I also pitty any team who “writes the Colts off” I don’t think they will win thier division, however they should be able to play .500 ball.

  4. As a Seahawks fan, I wish the Colts well. I’m looking at our young offensive line and starting QB this year, and frankly, the less competition we have at the top of the draft board for Luck, Jones, or Barkley, the better.

  5. I would like to them to be competitive if for no other reason than make the the Colts Hierachy wonder why they pay up to 99% of the salary cap on 1 player. If the players have any pride and I know they do they will be pick it up a notch or two. Old man time Collins just may have another decent season in him when surrounded by a good players. Don’t raise any banners just yet Texans.

  6. I agree, it’s not like manning played defense and special teams also. Or blocked for himself and caught the passes. That being said, they’re offense probably won’t be as good so they will probably stinkthis year

  7. I was just thinking how sick of all of this “It’s Peyton and 52 other guys” media mentality
    some of their players must be. Like they’re all along for the ride. Like they don’t contribute to wins but any losses are on them. I can see them making an extra effort to do everything possible to play their best. It may not matter in W-L that much but I can see this really unifying them.

    Even a couple years ago I remember Freeney getting a little salty in an interview about how the O gets all the credit. IT will only get worse now. What’s interesting is Reggie Wayne so far. He’s thrown his weight behind Painter, and laughed at a question yesterday or the day before about PM being the reason for their success (“just because it’s Peyton for some reason people make it out to be the biggest deal” or something like that. And he was actually almost laughing). I have a feeling he and PM aren’t really fond teammates. They don’t HAVE to be friends to have success together, but I’ve never really seen that side from him re: PM before.

  8. Colts may not want to pack up and go home but they need to realize that all the other teams are licking their chops at the chance to even the score that Peyton has built up over the years. They are toast. Period.

  9. The colts are a bad franchise.They haven’t won anything without Hall of Fame QB play.Unitas and Manning.

    Fools give Polian too much credit..anybody can win with a Hall of Fame QB that’s puts up 28 points a game. It’s takes a good GM to build a dynasty with one..but any fool can win consistently with 28 points a game.

    Plus the colts won the SUPERBOWL because of Dungy’s personnel skills..that man could turn undrafted defensive players into probowlers.

    Polian is joke though..and so is the Colts franchise.

  10. Why does everyone keep saying that they’re entering the “Luck lottery”

    I DESPISE the Colts, but there is no way in hell that they will finish in the bottom 5 of the league.
    Multiple pro bowl players minus Manning equals multiple probowl players..
    I didn’t see PM throwin to Jeff Saturday or Dwight Freeney. Did you?

  11. When a team has a running game as dismal as the Colts, when it loses its Hall of Fame quarterback, and when the only backup in sight is from the blue-rinse Geritol set, I don’t like their chances of even going 8-8.

  12. Well, you see the thing is… they might not have a choice in the matter. No team is as dependant on any one player as the Colts… 5 wins without him and the season will be a success… then they can draft Blackmon and get another WR threat for Manning..

  13. I’m so sick of seeing the Colts winning all the time and it will be a pleasure to see them take the Detroit Lions place as the doormats of the league…..a team that other teams look forward to playing, because they know it will be a ‘W’ for them. Lets see how good receivers like Dallas Clark and Reggie Wayne really are without their star quarterback making them look good with his precision throws.

  14. Levin says:Sep 10, 2011 10:25 AM

    And so it was that the Colts entered the Luck lottery….
    I know. And who ever wins the Luck lottery will not be forced to pay Luck like he’s already an All-Pro…..which should help out the Colts since they’re on the hook for paying Manning $55 million over the next 2 years wether he plays or not.

  15. As a Colts fan this is tough, but the season does not bode well. With Peyton we have always had battles with the Texans that involved Manning pulling out some last minute heroics to win. The Jags always play us tough and we win close games because of Manning. The Titans are hit or miss but those are never give-me wins, when we have Manning. The Colts play the NFC South and the AFC North, and sprinkle in the Patriots to top it off. That is a tough schedule with all of your starters, especially the person your team is built around. The defense is made to play against the pass with the lead, why wouldn’t teams run the ball 40 times against the Colts? MJD, Foster, Johnson, Charles, Rice, Benson, Stewart/Williams, Hillis, and Turner. Those are some pretty big names at the RB position. I believe it is going to be a long season, but this will give Manning time to heal properly for himself and for the team. I’d rather we lose 15 games and end up getting Andrew Luck in the draft, than win 5 games. Sit him behind Manning for a few years and own the division for another 12-15 seasons. It might weed out some of our soft fair weather fans too. I hope I’m wrong but I don’t think I am, just being realistic fan.

  16. factoid I read somewhere that may only ineterest me:

    the gap in quarterback rating in 2010 between Kerry Collins (82) and Peyton Manning (91) was less than half that of the gap between Peyton Manning (91) and Tom Brady (111).

    Peyton was fading already. The injury just takes some of the heat off of the Colts management for not assembling a better team around him. They now have a ready-made excuse for being 5-11, when it seems to me that they were headed to something like 8-8 even WITH Peyton Manning.

  17. Some experts will be surprised when the Colts continue to compete. Most people don’t realize it takes a “team” to win. One individual can’t do it alone. It will be much tougher for the Colts, but I have faith in their system.

  18. While I do think Peyton Manning is the greatest QB in the league, I have no idea why the Texans are favored against the Manningless Colts. Against a contender, the dropoff from Manning to Collins might make a difference. Against Houston’s ongoing exercise in futility, probably not.

  19. LOL at ColtsFan wanting to go 1-15 and draft Andre Luck..What kind of fan roots for his squad to lose 15 times ??

    I dont blame you..Your franchise is garbage without a hall of fame QB.always been.

    If the Raiders are in position to draft Luck next year because of their record…I’m pissed.

  20. Dream on..They couldn’t run with Peyton. Kerry has never been a solid anything as a passer. How are they going to do either now? Defense can’t stop the run, cornerbacks are too small to defend the pass….Plus 2 receivers are always injured…Can they just get into field goal range for their now best player Adam Vinateiri to kick it?

  21. I don’t think this team is going to just give up on the season. It hasn’t been the “all Peyton” show there; that’s a myth propagated by the “Peyton = best ever” crowd.

    Since day one he’s had guys like Reggie Wayne, Dallas Clark, and Jeff Saturday around him.

    On defense, they still have Freeney, Mathis, Gary Brackett, and a nice group of young DBs. I’m not writing them off until I see them play, especially in the AFC South.

    There are too many veterans on this team to look at the Colts and say they’re instantly going to fail without his royal heinous Peyton Manning.

    Can you get any more conceited?

    Pats went 11-5 with Matt Cassel, who never played a snap in college, and even less talent on both sides of the ball. We’ll see what the Colts are really made of now.

  22. Yeah, RIGHT. Without Peyton they don’t have a chance. Too bad too, with the SB in Indy, they could of hosted with Peyton. Kind of like the CowBabies last year. HA!

  23. Does anybody else remember Peyton sucking in the playoffs when they won the championship? The defense was what won them the superbowl. Manning struggled throughout the playoffs and played on par with Rex Grossman in the biggest game of his life.

    The colts take a hit but they’ll be competitive. Manning is the master technician but it’s not like he single handedly carries the colts. And if he was as great as everyone says he is, he would have more than 1 superbowl.

  24. It’s not a myth..The colts haven’t won prior to Peyton so what makes anyone think they can win after him?

    Pats won with Cassell because their a complete team. Everybody on the Pats are extensions of each other..They win by everybody doing their job.

    Colts are a Hall of Fame QB driven franchise…which most bad franchises are..dumb franchise didn’t even have the vision to develop a viable #2 QB.

  25. Oh one more thing about the Colts…If you want to know what the future of the bills looks like without Peyton…Look at what the Bills are today,and what they have become without Jim kelly.Same design same architect in Bill Polian…The bills of today are the colts of tomorrow.

    The greatest Football mind that ever blogged

  26. With Caldwell as head coach the Colts did not have a chance, only now Caldwell will blame the lack of Peyton Manning on the Colts losses instead of taking responsability.

    Tony Dungy must have really hated Jimmy Irsay and the Polians to foist this clueless game coach (remember his timeouts to let Jacksonville and the Jets regroup, kick a field goal and win last year?) on the franchise.

  27. Prior to winning the Superbowl, Manning was the most prominent QB who “couldn’t win big games.”

    Suddenly after “the Colts” won a Superbowl, Manning was considered one of the best QBs in the game. He was and still is often compared to Tom Brady.

    Before I go any further, please allow me to qualify myself. I am an Eagles fan (through and thought). I’m Philly Born, Philly Bred and when I die, I’ll be Philly dead. So, you know I hate Tom Brady. If I catch him anywhere near a grassy knoll. . . .

    ‘Nough said?

    The truth is that Manning is/was nothing close to Brady. Brady was a clutch performer from the time he to over the controls in New England. Thank God he’s also on his way out! He’s not the same QB since taking a couple of hits and suffering a couple of injuries). I digress.

    Bottom line: Manning’s thrown more season-ending interceptions than season-winning TDs (and it’s not even close). Much like his sister, Sheli, he had a team to carry him over the top.

    Got to give it to him though, he “looked” really good directing all that traffic prior to each play. But, it really looked good after he threw all those picks.

  28. Please keep in mind that this team with Peyt0n was built to play with a lead. Without that cushion there is no pressing need for the opposition to continually pass against them. This makes their two exceptional pass rushers just a couple of little defensive ends. The offense must be totally re-configured to fit Collins because you could not have found a worse fit that him to operate Peyton’s offense. Everything with Peyton was timing and quickness, with Collins with his big wind up, long throwing motion, hitch in his motion and being slow at making his reads, makes him totally incompatible with the offense that Peyton ran. They will be the ones playing from behind and getting pounded by the running game this year. Everyone will see how shallow of an evaluator Polian is now, just like in Buffalo where they had drafted Kelly before his arrival, as much as he would like to proclaim that he drafted Kelly. Just doing the contract doesn’t earn you the credit of drafting the man. Don’t forget that he admittedly almost drafted Leaf instead of Peyton also.

  29. I’m a colts fan. It’s breath taking to see Manning being unable to perform at the helm, but there are 52 other players on that team that want to win. His replacement, #5, is a Two-time pro bowler, 16 year veteran that took an underated Giants team to the super bowl nearly a decade ago.

    Peyton is indeed the face of the Colts but who is the arms, legs, brains, heart? That team is well balanced and if heathly will make the playoffs w\o Manning. If Manning heals by November, the Colts will win the division, possible AFC championship.

    It should be interesting to see what Collins can do with an A+ blocking and recieving offense while being coached by #18 on the sideline. I can’t wait.

    Go colts!

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