Crowder says Reggie Bush is a “glorified receiver”

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We’ve disagreed with former Dolphins linebacker Channing Crowder once or twice during his time as a player.  We haven’t disagreed with anything he has said during his time as a member of the media.

And we definitely don’t disagree (which means we agree) with Crowder’s assessment of new Dolphins running back Reggie Bush.

Friday, Crowder called Bush a “glorified receiver” during Crowder’s show on WQAM, via Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald.  It’s a slight twist on our own label for Bush:  “glorified third-down tailback.”

No matter how badly Bush wants to be an every-down back or, at a minimum, the lead dog on the depth chart, it won’t happen — and if it happens it won’t last.  Some think that Bush never became Gale Sayers because defenses were so determined to stop him.  But Gale Sayers periodically would have still been Gale Sayers even when facing defenses aimed at keeping him from being Gale Sayers.  Bush has never been Gale Sayers, and Bush likely will never be Gale Sayers.

That doesn’t make Bush a bad player.  He played an important role in New Orleans, both on the field and off it.  But Bush always has been more sizzle than substance, and it’s hard to imagine that changing in Miami.

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  1. I wouldn’t want Reggie Bush as my third down back, the first responsibility of a third down back is “blitz pickup.” All that “catch passes out of the backfield” stuff is ancillary.

  2. Anyone who compares anyone to Gale Sayers before seeing at least a single Sayers-like season probably doesn’t know what a Gale Sayers is.

  3. Hes usally full of it but this time hes dead on Bush (youngest person to 200 receptions) should have been a receiver like Percy Harvin he should would have been the $h%%

  4. Whats the point of this story? Why post crap when another former player is trashinbg his old teammates?

    Why not a story of why crowder was cut?

    Seems like the dolphins are the medias whipping boy of the nfk.==l. Literlly nothing good to say about the phins just all how bad they are and coach drama.

  5. Reggis Bush is a glorified college player who played in a great system….forget glorified receiver, he is a glorified player period….lucky to be in the NFL at all!

  6. The NFL wants Bush to be a superstar so bad they can taste it. Bush I think would be most effectively used as a slot receiver, but he’d be lucky to be even 3/4 as good as Percy Harvin.

  7. not a reggie fan here but u sure better account for him from the start of the play or he can still score easily.

    crowder was always overrated and is probly singing show tunes with someone else in the shower with a first name like channing.

  8. When will some love come to the Fins? Never on this site.
    Whatever you want to call him, as long as he gets the yards, isn’t that what matters?

  9. I’m not a fan of Bush, but if he has success doing what he does then what does it matter what you call his role? Glorified receiver, third down back, Sparano’s personal lotion applicator. If he has talent at catching the ball out of the backfield, have some creativity and figure out ways to maximize the benefit for the team. Don’t just reject it because it doesn’t fit into common ideas.

  10. Even as a third down back with the Saints you always heard people say you have to account for Bush. Have you ever heard anyone say they have to account for Crowder? Bush might be a glorified WR but he still brings something to the table. The only thing Crowder ever brought to the table was his mouth.

    I am starting to feel that Crowder is like that ex-girlfriend that just won’t go away.

  11. Bush had several issues as a runner in the league when he first signed with the Saints. When I watch him run now it appears he solved those issue and is ready to be the featured back.

    I think the media who in turn influences fans to put players in a category too early.

    Our coaching staff tired Bush early and give up on him once he was unable to be productive. He did receive a ton of attention, but mostly he came into the league with terrible running habits. Once again as a Saints fan that has carefully watch Bush’s career, I have said Reggie is ready to be the back we drafted. He just got handicapped by injuries and a lack of snaps. And while on the subject of Bush’s injuries he has had a knee problem which seems to be 100% healthy now and a broken leg which was just a freak accident.

  12. I think Crowder is right. I’ve always thought Bush could be a great weapon as a slot receiver but until he gives up his want to be a RB he’ll always struggle.

  13. 99% of hype comes from the media, not the players, so you can’t fault Bush for not living up to their unrealistic expectations.

    The player that he most reminds me of is Eric Metcalf. He switched from running back to wide receiver halfway through his career and was better off for it.

  14. Let me gurantee myself never recieving a paycheck from PFT with sum Phins love:

    anyone remember the last “bust” hiseman “winning” RB the Phins got from the Saints? worked out good on the field. were some problems though: (puff puff pass mf) , just sayin.

    if Bush is used right he will be an inportant weapon for the offense. its not how he runs b/t the tackles that makes him a viable rb. its the acountability the Defense has to have for him. the threat. he wont pound out a 1000+ yd season for his team(alot of good that does ask tennessee) but open up the game for the recievers downfield. that is if the Phins offense uses him right.

  15. But I mean the dolphins suck though. You guys complaining about the media hazing them. They don’t win s..t. Reggie Bush blows. If he couldn’t excel behind a line like the Saints, you honestly think he will with the Fins.

  16. Clam Chowder spews hate at Bush to generate controversy in a disgusting attempt to stay relevant for his glorified, irrelevant radio show.

    How or why Clam Chowder has his own post retirement radio show needs to be investigated.

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