NFL mandates teams to post real-time fantasy stats

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As the NFL searches for ways to make the in-stadium experience better than staying at home, the first challenge is to make showing up at least as good as not.

And so, as Michael McCarthy of USA Today recently reported, the NFL has ordered all teams to display real-time fantasy stats at all home games in 2011.

The mandate commenced on Thursday night, during the Saints-Packers game.  (Here’s hoping that no one reasonably expected the numbers for the other players in the other games to be anything other than zero.)

“We know we have to continue to do more to keep fans coming to our games,” NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy told Michael McCarthy.  “We’re looking at ways to further replicate the at-home experience in the stadium.”

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has said that he spent big on Cowboys Stadium to create a place that fans felt compelled to visit, which in turn would make the games more compelling to watch on TV.  Awe-inspiring stadiums will be one of the keys to maximizing attendance at a time when maximized technology for minimized prices has made watching football on TV better — and cheaper — than ever.

Especially when factoring in the cost of food and beer at a concession stand versus the supermarket.

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  1. I read some stat saying over 70% of NFL fans have never attended a a game. These are the people that say “Well I am banning the NFL and only going to watch it”

  2. I go to the stadium because it’s not a home experience! They need to focus on that.

    Fantasy stuff is fun but if some turd is on his phone next to me during the whole game I’m tossing it onto the field. Then he’ll get the real stadium experience.

  3. Look, I like fantasy football as much as the next guy, but the league needs to stay out of it. It’s not gonna draw more people to the games, & if you’re at your team’s game & worrying about another team’s receiver, you don’t deserve to call yourself a fan.

  4. “Awe-inspiring stadiums will be one of the keys to maximizing attendance at a time when maximized technology for minimized prices has made watching football on TV better — and cheaper — than ever.”

    I respectfully disagree. The main issue for myself and many other fans is the overall price of the tickets, not how many extra goodies the stadium offers. I would much rather pay $40 to sit in an old, ‘outdated’ stadium than pay $150 or whatever to sit in one that’s been jazzed up. My team could be playing at the local high school field and I would still go if the price was right.

  5. @dbellina
    i believe they have taken the “wal mart” approach, none of the nfl’s merchandise is made here and they charge way too much money for it. sounds like wal mart to me

  6. If they want to replicate the home experience, they could make food, drink, and parking prices reasonable.

  7. Line the top of the stadium with giant TV screens showing the other games around the league and have hot girls in skimpy outfits serving me beer and I’ll start thinking about going to the game. All at a reasonable price of course.

  8. This makes no sense. Everybody already has access to that information on their phones and iPads (apologies to Bart Scott).

    And making going to the game more like the ‘home experience? You ought to be demonstrating how going to the games in person is *superior* to watching from home, not conceding that it isn’t.

  9. I love fantasy football but this is just lame. How many people are going to stay at home just so they dont miss out on fantasy stats? Besides if your that hardcore you’re probably getting the info on your phone anyway.

  10. I agree fans need more. I would like to see a “bring home a cheerleader” promotion for all male fans over 18.

  11. I love fantasy football but I wouldn’t avoid going to a game because of it. I would stay home because the ticket price, the price to park and the concession prices are downright insulting.

  12. I respectfully disagree Mike.

    I never understood why JJ built a stadium with such a large video display to create a more “at home” experience. So folks are paying to go to Cowboy Stadium to watch a video board instead of the game.

    Make the stadium a stadium experience…encouraging a more at home experience just makes people wonder why they’re paying for experience they can have for free.

  13. Well I wasn’t gonna go see the game in person, until I heard I can check my retardo football scores. That changes everything.

  14. Stadiums need to offer free Wifi so you can adjust your lineups.

    3G/4G towers are usually slammed at a game with no data throughput.

    It means nothing to know how your 1pm players did if you don’t know the game time decisions for 4pm games.

  15. i check fantasy stats when watching the games, however sometimes because the are so many fans @ Ravens games its hard to access the internet on my phone. So its perfect, no worries here…

  16. For those of us who can’t get excited about fantasy football how about letting us wager on the games at teller windows throughout the stadium? Quarter and halftime lines as well as over/unders and prop bets are sure to attract the punters. I’m in!

  17. @keeponhating

    When’s the last time you bought any NFL merchandise? I have two Reebok jerseys made two years apart. One is made in El Salvidor and the other is made in Vietnam.

  18. Not all teams have trouble filling the stands. Let the Jacksonville’s and Miami’s figure it out for themselves. The NFL as a whole shouldn’t have to do anything.

  19. Odd – most people are maxin the cards to buy a 60 inch TV, surround sound and dropping a ton of cash on beer/snacks/bbq to replicate the stadium experience at home.

    All at a cheaper price. The EXPERIENCE isn’t what’s lacking – it’s the AFFORDABILITY.

  20. Let’s be honest everybody.

    As a middle class hardcore NFL football fan, I find it very hard to spend $30-$40 per game for parking; $31 for concession stand food (2 beers at $8 each, 1 hot dog/sausage at $8, 1 bag of peanuts/chips at $5, and 1 bottle of water at $4); $85 for an upper deck seat (nose bleed)/lower enzone seat or $125-$200 for a lower deck seat around the 20 yeard line.

    For the NFL fan, “cheap experience” = is a whopping $146.00 per person. For the NFL “middle in the road” fan experience = $191.00 per person. Last, the NFL experience that most NFL fans expect to receive = $266 per person. But won’t happen, because the blue collar NFL fan can’t afford to go a game on average yearly salary of $55,000-$75,000.

    Yes, the NFL owners and players are pricing themselves out with the average consumer. In twenty years, the average fan won’t bother to watch any games, because they can’t afford to do so, because the average American will have to work two jobs, and won’t be able to afford to even watch the NFL footballs games on DIRECTV either. Healthcare, education, mortgage/rent, food, clothing, then maybe a little entertainment (NFL???). That’s reality for the future generation. Hey, at least we’ll be the Nation with the most BILLIONAIRES and MILLIONAIRES. That’s important?????

    America, land of the wealthy and powerful…. The best government that money can buy. Ask the local House of Representatives Republicans, as they await for your wealthy endowment. TAX CUTS FOR THE TOP 2%. Tickle down food scraps for the poor.

    Be careful, you’re pricing yourselves out of mainstream America.

    Look around, look at your neighbor or just look at yourself…. It’s bad around…

    Oh, I didn’t even mention all the public financed NFL stadiums. That’s for another day….

  21. Fantasy football will hurt the league in the next 10 years. I gave up fantasy this year for that reason. I am sick and tired of people more worried about fantasy stats than what their own NFL team is doing. Fantasy is going to create a whole generation of fans with no real loyalty to any one team.

  22. “Fantasy is going to create a whole generation of fans with no real loyalty to any one team.”

    Since when is loyalty part of any professional sport today?

  23. If you can’t afford a 250 dollar game on 4500 a month (55 k a year) – you’re doing it wrong. Even after taxes.

    Ain’t saying you have to go every week but re-evaluate what you ARE spending your cash on.

    That’s some faux class warfare there bud.

  24. Fantasy doesn’t hurt the league…too much revenue/interest created…

    If they lowered prices so that middle-America could go…(their fans)

    “I am sick and tired of people more worried about fantasy stats than what their own NFL team is doing.”

    this wouldn’t happen so much.

    The “Linc” should be hooked up, Mr. Lurie.

    Make it happen.

  25. Let’s see… spend $2000 on four tickets to one game, or spend $2000 on an awesome TV and food for every game all season? I’ll take the latter.

    The only people I know who actually go to games got their tickets from wealthy relatives or business connections. That’s probably because none of my friends are millionaires.

  26. About time. I always wondered why the Falcons would post stats for other games. Those idiotic a-holes finally realized fans re interested in, you know, OTHER nfl games as well as the Falcons.

  27. gman

    free agency already gave that a huge head start.

    Being a fan of a team tough when every few years you get all new players, new coaches and in some cases new owners.

  28. I don’t get people that don’t get Jones’ big TV. It’s not like it’s an “either/or” thing. You can watch both. Watch the game on the field then the replay on the screen like any other stadium screen, only this one is easy to see from every seat. If it distracts you from the field then you probably have ADD.

  29. Stanmackley

    I agree. I’m a die hard giants fan, but have Vick in 3 leagues. So I hope he runs for 200 yds n 2 tds n throws for 300 n 1 td but loses every game 24-21. But if you tell me him beating my real team means me winning my fantasy team, I elect for my real team breaking his face and him out for season.

  30. I enjoy playing Fantasy Football, however, this is a little much. If I want to check the stats, I do it on my phone at halftime. When I’m at the game, I’m watching THE GAME. Stats can come later.

  31. I live in Arizona where they have state-of-the-art Football as well as Hockey facilities. I have never been to a football game down here even though it is my sport of choice. I’ve been the multiple hockey and baseball games. The reason? Ticket price. Who cares about fantasy stats at the game?

  32. I never ever understood why the food, and drink at the games are so expensive… You can’t make me believe that charging so much is the only they could make enough money, just based on number of people at the game!

  33. While I’m sure FF is a fun way to enjoy the sport, it’s called fantasy for a reason. IT’S NOT REAL!! The NFL shouldn’t coddle to this crap! Same for Madden! Every time I see a post on here starting with “My Madden says,” I see a fat ass 30 something computing from his Mom’s basement!

  34. Haha, oh fantasy football…I’m a little more interested about the REAL scores in other games when I’m looking at the jumbotron at the (4 games?) I’ve actually gone to.

    After a ton of coaxing, I finally gave into my friends and played fanatsy football during the ’08 and ’09 seasons. I drafted better than anyone else, had the highest scoring team in my 12 team league in ’08 (and proptly lost in the first round of the playoffs) and then actually won the whole thing in ’09, a sweet $800 pot for that…what I found in those two years of playing fantasy was that as a true football fan, I found it was more fun to actually be able to watch and enjoy the games than it was to worry about if the Eagles were gonna throw to Maclin or to “my guy” Jackson, for example.

    I’ll take real NFL anyday over a fantasy team.

  35. teal379 says: Sep 10, 2011 10:12 PM

    If you can’t afford a 250 dollar game on 4500 a month (55 k a year) – you’re doing it wrong. Even after taxes.

    Ain’t saying you have to go every week but re-evaluate what you ARE spending your cash on.

    That’s some faux class warfare there bud.
    It’s true that for some people who don’t go it isn’t strictly the ACTUAL dollars. A lot of us could save our money and afford a game here and there. For me it’s more that if I spend on a BMW, I want a BMW not a pimped out Yugo. NFL stadium experience these days=pimped out Yugo.
    If I stay home, I spend on Sunday Ticket and am perfectly happy, warm, dry, can pause the game if I need to get food, use the restroom, etc. and I’m not inconvenienced by trying to find parking and annoyed by the 90% of people at games who don’t care about the game so they interfere with my enjoyment of it. So I spend on a Toyota and get a Toyota.

  36. Stats are not what is keeping fans away its the prices. Why go to the game pay $8.00 for one beer when I can get a whole sixpack for that. They say the cost to attend a Green Bay game for a family of fours is about $459… thank you

  37. Look a all the fantasy nerds defending this, 99.9% of whom have probably never stepped on a field of play in thier lives. The absolute lowest common denominator in all the NFL fanbase. The league was already tweaking the game too much in an effort to stimulate offense for all ADD American public, now it will only happen more because of all the fantasy losers.

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