Seahawks expected to sign Anthony Hargrove


The Seahawks might have a new player on the roster in time to face the 49ers on Sunday.

Defensive tackle Anthony Hargrove took to Twitter on Friday to announce that he’s heading to Seattle to join up with the Seahawks. Eric D. Williams of the Tacoma News-Tribune reports that he is expected to officially sign with the team on Saturday, which would make him eligible to play in the season opener. He would likely fill the spot in the defensive line left open when Jimmy Wilkerson was lost for the season with a knee injury in the preseason.

Hargrove was with the Eagles in training camp but did not make the final cut. He spent two years in New Orleans before that, winning a Super Bowl ring and cleaning up a reputation sullied by a year-long drug suspension in 2008 when Hargrove was with the Bills. He started his career with the Rams as a 2004 third-round draft choice.

13 responses to “Seahawks expected to sign Anthony Hargrove

  1. Professional athletes are like Diva’s… They love to tweet about themselves, as if the entire world is waiting. I know i sure as hell woke up today and thought….Hell, I wonder where Anthony Hargrove is going to end up….

  2. Is there any player on the Hawks who was drafted, LOL………what a team of rejects. Carroll must think that becuz he won their division last year , with a losing record, that he’s a genius of some sort. This is getting so bad that I’m beginning to wonder how the owner, P. Allen, ever became a billionaire.

  3. I see the Hawks fans didn’t like my earlier post…..that’s ok becuz you need to get use to “not liking something” cuz you aren’t gonna like the Hawks play this year… year or until someone out in the great NW figures out that Pete Carroll is takin’ you for a ride to the basement.

  4. @thejudstir
    Do you even watch football? Do you understand the Hargrove is a an athletic DT that can create pressure up the middle. He’s gonna be a nice addition and add depth to our d-line for sure. Stop worrying about people giving you negative feedback and watch a game or two. PC and John Schneider have taken a team of soft old players and transformed the whole roster. Seahawks won the division while rebuilding, the team is even better this year. Once the QB is in place…I think you will see what this team is all about.

  5. You Seahawks Fans are highlarious… hows is your team better with T Jackson as the QB??? Has he shown anything in his career or in this preseason?? The only reason you guys won the division last year was because Hasselback was the best QB.. this year you will get smashed by Kolb and Bradford.. take off the IPA beer goggles.. Jackson is terrible

  6. albigverg –

    Last time I checked , an NFL football team had 53 players on it’s roster , not just a quarterback . You make your team better by adding improved players to the roster as you can , and that’s what the Hawks have done . You can’t expect a team to fix everything in one off-season . No one expects Jackson to light it up and be a Pro Bowler – the man is a stop-gap until we can draft a Franchise QB next year .

  7. Nobody on the Seahawks said Jackson is our QB for the future. This dude is just a band-aid until next years draft when we will select our franchise QB.

    Why not add Anthony Hargrove to the team? If he doesn’t work out, send him packing……..

  8. MMMMMM… IPA. Goes excellent with artificial crowd noise and injury prone free agents up here in southern Alaska.

    Why do people insist on hating on Seattle? No matter what, everyone is just always hating. How is there anything but pure upside in this signing? He joins the roster to compete with and likely beat out a few no name, last minute waiver wire pickups. The team needed a tackle who can penetrate up the middle. Bingo.

  9. @jw731 What makes him posting information about his signing on twitter into a “diva”? Ever think that he has people where he’s from or for that matter all over the country who support him and like to hear his good news. Yes some guys may be quick to post stuff that doesn’t matter, but a guy updating his fans is not a bad thing. As for Tony as a player, he was sensational in the preseason & practice for the Eagles. However, the guys who got hurt that led to him being picked up got healthy, so therefore they decided to stick with their bigger investments instead of keeping him on board. Hargrove will be a VERY pleasant surprise on the field, and has overcame alot in his life that allows him to now be a GREAT addition to your community off the field. With the addition, if nothing else, the Seahawks have inherited a bunch of new fans.

  10. Hawkfan
    last time I checked there is only one Guy under center and that one Guy should be the offensive general.. Jackson is a flop and so are the hawks “this year” have fun going 5-11.. and still not have a chance at Luck

  11. 5 and 11″. With all our new players, I would be happy with that. Our O line should be one of the best after 7 games. Hass. Would have been dead before that, so, why not get a journeyman QB until then?

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