Bills, Ryan Fitzpatrick steamroll Chiefs

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Todd Haley made a controversial choice to scale down the Chiefs training camp this season and after Week One you’re welcome to wonder if that wasn’t a big mistake.

The Chiefs were dreadful in all phases of the game against the Bills and got blown out as a result. They fumbled the opening kickoff, turned the ball over twice more on offense and watched Ryan Fitzpatrick shred their defense all afternoon. Some of that was due to the knee injury that knocked Eric Berry out of the game in the first quarter, but the rest of the Chiefs defender don’t have any easy excuses for allowing Fred Jackson to gash them for 112 yards.

Fitzpatrick finished 17-of-26 for 208 yards and four touchdowns. Two of the scoring tosses went to tight end Scott Chandler, a heretofore unknown cog in the Buffalo offensive machine. Donald Jones and Stevie Johnson also caught scores as the Bills looked very comfortable playing Chan Gailey’s open offensive style. They even got C.J. Spiller, the 2010 first rounder who underwhelmed as a rookie, into the mix. He scored his first career rushing touchdown in the fourth quarter as the Bills poured it on after a Matt Cassel interception.

If there was a disappointment, it was that big free agent acquisition Brad Smith was mostly an afterthought. He ran three times for six yards and threw a pick on his lone pass attempt. It is hard to blame Gailey for relying on Fitzpatrick given the way things went for the Bills on Sunday, though.

There seemed to be a premonition among Chiefs fans that nothing good was going to happen on Sunday. Arrowhead Stadium never filled up and it was essentially empty once the fourth quarter rolled around. For a stadium revered for its home field advantage, that’s very troubling.

The dismal opener will only serve to feed the perception that Haley is sitting on an increasingly toasty seat in Kansas City. The fact that the loss came to Gailey probably makes it even worse. Gailey, fired by Haley as offensive coordinator two years ago, seemed to relish being on top of a huge rout. Smith’s interception came on a deep pass down the middle with less than five minutes to play, which indicates he didn’t mind running up the score a bit.

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  1. I’ve said it for the past 9 months while everyone was up the Chiefs’ ass. A large part of their success last year was due to a weak schedule. Now they play the schedule of a division champ, and if the loss against a team like the Bills is an indication, the Chiefs are not prepared to defend their division title. They won’t win the division in 2011, far from it, actually.

  2. Well, at least management spent as much money as they could and didn’t just keep it all.

    Oh wait….

    Rolled, ay home, by the Bills, wow.

  3. wtf are you talking about??? running up the score?? whose job is to stop the Bills? surely not Chan Gailey’s?

    its football not pop warner “everyone is a winner and let’s hand trophies to all”

  4. Buffalo didnt look all that impressive in the preseason and they worked over the Chiefs. They might be in some big trouble. Buffalo was better than I thought they would be. Of course, being a Bills fan, I dont expect it to last long and will surely get my heart broken sometime in the near future.

  5. KC is not as bad as they looked, the Bills are not as good as they looked BUT their improved defense will keep them in a lot of games and give their offense so many more opportunities.

  6. where’s that one espn writer that bragged about how the Chiefs homefield was better than The Packers?

    “A medicore miami squad squeeked one out by the pack on the road….”

    at least we didn’t get slaughter’d by the friggin’ Bills.

  7. Congrats to the Bills. I thought they would win but never saw 41-7 coming. Now to see them against the Pats and Jets. Should be good games. A Jets fan.

  8. And Chiefs fans everywhere come back to reality…

    Haley is probably crying somewhere about the Bills “running up the score”, as usual.

  9. I picked the Bills to win this one.
    And no there’s no running up the score. Bills were one team who never whined about it in 07 so I ans a Pats fan will stand up for them here.

  10. Can’t believe anyone picked the bills to lose this game. Gaily didn’t run up the score at all. Sounds like an article written by a guy who read the stats and didn’t watch the game. The chiefs gave the bills great field position all day and the bills took advantage of a late turnover. Then he put in his second string then third string. Go bills. This was a sweet win after losing to them after Haley iced our kicker in over time to set up their kicker.

  11. Now we’re gonna have to hear about how Todd Haley is sad that the bills ran up the score on his gang of misfits. You don’t want to lose THAT badly, then your team needs to be better, bottom line.

  12. Hey Alper, did you even watch the game? How was Brad SmSmith a disappointment when he was put in on short yardage situations and pretty much converted on all of them. Also the INT was in garbage time after the score was already 41-7.

  13. Brad Smith got us 3 first downs on those few runs, but they were important and kept scoring drives alive.
    That being said, i hope they have him throw it more, like 50% of the time. The way it is now it’s obvious he’s going to run.

  14. Haley, playing like sh!t was acceptable to me in the pre-season. Your non-sense about “getting players ready” going against the grain of the HISTORY of the NFL, not talking to the media, and so on. Now you really pissed me off. This was the sorry ass bills, this is the regular season. What they hell do you think’s going to happen when you play some real teams? Green Bay, Chicago, New England to name a few… You made Chan Gailey (the cat you fired by the way, and the 4-12 Bumbalo Bills look like Suber Bowl champions.

    Oh, and Matt Cassel you’re starting to look like your Pro-Bowl season was also a fluke.

    Is it too early for Cowher to come home?

  15. If there was a disappointment, it was that big free agent acquisition Brad Smith was mostly an afterthought. He ran three times for six yards and threw a pick on his lone pass attempt.
    …….That statement is very misleading. If I recall correctly, 2 or maybe 3 of Smith’s runs were for first downs on 3 and 1. He did exactly what the Bills needed him to do. The interception was just a heave and a prayer after the game was already in the book.
    Josh, maybe you should watch the whole game rather then just read the stats.

  16. @ Calmin

    Us Chiefs fans knew he was going to run too. It seems everyone knew he was going to run except for my sorry ass defense…

    Good for you guys and the Bills. I don’t want to go 2-14 but I wouldn’t mind Mr. Luck.

  17. WHAT!? The Bills are still in the NFL?!?! I thought they had moved to the CFL!!
    On the other hand Haley should look at the bright side… He’ll soon have alot of free time to go on tour with Lil’ Wayne if he wants!!

  18. The Bills pulled their starters after 3 quarters, not quite a tactic for running up the score. Ridiculous statement. That Brad Smith pass was only to get it on tape for other teams to think about. You guys really write about football for a living?

  19. The Bills may not have been that impressive, but they were good enough to open a can of whoop a$$ on a one-hit wonder of a team!

  20. I just wish some one would accuse my Dolphins for running up the score, the Bills deserve a lot of credit for there win today. Bill

  21. You mean Haley didn’t wave his finger at Gailey for scoring too much. What a tool…he should be in the hot seat.

    Even though I want all AFC East foes of the Pats to lose, I couldn’t help rooting for the Bills. Good for them.

  22. 41-7 in the FIRST week??? Against BUFFALO?????

    Todd Haley isn’t going to shake a lot of hands THIS season.

  23. The Bills Defensive Line looks to be on the right track. I think they’re finally moving in the right direction there (with Dareus especially). The O-Line played better than expected too. That is where it all starts. Bring on the Raiders!!

  24. andrewfbrowne says:Sep 11, 2011 5:33 PM

    That is the biggest shocker and biggest blowout of weekend. Wow, only Bills diehards could have seen this coming.

    as a life long bills fan, there was no way in hell that i could have expected that. i was expecting them to blow it in the second half like they always seem to do

  25. The important thing to remember is that Clark Hunt (Lamar’s idiot son) has thirty three million reasons to be happy, in spite of the loss. I’m sure his fellow owners are very impressed with his ability to “just say no” to signing good players. Cheapest owner in the business, bar none. I’m sure the fans will be patient, and understanding that “Clark needs to eat, too.” I mean, why try hard to put a winner on the field, when you can save big money being 32nd in team payroll.

  26. Goodbye Todd Haley. You are truly a great coach. So great, that after you ran off Chan Gailey and Charlie Weis, in succession, your club’s record when you call the offensive shots is 4-17.

    Hey, maybe you can blame our offensive woes on the guy you “named” offensive coordinator. You know, the guy who is 68 years old and had never been an OC before. Blame that guy. It’s his fault.

  27. After watching this “game,” I’m thoroughly convinced last year was a fluke.

    The Chiefs won 4 games in 2007, 2 games in 2008, 4 games in 2009….THEN 10 games in 2010…, duck, duck, bunny……which one is different??

    They may struggle to win 4 this year – they are not very good.

  28. andrewfbrowne says…

    That is the biggest shocker and biggest blowout of weekend. Wow, only Bills diehards could have seen this coming.

    Noooo Andrew as a diehard and long time Bills fan/sufferer…With 2 mins to go up 41-7 I knew they only had to score 5 times to win. It was nail biting time!

  29. Dear Clark Hunt,

    It was your choice to spend less money putting a team on the field than any other NFL team. Now I hope you will equally enjoy watching an empty stadium every Sunday. Because Chiefs fans, although not cheapskates like you, will think long and hard about letting go of 80 bucks a pop to watch the unmitigated disaster that is the 2011 Kansas City Chiefs. So, you wanted save money? Well, congratulations. You saved a bunch. Now us fans will save some money too.

  30. @bigjeter:

    I’m with you 100%. As a die-hard Chiefs fan, I was on the fence about whether I was going to attend any games this year. Now I’ve decided:

    Hunt, Pioli, Haley, and the players are all to blame, and they won’t get a penny from me in ticket, concession, or apparel sales this year. If they want the vaunted 12th man back, they are going to have to field an actual NFL team.

    I’ll miss the tailgating though.

  31. @ blackbug99

    How sad is that? I was thinking roughly the same thing at the beginning of the 4th quarter. I kept telling my girlfriend that “it’s not over yet…hopefully we can hold them”.

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