Chargers injury woes mount: Luis Castillo breaks leg


San Diego suffered a costly victory on Sunday night.

We told you that Chargers kicker Nate Kaeding has a torn ACL.   Agent David Canter wrote on Twitter that defensive end Luis Castillo will miss the season.

Canter doesn’t represent Castillo, but he does represent two members of the Chargers defense.  We contacted Canter for more information and he said Castillo has a fractured leg.

We haven’t been able to confirm the injury, but it meshes with other reports.  Kevin Acee of the San Diego Union-Tribune said Castillo’s injury did not look good and he left the stadium on a cart with a huge brace.

UPDATE: Acee confirms Castillo has a fractured tibia.  The severity of the break will determine the recovery timeline. Sometimes players are able to return from that injury.

19 responses to “Chargers injury woes mount: Luis Castillo breaks leg

  1. as a raiders fan the kaeding injury bothers me. the sparklers might get a good kicker instead of a way overrated one

  2. Some bad news for the Chargers. Hope those guys recover quick.

    Also hope Chargers and fans realize they won today because the Vikes let them hang around, and couldn’t mount any offense when it mattered. They totally wasted J Allen’s pick. I would say we are still watching for another of San Diego’s usual “slow starts”. Against a better team today, the Chargers lose.

  3. @natefalkirk

    Oh yeah the Vikings just layer there with their best RB in the league for the second half. I’m sure it wasn’t the Chargers defense stopping them on 3rd down and getting to McNabb or anything. Who would of thought huh? Lame ass football fan! No team ever really lays down against a good team. Stop hating!

  4. go16chargers, the Vikes lost because Chilly somehow took over play calling and ran the ball on first and second downs throughout the game. Pure chilliness to think a three point lead would hold for the entire second half. No hating on the Chargers, just a harsh reality for the Vikings and another season of stinky offense.

  5. @go619chargers

    Allow me to clarify. Not saying Chargers didn’t play well…they did. AP was not able to win the game, and McNabb was completely ineffective. Chargers did what they needed to do. But does anyone fear the Vikes passing game? McNabb ineffectiveness goes well beyond SD defense, and AP can’t get the ball every down. Simply pointing out that against a better team, GB, Ravens (did you see those guys today?!), teams with better balance on offense, its not as easy to shut down. I think SD will be very good this year, I just want to see them win in the first half of the season.

  6. What is wrong with that Canter guy? Why does he always see fit to talk about other agents’ clients? Thoroughly unprofessional.

  7. @bloggingpoodlewalker

    Lions? really? you must be a bandwagon football fan!

    As a die hard Bolt fan, losing Catillo is not as bad as it seems, dude was very inconsitent and the only reason we have kept him around is because of the big contract we paid him a few years back!

    We will be fine, not saying we are SB bound, but we will be fine! Go Bolts!

  8. @ bloggingpoodlewalker

    Yeah your obviously a ban wagon fan. Oh and also, San Diego is Mexico’s toilet? Seriously buddy? SD is one of the best cities in America! I’ll take my beaches and palm trees and 72 degree weather all year long over nasty frozen Detroit any day! You want to talk about the chargers is one thing but don’t disrespect our city!

  9. @bloggingpoodlewalker Good to see your Suh jersey showed up from EBay! Are the Charger SB bound? Who knows? Probably not you. Now go take your toy poodle around the block. We all can guess that a standard poodle is too much man for you.

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