Danny Amendola dislocates elbow, season in doubt


The Rams lost Steven Jackson early and they have lost key receiver Danny Amendola in the fourth quarter.  It appeared like it could be a serious injury.

Amendola went to the ground and immediately held his arm.

Fox wouldn’t show the replay because they say it was gruesome.  That indicates a possible broken bone, but we are just speculating for now.

We watched the play again, but didn’t get a great angle to tell what happened except Amendola was in a lot of pain and knew he was seriously hurt right away.

UPDATE: Cornerback Ronald Bartell also left the game with an apparent neck injury.

UPDATE II:  The Rams confirms Amendola dislocated his elbow.  The team says his season is in doubt.

18 responses to “Danny Amendola dislocates elbow, season in doubt

  1. Annnnnd Bradford just walked into the locker room holding his right arm gingerly.

    I don’t think this could be going any worse for the Rams.

  2. Put up the ‘avert your eyes’ note and show the injury?? Sorry about his injury, but that’s good tv. Annnnnnnd their going t oshow it somewhere someday anyway.

  3. They always show horrible injuries on Fox. Leonard Weaver’s inward knee injury, EJ Henderson’s leg, etc. What makes Amendola’s injury an exception. They should have at least shown what happened. Hopefully Amendola recovers quickly, he’s very important on that offense. Aside from Jackson and Bradford, he is the most important player

  4. Let’s stop the Eagles hype first. They didn’t look that great and benefited a lot from all the injuries the Rams had. Steven Jackson would’ve eaten the Eagles defense alive if it weren’t for tweaking his quad.

  5. Yeah right! After the Rams scored one the Eagles defense put the clamps on the Rams. They had TONS of pressure on Bradford and knocked him out of the game. In fact if the Eagles defense didn’t keep committing stupid penalties on would be third down stops the Rams would have only had seven for the entire game.

    Not to mention Desean Jackson dropping two TD passes. Now the Eagles do need to get better the linebackers in particular but I thought the O-Line looked pretty good for the most part.

    Face it the Eagles played well today.

  6. The Dream Team looks good though


    wishful thinking. I can tell because you typed that twice in two minutes. A halfway decent team would have blown the Eagles out today.

  7. I was not impressed whatsoever by the Eagles. Vick cannot throw..he missed a lot of throws and missed by A LOT. The score really doesn’t show how not good the Eagles looked..Bradford handed them seven when he tripped and the refs had something wrong with them it seemed.

  8. eaglesblow says: Sep 11, 2011 4:31 PM

    wishful thinking. I can tell because you typed that twice in two minutes. A halfway decent team would have blown the Eagles out today.


    Wishful thinking. I can tell because, instead of having a clever username or one that celebrates your team (How was that loss to the Jets, by the way? hahaha) you chose “eaglesblow”

    Obvious troll is obvious. Your argument is irrelevant.

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