Haley could be sliding onto the hot seat


When listing the coaches on the hot seat for 2011, it’s easy to overlook Chiefs coach Todd Haley.  After all, Haley led the Chiefs to an unlikely 10-win season, even if it ended with a more likely (for the Chiefs) one-and-done playoff appearance.

As Kent Babb of the Kansas City Star points out in a start-of-the-season interview with Haley and several other members of the organization, the third-year head coach is entering the next-to-last year of his contract.  Thus, there’s a chance that, based on the team’s performance in 2011, he’ll either be extended — or excommunicated.

And Haley seems to know that last year won’t matter if this year ends up being a debacle, invoking the “what-have-you-done-for-me-lately” cliche when discussing the new NFL.

He’s right.  And though there are aspects of his style that command respect — creativity, decisiveness — it’s the people skills, or lack thereof, that could fail to get Haley the benefit of the doubt if he doesn’t get results in 2011, regardless of whether his mentor was Bill Parcells, Tom Landry, Vince Lombardi, or Amos Alonzo Stagg.

The broader question is whether, and to what extent, Haley’s fate is tied to G.M. Scott Pioli.  In some cities, the G.M. gets at least two shots at hiring a head coach before the G.M. lands in hot water.  In other cities, the coach and personnel guru soar or sink together.

Either way, Haley, Pioli, and the Chiefs now have to deal with something that has been fairly foreign to the franchise in recent years.  Success begets an expectation of more, and greater, success.  Thus, a 6-10 record in 2011 will sting a lot more than it would have stung in 2010.

The question is whether Haley, and possibly Pioli, will get stung right out of town if the Chiefs fall apart this season.

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  1. I think the locals here in KC are pretty realistic about the Chiefs’ chances this year. No one I’ve spoken with expects miracles, just a competitive team.

    The thing Haley needs to worry about most is his ego. He rubs a lot of people the wrong way, and if they start losing the players will revolt before Pioli does.

  2. Haley will refuse to shake Chan gailey’s hand today and lecture him instead. he will than hire Lil Wayne as his offensive coordinator.

  3. They have to stick to the plan. Unless everything has gone wrong, consistency is the key to success in the NFL.

    There are exceptions where you find out it just doesnt work. Sure Rich Kotite was a huge failure in philly, Josh McD was way overmatched in Denver and currently only guy which is being exposed as being a terrible leader is Gary Kubiak.

  4. The GM will be fine. He is still one of the best. Why he hired an amatuer golfer as the HC is still baffling though.

  5. Now the have a lunatic head coach, a play caller and a lackey who communicates whatever the play caller decides after it’s cleared with the lunatic head coach to whichever players have the ‘phones. Maximum inefficiency = delay of game penalties + extra stress. Oh, well. There’s always Lil Wayne for inspiration.

  6. its interesting, because Pioli did it the right way, Weis bailed, Crennel is still there, and Haley is calling the offense, but then passed on play calling to Bill Muir.

    They have the ingredient, but the Baldwin incident with Jones didnt help at all and neither did the injuries. There in it, though. Everybody starts 0-0.
    The Bills opening game is a winnable one.

  7. Without Wies this year Cassell is screwed. They lost the leader of their line and the tackles don’t have much hope. Pretty safe to say mediocre is where they will be. The defense has potential though

  8. As a long time fan i think Haley could be successful but he will go before Pioli is considered a loser. Bill Cowher anyone?

  9. Being that I live in KC and know lots about this team, Id like to think I know what this organization is like.

    They stick with coaches, gm’s, and players a lot longer than MOST organizations. The fans here are very naive, and seem to forget that they haven’t won a meaningful game/playoff game in 18 years. I don’t see that flying in ANY other city in the NFL.

    As for giving Jamaal Charles more carries, I’d have to agree that you have to see if he can get 20 carries a game, I personally think he’s too small to be a full time back, and wouldn’t be surprised if he gets injured at some point this year. I don’t know if I blame Haley for mixing up the load for the backs, but you have to see if he can.

    Haley is just not a personally engaging person whatsoever, and comes across as a pillhead that really is so evasive that it makes him look incompetent. His playcalling and his love of going for it on every 4th down is more alarming if anything!

  10. KC is feared throughout the league. It’s well-known that if you run up the score on them, Haley won’t shake your hand and will question your sportsmanship. Teams are going to think twice before running up the score on this year’s Chiefs.

  11. Longtime Chiefs fan, but refuse to spend anymore money at the stadium or on tickets. After Lamar passed away, his pompous, spoiled son has crapped on everything his father stood for and has done the same to loyal Chiefs fans and the community.

    To me, Haley is just like Clark Hunt. Both spoiled, whiney brats trying to prove to the world that they can fill the shoes of their fathers who were respected men. This will never happen.

    Haley is NOT a respected, or qualified Head Coach.

    Clark Hunt is NOT a respected or qualified owner

  12. Kent Babb just needs something to write about, and intelligent people usually disagree with him.

    He’s the guy who, when he’s supposed to be using his privileged vantage point to offer insight to the fans, instead tweets about Boy Meets World and Step By Step.

  13. Maybe this year he smartens up and doesn’t give Thomas Jones more carries then the most talented RB in the NFL Jamaal Charles . Not a chiefs fan , but see the potential they have , like that D alot as well . NASTY o line.

  14. The dumbest “rumor” ever posted on this site, which is saying something.

    Haleys “seat” is cold as ice. Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder can see this much.

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