Manning chooses surgery that could lead to faster, but painful, recovery


For his first regular-season report of the year, FOX’s Jay Glazer shared some intriguing details regarding the surgery performed last week on Peyton Manning’s neck.

Glazer said that Manning opted for a less conventional, and more painful, procedure that entailed the removal of a portion of his hip, which then was used to fuse together the bones in his spine.  (Typically, a cadaver bone is used.)

Manning’s choice shows that he’s taking a path that will get him back onto the field sooner, even though he may have chronic hip pain.

Meanwhile, Colts Vice Chairman Bill Polian told James Brown during the CBS pregame show that Manning is fine.  Curiously, Polian said that Manning had the procedure featuring the use of a cadaver bone.

Polian said that Manning won’t return until he’s ready, and that the decision will be made by the doctors.  Glazer explained that medical experts with whom he spoke said that Manning wouldn’t be allowed to take a hit for at least four months.

As the 2011 season begins, then, it remains uncertain at best as to whether we’ll see Manning play during any portion of it.

At some point, the smart move will be to shut Manning down for the season, placing him on injured reserve and letting him fully and completely heal.

And when he heals, he’ll play for the Colts.  Polian said that, if and when Manning is back on the field, it’ll be as a member of the team for which he has played since 1998.  Which means that they’ll be paying him another $28 million next March.

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  1. It might mean his choice involves more pain, but a shorter recovery time………. ‘no surprise considering the man…….. Do we need to speak slower?.?.?

  2. Curiously, Polian said that Manning had the procedure featuring the use of a cadaver bone.


    Could the hip bone thing be more PR by Mannings mouthpieces?

  3. Similar to the pain Roethlisberger went through when they grafted the buttocks of a recently deceased middle aged woman onto the front of his face to replace his nose.

  4. I had an ACDF 2 years ago. I do not see how Manning will be able to play again. My doctor told me I couldn’t even ride a roller coaster – and my neck is fully healed. If Manning plays again, he risks significant injury.

  5. Polian also said he was at the Stanford game yesterday…no doubt scouting Andrew Luck who the Colts will be tanking this Season in order to draft.

  6. The risks of the procedure beside the pain…. 2 surgical sites that need to heal, normally 6-8 weeks on their own. A bone stimulator will help speed the process. Also 2 surgical sites doubles the risk of infection. Ask Tom Brady about the staph infection after his ACL reconstruction. Look for Manning to have decreased motion in his neck when he returns. Any fusion of the spine has a resulting permanent lose of mobility. The benefits: It is less likely that the body will reject the graft. It’s his as opposed to a cadaver. Therefor allowing for a speedier recovery. I’d still be surprised if he played before week 10 if at all this season.

  7. They were going to use a piece of hip bone from a cadaver, but that would have put Kerry Collins on the injured list as well.

  8. Manning should have taken the best and safest method for his total recovery. If it means missing a year and being 100% next year (and probably for longer in his career), then he should take the year off.

    He’d have a top 5 pick to play with.

  9. ragingmouse

    manning gets paid whether he takes a snap or not, so if it were about the money he surely would have just packed it in for the season.

  10. He shouldn’t be paid his full contract value for this season. He’s already got a kajillion dollars in the bank and he’s not providing services for this year. He should be paid a stipend for the very limited services he is able to provide such as consultations with Kerry Collins and offensive coordinator etc… but I hardly believe that’s worth 28 million.

    Mannings new contract should have been structured that monies would not be paid out if the neck issue prevented performance. It should have had a clause making it contingent upon the complete and non-debilitating healing of his neck. Anybody with half a brain could see that the neck thing was a potential problem especially since it was the second operation because the first one didn’t work.
    To me that was alarm bells and flashing lights all over the place. I can’t believe the Colts would not have protected themselves contractually against this OBVIOUS possibility.

  11. Oh man. I gotta admire his desire to get back, but if it meant week 12 or next year, I think he should have opted for next year. By the time he gets back they could be 4-8 or 5-7. Does anyone think 9-7 gets you into the playoffs in the AFC?

    Right now it’s probably Baltimore, Pitt, NE, NYJ, the winner of the South and the winner of the West.

    He’s a gamer. And even though I’m a Patriots fan, I’d have to say no one man makes more of a difference for his team than Peyton Manning does.

    Get well, dude. I can’t wait to root against you again.

  12. In my haste to bash Polian, I forgot to wish Peyton Manning well in his recovery. He is a singular talent, and has really changed the way the game is played today. The Brady-Manning rivalry defined this play style transition in the NFL and neither player would be as good without the advent of the other, IMO. They are the Bird and Magic of the League.

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