Tempers flare in Baltimore

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With the Ravens leading the Steelers by 25 points in the fourth quarter and with the two teams not quite ready to hold hands and share a Coke, multiple Steelers and Ravens players mixed it up on the field late in the third quarter.

The scrum started between Ravens running back Ray Rice and Steelers safety Troy Polamalu, who were on the ground.  And then all hell (or at least some hell) broke loose, with other players getting involved and with the Ravens having to restrain players who were on the sideline.

In the end, a flag was thrown only on the Steelers, but plenty of fines surely will be issued.

The Steelers’ frustrations are understandable.  They haven’t lost by 20 or more points since December 9, 2007, when the Pats beat them 34-13 en route to that perfect regular season.

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  1. is it still week one?…relax…ravens look ready to START the season strong…we did not…last i checked, your finish is a bit more important than your start…btw, arent you supposed to win your home opener?

  2. steelerdynasty2010 says:
    Sep 11, 2011 3:48 PM
    is it still week one?…relax…ravens look ready to START the season strong…we did not…last i checked, your finish is a bit more important than your start…btw, arent you supposed to win your home opener?
    While I agree with you that it’s early in the season to cheer too much, it sure does look like the Ravens have finally lifted the Ben curse. Of course we all know the defense is what won most of the other games BR was in anyway. He’s an above average quarterback, just not a great one.

  3. Where are the Steeler’s trolls?? I miss you guys right now! I wish I was with you. We need to hang out soon. hahahaha

  4. lol. Go ahead and celebrate like you just won a title Raven fans. It was an impressive showing. We’ll see what happens in Pittsburgh later in the year. This game wasn’t a late season division decider or a playoff game. The Steelers always win those games vs Baltimore. But congrats on your title, I mean victory. Congrats on winning that early season game last year too. lol It’s a long season my friends.

  5. oriolesvsravens says:
    Sep 11, 2011 3:40 PM
    #1 rivalry in the pass decade.

    Lol….”pass decade.” Yeah Baltimore public schools.

  6. steelerdynasty2010 says:Sep 11, 2011 3:48 PM

    is it still week one?…relax…ravens look ready to START the season strong…we did not…last i checked, your finish is a bit more important than your start…btw, arent you supposed to win your home opener?


    All true but I can’t help but think that you Squealer fans would be laying to the Ravens if the roles were reversed…

    Especially that idiot 6rings…

  7. Shockers of the day….Steelers, Falcons, Chiefs, and Colts (they are built around Manning, but I honestly was not expecting this much of a beat down…WOW)

  8. Hey! Leave ‘6 Rings’ alone! He was given a laptop as therapy to help him recover from his recent lobotomy. It’s sad that also washes his meds down with a dozen IC Lites.

  9. Proving again that each year brings different stuff in the NFL. If you thought today’s game was an embarrassment to the Stillers, wait ’til their 30+ defense wears down late in the season. Then you’ll see some REAL butt whuppins.

  10. pacificnw7722 says:

    Polamalu the punk had NO BUSINESS pushing and shoving Rice when down on the ground!


    That’s exactly right! Someone soon is gonna give this long haired punk a good “tuning up”.

  11. Better team by far won today. Most alarming was the margin, these games are usually close.

    No reason to panic yet 15 games to go, been nearly 40 years since a sb winning team was 16-0, regroup next week and go hard again. congrats to the ravens, steeleres faaaaaar from done, getting into january/february football is most important form goes out the window then. Just hoping this (result aside) might be an afc cship game preview, our post season games are always epic.

  12. I’m a hardcore Steelers fan, and I’m right here, fellas … although I’ve never done any pregame mouthing off like some of my fellow Steelers fans and plenty of Ravens fans.

    It wasn’t Troy who started the rumble, it was the Steelers’ Ike Taylor. Then Oher reacted and Troy reacted. Knowing their tendencies, it’s more like Ike to start something than Troy. He’s the less disciplined of the two. And he’s the one who drew the penalty.

    I congratulate the Ravens on a decisive victory. They did everything right today. As I posted on another thread, I love my team but am not a fan of them doing their talking off the field. Hope this was a lesson to some of them. The Ravens owned them today.

  13. cburmester85 says:

    Big Ben got beat up pretty good today… I guess now he knows how those 2 girls felt.

    Ben was beat up today by a great defense. Even if those women were telling the truth in their allegations–and the evidence says otherwise–neither of them accused Ben of beating her up and neither of them had a mark on her. Is there any chance you can just enjoy your victory without being a total idiot?

  14. Ravens got us today, and got us good. They played good hard-nosed football.

    But for a little perspective: the Ravens are now up to 1-8 in their last 9 games versus the Roethlisberger-led Steelers. Little brother finally got his day in the sun.

    And apparently, going 1-8 has some in Raven Nation in full blown ‘gasm mode.

    See you in the ‘Burgh.


    I gratz’d and fist-bumped in another thread. Life will go on. In the meantime enjoy a decisive victory. Can’t wait to see ccccctrollihan’s whining about the refs even though his team won.

  16. The Ravens did the Steelers a favor. The Ravens brought the Steelers back to earth. All the talk from the Steelers in the off season is the same mind set they get into after they go to the Super Bowl the previous year.

    The Steelers should schedule these games every year. Especially, after going to the Super Bowl. That’s right Pittsburgh, we haven’t done anything this year. And that’s when we are. This Year!


  17. Something HAS to be done about the refs getting pushed. That is completely unacceptable, and someone has to pay for it. The NFL has video of every game. They can go back to when the refs were manhandled, figure out what the heck went on, and they need to start suspending people. Yes I went there. What those players did was disturbing, and not at all how the NFL should want their players to act.

    I think it was Ike who started the Rice fight. I’ll call Troy plenty of things, but one thing I’ll never accuse him of being is a hothead. Ike should be fined, Troy and Oher should be fined. I know Oher was protecting his guy, but he went over the line. Unacceptable regardless of his intentions.

    The second one… I didn’t see who shoved Oher into the ref, but whoever did needs a suspension. Refs just lost control of that game, and then this happened.

  18. @flavadave10 …

    Can’t believe I’m going to say this, but I think the refs handled that really well … for a change. They quickly regained order, and went on with the game. And there weren’t ongoing scuffles. I especially liked that they flagged one team. Too often in these situations, the refs call offsetting penalties, which lets the troublemaker off the hook. Ike says Oher pushed off on his leg, and that may be true, but–as Ike admits–he can’t react to something like that. He’s the one who started the fight, and he deserved the penalty.

    But no one deliberately shoved the ref. These are volatile men playing a violent game. We don’t need to be talking about fining and suspending them every time they turn around. Those punishments should be saved for egregious violations. The role of officials is to flag infractions on the field where they’ll have an impact on the game–and for once they did exactly what they were supposed to do.

  19. @oldbrowndawg –

    I thought tosh.0 was some of the funniest stuff I had heard until I read your post. I assume you are a Browns fan? The same Browns that got schooled in your own stadium by the Bungles yesterday…

    Browns fans talking trash….always can count on you to make me laugh.

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