Tolbert injury not serious, but he could miss a week

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Chargers running back Mike Tolbert scored three touchdowns on Sunday against the Vikings.  Whether he’ll get a chance to add to that next week remains to be seen.

Tolbert has a knee injury.  Peter King and I cobbled together the following information, which we presented during Football Night in America.

The injury isn’t believed to be serious.  Tolbert wasn’t limping in the locker room after the game, but his knee was sore.

It’ll be important to monitor his practice reps this week.  There’s a chance he could miss next weekend’s game.  For now, there’s no final answer.

11 responses to “Tolbert injury not serious, but he could miss a week

  1. @ iambadkid

    Yeah vikes did have them on the ropes. If you wanna say “Tolbert won the game for them that’s why” then you should say “Harvins run back ALMOST won the Vikes the game”. Chargers pretty much dominated them the whole 2nd half and trust me, when dumb @ss norv turner starts to keep Mathews in instead of Tolbert, every team better watch out!

  2. How does a team get lucky? I hate when dumb fans say that. They had them against the ropes so much that McNabb had 39 yards of passing…compared to Rivers 333 yards 2 tds 2 int. Yeah that’s luck. Also it’s a team sport not a one man team. Tolbert was key but he didnt’ win it for them…someone had to pass the ball to him, someone had to hold the defense at bay, someone had to have been running out there with him to try to get open…good one smart kid!

  3. When Tolbert when down I’m not gonna lie I was pretty happy. I’m a Ryan Mathews owner so 1 week for him to show the coaches he’s a stud is all he needs. Go Phillip Rivers, go Mathews, f the chargers, and go Raiders lmao <– got to love fantasy football

  4. iambadkid says:
    Sep 11, 2011 9:23 PM
    chargers stink they got lucky with the vikings, minnesota had san diego on the ropes, mike tolbert won the game for them, thats why

    Dude, your starting QB had a total of 39 yards HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA! whatever.

  5. Couldn’t happen to a better guy. Karma is a Mean Mistress, maybe next time, when you score, you might back away from all the shucking, jiving, and showboating, and instead go hand the ball to the ref, and be a class act instead. Food for thought as you spend the rest of the season on IR….was it worth it?

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