Tony Romo loses the ball, and the game, for the Cowboys


The Dallas Cowboys had a 24-17 lead over the New York Jets, and the ball at the Jets’ 2-yard line, with nine minutes left in the fourth quarter on Sunday night. A touchdown would have been nice, but even a field goal likely would have sealed the win for the Cowboys.

And then Tony Romo’s nightmare began.

Romo tried to run for a touchdown himself when he couldn’t find anyone open in the end zone, and not only did he not score, but he fumbled, and the Jets recovered. That fumble — and an interception later in the fourth quarter when Darrelle Revis stepped in front of a pass Romo was trying to throw to Dez Bryant — allowed the Jets to pull off a miraculous 27-24 come-from-behind win on Sunday night.

The Cowboys appeared to have the game in hand before Romo’s fumble, and Romo had been having a good game up until that point. Romo’s final numbers — he completed 22 of 35 passes for 345 yards and two touchdowns — look like the numbers of a quarterback who had a big game. But those two fourth-quarter turnovers were the difference in this game.

Romo is far from the only one who deserves blame for the Cowboys losing a game they led 24-10 with 12 minutes to play, but his turnovers are what we’ll all be talking about on Monday morning. Romo came up short in crunch time, and the Cowboys are 0-1.

98 responses to “Tony Romo loses the ball, and the game, for the Cowboys

  1. Braahaahaahaa…. Cowgirls choke away another one. Luv me some Cowchoke. Romo should consider retirement. Last place cowgirls, get used to it…

  2. Colin Cowherd spent all last week saying, “Tony Romo and Aaron Rodgers are basically the same guy.”

    Yeah, right………..

  3. I wouldn’t say that Revis stepped in front of a Romo pass. I would say that Romo threw the ball, as softly as possible, directly to Revis for no apparent reason.

  4. As a Fin fan. PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE keep sancheese as New Jersey’s starting quarterback. You Jets fans are delaying the inevitable. He’s below average. <——-there is a period after that statement. Henne does his mom.

  5. I believe one of these two things is true:

    1. When you look up the definition of “LOSER” in the dictionary, you will see a picture of Tony Romo next to it.


    2. The NFL mandated that the Cowboys had to let the Jets win on the anniversary of 9/11.

    I’ll put my money on the former rather than the latter.

  6. “Would love to hear what was said to Rob Ryan to set him off like that at the end of the game.”

    Someone asked him why his boys looked so befuddled on defense in the fourth quarter.

  7. America’s Team??? I think not. Bottom Dwelling Team is more like it. Romo is named MVP of the NY Jets.

  8. This was almost too unbelievable to be real. With game on line, the Cowboys allow a clean blocker up the middle? Romo throws a gimme to Revis??? Questionable penalty called on Witten for PI to put an end to a potential game tying drive??? Perhaps a gimme to NY in honor of the occasion?

  9. If i were a Cowboys fans, thank god I’m not.. I’d be praying to god that Romo breaks his collarbone again and Kitna gets the start.. Romo is just worthless.

  10. I hear that Romo had to take a different plane to go home, cause the cowboys refused to let him fly with them.

  11. Romo has got to go down in history as the choke-master. It’s really unbelievable how well he plays most of the time, yet all by himself, loses the game, how many times now?

  12. “Colin Cowherd spent all last week saying, “Tony Romo and Aaron Rodgers are basically the same guy.”

    I thought Matt Ryan and Rodgers were the same guy?

  13. To turn a phrase from the old adage, the Jets are like a bad penny. They just keep coming back, especially in the fourth quarter. Have you ever seem a team that has a more annoying habit of snatching victory from the jaws of defeat?

  14. Time to watch Dieon and Mike Irvin make excuses for the overrated overhyoed Cowpokes! Kurt Warner was right, DALLAS IS JUST ANOTHER TEAM!
    BTW Wade Phillips def gave up 7 points, Dallas def gave up 27!

  15. As a jets fan im disappointed with how we started but i loved the way we finished. They wouldnt quit and they got the two big turnovers in the fourth qt. Sanchez finished real strong. It looks like the jets are gonna air it out alot more this year. I dont think they threw it at all that much in a game all year last season. Sanchez had 44 attempts its weird for me to see but he handled it well. Overall great game though and dez bryant is a beast. Imo hes a top three receiver already in the league. Dallas is gonna be good this yr

  16. Incidentally, Cromartie may very well have been exposed as an overrated CB. Bryant was torching the Jets until Revis started covering him, and then… nothing. I bet they’re still smarting over losing the Nnmadi lottery.

  17. Romo is not an elite NFL QB. I take Cam Newton over him Newton has potential after the game today while Romo had a fluke year or two.

    Jerry will probably play Kitna to 0-16 just to get Luck.

  18. Its not Romo fault completely. Its that dumb ass OC of Dallas trying to get cute and pad Romo stats. Your on the one yard line and you try to pass when the Jets just allowed you to score from the last possession? This is exactly why Dallas will go 7 and 9 and Fantasy Football is ruining the NFL. Anyway Lets go Pats and show everyone why were Bowl Bound this year.

  19. Sanchez is an above average QB at best.

    The defense and special teams won this game, just like they have the last 2 seasons.

    Didn’t Henne and Fitzpatrick have better numbers than Sanchez last season.

    I’m pretty sure that makes him the worst QB in that division.

  20. I’m done defending Romo, he plays well and then, just mentally checks out. The lack of WR depth really kills the momentum they had, and instead of being that field general and figuring out how to get it done. He throws to Dez Bryant who is being covered by Revis and the guy is purely a decoy and can’t even move. You have a 1st ballot HofFer in Witten, Austin, and the sure handed tailbacks and you throw to Dez, and then act surprised that it got picked. CLOWN!!!

  21. Overall proud of the cowboys, not even supposed to be in that game according to everyone earlier and they held on until the typical gutless Romo gave the ball back twice in the 4th qtr. Defense was pretty damn good considering there were sometimes 5 special teams players on the field. I’m born and bred here in Dallas and I know we lost cause of Romo, but he did put us in that game along with some moxy out of the D. Yes, I just said moxy.

  22. Inevitabilities in life – death, taxes and Tony Romo choking away a Cowboy victory.
    Umm, hey Jerry Jones, why not give Bob Kraft a call and see if Ryan Mallett is available. Cowpokes need a young and talented QB because you’re going nowhere with Romo the Momo.

    Thanks ROMO for another MELTDOWN!!!
    Am a true fan, but this GUY just CHOKES too often in too many important situations…
    I can now believe and accept that we will NEVER reach the Superbowl with this FAKE as a QB.
    This really hurts to post, but I really believe this is the TRUTH. Happens too many times to be an accident.
    God Help Us All with this Guy as our QB.
    Good stats, but HE CHOKES when it COUNTS!!!

  24. Great job Jets. Winning teams find ways to win.
    As for the Cowboys well you know losing teams find ways to lose. Keep your heads up Cowboys at least you played well for 3 quarters and you had a good team a really long time ago. Just keep talking about your past accomplishments America’s team. Since that’s all you have!!!
    Actually it was a really good game, the fact that America’s Team lost was just a bonus.

  25. lets see what lost the game for the about less than a yard from the goal line..and what do we once???..we have been running pretty good most of the game..all we had to do was run 3 times in the row..if we dont get in then kick a field goal..get 3..but nooo…we pass..twice..and run once..really..if we would have gotten at least 3 or even 7 that would have most likely been game…how is it that just so called regular people that watch the game and dont play are like wow those are stupid plays..but for some reasons..the people making millions to make those calls think they are out smarting people when in reality they are not…

  26. Great game, and yes, it’s unfair to lay all the blame on Romo. But even though I’m sure it’s an unconscious/nervous reaction, that Huckleberry Hound grin he flashes whenever he screws up makes me want to scream, “What the heck are you smiling at???”

    What happened to Dez Bryant? He looked like he was running in slo-mo. Whatever ailed him was the biggest problem with the Cowboys offense.

    Sanchez is no Brady, but he’s better than people give him credit for being.

  27. I place zero blame on romo. Zero. Garrett blew the game with the 3 calls after the witten catch. Kick the field goal and it’s over. If I was Rob Ryan I’d punch Jason in the face. Every one will blame Romo, Garrett had every opportunity to take it out of his hands and win the game. Grow a pair Jason.

  28. canetic says:
    Sep 11, 2011 11:49 PM
    I wouldn’t say that Revis stepped in front of a Romo pass. I would say that Romo threw the ball, as softly as possible, directly to Revis for no apparent reason.

    When the article said that Revis stepped in front of a pass, I knew those weren’t the words my brain wanted to read. This prose, however, sums it up beautifully.

  29. I hate the Jets. As a Patriots fan I am getting sick of watching the Jets win games that way. Last year it was Detroit, Cleveland and Houston. It just kills me.

    That said, the Jets do deserve a lot of credit… That’s why people hated the 2001-2004 Patriots too. Teams that find different ways to win usually have long seasons.

    From now on, I’m just going to look at the score at the end of the game instead of watching another travesty like that.

    What was I thinking cheering for the Cowboys anyway? I should have known better.

  30. The Jets looked pretty bad until the Cowboys inexplicably handed them the game. That INT was absolutely baffling to the point where you almost have to ask if Romo had some sort of wager on the game.

  31. Dolphans really need to keep quiet about the Jets and thier QB. Sanchez isn’t great, but he does something none of the 10 QBs the Dolphins have brought in in the last four years have done – win.

    In Cromartie’s defense, getting beat by Bryant doesn’t mean he sucks, Bryant is a beast.

  32. 6the6ringedsteelerslolatyouremptylittletrophycase7 says: Sep 11, 2011 11:54 PM


    Is the 7 in your name for the turnovers today?

  33. Jets stayed in the game and gave themselves a chance to win in the end. The team with the least mistakes wins most games. Sanchez needs more practice with Plexico. If they run the ball well, Sanchez doesn’t have to make as many plays.

  34. ny82jy says: Sep 11, 2011 11:59 PM

    “… Overall great game though and dez bryant is a beast. Imo hes a top three receiver already in the league. Dallas is gonna be good this yr.”
    Agreed. Dallas has a bunch of extremely impressive players, their young O Line is only going to get better, and their defense is already good but will also steadily improve. When they get their secondary back, I can see them taking the NFC East.

  35. Amazing. Even as a lifelong Cowboys fan, this stuff always amazes me. To go from being on the verge of a 14-point lead in the 4th quarter to tripping over yourself while the other team scores 10 unanswered points to win – due to two stupid turnovers and a last-minute 50-yard kick by a guy your team thought wasn’t good enough –

    This is what is is to be a Cowboy fan after 1996. Absolutely maddening.

    Kudos to the Jets for never giving up.

  36. There will be a bunch of Teams that LUCK into a victory while they had been out played during the game. But having your secondary Lighted Up like a Christmas Tree like the Jets had done to them will not be forgotten by the Teams they will play down the road. Looks like those corners are not all they are made out to be, 300 sum yards?, now that is what I call Shut Down Corners lol

  37. same ole romo….jones needs to sign a qb who can push for a starting job. romo is not the man. he plays grabasss when they are up and is often the goat when they lose. not a winner!!!!!! team has too much tallent to keep loosing in this manner.

  38. Look at all the sh*t that crawls out of the wood work when the Cowboys lose. Amazing that with 3 inexperienced starters on the o-line, a month to install a new 3-4 scheme, backups covering the likes of Burress and Holmes, they only come up 4 points short against the Jets, who last season were a touchdown away from going to the Superbowl.

    And as for Romo, he could have easily gone with, “My WR ran the wrong route, it’s his fault.” Instead, he takes responsibility. People wanted to see more leadership from him. Isn’t that what leaders do? He shoulders the blame and they’ll move on from this. It’s only week one.

  39. Romo being Romo. Jets didn’t win the game, the Boys gave it to them. That fumble at the one. That little cream puff to Revis. Sheeze.

    Hey Garrett, just put the ball in Felix’ hands. Hand it off. Pass it to him. Just get him the ball.

  40. Can’t the cowboys just put in that Scotty McGee kid in the 4th qt/clutch situations?

    Seriously, Romo was lighting it up(kinda) for the 1st 3 qts in the game, then car wrecked in the fouth. like in baseball, there’s those “Closer” dudes.

  41. jaggedmark says:Sep 11, 2011 11:49 PM
    “Colin Cowherd spent all last week saying, “Tony Romo and Aaron Rodgers are basically the same guy.”

    So after ripping on Rodgers for years (and promptly eatin’ crow), Colin is kissin’ up to Rodgers now that Aaron is finally recognized as “ELITE”, then cowherd has to compare “his” average QBs (ryan/romo) to Rodgers…pff, smh.

  42. I kept telling a cowboy fan this past week how romo is not a top 10 qb in NFL. Predictably he’s not on this board today.
    Romo puts up all kinds of stats but he’s just not a winner.

  43. Screw defense wins games. This game was all special teams. I would give Revis credit had the ball not been delivered directly into his hands. He would have had to have both arms break and go blind to not grab that one.

    Blocked point for a touchdown and Nick Folk FG after the INT. That is special teams at their finest.

    Also I’d just like to add that I freaking hate the new td review rule. What is the point of giving coaches challenges if it’s automatically done anyways. Go back to the days when if a ref made a bad call (which is often) the coaches that are smart knew how to use them.

  44. Stop it. It wasn’t a “miraculous come from behind win”. We pissed it away and snatched defeat from the jaws of victory, as usual.

  45. Romo is undependable. You cannot count on that QB to win a big game for you even if it is served up on a silver platter. Which this game was, for a while. Sanchez did not impress. So it wasnt like that team couldnt roll the jetz, it just that romo cant roll the jetz, because he is an over anxious media hyped qb who really is a choke. Nice wedding photos. Congrats.

  46. nomoreseasontix says: Sep 11, 2011 11:50 PM

    “Would love to hear what was said to Rob Ryan to set him off like that at the end of the game.”

    Someone asked him why his boys looked so befuddled on defense in the fourth quarter.


    In the last three drives of the game, the Jets lost a fumble, then punted, and gained two whole yards. All defenses should look so befuddled.

  47. ny82jy says: Sep 11, 2011 11:59 PM

    “… Overall great game though and dez bryant is a beast. Imo hes a top three receiver already in the league. Dallas is gonna be good this yr.”


    Do you mean top 3 on the Cowboys? He needs to play a great season before that kind of praise, not just a great quarter.

    There’s a long list of “beasts” in the NFL who never reach their potential.

  48. Anyone else think that Game Was Staged For The Jets To Win On 9/11? Cause It Would have been a big let down to the fans, Americas Team Against A Team From NY on 9/11 ok complete staged game!!!!

  49. @justentertainingthestupid

    right! Well you should know about delaying the inevitable, considering your horrible team brought back Sparano, and Henne for another wonderful year. Maybe if they try hard, they can double their home win record and get to 2 this year..

    Stop being jealous. Just sit there and accept the fact that your team is the one of the worst in the entire league.

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