Chris Johnson a non-factor in first game after holdout

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Maybe it was the holdout.  Maybe it was just the new Titans offense struggling with a stout Jaguars run defense.

Whatever the reason, Chris Johnson was a total non-factor in his first game since his training camp absence.  Johnson finished with 24 yards on nine carries.  It was third worst game of his career.

We just didn’t have the opportunities,” Johnson said via Tania Ganguli of the Florida Times-Union. “On first down, we would have no gain or a yard and we would have to throw the ball. That would leave us third down and you have to throw it again, so there was not many opportunities to run.”

The Titans barely possessed the ball for 20 minutes in the game.  The Titans had five first downs in the first 50 minutes.  That’s not an ideal ratio for running success.

There is an opportunity for the Titans or Jaguars to emerge as legitimate division title contenders with Indianapolis hurting. The Titans need to get Chris Johnson back to being Chris Johnson quickly for that to happen.

28 responses to “Chris Johnson a non-factor in first game after holdout

  1. He just got paid, Matt Forte didn’t. Forte is way better than CJ right now. I argued this point before CJ signed and now I think it’s been validated.

  2. The guy holds out for a mega-contract, and has the BALLS to turn in 24 yards?????

    How does THAT taste, Tennesee?

  3. Hey… He wants to be paid higher than a running back. Why should Titans’ fans settle for production only on running plays?\

    He’s a playmaker. Should be demanding the ball.

  4. “On first down, we would have no gain or a yard and we would have to throw the ball. That would leave us third down and you have to throw it again, so there was not many opportunities to run.”

    That is why teams who can’t stick to a gameplan lose. Runs don’t always gain yardage. But you can’t give up after one run. Run on second and try to set up a short 3rd down. Everyone knows what’s coming with 3rd and long, but on 3rd and short you can do anything.

  5. Good job CJ. You cost me a win this week.
    Interesting facts:

    Players with new contracts (week 1):
    Chris Johnson: 24 yards rushing
    Frank Gore: 59 yards rushing no TDs
    Michael Vick: 187 yards 2TDs 98 yrds rushing
    Peyton Manning: Out
    Adrian Foster: Out
    Orlando Scandrick: Out (hurt in week 1)

    Obviously there were other players that got new contracts and did good jobs.
    But, look at guys like Desean Jackson and Matt Forte who were complaining about new deals and had a good week 1.

  6. Obviously the O-line has alot to do with the running game, but who is responsible for that “no gain or a yard” on first down, Chris? I thought you were able to run wild no matter what? His career is over. What an arrogant idiot.

  7. What most are missing here is the Jags didn’t let him run. He broke one or two for like 8 yards, but never got more than that. The Jags just stuffed him. The Titans are really sorry and my Jags are barely middle of the road. That was the best outing for the Jags defense in the last 4 yrs.

  8. he only had 9 carries and there were only 13 runs total, of which I believe about 6 were in the 4th quarter (you know, when they were down by 9 points and decided to establish the run to burn some clock). The game plan was idiotic.

  9. Some of you guys sound pathetic. CJ is fine the kid will bounce back. Hell! Barry sanders led the NFL in negative runs year after year. Cj will get his…….

  10. I always love reading people’s negative comments and overeactions after a bad week 1, yeah that’s right week 1, performance.

    Next week if he goes over 100 and a TD everyone will say, “that was worth the holdout, and he is the best RB in the game.”

    It’s week 1 people!!

  11. I went against the grain and joined a league that focuses on rb’s(yup, I’m against the grain, we use 2 starting qb’s in MY league). I drafted CJ #2. I know he will get it going, but this makes me continue to wonder- why are most fantasy leagues so focused on rb’s when there are like 5 true everydown backs? Why hasnt the focus moved to qb’s and recievers? People say my league is dumb, then they join and are hooked. Start the movement- QB’s should be king in fantasy!!!!!

  12. Hahaha, I hate to say I told you so but…. I told you so. RBs are a dime a dozen, just cause he’s quick doesn’t mean he’s worth the crazy jack that he asked for, good job Titans

  13. Bwahahahaha. The Titans could’ve got any joe schmoo to tote the rock for a yard or less for much less than what they paid CJ.

  14. I liked the headline. The guy deserves to be laughed at this week. I understand bad games, and I don’t think he is a bad player. I do like to see karma catch up to people though.

  15. But I thought Jacksonville was the worst team in the league because they cut Garrard and were Andrew Luck bound? What happened PFT you’re letting me down… I thought the Titans were going to dominate the pathetic Jaguars?

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