Irsay: “Broad range” for Manning’s recovery


Just in case the Colts didn’t realize how valuable Peyton Manning was over the last 13 years, Sunday’s humbling loss to the Texans hammered the point home.

It begs the question: Do the Colts have any shot to win games without Manning and is there any realistic chance Manning saves this season?

Let’s tackle the second question first.

“With these things, you never know the time frame,” owner Jim Irsay told the Indianapolis Star. “There’s a broad range of two to six months.”

It sounds like the Colts will keep a roster spot open for as long as possible.

“There are restraints on the roster when you start getting a lot of guys banged up,” Irsay said. “You take it a week at a time and in a three-month period he may be really getting down the road to being able to practice.”

A Colts fan searching for signs of hope in the meantime can look to the schedule.  The AFC South is weak after Houston, who the Colts don’t play again until Week 16. Indianapolis faces the Browns, Bengals, Panthers, and Chiefs before Week 13.

We learned Sunday the Colts can’t compete on the road against a quality opponent. We’ll see if they can compete against anyone.

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  1. The Colts weren’t winning anything this year with Manning. Their D stinks and they have very little running game. PoliON is going to get a pass because of Manning’s injury when in fact he should get a ton of criticism for letting that Colt roster wane. The Colts and PoliON should also be criticized for not coaching up their backup QB.
    Kerry Collins???? Ugh!!
    The Patriots have their young backup QB’s shadow Tom Brady. They study as hard as Brady does and they work as hard as Brady does. That’s why when Brady blew out his knee Matt Cassell was ready to handle that offense. The Patriots won 11 games with Cassell.
    Then again there is Jim Caldwell who, unlike Bill Belichick, isn’t going to coach up anyone.
    The Colts are a mess and Bill PoliON deserves much of the credit for it.

  2. Sorry Colts fans, but can’t say I feel sorry one bit. Welcome to real life. Manning is a once in a lifetime QB. You will never have a better one. Irsay should be smart enough to know this. Irsay makes Ted Thompson look like freaking genius.

  3. Rosenthal…when are you going to act like a responsible journalist and stop writing this “dribble” about Manning being the Colts savior. Is he inportant, sure……just as most starting QBs in the league are important to their team. The team won games before him and will after and this non-sensical reporting of the Colts not being able to win games without him is ridiculous and will make the nubile minds in here actually start to believe it.

    The reason the Colts “cannot win games” right now is they have a specific offense tailored to their team and the guy that runs it bailed 3 days before the first game……THAT is the problem….if they cannot win games right now it is because the Colts didnt have a back-up plan……..

  4. who do all the good people in Indianapolis blame for their football team being so strikingly dependent upon one individual?

    appears to be a Management failure of epic proportions

  5. Polian (the great) did not build a TEAM. Don’t blame Caldwell, Polian picked Caldwell, because he is a puppet. Polian is not a coach and it is showing. Also, Polian had a plan, he wanted Caldwell to fail,( but not to this degree.) I am thinking he is putting Tressel in to be the next head coach.

    Let’s remember another thing Caldwell was responsible for only 2-3 players on this team as QB coach. Which in actuality, he did not coach Peyton,(because it was Tom Moore) so he was responsible for the back ups……. enough said???

    Irsay sold his soul to the devil.

  6. Told y’all Polian and The Colts franchise are a big joke. Hall of Fame QB driven franchise. I’m the greatest football mind that ever blogged. I give y’all the real.

    They were a good franchise with Dungy, because Dungy is a powerhouse football guy..on Ozzie Newsome’s level. Polian got the credit due to Dungy, just like Mcvay in Tampa.

    Without Dungy…they’re nothing. With Dungy gone and Caldwell in, they’re inept and un disciplined on defense, no player development…just bad football. A bad franchise.

  7. One man’s opinion – Manning is toast for the season and probably his career. colts management knows it but they (and Manning) are keeping it under wraps for as long as possible because they know that once it gets out revenue will go right down el toiletto, proving once more that pro sports is a business.

  8. I’ve never heard of a spinal fusion surgery with a recovery time of less than four months, and it’s typically in the 6 to 8 month timeline. I can’t see any reason in the world to even pretend that Peyton’s going to play this year.

  9. I keep saying this but one of the reasons I keep saying this is because I love to keep saying this because all the Belichik haters are out there foaming at the mouth and I love to do my bit to keep them at it.

    2008 – Brady goes down, Cassell steps in and the Pats go 11-5 because of the system built by …..

    How did Cassell get there? He hadn’t started a game since High School and STILL the Pats found him and drafted him in the 7th (last) round.

    Whose decision to draft him?

    2009 – You-know-who trades (gives away?) Cassell and finds an UNDRAFTED free agent QB named Iforgethisname Hoyer.
    He gives him a nifty Patriots ball cap along with instructions to “watch #12 for the next 2 years.”

    2011 – Hoyer is ready to go should Brady go down. And on the sideline (wearing a nifty Patriots ball cap with the same set of instructions) is Mallett.

    BB may be an SOB, which is no crime, but you gotta admit he is one SMART one.

  10. I’ve been saying it forever, Polian is a fake, he doesn’t know talent and even worse he ran off all of his experienced scouts so his boy Chris would be comfortable with his school chums and kids in his department. Well his chickens have come home to roost.

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