Jim Caldwell: “It’s all correctable”


On Sunday in Houston, the Colts looked like the worst team in the league. But don’t tell Colts coach Jim Caldwell his team is doomed without Peyton Manning.

At today’s press conference, Caldwell insisted that all of the team’s problems can’t be fixed, and he’s going to get to work on fixing them.

“There is no question I believe it’s all correctable,” Caldwell said.

It sure didn’t look correctable on Sunday, unless the Colts are planning to sign 53 new players. The 34-7 final score of their loss to the Texans really didn’t do justice to how thoroughly the Colts got whipped: It was 34-0 at halftime before the Texans went into cruise control.

Caldwell said he never considered benching Kerry Collins in favor of Curtis Painter, and that makes sense: It’s not like Painter was going to lead the Colts to a comeback victory. The Colts’ problems go beyond the quarterback position, and they stunk in all phases of the game on Sunday.

Still, Caldwell was sounding an optimistic note.

“Our team is going to get better and improve,” Caldwell said.

They could hardly get worse.

79 responses to “Jim Caldwell: “It’s all correctable”

  1. “ok, we can fix this. Does someone have Tony’s cell #?” Fire this waste of space. Fire NaPolian too. This team sucks, & they are poorly built.

  2. Fire Caldwell he has no business being an NFL coach. Too bad with Peyton out he will get a free pass this year.

  3. & another thing- it is not ALL correctable, unless they found dtackles, linebackers, dbacks, offensive lineman and a running back on the street. Then, you need KERRY F’ING COLLINS to lead them. Better call Shane Falco and the rest of The Replacements

  4. I am glad he feels that way. That way when the season is still in the tank at the end we can get rid of you and find a real coach.

  5. “At today’s press conference, Caldwell insisted that all of the team’s problems can’t be fixed, and he’s going to get to work on fixing them.”

    I’m not arguing this point, but by the title and rest of the article I think you meant to type “can be fixed”

  6. If I was a business teacher I would be using this as a metaphor to help teach my class when we got to the section of the BUS 101 course that covers why not to have all your eggs in one basket.

  7. The Colts problems go beyond not having Peyton Manning. The Colts were built to win 2-3 years ago, which they did. Everyone knew the end of their dominant era was near.

  8. @edge3281,

    The three headed monster of Vince Lombardi, Joe Gibbs, and Bill Cowher couldn’t work with that current monstrosity you call a football team.

  9. With Manning it might have been 34-20. The Texans were the better team yesterday regardless who took the snaps for the Colts.

  10. correctable action in 8 easy steps:

    1) fire the coach
    2) release Manning
    3) move the team to LA
    4) hire new coach
    5) create new logo and name
    6) retire name and return to Baltimore
    7) Play on as LA Marauders
    8) obtain new and improved fan base

  11. @robigd Lombardi and Gibbs don’t belong in the same breath as Cowher. He was on a completely different level.

  12. The best move would be to get Manning on the sidelines coaching the team. He’s been the real coach while playing QB, get him on the sidelines coaching until he heals. You didn’t think that wooden indian Caldwell was really the coach, did you?

  13. hahaha. Caldwell is a clown. he looks lost on the sidelines. Andrew Luck might as well start looking for housing in Indy. I suggest the Guiest neigborhood

  14. “John, that looks like Falco on the sidelines, whays he doing?”
    “I dont know but by the look on his face, he thinks hes gonna play”

    At least having keanu reeves at qb would be a break from the norm. He cant do much worse. And as a colts fan id take Gene Hackman over Jim Caldwell

  15. The that became very, very clear on Sunday is that Jim Caldwell got EXPOSED.. For Dallas Clark to continually be lined up across from a guy who is 6’7″ tall and 290lbs (Mario Williams) is just ignorant.
    Caldwell, as usual looked pretty foolish without Manning.

  16. To be honest, I’m not sure all their problems would simply be solved by having Manning on the field. They have no running game to speak of and their defense is atrocious. Manning may have covered up a lot of the issues – But this team was designed to score points quickly and frequently, when they can’t do that… they can’t win.

  17. usetabe says: The best move would be to get Manning on the sidelines coaching the team.

    This actually makes sense. I think the follow-up statement about Caldwell not actually being the coach may be a little over the top, but Manning’s presence — even on the sidelines — would have to be helpful

  18. Sounds like a lot of Caldwell haters…

    I’m with you. Caldwell has shown he can’t coach. I even heard Marshall Faulk, who played in Indy, over the weekend say that Peyton pretty much puts the offensive game plan together.

    No QB without Peyton…if Painter is the long term answer to backup Manning soon they are going to have to play him just so he can get some exp.

    No confidence without Manning…the players or the coaches it seems because that game was a disaster.

    The coaches have to believe they can win…right now I think they are scratching their heads wondering how they move forward without Manning this season.

    Never have I seen one player affect their team the way Manning has. He covers up so much bad coaching and personnel it’s incredible.

  19. As others have mentioned, it is correctible with a new coaching staff. Most Colts fans knew the Colts won with Manning in spite of poor coaching. It’s time to rethink the Rooney Rule in Indy.

  20. 6the6ringedsteelerslolatyouremptylittletrophycase7 says:
    Sep 12, 2011 2:01 PM
    @robigd Lombardi and Gibbs don’t belong in the same breath as Cowher. He was on a completely different level.

    You are absolutely right! Cowher couldn’t hold the clipboard for Lombardi or Gibbs.

  21. Cincinnati won.
    Buffalo won.
    Detroit won.
    Redskins won.
    Jags won.
    Carolina… close to a W.

    Real competition is KC, Tenn, Seattle and St.L.
    Colts got a real chance at being the front runner for Luck.

  22. Tony Dungy got an awful lot of credit for standing on the sidelines with his lips hardly ever moving. Maybe Manning has “controlled” this team a lot longer that we realize.

  23. When you have a team that has Manning and nothing else, you can’t be shocked when they are a terrible team when Manning goes down. For years, this team has been Peyton, and his supporting cast. There is a reason they are a supporting cast, because they aren’t good enough to be stars on their own. Outside of Wayne, the colts don’t have a single skill position player that would start on 90% of the teams in the league, 100% of good teams. Same story on defense. Outside of Freeney, who has lost a step, who on that defense would you see other teams pushing each other over for a chance to get in their lineup? The answer is none. When you take the most team oriented game out there, build your team around a single player, then that player goes down, this is what happens.

  24. If Curtis Painter is so ill-prepared to play in the NFL then why is on the Colts roster to begin with??
    Huge mistake by the Colts in not having a back-up QB plugged into their system and ready to go if Manning went down.
    Kerry Collins???? Ugh!!
    Bad job by PoliON.

  25. 6the6ringedsteelerslolatyouremptylittletrophycase7 says:Sep 12, 2011 2:01 PM

    @robigd Lombardi and Gibbs don’t belong in the same breath as Cowher. He was on a completely different level.

    You’re right…the next level below those 2.

    Chuck Noll…? Definitely.

  26. If the Colts are bad this year they would’ve been bad anyway……..with or without Manning….he has proven he cannot carry a team on his shoulders (see playoffs)

  27. The Colts offense may or may not be correctable, depending on their running game and defense, more than the play of Collins, who may be able to shake some of the retirement rust off.

    What is correctable is the mistake in the story itself.

    “At today’s press conference, Caldwell insisted that all of the team’s problems can’t be fixed, and he’s going to get to work on fixing them.”

    I am sure what Michael David Smith meant to say was “that all of the team’s problem CAN be fixed”

  28. somekat – 100% baloney………Freeney, Sanders, Harrison, Wayne, Clark, James, Stockley, Saturday….the list goes on and on……Colts have always had a lot of talent……..sorry

  29. “It’s all correctable” = Peyton please come back soon! I don’t care if we have to build you a bionic neck, come back soon because without you we’re horrible

  30. 6the6ringedsteelerslolatyouremptylittletrophycase7 says:
    Sep 12, 2011 2:01 PM
    @robigd Lombardi and Gibbs don’t belong in the same breath as Cowher. He was on a completely different level

    You are the biggest turd on here by a MILE. The Steelers sure could have used your beloved Cowher yesterday

  31. @golonger. Um yeah the cokts have had their guys but do you honestly believe peyton manning is not the sole reason for their success? He has pulled them out of some awful games before. The team goes up with him and down with him. Its awful because the FO should’ve built a defense for him. Not an offense. He can make any player look good or above average (Jerome pathon, blair white, jacob tamme, james mungro…you get the idea)

  32. No excuses Colts fans – the Patriots were 11-5 without Brady.

    Is Polian really such a bad GM that there’s no quality players beyond Manning? (then again, he did sign a player with a career threatening injury to the largest contract in NFL history)

    Heck – the Patriots backup QB hadn’t even started a game since high school before stepping in for Brady. I think this guy Collins might have a game or two in the NFL under his belt.

  33. At today’s press conference, Caldwell insisted that all of the team’s problems can’t be fixed, and he’s going to get to work on fixing them.

    Why is he going to work on fixing it if it can’t be fixed. Typical PFT

  34. cantarguefacts – sure…Manning makes the Colts go sure……….but he is NOT their whole team……period. But like I always say…..you cant have it both ways…….if you are giving him ALL the credit for the regular season wins……he gets ALL the blame for the playoff losses ( and chokes)….the under .500 record must be ALL his fault than too right??????

    It is either one or the other not one when it is convenient.

    But, if you arent going to give the Colts Defense credit for the SB year…you are hiding your eyes……the Colts Defense was the WORST in regular season….BUT, in the playoffs that year, they were the BEST in the playoffs……..THAT is why they got to and won the SB and that is why Bob Sanders won the award for Dfensive player of the year….

    So…the year they FINALLY win the SB, it is because they rode their defense……….bottom line

  35. The Colts are a badly built team with a once-in-a-generation talent at the most important position. Last year, that translated to 10-6. But even that is a little distorted. The 2010 Colts had 9 Pythagorean wins, the 24th ranked defense (DVOA) and 31st ranked special teams. The 2011 Colts have the same defense and special teams, but a vastly inferior offense. Manning threw 679 times last year (1st overall) to make up for the total lack of a running game and a bad o-line. Do people really envision a scenario in which Collins throws 679 times?

  36. ..and when people say Manning has carried this “bad team”….I laugh…….many other QBs have carried WORSE teams farther and longer than he has…..yet Manning is the better QB???? I don’t think so.

  37. Man, seeing this team implode makes me wonder that if you put Manning on a good team, if the wouldnt go down as the best player in history lol. nah, i know he isnt the best, i like a few QB’s ahead of him, but for real, it seems like Manning is hiding alot of flaws on this team with they have him on the field. this team doesnt look very good. I haven’t paid much attention to them as I am not a fan, but seeing what happened to this team w/o Manning just brought it to my attention how much trouble the coaching staff and the players are w/o him.

  38. Manning >Brady or New England has a better offensive philosophy but Indy without Peyton = 4-12.

  39. I feel bad for the Team and the Fans. They have been fooled to believe he was close to play. Man I’m happy I didn’t buy season tickets in Indy. He signed for how much and how long. Did he lie to the team or did the lockout help him.

  40. Ya, it’s correctible whenever Peyton can play again. Not until, and certainly not with Collins even on the team. Irsay totally wasted his $$$ bringing Collins out of retirement. He looked like he was STILL in retirement yesterday.

  41. Give Grandpa Collins a break, he had like 3 weeks to learn a hard offense. The rest of the offense as well had only 3 weeks to learn what he can do.
    As far as Caldwell, I think he is embarresed but not surprised. Everyone expected game 1 would be horrible.
    Aside from the two fumbles, Collins over threw a few passes yes, but he didnt throw one interception and had a nice TD pass.
    I think its too early to judge this team maybe week 5 or 6 will be the sink or swim team.

  42. golonger

    The year the Colts won the SB, the defense played well against KC and Balt, but are you forgetting the game against the Patriots. Down 21-3, final score was something like 38-34. Did the defense score all those points? Manning was incredible in the 2nd half.

    In the SB, they dominated with the run. Manning reads the defense and calls either run or pass at the line. I am sure you wouldn’t give him any credit for that either.

    Most consecutive 12-win seasons, 9 consecutive yrs in the playoffs, yeah, he’s horrible.

  43. although it may seem crazy, with the loss of one single player, that a pro team just tanks, its not without method to madness. peyton manning is one of the greatest players of all-time so building an entire system around him is understandable. obviously the problem is just what happened. plus do not forget how indestructable he has been. feel bad for colts fans, i really do.

  44. gacoltfan – not forgetting at all….yeah, they had to come back but guess why?????…cause manning was throwing ints……thats why….bringing a team back because of your mistakes doesnt really count for greatness, sorry!

    Yeah…..the run AND defense won them the game……but guess who undeservedly got the mvp……what a joke…….

    ..and if you werent such a backwoods Colt fan, you might be able to understand what I am saying…….did I say he was horrible??? but harrison, James……and all the other guys he has had on offense arent horrible either!…….he just is over-rated and NOT the best QB ever sorry…….dont even have me go down the road of him playing about 12-13 warm weather games while guys like Brady have to play the opposite…………..wake up!

  45. The chickens have come home to roost. If the defense hadn’t been playing above their head a few years ago, Peyton would still lack a ring. They’ve cobbled together a defense for years, haven’t had a consistent running game in ages, and now it’s biting them on the ass. I knew this day was coming soon.

  46. Correctable…but it’s going to require either a miracle cure (Manning can spray Windex on his neck and be playing next week!) or time machine to go back in time and sign a decent backup.

    Any GM that doesn’t have a serviceable backup on the team–even if your QB is Mr. Reliability like Peyton Manning–deserves to be fired. They think so little of their backup, they IMMEDIATELY sign a guy out of retirement? Then why was Painter even on the team?

  47. What a bunch of whining, whimpering jackwagons all you Colts fans are.

    Your team has been near the top of the NFL for a decade and all you can do is whine?

    If you hate your team that much don’t go to the games. Don’t buy the jerseys and caps and see where it gets you.

    Remember, your owner is not exactly the most stand-up guy in the world and Los Angeles moves closer to building a new stadium on a daily basis.

    Mr. Irsay moved a revered and storied franchise and tore the heart from a city once before. Don’t for a second think he wouldn’t do it again.

    Hmmmm. Los Angeles Colts. Kind of has a nice ring to it wouldn’t you say?

    Oh well, easy come, easy go. Indianapolis never deserved a team in the first place.

  48. The idiocy voiced on this blog is staggering. And if you’re going to suggest a neighborhood for someone to live perhaps you could spell it correctly. Indy doesn’t deserve a team? LA has had multiple teams and have lost them.

  49. @ denverdude

    I guess you havent noticed the brand new sold out stadium in Indy?? The Colts arent going anywhere, dont worry. But you might wanna worry about that 3rd string bust of a QB you have!

  50. Yes, the idiocy is staggering…mainly perpetrated by moronic Colts fans who are probably the DUMBEST on the planet……no, Indy doesn’t nor ever deserved a team…they got one by default because of a tool owner who hadn’t a clue about running a franchise…and if the NFL realigned again…….they CERTAINLY wouldn’t go to Indianoplace!

  51. How many times has Manning thrown for 500 yards again? Had to get my shot in.

    Get real Caldwell….If it was all correctable you would have figured out to stop the run, run the ball and use a timeout by now. Because you haven’t at this time last year your number 18 was laying on the turf after being sandwiched likely causing this injury.

    How can you listen to this guyas a Colts fan? There is absolutely no dire hope for this team to win a meaningful game this year. Give me reasons how, unless your saying Kerry has it in him to throw for 35 td’s with around 4700 yards passing this year to be fair win atleast 10 games, to cover up the horrible and complete utter waste of draft picks this team has employed. Is this what your saying? Because the running game will be worse this year without Manning and so will your defense because they will be on the field more.

    I only comment on these Colts forums because their so foolish and I guess their beloved fans believe in this nonsense from Bill Polian and Caldwell. I’ve been to Indy, you guys are smart people so how in the hell do you let these walk all over you…Please fire these Polian guys, they have done absolutely nothing for this franchise but bring you Peyton Manning, a choice any 8 year old with eyes can make. Then since 2003 have done and drafted hardly anyone to protect him. You’ve had almost 8 years to find a backup quarterback and almost 6 years to find a quality left tackle Bill Polian, if this was Philly you would be out of a job or Detroit, Pittsburgh or even New England.

  52. obsession55 : Indianapolis is one of the most fair weather fan towns I have ever lived in. That stadium would not be sold out if it was not for Peyton. Only about 4-5 years ago did Indianapolians wear Colts gear or Colts Blue in the off season.

    golonger: It is not Jimmy’s fault that he is Indy. Although he easily could have moved the team to LA before the new stadium was built. (but basically the stadium did not cost Irsay a penny)

    Jimmy is funny enough to actually read these posts: So CUT your Polians lose. You are smart enough to see he did not build a TEAM.

    I also believe that Chris reads these posts also. So Chris you may want your dad to annouce that you are the GM and to stop saying that it is the GM’s fault. It is not it is just your dad’s fault.

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