Panthers, Beason brace for the worst


On Sunday, Panthers coach Ron Rivera called the situation with starting middle linebacker Jon Beason “dire.”  Though that may have been a slight overstatement, given that he’s not facing any permanent serious injury or worse, a source with knowledge of the situation tells PFT that the team and the player continue to fear that Beason will miss the season with a serious Achilles’ tendon injury.

The final diagnosis apparently will hinge on an MRI, which strongly suggests that the Achilles’ tendon isn’t completely torn, something that can be determined without an MRI, since a simple physical exam will show that the firm thread of ligament at the back of the heel is gone.

Either way, it’s good for Beason — and not so good for the Panthers — that Beason signed a contract extension during camp.  The Panthers removed the injury risk from Beason, and now the Panthers could end up paying Beason a lot of money and getting not a lot in return.

14 responses to “Panthers, Beason brace for the worst

  1. Beason is a stud no doubt, when he went down yesterday I knew it was bad. We will miss him, but we have a more than capable back-up with Dan Conner..

  2. He deserves every penny after being forced on the field again when he didn’t even work out a single time during the offseason because of the injury. Would have been a shame had this happened to him while playing on a rookie contract that was about to run up this season.

  3. Beason will be back 100%… maybe not this season, but definitely next. Especially with his professionalism and work ethic. And as a Panthers fan, I could care less if we are “paying him a lot of money and not getting a lot in return”. He’s done enough in his past years to warrant any money he will be making while rehabbing on IR this year. Beason will be here for a long time to come.

    And besides, Dan Connor is more then adequate as a starter.

  4. Some guys are just more injury prone than others. Great player, I just don’t see him coming back as good after two years of season ending injuries. As much as we would like to think these guys are machines that can be surgically repaired back to 100% health, they are not.

  5. Beason isn’t injury prone… Beason hasn’t missed a game in his entire career… He played outside linebacker last year because Thomas Davis was hurt, leaving Dan Connor at MLB.

  6. dapackrepeat says: Sep 12, 2011 10:38 AM

    Kaaaaboooom, down he goes….lulz. Just makes things easier for the Pack this week, which essentially should be a bye week anyways!

    WOW, dont sleep on us, that is all I got to say!!!! are Def will struggle vs the Packers no doubt, but I smell an upset coming week two, with Rodgers and company, all hyped up about not needing to practice together during the lockout, and being to big headed after the Saints game….. I hope we beat yall, but Beason being out is a it, but we will see…..

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