Rodney Harrison talks Week One

To cap a typically hectic football Sunday, two-time Super Bowl winner Rodney Harrison sat down (perhaps reluctantly) with yours truly to talk about several issues that emerged throughout the day.

Rodney brings the excellent perspective not only of a player but also of a player who, individually and as a member of a team, achieved great things.

Watch the video our takes on the Steelers, Chiefs, Eagles, and perhaps the best quarterback in the NFC East.

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15 responses to “Rodney Harrison talks Week One

  1. Who cares how many times the Steelers have beaten the Raven over the course of the last few years, this is the only year that matters and the Steelers got stepped on like insects…

  2. The Ravens game was total domination! I like how they say that the Steelers dominated the Ravens the last three or four times when the games were decided by 7 pts or less. Haha riddle….

  3. Come on, Rex is a nice player, decent…and he is a good ‘manager’, but if he gets you to the Playoffs, he’ll leave you wishing for more and just can’t focus when he’s under pressure.

  4. Has anyone noticed how awful he is as a TeeVee commentator? And, bless his heart, Dungy looks about as uncomfortable as a fart in church……

  5. If you think Harrison brings an “excellent perspective” to the Steelers, especially concerning the Ravens, no doubt you think OBL brought an excellent prespective to world peace issues.

    Ravens got dominated the last 3 games decided by a few points? I don’t think so.

  6. haaaaaa , what an idiot, because the Ravens have always gotten there butts kicked right? This has never happened to the Ravens

    he said Steelers have a good defense, really…where?

    Steelers are in deep f in trouble

  7. Um Rodney Harrison = The Eagles OL actually played pretty good. And the rams had multiple chances? So no credit to the Eagles defense and Juan Castillo (the D coach) that everyone was critisizing? Cant have it both ways buddy…

  8. 3octave I haven’t seen any Ravens fans acting like they won the SB here. They’re excited they beat a team they have trouble beating. So what? Man up and admit your team and QB especially stunk it up. This is the second time you’ve posted that same asinine comment. You have revealed yourself to be a dish it can’t take it guy already, but this seals it.

  9. I think that Rodney does well with the material they give him to say on the show but I figure he must like it or he would demand better so he isn’t that interesting to me as a TV person, but he was a scrappy footballer.

  10. Rodney Harrison is a cheater and I don’t care to hear a cheater’s opinion. He needs to find some performance enhancers for his terrible TV act, you guys should get rid of him for a “guy who did it the right way.”

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