The Chiefs were Week One’s biggest losers

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Every loss hurts in the NFL, but some defeats cause more pain than others.   Here’s a look back at the most costly, painful loss of the weekend. 

The Chiefs lost Week One. No team suffered as embarrassing a result.  No playoff team from a year ago was reeling more after only one week.

Kansas City was my pick for this honor even before we knew safety Eric Berry, one of the team’s best players, was lost for the season.  The Chiefs lost more than a game in in their 41-7 loss to the Bills at Arrowhead, which should be one of the best home field advantages in the league.

We always hear the preseason doesn’t matter.  And then the most ill-prepared looking team in the preseason became the most ill-prepared looking team in Week One.  The Chiefs were shell-shocked.

“I’m embarrassed to go out there and do that in front of our home crowd,” Matt Cassel said via the Kansas City Star.

Defensive tackle Kelly Gregg: “Things started going bad, and it just [continued] bad. A landslide. It’s amazing how bad things went.”

Safety Jon McGraw: “I’m still trying to piece it all together in my mind.”

The Chiefs better snap of their daze soon. They face the Lions and Chargers on the road in the next two weeks, and the Chiefs don’t seem to know what they can do well.  (Here’s a hint: Get the ball to Jamaal Charles.)

This was the type of loss that makes you question the direction of the program. The offensive line and passing game looks lost without Charlie Weis.  Special teams was a disaster in the opener. The defense couldn’t tackle or stop the run.

“We were bad,” Haley said. “We were bad pretty much from start to finish.”

It’s only one game, but it felt like more than that for the Chiefs Sunday.

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  1. This landslide all started with that 7 sack finale vs the Raiders and followed with the meltdown against the Ravens in the playoffs.

    Music to my ears.

  2. Like I said in reference to an earlier article….

    “With the first selection in the 2012 NFL First Year Player Draft, the Kansas City Chiefs select…. Andrew Luck, quarterback, Stanford University..”

    -Roger Goodell

    Think I’ll stick with this prediction after the Berry news..

  3. I thought Todd Haley would become a good head coach in the NFL. After the preseason, I knew they were destined for failure. As good as the Chiefs look on paper, they don’t live up to it on the field.

  4. Actually the Colts loss was just as ugly but I do have to go with the Chiefs. As a Colts fan I expected a bad loss, no Peyton, good division opponent and on the road.

    But the Chiefs were at home against the lowly Bills with their starting QB healthy and a good run game, did not expect that loss at all.

  5. The Bills had the worst run defense in the league last year. The Chiefs hung over 270 on the ground against them last year. So what do they do yesterday? Have Matt Cassel throw 3 yard passes all day. Great game plan.

  6. Buffalo beat the hell out of the chiefs in very aspect of the game. So sick of media talking about how bad KC was instead of how dominant the Bills, Fitz, Chandler and the run D looked. Lets Go Buffalo

  7. Actually, the Steelers with all their bravado and hype wear the biggest losers. They were smacked all around like a college team by the their biggest foes. They were completely man handled in all three phases of the game. Four if you include coaching.

  8. GO BILLS!!! But in all seriousness Eric Berry injury is unfortunate. If i were Todd Haley my offense would be hand off to Charles a crap load and then maybe a deep play action pass to Bowe and a screen to Charles. Either the chiefs were a 1 hit wonder or the Bills are a very much improved team.

  9. After sitting at arrowhead and watching that mess, it is clear that the Chiefs need Dline help and LB help in a big way. No pass rush and miss tackling are a recipe for disaster. And now that Berry is out, they are going to get ran on alot.

  10. Worse than the Steelers? They were in the SB just a few months ago and everyone’s talked up Ben as a 3x winner (possibly), greatest defense ever etc and they got absolutely STEAM ROLLERED by their arch rival and they were run over by the side of the ball they pride themselves on. Defense.

    Not a Ravens fan at all but on the outside looking in – Steelers “getting the business” for 60 minutes (to quote a ref) was much more of a shock to me than the Chiefs getting whacked.

    I mean – it’s the Chiefs, they surprised some people last year but lets be honest, no one really thought they’re a SB contender this year.

  11. I don’t know how the Steelers, who were expected to beat the Ravens, and ended up getting smacked the entire game in the league’s biggest rivalry, doesn’t get this award.

    The Ravens forced as many turnovers, as the Steelers scored points. Reed – 2 ints. Suggs – 3 sacks. Ray – int. Rice – 100+ yrds on the ground against a team that hasn’t allowed that since he did it two years ago.

    Sure they didn’t lose a player for the season, but I don’t know how they’re not the biggest losers of the week. Everyone kind of saw KC coming the way they did. It was actually a surprise to see the Steelers suck that terribly

  12. Give Jamaal Charles the ball early and often.

    As for the defensive side…get Jamaal Charles the ball early and often.

  13. east96st says:
    Sep 12, 2011 5:45 PM

    Do the Giants get second place?


    You’d think they’d have to, after losing to the 31st ranked team in the NFL, right PFT?

  14. Sad to say (and admit) that I was at the Chief’s game yesterday……what a pathetic performance by a team that was nowhere prepared to play. They have needs on both sides on the ball and the needs have not been addressed. Horrible play calling, horrible everything. I wouls ALMOST take Herm looking dazed and confused while staring at the Jumbotron compared to the pile of crap that we saw yesterday. Good news for Clark though, at $35 million under the cap, he is still making money, and a lot of it…… upper deck seat was $78, and $27 to park. All this talk, I wonder if the personnel at One Arrowhead Drive know that it’s time to get “Back to Football”??????

  15. KC is a middle of the road team (at best).

    Indy without Peyton, well everyone saw that coming.

    But Pittsburgh going from the superbowl to Baltimore’s kid sister is the biggest loss. They were manhandled. Especially after all the unwarranted criticism towards Flacco, etc. They had something to prove and played like it. Pittsburgh mailed it in, embarrassing


    Fooled everybody last year huh chiefs?!

    Back to the basement where you belong!


  17. As a chargers fan, i found this to be amusing. After week 1 of last season, everyone kept talking about the Chiefs, how explosive they were, blah blah blah

    back to the cellar for you dweebs

  18. dannymac17 says:
    Sep 12, 2011 6:20 PM
    As a chargers fan, i found this to be amusing. After week 1 of last season, everyone kept talking about the Chiefs, how explosive they were, blah blah blah

    back to the cellar for you dweebs


    Slow your roll there Bolts fan. Your team almost lost to an offensive Juggernaut that put up a total of 39 yards passing with a total offense of 187 yards.

    By comparison – there were teams in MN’s division that put up more than that in the first QUARTER of their games.

  19. Moral of the story….

    Scott Pioli wants to do things ‘The Patriot Way’. Well, that only works if you have Tom Brady at quarterback.

    You show me a hall of fame QB, I’ll show you 3 coaches and a GM who are suddenly ‘geniuses’. Tom Brady made Charlie Weis, Romeo Crennell, Eric Mangini, Josh McDaniels, and Scott Pioli into ‘geniuses’, when they’re really just coattail riders cashing in on suckers like the Chiefs.

  20. I’ll never forget in a Interview with Haley when he said he grew up a Raider Hater and dislike them even more now being the HC of the chief.

    I hope he continues to crash and burn… No one Man should have that much hate.

  21. gosuhgo says:Sep 12, 2011 5:55 PM
    “The Lions will make sure they’re next weeks biggest losers too.”

    That’s gonna be a SLAUGHTER…. I forgot that the Chiefs have to take on the entire NFC North this year.

    Packers/Lions/Bears …heck, even the vikings (cuz of allen/brian, not mac5) have a chance to kill the chiefs….

    Hayley is canned at the end of the year… no doubt.

  22. Don’t worry, Chiefs fans. When the Bills are playing in the Super Bowl this year you’ll look back at this defeat and realize you never truly had a chance anyway!

    Ryan Fitz – 2011 MVP!!!

  23. The biggest losers for the year will be the Raiders by far. They will get trounced in Denver, then go on to their own disfunctional selfs for the rest of the year. Then….Crazy Al will blow it in next years draft taking a track star with hands of stone.
    I feel kinda sorry for them……NOT!

  24. Missing Charlie Weis BIG TIME since he left late last season. The offense literally shut down immediately.

  25. Am I the only one who has always sort of viewed Todd Haley as another version of Josh McDaniels … only with a better filter and perhaps slightly more common sense?

  26. I’m sorry but its complete BS to be only talking about how bad the the Chiefs lost to the LOWLY BILLS… how about the come back team of 2011?? How about how great the Bills looked? It may have been against the Chiefs, but they looked really sharp! I’m not getting my hopes up yet, but come on, give the Bills some respect for that win! GO BILLS!

  27. That was pretty tough to watch. I’m pretty sure it’s gonna be a long season. Maybe we can get Luck and not have a QB that hold the Offense back

  28. —-(chadinkc30 says:)

    Being that the Raiders beat Denver in Mile High last year 59-14….don’t count on it!

    And then went on to completley miss the playoffs after sweeping the AFC West. Disfunctional and inconsistent. But hey, you did have that one game to brag about. LOL at the Raiders.

    Go Broncos! Raiders suck! (Really they do)

  29. As a Steelers fan, I can only say … thank you. My guess is that you chose the Chiefs because they were at home, while we were away … they were playing a team that didn’t make the playoffs last year, while we played a strong contender … and because you expect the Steelers will come back strong. I certainly hope so. I haven’t been happy that the team spent so much of the off season talking a good game. Perhaps that humiliation will lead them to channel their energy into their play.

  30. I guess Haley should have been in contact with his players during the lockout like everybody else and not going to Lil’ Wayne concerts.

  31. I am not a Bills fan but the media needs to give more credit when do. They put on one of the best beat down performances We’ve seen in a long time…don’t underestimate the normally irrelevent Buffalo Bills this season, they were way too dominant yesterday to be ignored.

  32. beauregard says: Sep 12, 2011 7:47 PM

    The biggest losers for the year will be the Raiders by far. They will get trounced in Denver, then go on to their own disfunctional selfs for the rest of the year. Then….Crazy Al will blow it in next years draft taking a track star with hands of stone.
    I feel kinda sorry for them……NOT!
    Ah ha ha!

    Who’s the loser now?


  33. mmcdan13,

    Weis was the reason the Chiefs were good last year. So you can’t say that he pulled one over on the Chiefs.

  34. We Bills fans know that we we will get no love from the media until we earn it and I am fine with that.I am just happy that Buffalo won and many “experts” were wrong this past Sunday.I am amazed at how many pipsqueaks out there really think they know what they are talking about.We(Buffalo) will just do the things the good old fashioned hard and earn it.

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