99-yard play gets Benny Sapp cut


Someone on the Dolphins gets fired every time the Patriots visit for a Monday Night game.

Last year, it was special teams coach John Bonamego getting booted after a major meltdown.  This time around Wes Welker’s 99-yard catch got cornerback Benny Sapp released, according to his agent Andy Simms.

Dolphins fans will remember that Sapp keyed the team’s best defensive play of the night, helping to force an interception that eventually led to a touchdown. It seemed like Dolphins cornerback Nolan Carroll had an even rougher night than Sapp.

The 99-yard score came when the Patriots were already up 31-17 with under six minutes left.  Coach Tony Sparano mistakenly said after the game it was a one-score game at the time.

If the Dolphins really wanted a scapegoat, we’d blame an offensive line and running back group that couldn’t pick up a yard when they needed to near the goal line all night.

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  1. Looks like the Vikings were the big winners in the Benny Sapp for Greg Camarillio sweepstakes. What a prize!

  2. Way to throw a player under the bus and making him take the fall instead of taking responsibility as the head coach and admitting crappy play on all fronts of the team. Why don’t you go fire yourself Coach Sparano.

  3. At least this shuts the delusional fins fans up for a week , that defense looks terrible , Pats missed a FG , and a couple dropped passes , this game should have been even more of a blowout , Dolphins offense looked decent ( – offensive live ) , Defense not so much , Dansby couldn’t keep up with either TE.

  4. The Dolphins defense is crap. Cutting 1 corner back when they have absolutely no depth at the position is stupid. Then again let them tell it they have “The best CB tandem in the entire NFL”

  5. The article forgot to mention that Benny Sapp also gave up the 1 yard touchdown pass to Welker on the quick out.

  6. Stupid so Sapp all alone cost miami this game…ummm ok…anyway r.i.p tupac sept 13 1996 & Go Raiders!!!

  7. Agreed…..Sapp wasn’t the only reason they lost, for sure….but how on earth are Dolphins cramping up in the heat and Patriots are running around like it’s nothing??

  8. Sapp was upset until realizing that he can now play for a team that is not the Dolphins. It’s been a long time since 72.

  9. Sounds kind of knee jerk wouldn’t ya say? This franchise doesn’t reseble anything like I remember it in the golden days of the 70s and 80s. I miss those Miami Dolphins

  10. He cut him for that one play? Pretty ignorant. I’ve sure seen a hell of a lot worse a hell of a lot of times.

  11. An interception returned for a touchdown? The interception that was returned to the 9 yard line? Rosenthal not bothered about accuracy as always.

  12. Benny Sapp was constantly getting burnt, especially by a tight end, whom he also tried to level but the TE ended up bouncing off it and running for a first down. I hope the Dolphins resign Will Allen

  13. “If the Dolphins really wanted a scapegoat”…I’d select that tool sitting in the GM’s chair Ireland. Bush as an every down back, that tells you everything you need to know.

    Dolphins fans could list 1,000 more mistakes, but Ireland is the one who should get released. Still early, but I hope that Nolan throws out a better defense than that the rest of the way…that was pathetic even if it was against the Patriots.

    The Fins should have kept throwing it and being creative…their running plays killed momentum. The Fins had some chances to keep up with those guys.

  14. Your just wrong in this article like PFT has been about the Dolphins for the past two weeks. Brady went after Sapp every time he was in man coverage. As you can see from Brady’s stats, Sapp was exposed in this game. He did make a very good play on the screen pass. The offensive line play was not great but it was good enough for Henne to throw for over 400 yards. The defensive line play was BAD. Our conditioning on defense was BAD. Granted, we were playing one of the best offenses in the league if not league history.

    The coaching staff didn’t try to run the ball at the goal line except maybe one time. It would have been a different story if we had Thomas or Clay in the game (or if we would have kept Polite)(I mean the outcome at the goal line not the game per say). The coaching staff should have trusted the O line and handed it off to Lex 3 times in both instances.

    As to having the Dolphins rated at 30 in your power rankings… what a joke. Im not saying they are a super bowl contender..but 30. If you think the Dolphins would lose to all the teams ranked higher then them more times than they would beat them you guys are nuts. Watch out for the AFC East this year, all four teams are good. It might just be the best division in football. The AFC West might not win a single game against the AFC East (except maybe the chargers…lol).

  15. Tony Sparano is a joke… he should look in the mirror if he wants to find the ultimate reason they lost. His team was out of shape, disorganized, and totally outcoached. I bet the Dolphins ownership are just overjoyed they gave Sparano a contract extension after they couldn’t sign Harbaugh.

  16. Wow! That’s BS. The guy made a play that brought you back into the game (forcing the interception) and you cut him because he gave up a 99-yard touchdown when you were already 2 scores down and not coming back? I’m a Redskins fan and even I think that is a$$ backwards management.

  17. We get the gist but the interception was not returned for a TD. Odrick was tackled around the 10 yd. line. Trivial I know but we depend on you guys to be better than the usual ESPN types. Sparano cannot be far behind Sapp. Maybe he can suggest a good airline out of town!

  18. So, how many minutes is it going to take for the Pats to dump Bodden and add Sapp…

    All joking aside, I assume he has to clear waivers before he is a free agent?

  19. Jeeze…. Next time the Pats roll through everyone on the coaching staff and roster should make sure they have their resumès updated and ready to go!

  20. When a furious Tony Sparano demanded ” Who was the dumb Sapp supposed to be covering Welker?!?” all eyes in the room turned towards Benny.

  21. Week 1 is an anomly, records were broken, teams got smashed, over 10 qb’s threw for 300+ yds and a rookie for 400+!!! Any reaction is a knee jerk one and anybody panicing is a fool!!

  22. This smells desperation by a coaching staff on its last leg. If anyone should be fired then it should be the idiot for calling for pass on the 4th and goal with a foot to go. PLAIN STUPID.

  23. Sorry for Sapp, but sometimes a coach has to “shake up the team.” The Phins moved the ball well against the Patriots…..but Brady was so hot it didn’t matter.

  24. sparano is a lousy coach. he was one of parcell’s boys and now parcell is gone & sparano should be gone too.

  25. How about cut the person who made the decision to trade away Welker? I mean if we are going to point fingers here.

  26. Wasn’t it a couple of weeks ago, VDavis & S Smith were claiming they were the bestCB’s in the NFL?

    They wouldn’t even be the best CB’s in the UFL !

    And their backups are better suited for the Arena league

  27. “Coach Tony Sparano mistakenly said after the game it was a one-score game at the time.”

    If they would have scored from the one, it would have been a one score game. But since they didn’t & the Pats scored right after they failed, it felt like a 14 point swing.

  28. Good. The vindictive side of me agrees that this semi-pro should be cut. Dude cost me my week 1 fantasy victory.

  29. nolan carroll was much worse, guy looked terrified

    and also there was no interception returned for a touchdown. just saying

    dolphins need lousaka polite and will allen back

  30. Nothing says “team in total disarray” better than a knee-jerk reaction like this one from a lame-duck coach. Enjoy your 2-14 season, Miami. It’s gonna be a long year!

  31. Sapp is a gambler and got caught out of position and failed to make an open field tackle.

    I don’t know that he deserved to be cut, but our defense looked atrocious.

    It’s only 1 game, thankfully. Let’s go Phins!

  32. Ya because sapp was really the one that decided to put like 9 guys in the box when Brady was in a shotgun spread formation. Even better is they watched him audible then did nothing but keep the same blitz call… This is why Brady owns the dolphins every time its literally too easy for him

  33. Let’s not forget to neglect to mention ESPN’s role in singling out Sapp just about a million times today. I mean, were those guys getting paid a royalty per “Benny Sapp?”

  34. Let’s not forget how out shape the Dolphins players were on the Defensive team. It was embarrassing to watch, Coach Shula must have been ashamed. What’s the Coach Sporano’s excuse on the players conditioning. That was bad.

  35. RE: The “thrown under the bus” sentiment

    If I was a Dolphins fan I’d send Welker a Constanza-esque gift basket of oranges. Benny Sapp sucked wayyyy before this and was a plague on an already weak secondary. This is a well overdue cut.

  36. Really? O-line and running backs? Questionable assessment, to say the least. Did you watch the game? If I’m not mistaken, the Phins threw the ball 3 out 0f the 4 plays they had on the one yard line.

    Regardless, they didn’t lose because of their offense. Did you see how Brady played?

  37. I place the blame for this loss square on the coaching staff. They failed to have the defense prepared for the Pats up tempo offense which they have been using all preseason long. I don’t care what defense is playing, under those circumstances the defense has no chance. Bottom line, Miami’s coaching staff was out class.

  38. it’s been four years now with Parcells’ posse running the show and they aren’t even close to getting into the postseason. Time to clean house after another losing season.

  39. .

    From the movie “It’s a Wonderful Football Life ”

    “coach says that every time Welker catches a pass, a cornerback looses his job ”


  40. Wow… I watched that game and I thought Sapp help up okay. No defensive player can lock down a receiver like Welker all game long, especially in a game where a hundred passes are thrown and the QB has plenty of time.

    I always thought hightly of Sapp while he was in Minnesota… I wouldn’t mind seeing him back either.

  41. The dolphins are clueless when it comes to peronel decissions. They cut their 3rd best DB Will Allen because of money and now get rid of Sapp who wasnt even the worse DB on the field. Cant wait to see their next arsanine DB move. They make it tough to be a Phin fan!

  42. Miami could use Randy moss & tiki barber just to add somemore spice to that O, at the very least some some tickets im sure don shula could hear himself think with all those empty seats. and benny sapp?? why is he playin anyway?? thats how bad it is one team special teams ace is a top four corner on another team..

  43. How ironic would it be if the Pats bolstered their weak secondary by signing Sapp and coaching him into a Pro Bowl spot, a la Wes Welker …….

    He he he

  44. maybe tony field goal should go for touchdown on 4th and goal from the 2.5 td line instead of course kicking a field goal but this is the year we are going to open it up, maybe this time ross will go after a coach and gettem did i hear cowher

  45. Why was Benny Sapp on the Pats best WR anyway ?

    Also they should have cut the safety that should have been behind Sapp !!

  46. Denver should put a claim in for this guy after our cornerback injuries. 2nd on waivers, this will be a good pickup

  47. dbellina says:
    Sep 13, 2011 7:55 PM
    Come back to Minnesota Sapp!

    Yeah, they could use someone who can throw more than 40 yards a game.

  48. What kind of team allows a player to keep getting burned all game long without making needed adjustments in-game?

    If he messed up on one play, he doesn’t deserve to get cut. If he messed up on a lot of plays throughout the game, that’s a failure of game management by the coaches. Adjust, take away the weakness the other team is exploiting, regroup, swap the player out, do what it takes.

    It’s a coaching failure. Team is doomed with its current leadership. Last-place division finish for sure.

  49. after this season Miami will clean house if they are smart & probably be in the Andrew Luck sweepstakes.

  50. Forget what Tom did, I see it this way, we were out coach, and not prepared for this game. Unless they turn this around fast I think we will be the first team to fired the head coach. Bill

  51. Gregg, You did not watch the game or the film on this game. If you did you would know that Sapp got beat numerous times by tight ends, wide receivers and just about everyone. He is to slow and for that reason was cut. Why the coaches did not see this is their issue. Sparano will be fired if the team does not win this season. Last season the offense was terrible because of the coaching, not allowing Henne to audible and being predictable. The offense was certainly not the issue in this game. The coaches did not prepare the players; they did not even hydrate enough and therefore cramped. Sparano will not fire himself but he should. He is to blame in addition to Benny Sapp who was like a drum being beaten by everyone.

  52. Well, I’d be shocked if Sapp wasn’t a Viking before week 2.

    He could fill in immediately better than Mr. Toast himself-Chris Cook.

    C’mon Vikes, pull the trigger now!!!

  53. A lot of hate and anger in this world today. Look at these posts geez. I don’t agree with the move but it just opens the door for a young guy to step in. You Dolphins fans need to calm down, they actually were in that game with 5 minutes left even though Tom was great. If you think the front office and coaching staff shows no faith then maybe you fans should. Have a coke and a smile already.

  54. my question is where was the coaching on that play… or the safety who should have rolled his coverage over top… the way he was flinging the ball, they should have expected a pass..

    watch the video, the safety made a play and missed the ball when sapp was already trailing welker..had the safety played the wr ur talking about a big play but not a 99 yarder

  55. Benny also got torched by Welker on the goal line. That’s 2 TDs he made look too easy, and it was a 2 TD game.

    Agreed that Nolan Carroll didn’t look so hot either.

    Vontae and Sean better stretch their effing legs this weekend. If they’re not on the field, we are worthless. The conditioning coach needs to take some responsibility for it too.

  56. southyank7 says:
    Sep 14, 2011 12:22 AM
    after this season Miami will clean house if they are smart & probably be in the Andrew Luck sweepstakes
    The key words, “if they were smart”. If they were smart they would have better players.

  57. Dolphins defense is better than they showed. Sapp has been slightly better than garbage since they got him and he needed to be cut. Wilson is a better option though he is green. Will Allen is a better option than Sapp also. Carroll looked lost as did most of the defense on the no huddle. Brady was exceptional and that makes the Dolphins defense garbage, but Henne had essentially the same stats (minus the 99 yarder) and the Pats look great? Makes no sense. The Dolphins defense is pretty good. They were not prepared well and shouldn’t have had the cramping issues either. The Dolphins will be much tougher than the naysayers would like to believe. Based on the faulty logic on some of these posts, the Steelers are garbage as well since they suffered a similar blowout with less offenseive output.

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