Four Broncos starters including Dumervil and Bailey need MRIs

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The Raiders physically beat up the Broncos on Monday night, a problem that could last well into this week for Denver.

Four key Broncos starters need MRIs Tuesday according to Lindsay Jones of the Denver Post.  Defensive end Elvis Dumervil (shoulder), cornerback Champ Bailey (hamstring), Brandon Lloyd (groin), and Knowshon Moreno (hamstring) all suffered injuries.

Bailey and Moreno never re-entered the game after their injuries. Dumervil was able to play passing downs, while Lloyd was spotty in the fourth quarter.

On paper, the schedule makers did Denver a favor by sending the Bengals to them this week.  Then again, that’s what the Browns thought last week.

20 responses to “Four Broncos starters including Dumervil and Bailey need MRIs

  1. The Raiders have been leaving an injury trail of destruction for some time now.

    It who they are, the new bully on the block.

    Gotta love it. 🙂

  2. Why do retread losers like John Fox always have jobs? I know Denver made a mistake with a young, over matched McDaniels but that doesn’t mean you don’t try again.

  3. All I know is orton sucks! He sucks! And he sucked some more! There is plenty of GOOD reasons the fans boo him and chant tebow!! We will have another crappy year with orton and then he will drive off with Denver in the rear veiw and we will all be saying, should of started tebow, he would have a year under his belt and be ready to go. All you idiots that hate tebow for no reason can hate him all u want, the only ones that truly look stupid are those saying orton is clearly the guy who should be under center!! That’s just irresponsible!! I knew orton was no good, but wow!! He literally dropped the ball!!

  4. Anybody that thinks Tim Tebow is better than Kyle Ortonary hasn’t been paying attention. He can’t even beat out the 2nd stringer.

    Broncos fans are losers, Cutler was generous when he gave you a 6.

    And don’t give us that “He’s a gamer” nonsense, even if that’s remotely true there is a word for QB’s like that…….Backup…….

  5. “On paper, the schedule makers did Denver a favor by sending the Bengals to them this week. ”

    Keep thinking Cincinnati is soft. Then go look @ their defensive front 7 and you will realize that’s far from the case.

  6. Instead of ripping on the Donks.. talk about how Hue has the Raiders playing with intensity. That team looks fired up and ready to get back to Raiders smash mouth football.

  7. im more amused with Raider fans gloating on this lovely Tuesday. like they actually beat a relevant team. the broncos will be picking in the top 5 while Oakland in the 10-15 range.

    but at least after week 1 they will think the team is different or that Hue Jackson is a god. 🙂

  8. Remember the last two heartbreakers for us Bengal fans ?

    The Gus Johnson/Brandon Stokeley play @ PBS, and the botched extra point on Christmas Eve @ Mile High in ’06.

    We sure owe the Broncos one…….

  9. londonbengal

    I’m a Bronco fan and I agree. Just think if Orton actually could throw? Then the tip would of never happened. Pure luck.

    On another note Bronco fans let’s be greatful they serve beer at the games? Could be a lot worse :/

  10. Tebow? Really? More like a t-bone for a hungry Raiders defense. Did all you Donkey fans forget Tebow started the 2nd game against Oakland last year? Was he better than Orten? Thats a big negative. Should be ashamed of yourselves bailing on your qb like that. 300 yards passing apparently doesn’t mean anything… Dude played his heart out and all the Donkeys are booing him and bating Tebow like he’s their personal savior… It took Raider fans longer to hate Russell and hes nowhere near Ortens caliber. We would have loved to have him. Donkeys can’t handle the Raiders anymore. Stop whining, go collect your wounded from the hospital and try to get better. GO RAIDERS!!

  11. Seriously, Orton is not the problem. Only a symptom. Yes he needs a bit of work. Broncos have 2 real problems. (just a flashback of last year)
    1. Cant run for nothing, blocking and running back needs attention.
    2. Cant stop the run for nothing.
    Fix that and Orton will even look better.
    BTW Raiders played an average game. Did you see all the penalties they had…. and STILL won!
    Dissapointed bronco fan again this year. 😦

  12. You call yourself a fan? You must have saved up for ever to get that jersey. The Raiders beat us up.
    Its week one. 15 other teams lossed. Denver was ranked 7th in passing last year with bone head on the bench. Get off the ban wagon and support your team.

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