Fox says he didn’t hear Tebow chants, reiterates Orton is starter

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Denver fans were vocal in their support of backup quarterback Tim Tebow during Monday night’s loss to the Raiders, but coach John Fox says he didn’t hear the fans chanting Tebow’s name. And Fox isn’t about to change his stance that Kyle Orton will continue to start and Tebow will continue to sit.

“Kyle’s our starting quarterback,” Fox said today. “I don’t think too many guys are firing their whole teams after one game because they happen to be in the half the teams in the league that lost in Week One.”

Immediately following the game, Fox ignored a question about Tebow. Today he went out of his way to praise the Broncos’ paying customers while also saying that the last thing he’s going to do is listen to the fans when it comes to picking his quarterback.

“I couldn’t actually hear that,” Fox said of the Tebow chants. “I thought our crowd was great. I thought it was electric. I thought it was as good as I’ve been associated with. All my feelings about the fans and the crowd and the home field was tremendous.”

The Broncos are in a tough position: They can’t bench Orton for Tebow, because all indications are that Orton isn’t just better than Tebow in practice, but he’s much better than Tebow in practice. And yet they also can’t stop the fans from continuing to push for Tebow to be the starter.

The Broncos are back home against the Bengals on Sunday. If Orton struggles, the fans in Denver will make sure their Tebow chants are loud enough for Fox to hear.

101 responses to “Fox says he didn’t hear Tebow chants, reiterates Orton is starter

  1. There is a difference between hearing something and listening. Without calling this great coach, who got hired because he got fired, a liar…I’ll just say he wasn’t listening to all the Tebow chants. which will neither change the fact that they are present nor make them go away.

  2. He’s a modern day Hellen Keller I guess. We already knew he was dumb but apparently he’s deaf too.

  3. Some people are better in practice, some under pressure. I remember Rob Johnson was lights out in practice and Doug Flutie was benched. We all saw how that turned out. I have to say Orton looks very uncomfortable when the pocket collapses. When he has time and open receivers he is awesome.

  4. Orton always gets a bad rap. He’s actually a very respectable QB. Tebow is pretty much garbage, and his postition as 2nd is just to appease fans (Quinn is the real backup).

  5. Best thing for the Broncos is to trade Tebow to Jacksonville for a 2nd or 3rd round pick. They may need one. Let Orton be the Broncs Qback this year. Takes the pressure off the Broncos, and Fox, and Elway, and Orton, and of course Tebow. Then if the Broncs really tank this year, Elway can go after his future Qback from Stanford.

  6. After Orton shreds the Bengals for 300 yds 3 tds and no picks, I doubt they’ll be chanting as loudly.

  7. Denver fans booing their best QB in hopes of getting their 3rd best QB on the field truly shows their lack of knowledge about football and the basics of the sport.

    That may have been the ugliest game I’ve seen in a while. Of course the raiders were in it so what do you expect.

  8. Don’t really care for Orton, but much as I like Tebow, don’t think he’s the answer either. His awkward mechanics aren’t just going away. Whether Fox heard them or not, a coach would have to be spineless to cave to fan demands after one three-point loss. Still … that must be one uncomfortable locker room.

  9. You can’t play the Bengals every week though.

    Seriously, management botched the whole QB deal by shopping Orton around in the off season.

    At the end of the day, they’ll get rid of Tebow, because they won’t be able to deal with the distraction.

  10. Tebow has escalators in his contract that will give him more dough if he plays 55% of the snaps this year

    In other words, you’re not going to see him until week 10 at the earliest.

  11. My Mr. F, can you in the basement bunker of PFT headquarters get your hands on some basic numbers? Find out how much at the end of 2011 Tebow will have been paid, vs how much jersey money and other Tebow items have brought in for the team.

    To me the whole time it has just seemed like they just don’t like Tebow. I mean, there’s no such thing as a 4 year project. A guy can play or he can’t. If you think he can’t then let him go.

    But it makes me wonder if they’re keeping him for the money his merchandise brings in?

    Possibility or crazy conspiracy theory?

  12. Broncos fans: welcome to “Foxball”, where the most exciting person on the field is the greenskeeper. Also, get used to hearing “it is what it is” in most every postgame news conference.

  13. “Thephantonstranger: The Broncos are back home against the Bengals on Sunday.

    Something tells me things are going to get better for Orton.”

    Don’t believe the media hype like Cleveland did.

  14. How stupid are some fans? Can’t they look in the program and see the depth chart? Those people came prepared to call for Tebow – no matter what.

  15. And in other news, John Fox announced he will seek his party’s nomination for President of The United States. When asked if he heard the voice of the voters, he replied “You mean people get to VOTE for President?!”

  16. It was an ugly game.. but Oakland smashed the Donks!!. the score doesn’t give them justice.. the Oakland bullies punkd and took the donkeys lunch money! Next up Buffalo ..

  17. Fox says he did not notice the scoreboard and reiterated that the Broncos held onto their early lead to win the game.

  18. “I don’t think too many guys are firing their whole teams after one game because they happen to be in the half the teams in the league that lost in Week One.”

    The fact that John Fox considers Kyle Orton to be “their whole team” shows just how screwed the Broncos are.

  19. Orton ain’t gonna morph into Johnny Unitas, people.

    He is what we call a known quantity.

    Great in practice though….

  20. Denver fans should have been chanting “we want a run game, or a new offensive line” Orton can’t win a game with constant pressure and their “top” rb getting about 1 yard a carry.

    delusional broncos fans, but thats why they are broncos fans.

  21. Deb says:
    Sep 13, 2011 6:43 PM
    Still … that must be one uncomfortable locker room.


    Cept here’s the thing – on a squad of 53 guys, you telling me there isn’t one knucklehead who’d tweet or mention or email “The team wants Tebow to lead us on the field, he’s the guy for us” if that’s the feeling in the locker room?

    Or is it most likely that those 52 other guys see Tebow in practice every day and they see Orton and realize that Tebow ISN’T the answer, based upon what they see. Each day. Every day. Closer than ANY of us will ever get.

    I’m more inclined to think that #2 is more likely rather than someone’s managed to put together a 53 man roster devoid of knuckleheads…. Particularly a front office that hired their last coach. Seems like they gravitate towards knuckleheads.

  22. I’ll bet they’re wishing they could have traded Tebow at this point.
    He’s become an anchor around their neck.

  23. How stupid are these people hollering for tebust?

    They sat there and watched their team running backs rush the ball 12 times for a total of 25 yards, and almost half of that was on 1 play.
    Yet they think changing to a QB who cant throw the ball accurately will solve their problem?
    Fox should trade teblows for a 7’th round pick just to get rid of the distraction he causes.

  24. With each passing day, I bet John Fox wishes he would have stayed out for a year before trying to get back with another team. Tim Tebow, his fans, and ESPN dumb new anchors are going to destroy any type of momentum Fox could get building with the Broncos.

    Bronco fans, Tebow, and ESPN needs a course of John Fox 101. Fox is the type of coach in which a player has to fit his scheme. He is not going to adjust his scheme to fit the player. Tim Tebow and his style of play is not going to mesh well with that type of coach no matter where he plays. It is like oil and water.

    Next thing is that John Fox could give a damn what some fans are chanting, you either do it his way, GTFO of town, or ride the pine. And you better not ask any questions LOL. Just ask Kris Jenkins. You better behave like a robot when you talking or playing for Fox.

    Hmm Kyle Orton sounds like John Fox type of QB, that’s because he is. It is a match made in heaven.

  25. “After Orton shreds the Bengals for 300 yds 3 tds and no picks, I doubt they’ll be chanting as loudly.”


    Last year, week two following a loss, Orton shredded the Seahawks D for 307 yards and 2 (maybe 3) TD’s, and the idiots still chanted – loudly – for Tebow.

  26. I agree with the old saying “If you listen to the fans, soon you’ll be sitting with them”

  27. “he didnt here THE ENTIRE CROWD chanting it! come on…”

    There is somehow a belief that the ENTIRE fanbase wants Tebow to play. This is absolutely not the case. There are people who watch the games and are angry that the team sucks and chant for Tebow because it’s something new, and there are people that have seen the guy play and know that he’s just not very good.

    By and large, the Tebow support comes from a sort of phantom fanbase that loves Tebow and now roots for the Broncos because they drafted him. See: “If they’re not going to play him, they should trade him to a team where he has a chance.”

    Would you ever say that about any player on your team?

    The phantom fanbase has sort of rubbed off on a lot of people who, again, want something new because the team sucks.

    I was at the game, and I assure you it was not the entire crowd. Further, I think a lot of real fans are embarrassed by it.

  28. Tebow is a natural leader and a winner. He might not have your typical skills that translate to the NFL but he has an all around game and he won’t get any better sitting on the bench watching Orton. I don’t see why anyone is high on Orton he is a less mobile Tony Romo, put up big numbers that result in losses especially in big games. I bet Miami is really happy with their decision not to trade for him. Henne looks like Marino compared to Orton now.

  29. “stuckinalabama says:
    Sep 13, 2011 6:58 PM
    Wow, a media instigated quarterback controversy. Orton deserves at least 4 games to even think about making a change.”

    No it isn’t. The media isn’t the one chanting in games for Tebow and booing the starting QB after being blasted almost every play because the offensive line is terrible. I agree, though, that Orton should get more starts. The fans are idiots.

  30. John Fox hates young quarterbacks. He had Jake Delhomme for years, who tanked and got ran out of Carolina. Last year, Fox went back and forth between Matt Moore and Jimmy Clausen.

    The Broncos get Luck in the draft next year, then Orton will be gone next year in free agency and Tebow will be traded to Jacksonville or some other team where he can help sell tickets.

  31. Same old Bronco’s……can’t run….can’t stop the run. All this talk about the QB is masking the real problem….same old defense. Hell play Tebow if u like….gets us one step closer to Andrew Luck….lmao

  32. The Broncos fall from an elite and established franchise and team is absolutely stunning. What an total debauchery this whole situation has become.

    They fire a two time SB winner, trade all of their offensive talent and proceed to have some of the worst drafts I have ever seen under McDaniels. I mean the absolute and utter WORST drafts and decisions I have ever seen.

    Now the Broncos have surpassed the Raiders as the basement dwellers of the AFC West and the laughing stock of the NFL. Joke.

  33. I really hope they let Tebow go and he gets a real chance somewhere else. Elway and Fox are making a huge mistake.

  34. Perhaps some of snarky posters may have noticed that the HC wears a headset during the game, unless the HC is Rex Ryan in which case occasionally it’s whipped off and slammed to the ground. It screens out most fan noise by design.

  35. Quote: “Who cares if he heard it? Horton beat Tebow for the starting job. Quinn beat him for the back up job.

    Move on, fans.”

    Anyone who has ever seen Brady Quinn play knows that this is B.S.

  36. “I don’t think too many guys are firing their whole teams after one game because they happen to be in the half the teams in the league that lost in Week One.”

    I guess he didn’t hear about Miami firing the guy who got beat by Welker.

  37. teal379 says:

    Or is it most likely that those 52 other guys see Tebow in practice every day and they see Orton and realize that Tebow ISN’T the answer
    As I said, I don’t think Tebow’s the answer, either–and the team made clear during the off season that they want Orton. Just meant all the external drama must make for an awkward relationship between the QBs. And I thought Tebow looked uncomfortable when the crowd was chanting his name.

  38. Fox can sit back smug in the knowledge that if Tebow was half as good as the fans think he is, God would have miracled his ass onto the field himself.

  39. Fans chanting for Tebow are idiots. A guy who did so well in training camp and in the pre-season he won…the third string job or more appropriately he lost the starting gig then proceeded to lose the back-up job to a never-been in Brady Quinn.

    I’m not saying they should completely give up on Tebow. Quite the opposite really because he’s only had one season and no true NFL off season to develop. Anyone with half a brain knew this guy would be a project so he deserves at least one real off season with OTAs and contact with coaches before judging him as something approaching a finished project. Honestly though I’m not expecting much from him. Until proven otherwise in the NFL he’s all hype.

    Now if you want to question the logic of drafting a QB who was going to be a multi-year project in the first round that’s a whole different matter.

  40. For those who say, “Put Tebow in so everyone can see how quick he will get cut”, etc…it is not that simple.

    When the guy has played he has done well. He did pretty good as a ROOKIE last year in three games, he got quite a few touchdowns through the whole season in 2010 and in the preseason GAMES this year he was effective.

    I think what most of the “Tebowmaniacs” are saying is this: Give the guy a chance because he certainly is no worse than Orton when it comes to giving the team a chance to win and Orton is not under contract next year.

    I believe Tebow is still green and rough around the edges, but shows flashes of enough ability to justify putting him in there.

  41. Let the Tebow Tea Partiers get their way. As a Raiders fan, it’s great to watch the Broncos dish out a boatload of suck.

    Von Miller is good though, real good. Dude is a frickin’ blur out there. He’s Aaron Curry, plus football instinct.

  42. I heard an interview with Foxy today on Sirius/XM. He said he had his headset on the entire game and was aware the crowd was making noise for his team but didn’t hear anything specific about Tebow.

  43. Foxy doesn’t want to talk about Tebow because Foxy is the opposite of a spread offense/wildcat kind of guy. I look for Eddie Royal to be getting the chance to catch lots of 6-7 yard passes in the near future because their running game is shoddy behind that line. Foxy is saddled with the dregs of McKid’s disaster and it’ll be several years before the Broncos have worked through it. Damn shame. Broncos fans deserve way better, and this is coming from a guy who bleeds green and gold.

  44. Tebow has to go. Chalk it up as a business loss and move on. Or maybe they can trade him to Dallas. He’d fit right in there with all of the lame brain Bible-belters and Teapotheads.

  45. Fox needs to quit acting like a woman and blockng out the voices that he obviously hears. He needs to block out horseface Elway’s or horsehead as quoted by another out of his head and be a man. Stand up to Mr. Edway and play the guy you know is a winner and that is not Orton all he does is lose. Brandon Loyd is the one person is that locker room who wants Orton playing because all he cares about is his buddy force feeding him the ball instead of the team winning. Trust me that defense is the core of that team and they all want Teebow.

  46. The Tebow haters are just foolish. The guy has won on every level. Cam Newton played in the same system and everyone is riding his dick after week one. Tebow far exceeded Newtons achievements and still he takes all of the heat. I don’t care what he does in practice. Let us see him on game day for 5 Sundays in a row. Then we will let the chips fall where they may. Everyone saw him at the end of last season and they still don’t believe. This guy will be like Flutie. He’ll come back to show everyone they were wrong. And no, I’m not a particularly religious person, so you can save the god comments.

  47. “I couldn’t actually hear that,” Fox said of the Tebow chants.
    Yeah …. hard to hear them with your head up your a$$

  48. They really oughta come up with some way to work Tebow into the offense. He’s got too much talent and too much of the “it” factor to not be on the field. I’m sure McD had some creative stuff in mind for him.

  49. rww2442 says:
    Sep 13, 2011 10:22 PM
    The Tebow haters are just foolish. The guy has won on every level. Cam Newton played in the same system and everyone is riding his dick after week one. Tebow far exceeded Newtons achievements and still he takes all of the heat
    When did Tebow throw for 400 plus yards in the NFL? Suffice it to say, yeah he was 1-2 lifetime, and Cam is 0-1. This isnt “every level” anymore.

  50. Give the Donkey fans what they want – play Tebow so we can answer the question…

    As bad as the whole team is, it won’t matter who they play at QB but they just have too many weaknesses…

    I am looking forward to the Bangles game this week to see two teams that are worse than my Cowgirls…

  51. What do Broncos fans see in Tebow? What has he done that warrants him the starting job? Sorry but just because he ran for 6 touchdowns last season doesn’t mean crap. That isn’t important when it comes to looking at QBs. Instead a QB is looked at based on consistency and accuracy in which case Tebow lacked last season with his 50% completion percentage.

  52. richm2256 says:
    Sep 13, 2011 10:47 PM
    “I couldn’t actually hear that,” Fox said of the Tebow chants.
    Yeah …. hard to hear them with your head up your a$$”

    Hilarious. Best post on here.

  53. 1. Orton is not a good QB. If you think he is, then you are a fan of fantasy football, not the real thing. He is terrible on third down. He is one of the worst red zone QB’s I’ve ever seen. He will be 5-5 from 20 to 20, then once in scoring position it’s two incompletes and a sack. He is awful in the clutch. 5 times last year and again on Monday Denver had the ball in the fourth quarter with a chance to tie or take the lead and Orton turned the ball over.

    2. Most people on here need to quit believing every thing they read on PFT. Tim Tebow is the 2nd string QB in Denver. Brady Quinn was showcased in the second preseason game because of a good performance against Dallas. Denver was clearly showcasing him for trade bait, and Quinn blew it by being awful against Arizona.

    3. There’s no justification for the argument that Tebow is “awful”. His QB rating over three games last season was higher than any three game stretch by Sam Bradford, Josh Freeman or Mark Sanchez. In the preseason he completed 65% of his passes for 300 yards, a TD and no turnovers. All behind an awful 2nd line in Denver.

    Every time one of you comes on here calling him a bust or talking about changing his position or making stupid jokes about his faith, you are the ones who look stupid. He is exactly where Aaron Rodgers was at this point in his career. I’ve never seen so many people jump to calling a player a failure so quickly. It is impossible to believe that’s just about football.

  54. I don’t care for Orton at all an I hate his hometown of runnells worst town outside of Nebraska but it’s in Iowa so go figure anyway tebow is never was never gonna b an NFL qb he’s a college legend an a NFL never was never will b get used to it Denver it’s a fact! If coaches listened to the crowd it’d b the only sport where coaches did u absolutely cannot do that. There would never b good coaching again. No 4th downs fgs punts flags etc etc…….

  55. John Fox said the same thing about Matt Moore chants during a Titans game. so dont take any stock in it

  56. There’s no real controversy here, Tebow stinks, has had over a year to fix his throwing motion and learn to play in the NFL and has failed to do so. The only thing that makes Tebow different from Akili Smith or other similar first-round washouts is that he has a lot of rabid/delusional fans who think he’s better than he is.

    Or, to put it another way, if Bowlen gave two poops about fans’ lurve for Tebag, Fox would not have made the guy the #3 QB, after savaging him “anonymously” on sites like this one. The Broncos aren’t “in a tough position” even if PFT, Espn etc. etc. would very much like them to be…

  57. for the guys, thinking the bengals are the cure to what ails orton, have you actually seen them play recently? i mean, not read what espn says or (insert site here) vomits, but placed your own eyes on playback or in the seats and checked out the d-line?

    denver’s o-line is suspect, cincy’s d-line will shock anyone not paying attention. the only advantage denver has going into this is the 36 year drought cincy has in denver. come win or loss, orton will be sore as hell next monday.

  58. I’d like to thank Josh McDanieals, John Elway and coach Fox for the continually bad on and off field decisions, truely I do…

    PS- we want Tebow, Tebow, Tebow

    Raider fan

  59. I had the extreme displeasure of serving in the Army just outside of Denver from 97-99. Coincidentally, their SB years. I loved Denver and the people. But they are, unfortunately, some of the more uneducated (although friendliest at the same time) football fans. I really could see the whole city yearning for Tebow, when the rest of the country sees him for what he really is. Fox is screwed, and I feel bad for him. He is in a bad spot.

  60. I feel bad for Denver fans….I’m a Panther fan and suffered through season after season of John Fox not hearing anything except what he wants to hear. Delhomme was tossing 3 picks a game and every week Fox says “he gives us the best chance to win”. Of course when Jake got hurt….. Matt Moore came in and won 5 out of the last 7. John Fox is a stubborn stubborn man.

  61. People that just blatently lie such as John Fox have ZERO credibility in my book. Honestly and integrity is what it is all about. I say fire him NOW!

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