League, Titans not talking about possible lockout contact violation

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With the Buccaneers in hot water after the league office determined via a check of phone records that seven calls were placed to players (coach Raheem Morris made at least three of them), the question becomes whether other teams will land in the lobster pot, too.

Given the manner in which the Bucs were busted — Morris sarcastically thanked JoeBucsFan.com for pointing out that a post on the site regarding June 2011 radio remarks from Morris in which he acknowledged to being in touch with players “all the time” — the Titans presumably are being investigated, too.  Receiver Kenny Britt told 104.5 The Zone in August that he heard from receivers coach Dave Ragone “all summer long.”

Neither the league nor the Titans will discuss the matter.  Contacted by PFT, the team deferred to the league.  The league opted not to get into the issue at all.

It’s still unknown whether the Bucs, or anyone else, will face a fine or some other type of discipline.  During the lockout, it was reported that coaches who violated the no-contact rule will be fired for cause, blocking any severance pay.  It’s a safe bet that no one will be getting fired.

15 responses to “League, Titans not talking about possible lockout contact violation

  1. If they don’t get suspended it’ll be rediculous considering they broke NFL rules where as Jim Tressell broke NCAA rules and is suspended by the Colts I know but the league would have come down on him the same way they did with Pryor. The league is becoming ridiculous with their policies and incosistencies. There needs to be a 3rd party that decides whether or not the judgements are fair that Goodell & Co. decide on.

  2. Must be interesting working for a business (the Bucs) that so willingly turned over business records to another legal entity (the NFL) without so much as a subpoena….

    This thing sort of makes it a mockery when the NFL claims in anti trust fights that there are “32 teams each operating as individual entities”. Total BS.

  3. I have a feeling if they dig hard enough they will find every team in the league broke the “no contact” rule during the lockout. Doesn’t appear any of it has made much of a difference. Both Bucs and Titans lost and neither looked very good doing it.

  4. I would bet my house that every single team has at least one instance of player contact during the lockout.

    If they punish these two teams because one individual from each was too stupid to keep his mouth shut, they’d better look at the phone records of every team and coach in the league.

    Or, they could do the logical thing and forget about it, because the idea that brief phone calls between coaches and players could lead to some sort of competitive advantage is ridiculous.

    Although it is clear from the week 1 results that the Bucs and Titans were far and away better prepared than the teams they played.

    *eyes rolling*

  5. I’m sure that almost every single team in the league was contacting players during the lockout… just like almost every team in the league was video taping opposing team signals.

    However it appears that only the Bucs have been proven to be cheaters so far.

  6. @ clintonportisheadd
    you and those rating you up are clueless legalese amateurs. The Bucs are 1/32 of the NFL entity and not a diff one.

    hint: labor negotiations

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