Marcus Easley to miss season with heart condition

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Bills receiver Marcus Easley, who looked slated to have a big role this year, will instead miss the entire season without ever taking a snap.

The Bills placed Easley on injured reserve Tuesday with an “illness” which the Buffalo News reports is actually a heart condition.  No further details are known.

Easley was suddenly pulled out of practice leading up to the season opener and now we know why.  We hope that Easley is safe and will pass along any more details when we hear it.

10 responses to “Marcus Easley to miss season with heart condition

  1. Once they discovered that Marcus’ body was entirely made of tin, the medical staff decided they better check his heart.

  2. That’s terrible. It takes WR’s a minute to adjust to the pro game typically (unless you’re Randy Moss). It took Stevie Johnson till his 3rd year, and as a Bills fan, he needed that time to be the receiver he is now.
    That being said…Marcus Easley had all the tangibles to be as good or better than S Johnson.
    Here’s to a quick and safe return to the game Marcus!

  3. I often wonder how these athletes get all the way to the pros with undiagnosed heart conditions.

    My very athletic 16 year old daughter was recently diagnosed with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (same disease which claimed the life of NFL’ers Gaines Adams, Damian Nash and Derrick Faison) after ONE irregular EKG and echo. I am just not sure how these things can be missed throughout college either.

    As a Bills fan, I was looking forward to Easley’s talents this year and he will be missed. If it is HCM, my heart breaks for him on a completely different level as his football playing days are over.

  4. Awful news. I wanted Buffalo to draft Mike Williams instead of Easley cuz he had Buffalo roots & went to Syracuse. However, he was really starting to grow on me and I was looking fwd to him in Chan’s open offense. Hope he has a minor issue.

  5. He went from missing his first year, to almost getting cut during training camp, to making the team with spectacular play, to IR. I feel bad for the kid, he has been on that good ol’ rollercoaster for his short NFL career.

    Good luck Marcus!!

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