Sparano says Bush will still get 20 touches per game

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In his first game with the Dolphins, running back Reggie Bush had 11 carries and nine catches.  Though the end result wasn’t great, he’ll continue to get the same number of chances.

Per Ben Volin of the Palm Beach Post, Dolphins coach Tony Sparano said Tuesday the team plans to give Reggie roughly 20 touches per game.

Apart from the increased possibility of injury, it’s not the number of opportunities but how they are designed to be used.  No matter how badly he wants to be a between-the-tackles tailback, that’s not what Bush is — as evidenced by Albert Haynesworth’s ability to tackle him.  With one arm.

Bush gained 38 yards on 11 attempts, for an average of 3.45 yards.  He also generated 56 yards on those nine receptions.

If the Dolphins want to get the most out of Bush, they need to use him like he was used in New Orleans.

Of course, that doesn’t mean they’ll have the same success as a team as Bush’s former franchise enjoyed.  Unless the Dolphins can find a customized DeLorean and sign Drew Brees in March 2006.

43 responses to “Sparano says Bush will still get 20 touches per game

  1. Sparano… They wanted to fire you this offseason. After this year or if you even make it that far you are done.

  2. You can get Bush 20 “touches” and he’ll be fine. Get him on the edge. Get him in space. Nothing says all of his touches have to be between the tackles. Run sweeps, swing passes, screens for him, and he’ll be effective.

    The Fins’ problem is that until Thomas is ready, they have no real change-of-pace back to go between the hashes.

  3. Twenty touches or ten, Tony just make sure Bush hydrates before the next game. You don’t want him cramping like your two DB’s Smith and Davis, which hurt your chances of winning. If Davis and Smith are the best DB tandem, how can they prove it on the bench cramping. Poor job Tony try having your players prepared before your next game.

  4. I’m thinking I can tackle my nephew whos about 50 lbs. (I weigh 185) with one arm. That’s like the same as Haynesworth tackling Bush right? Point is it’s easy when you have over 100 lbs. on the other guy.

    I don’t know why everyones making that such a big deal.

  5. Miami needs a new Quarterback and a star running back and that’s just on offense. I don’t know where to begin on defense. I wouldn’t wish my worst enemy the torture of watching all 16 Dolphins games this year. 🙁

    I think the Colts have competitors for that #1 pick. IMO the race to worst is going to be a horse race between the Colts, Chiefs, and Dolphins.

  6. You have got to be kidding me with the multiple postings on Bush’s carries. Why is no one in the media talking about the fact that Miami’s defense gave up 600 yards and that the only person in the secondary who looked like they knew they were playing a football game was Benny Sapp?

    If Miami’s offense scores 24 points per game last year, they win 11 games. ELEVEN. Brian Daboll could be the second coming of Don Coryell and it wouldn’t matter with that defense.

  7. Yea and then he’ll be hurt even faster and more often now… Bush isn’t not an every down back, apparently Sparano thinks he is. How is Sparano still a coach in the NFL.. Bush is inconsistent and injury prone.. Trust me i know I’m a Saints fan and celebrated when i found out he was gone.

    Sproles > Bush

  8. Why would they need Drew Brees? When will you people stop hating on Henne and give the man some credit? He threw for over 400 yards, added another 60 rushing yards, and had 3 total TDs!!! Give the man some love!

  9. Does this mean they are looking for 20 3rd downs per game? He’s one of the better 3rd down backs out there but I think he’s pretty well proven that is his niche.

  10. The Dophins whiffed on the Drew Brees thing. I bet that doctor doesn’t work for them anymore.

  11. It’s not that Reggie Bush is a bad player it’s that idiot Brian Daboll trying to put a square peg in a round hole.

    I saw it watching the Browns the last two years, why he has a job is unknown to me. And to hear the announcers praise the “Agressive” Offensive Scheme Ugh.. Good Luck dolphins fans and by luck I mean Andrew Luck…

  12. When this softy is your primary back, you are forced to throw fades on 4th and goal from one foot line with game on the line. Gross acquisition, gross strategy, gross head coach, gross organization. Bill Parcells set this team back 5 years.

  13. The Dolphins haters are way off on this one. These guys have a ton of promise and I liked the way Sparano used Bush. He did capitalize on his strengths, and when he gets Thomas going they will be a very nice tandem. They were playing the best team in the league and made it very competitive. If Marshall, Henne, and the backs can stay healthy, I predict they win 9 games.

  14. I’d rather have Bush than turdburgular Mendenhall

  15. Maybe I wasn’t watching the same game as everyone else, but I thought he did OK; Considering he was going up against a pretty damn good defense and a HOF coach who spent the better part of the last month game planning for him. I foresee some big games ahead for Reggie in my crystal ball.

  16. So Reggie Bush gets 20 touches a game, that should average out to what, about 0.45 yards per carry? Perfect.

  17. The Fins have a lot of weapons with Marshall,Bess,Hartline and you saw Fasano produce
    Arizona during Whisenhunts era has only rushed 27% of the time so why not use Bush like Hightower was used.I thought they looked great on offense and I am a Skins’ fan

  18. Unless a team finally figures out how to properly utilize bush I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s out of the league in 3-4 years.

  19. Isn’t that the story of Reg’s career? Lots of touches, no production.


    That actually is the story of his relationship with Kim Kardashian.

    20 touches a game for Bush only makes sense if the other team punts 12 times.

  20. 90+ yards and a td= exactly what the fins want from bush. move along folks, we know MF has an obsession with bashing the fins, but this is not article-worthy

  21. Ricky Williams led the league in rushing as a Dolphin at 245 lbs he ran through everyone. The problem was off the field.

  22. o yea, when ronnie brown averaged 3.7 ypc all last season were you clamoring that he was being used incorrectly? if reggie gained an extra 4 yards on the ground on those 11 attempts, all is good? Your reasoning is weak. is 3.45 ypc an average we wanna see all season? no, but hes gonna need to run a bit or he wont be effective as a receiver out of the backfield, and that would really hurt the fins offense. 20 touches doesnt guarantee a certain amount of touches to be made between the tackles either…didnt you go to law school?

  23. Ricky Williams led the league in rushing as a Dolphin at 245 lbs he ran through everyone. The problem was off the field. As for Reggie he is doing great at what he does best – catch the ball out of the backfield and create openings for other players on the team (Marshall didn’t see much single coverage last season). The Dolphins do need a power RB though and a RT.

    Why the heck did they move Carey to RG and sign Comumbo?? Wayyyyy better OT’s and OG’s were available. Columbo is a big downgrade at RT.

  24. He’s not tough enough to be an every down back. If everything else is clicking, he’s dangerous as a gadget type guy. You need three hard yards for a first down, you better look elsewhere.

  25. I like Bush, but everybody knows he is not a short yardage back. Time to find a Leron McClain type to hammer those third and 2’s.

  26. Even tho Sporano looks like a HS coach when he fist pumps on the sideline, he seems like an OK guy. But why would you come out and say that Bush is going to get the ball more, less, or at all. As Belichick would say, “let the other team figure out what you’re going to do.”

  27. 20 touches, ~100 total yards and 1 TD in one game translates to (if Bush can keep it up):

    320 touches, 1600 total yards and 16 TD’s for a season.

    Yeah, I think I’ll take that.

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